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Well, well, well...

clears throat and looks around nervously My name is Kyle, I am twenty-four, and I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have been a fan of professional wrestling since I was two and lately, I have also been training for my own career in the ring. Oh, wait. This isn't Wrestlers Anonymous? :P

In all seriousness, I have been writing stories on this website since about *stretches collar of shirt* 2008. Wow, does that make me sound old or something. Lately, I have been collaborating with some very talented people on this site (and yes, they are good friends of mine, if you must know) to bring you some of the best stories on here! :D Do me a "small" favor and direct your attention to their profiles where you can read their stories and see why I think that they're some of the BEST writers on here: Tori of Lorien (my MAIN writing partner/independent wrestling aficionado), LornaCat (yes, she may be a cat *I think?* but she'd still kick your butt in a heartbeat) and a few others. :)

What are some of my upcoming projects, you may ask? Well...

Dirty Angel: A story that I am writing with Tori of Lorien. If you must know, it is going to be an AU-based wrestling story with wrestlers being involved in the mafia. Think of The Sopranos but with wrestlers, instead. :D

Halloween: Another story (that'll be divided into four parts) that I am writing with Tori of Lorien. Yes, we've all seen the movies (but if you haven't, don't worry. I hope that I can give you some guidance with my writing) but this one will be based around Michael Myers following the WWE roster around. :)

The Second City: Chicago? Yeah, you'd be correct! :D In a story that I am writing with Tori of Lorien, follow most of your favorite wrestlers around as they spend four years in college and what could come from that. :)

How I Met Your Mother: LornaCat and I are going to be writing this one together and we will politely ask that you follow us as we show you (the readers) how Sami Zayn found the love of his life and the mother to his children. :D

The Office: You may have seen the show with Steve Carell, but our version of this story follows the WWE superstars and divas in an AU-setting working for a paper-supply company. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? I think so! You want to know why? Because paper rules, that's why! :D

These stories all have a little bit written, so if something caught your eye and you want to know more about it, hit that PM button to send me a message and I'll be glad to share more with you. Or, if you'd like to know more about me, why don't you also hit that button and ask away? :D

Song of the Moment: Tonight by Fozzy

We're gonna live tonight like it's our last night
A doomsday party
Throwing caution to the wind
Our last chance to show the world just what we're made of
We'll bring this town to its knees
And then...

We'll take our chance to shine
Ambition ain't a crime
Take our chance to fly
Stage our battle cry
Take our chance to shine
Ambition ain't crime
Take our chance to fly
It's time...

P.S. I do have more stories on the horizon, so keep your eyes peeled! *eyes widen, never blinking*

We'll ride it like a roller coaster
High as we can go tonight
We'll find a way
To shove that s*t back in their face

We're gonna dance like Mick Jagger for an hour
The music's loud enough to wake the dead tonight
Come and join us set the world on fire
Then watch it burn until we see the sunrise

P.P.S. I would like to thank my sponsors:

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:D Psion53 knows exactly why I did this! :D

P.P.P.S. Three other writers that deserve some credit from me (as well as your love) are the always-amazing xAlishaMichellex, Psion53, and DrunkOnJerichohol. Please go and read their stories, too. :D

P.P.P.P.S. One last thing before I finally complete this profile! READ Devil In The Flesh by stateofchandra as it is a real good read. Intense, well-written, and somebody that works hard with each and every chapter that she posts! :D

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