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HeYy! myra's the name, writing's the game.:P I'm an average teenager with a protective and outgoing attitude. In other words, mess with me or my friends, you mess with this shows fist. LOl:P jk...or am I? Lol...I live in a crappy small town in Ontario, and sadly, its filled with wannabes, gangster, strippers and a bunch of emos and crackheads...poor me, right?:P I'm in middle school that should rather be called "the great depresion society"...siriously. Anyway, I'm new in the whole writing stories thing, so expect the unexpected. I'm pretty much gonna be writing about Twilight because I know alot about the book. And the other books I read, well, there not displayed on the selections...so, I pretty much dont have a choice. My friends are also writing a couple of stories, and in my point of view, they f'n rock! if you wanna check em' out, there author names are Erin682 and EdwardCullen10001. (oh, and if you already checked them out, youll probably see that I'm a prude. Don't care. I'm just not one of those girls who open their legs to any guy that passes and says "Hey! over here sexy!"...ummm... NO. Eww.) So, please check out my story (ies) and review! good or bad, I don't care. Either will help me write better.

So, thats me pretty much. Oh, and if your looking for a sister that would better be described as the devil's demonic daughter, ill pay you to take her in...Jk! ...Or is it?:P:PXD

Well, read on!



Songs I usually listen to when I'm writing (depends on the moods I'm working with.)

Dirty Little Secrets - by All American rejects (definitely Emmett moments :P)

Single Ladies - by Beyonce (random moments)

High School never Ends - by Bowling for Soup (one of my fav songs and I listen to it when I'm writing while my caracters are in high school...)

Circus - by Britney Spears ( I know, I know. But I listen to it when someone throws themsleves at the main guy caracter...sluts.) XD

Hero - by Enrique Iglesias (I LOVE this song...if a guy sang that to me, I'd cry...which is usually when I listen to it. When the guy is telling the girl how he feels about her

Sleepless nights - by Faber Drive (Well, when my caracter is abused or when they're in a fight with their lover...sad parts...:'()

I Don't Care - by Fall Out Boy (When caracter is pissed off at something and go on non-caring rampage...or just finds out lover is cheating on them)

Here I am - by Leona Lewis (SUPER sad song...I listen to it when I write about a caracter being comforted by someone...it made me cry the first time I listened to it...:()

I Hate Everything About You - by three days grace ( When my caracter hates someone but can't stop that fact that they still love them (after breakups))

I Hate This Part - by Pussycat Dolls (When my caracter is about to break up with someone) (hurt/regret)

Just So You Know - by Jesse McCartney (kinda reminds me of Edward's feelings in Twilight...either way, I love this song...its like forbidden love) (longing/love)

Angels - by Jessica Simpson (when someone in my story dies and my main caracter cares about them alot...I heard this song after my great-grand mother (but I consider more like my grand mother) died...it reminded me so much of her...I miss you :'() (sadness/loss)

Hot N' Cold - by Katy Perry (when my main caracter realizes her/his lover is a real douche) (hurt/anger)

Love story - Taylor Swift (kinda obvious when you listen to it :P) (love, obviously)

Cross my Heart - Marianas Trench ( When my caracter tell his/her lover that they love them nomather what they do (lol swear at them, or piss them off often)) (love)

Concrete Angel - Martina McBride ( When my caracter sees someone he cares about being hurt (look at video on youtube...it makes me cry :'()) (hurt/comfort)

Hero - by Nickleback (when caracter starts to question relationship) (regret/longing)

If Everyone Cared - by Nickleback (pretty much self-explainatory :P) (sadness/longing)

Numa Numa - by O-ZONE (LMAO! big time random moments (again, most of the time Emmett moments:P)) (big time random)

U & Ur hand - by Pink (when my caracter is telling lover off that she aint no god dawm toy and that its over...love this song. I'm a prude, so, why wouldnt I? LOL:P jk jk...or am i? XD) (hurt/anger)

Poker Face - by Lady Gaga (playing Hard to get! quite obvious!:P) (tease)

Be My Escape - Relient K (listen to it, cause, I can't explain it. Only that I listen to it when caracters want to run away together...and other parts.) (love/longing)

Disturbia - by Rhianna (when my caracter is going threw "the change" (remember, I'll be writing pretty much only about twilight) and when caracter has gone crazy...like psycho killer crazy or can't take life anymore crazy) (angry/pain/crazy/fury)

Take A Bow - by Rhianna (When caracter is getting pissed at Ex for not "giving up her" or not being able to take the hint that they're over) (unloved)

Your Love is a lie - by Simple Plan ( When caracter is being cheated on and finds out...):( (hurt)

I'd Do Anything - by Simle Plan (has do be pretty god dawm desperate to see lover...:P) (longing)

So What - by Pink (broke up and going on rampage...lol in a funny non-caring way) (hurt/indifferent)

Best I Ever Had - by State of Shock ( When guy caracter realizes hes a dumbass for letting girl go)...(ps. happens ALOT in real life...:P) (hurt/longing)

Tear Drops on my Guitar - by Taylor Swift (when caracter loves someone but finds out that someone doesnt love them back...and loves someone instead) (love)

Womanizer - by Britney Spears (When girl caracter gets revenge on cheating lover (ps. I love when that happens instead of the self pitying ...:P)) (fury/devious)

Thinking of You - by Katy Perry (is with someone else but is in love with someone who is either dead or doesnt love them back or loves them back but can't be together...sad song also...:'() (sad/longing)

This Dark Day - by 12 stones (either when caracter is going threw the "change" or when theres an altimate battle. This is my top favorite song, its from the 30 days of Night (movie) soundtrack. If you havent seen it, Watch it! Here's some encouragement...it contains vamps. There. Youre probably running to the closest movie rental store by now cause of that. lmao...works everytime:P...but really, its an awesome movie, and my favorite as well. Just a slight warning...vamps are NOT hot, but one of them is my Idol. BUT, in the end, a hot vamp shows up!:D...OH! and its a horror...so dont expect that Twilight lovy-dovy shit...well, okay, maybe a little. Theres love. definitly. but love for what? snicker ...I know im adding alot of details, but its my fav movie!...oh...one last thing...when they're in the house and the old grampa along with his son just ran into the artic snow storm (idiots), the main caracters (Even and Stella) are hiding in the bathroom, the vamp that comes in is my idol. I call him Johnny Hey's cause, first, he looks like a Johnny. and two, listen to when he like...half hisses half breaths out. It sounds like "Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy..."...anyways, enough talking. lol. bye!:P

Gives you hell - by all american rejects (random moments) (random)

Feedback - by janet Jackson (cause of the beat and cause I barely understand I word, I use it when someone's (slut) is throwing themselves at guy) (hyped up)

My life would suck wihtout you - by Kelly Clarkson (When character realizes how much they love the other) (love/longing)

Love games - by Lady Gaga (wants the other but not sure) (Unsure/ longing)

Bleeding love - by leona Lewis (when lover is hurting the other) (hurt/longing)

Jai Ho - by the pussy cat dolls (this is my favorite song EVER! love it!) (love)

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