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Hello im sacred keybearer66 i hope you will enjoy my storys.

Well anyways I like playing kingdom hearts,star wars,wow,and Xbox 360 but mostly spend my time playing star wars galaxies,when i get ideas for my stories i type up the chapters and publish them here.

Favorite characters in kingdom hearts series:Sora,kairi,Donald,Goofy,king Micky,Axel,Roxas,Namine,Riku,Tron,Jack Skellington,jack sparrow,Herculies,Alladan,Stitch,Genie,Cloud,and,Leon.

Update, 5/8/10: sorry I haven't beed posting chapters as much as I used to, school is beating the crap out of me, so I barley have anytime to think of what to put down, I always have to think cause I'm not good at making ideas on the fly, but sometimes a "spark"of an idea rekindles the flames of my imagination, giving me more ideas to put down in my stories.

*NEWS FLASH* I will most likely make a FusionFall story, it involes the exploits of my FusionFall character Luke Angelfury, and his friends (that I have to make for the story), in this story, you will be seeing familer faces from my stories, like Michael, Jackie, Zach, Ricu, and Ashley from my KH:BOP series, Michael Taylor, Arali, and Commander Ultima from my SWFF series, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Roxas, Namine, and Axel from the Kingdom Hearts series, and many others, so please stay tuned for this awesome new FusionFall Story!

I hope this haven't been an inconvenience to some of my hardcore readers, I'm stuck on hiatus until a spark of another brilliant idea cmes into my mind.

Look, I know most of you are concerned about me not having any progress for these past few months, I just haven't got any ideas until some of the new AT episodes came on, plus I am busy with World of Warcraft as well, so like I said before a new chapter will be up when it will be up.

Ok I will admit it, I sort of Like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, only because of the funny parts, and Rainbow Dash.

Don't like it then I will Tolerate and Love the shit out of you, to those who do, BROHOOF!!!!!!!

this is the keyblade rankings In my story..Apprentice being the weakest and sacred being the should look something like this:

Strongest: Sacred

Second Strongest: Master

Weakest: Apprentice

now apprentice has no chain,master has a chain on the keyblade while sacred is a different color with a longer chain,but is able to be used with another keyblade freely like the master keyblades.

There able to stop the keyblade trapped by another keyblade(example roxas's oathkeeper stopping sora from manually picking up his key blade)while the trapped keyblade is under the sacred keyblade it cant be teleported to it's chosen keybearer until the sacred keyblade stops holding it down.

The sacred keyblade is stronger then the master keyblade in stregth,magic,and defence.

So the ultima weapon form for the sacred keyblade will be stronger then the master form.

before you start disagreeing the ultima weapon for the master key blade is the strongest in the master rank,So the ultima weapon form is still the strongest form.

It's the strongest form in all keyblade ranks.

These drive forms are kind of based of the drive form of sora.

there are 3 realm drives I did so far light,darkness,and balanced which is both mixed together which is the kingdom hearts worlds are.

But,now I added more drives onto the list.

first of all light.

The light relm drive form is like final form,but it's strikes can do more also can use magic,but different magic it can use light based magic,and can use curaga.

Now darknes is like final but it's different it has a couple of anti-form aspects(well mine does mine can use magic like soras.).plus it can use the anti-form claws and can levitate keyblades like final form.both of these attacks are used together to deal out 2X the more damage then the claws alone,also i can use dark spells.

Blanced has both sides aspects(lights use of magic and darkness use of keyblades and claws).

the dusk drive(Zach's form) can only use one keyblable but it has some aspects of limit form,most of it's strikes are really strong and it can dodge attacks easily.

nothingnesses form's(Jackie's form)can use spells and the keyblade at the same time kind of like wisdom form,but it's a little can use attacking spells as a form of strike for the drives keyblades,and can shoot and glide like wisdom form.

Dawn form(ricu's form) is self explanatory he can use one keyblade and can do as much damage as twilight form,but it can block attacks easily thanks to it's aura shild.

Balance form (Ashley's form) is valor and wisdom from combined this form gives the user increased speed,stregth,and magic,plus the user can glide.

Hope form(Ahsoka's form) is unique she can make her keyblade float like final and she floats but she has an additional keyblade made out of light and it has the same ability as the keyblade she is using,she also can use divine spells(my oun made spells).

Cunning Form(Mission's form) has two keyblades instead of one,she can float but she has to hold her keyblades,her attacks become stronger and faster and her attacks are deadly on foes that have there backs turned,and she cant use magic in this form.

Before you read the characters CO stand for Chapter only (the only time they will be in the story) but i might change that on certain characters.

featured characters in my story:Me,Ashly,Ricu(spelled with a c not a k)Jackie,Zach,Ahsoka,Mission,king micky,Yen sid(CO),Flora, Fauna and Merryweather(CO),unknown organization XIII member (name will be featured in a later chapter).

Samus,Ultima(a good name for a metroid be cause translated form chozo language it means Ultamite Warrior),Sonic,Tails,Shadow,knuckles,Amy,Eggman.

Mario,Luigi,Princess Peach,Toadsworth,Toad,Bowser.

JD(Dr.John Dorion),Dr.Cox,Janitor,Dr.kelso(metioned only),Kevin,Nazz,Rolf,Jonny,Jimmy,Sarah,Ed,Edd,Eddy,Zim,and Dib.

heartless in my story so far Shadows,Soldiers,space hunters(Metroid),Runners(Mobius)Egg Heartless(Mobius),large bodies,piranna plant(Mushroom kingdom),koopa(mushroom kingdom),knights,armord knight,Darkside,Troopers(Star wars),Knights(Star Wars),Trickmaster(Ed,Edd,and Eddy),Tacklers(Ed,Edd,and Eddy),and Zappers(Invader Zim)

known nobodys in my story so far:Dusk,creeper,and Twilight Thorn.

known unverseds in my story so far: Beserker and floods.

Known Phantoms in story:Ghosts,Neoghosts,Reflectors,Ninjas,Gunslingers,Gusts,Flares,Sparks,Colds,Revivers,Holy Soldiers,and Lightside.

My keyblades so far:Kingdom Key(L), Kingdom Key (D), Metroid Savior, X Destroyer(Metroid), Blue Blur, and Black blur(Mobius), Koopa King(Mushroom kingdom), Kingdom Defender(Mushroom Kingdom), Gryphendor's Courage(The Wizerding World), Unity of Eds(The Cul-De-Sac) ,Jurassic Demolisher(Isle Nublar), Unbreackable Promise, Ultima Weapon(L and D)(later on in story),

Ahsoka's keyblades so far:Kingdom Key(Hope),Hufflepuff's Honer(The Wizerding World), Unbreackable Bond, Ultima Weapon (hope)(Yes it's Ahsoka from Star Wars I had this idea for a long time)

Zachs keyblades so far:Kingdom Key(Twi), Twilights Wings, Twilight Rose,

Ricu's Keyblades so far:Kingdom Key(Dawn), Dreams of Absolution(Mobius), Ghost Wrangler(The World of Mysteries)

Jackies keyblades so far:Kingdom Key(Noth), Comets Tail, Rayvonclaw's Wisdom(The Wizerding World) ,Magic Seeker,

Ashley's keyblades so far:Kingdom Key (Bet), Betweens's Way, Hogwart's Helper, Blaze of Fire

Mission's keyblades so far:Kingdom Key (Cunning), slytherens Cunning, Irkin Hunter,

Name: Michael

Keyblades: Sacred keyblades of light and darkness

Born: Destiny City

Age: 14

Friends: Ricu,Zach,Jackie,Ashley,Ahsoka(Girlfirend)Mission,and J.D.

Pets: Ultima(Metroid),and R2-D6

Theme Music: Knight Of The Wind from Sonic And The Black Knight

Drives: Light form, Dark form, Balance form

Personality: Michael is an upbeat, happy go lucky, fearless, and brave 14 year old with a never give up attitude.

He is very powerful in swordmanship despite his young age.

He doesn't like seeing anyone upset and will put his life on the line to save someone.

His girlfriend is a fellow Sacred Keybearer Ahsoka Tano.

Also he can fly, hear things others cant, resistant to electric attacks and surges, and can absorb electricity thanks to his wind element and lightning element.

He's good at cooking, but surpisingly he dosn't consider cooking his best talent.

When it comes to fighting he will strike fast, and deadly, but will use magic on an occasion if it calls for it, and thanks to his wind element he can throw his keyblades faster then anyone else.

He is easy to get angry if someone is threating the life of his friends or girlfriend.


Born: Destiny city

Age: 14

Keyblade: Sacred keyblade of Dawn

Friends: Michael,Zach,Jackie,Ashley,Ahsoka,Mission,and J.D.

Pet: R5-C3

Theme Music: Disturbed - The Night

Drives: Dawn form

Personality: Ricu is Michael's best friend ever since they were 3 years old, he is courageous, care free, and will speack his mind when he wants to, also he is very carefull.

He is known to help out his friends in any trouble they're in, He also is very good at engineering.

His girlfriend is fellow keybearer Mission Vao.

when fighting he strikes with deadly accuracy making sure the enemy stays down, thanks to being a sacred keybearer of dawn he can put up barriers to defend his allies.

With his thunder element he can launch sonic booms, jump really high, and can make sonic barriers, plus he cant be pushed back.

Name: Zach

Born: Destiny City

Age: 14

Keyblade: Sacred Keyblade of Twilight

Friends: Michael,Ricu,Jackie,Ashley,Ahsoka,Mission,and J.D.

Pet: R4-S3

Theme Music: Trapt - Headtsrong

Drives: Twilight form

Personality: Zach is more serious then his friends and is more mature then most of them, he usually avoids fights then being in them.

When his friends are in a fight they cant win he disregards trying peace, plus he has an impulse to insult people with higher authority.

When he fights he is a tank, hitting with such force that it would knock down some heartless with two blows, besides him being 14 years old.

With his earth element he is more of a tank then usual he can launch slabs of earth and can guard himself with it, also he can take a hit with out loseing any ground.

Name: Jackie

Born: Destiny City

Age: 14

Keyblade: Sacred Keyblade of Nothingness

Friends: Michael,Ricu,Zach,Ashley,Ahsoka,Mission,and J.D.

Pet: R3-A4

Theme Music: currently finding a new theme

Drives: Nothingness form

Personality: Jackie is very knowledgeable and wise, she helps out her friends out with anything(To homework or combat practice).

She is very good at range combat able to hit anything with one shot.

She prefers trying to find a solution to the problem then trying to guess it.

Despite having perfect vision, she likes to wear glasses when reading.

when she fights she uses magic and her talent at ranged combat effectively running around the battlefield hitting enemies with magic, and is the groups main healing source thanks to her nature element.

With her nature element she can detect life around her, visible or invisible, she can heal, her magic is more powerful and she can heal better then anyone else in the group.


Born: Destiny City


Keyblade:Keyblade of balance

Friends: Michael,Ricu,Zach,Jackie,Ahsoka,Mission,and J.D.

Theme Music: Disturbed - Inside The Fire

Pet: R2-E6

Drives: Balance form

Personality: Ashley is not really a talker, but she slowly learning how to not to be shy, she is usually silent even to her friends, but she speacks when she wants to.

She always points out stuff that her friends have missed.

she is very skilled in the art of swordplay, almost as good as Michael.

In combat she is known to use anything she knows to attack her enemies to using melee, to magic, even her enemies weaknesses.

With her fire element she can absorb heat to use it later, and her fire spells can be used in many ways from making her keyblade surrounded by fire to making a fiery circle to trap her enemies(Like axel)

she can even throw her keyblade like a chakram making it return to her, and when she has a lot of heat in her body, she can use a spell called Phoenix Inferno.

Name:Ahsoka Tano

Born: Shili, A Galaxy Far Far Away

Age: 14

Keyblade: Sacred Keyblade of Hope

Friends: Michael(boyfriend), Ricu, Zach, Jackie, Ashley, Mission, and J.D.

Pet: R7-A7

Theme Music: Cascada - Every Time We Touch

Drives: Hope Form

Personality: Her personality is very different then most of her friends and allies, she is very feisty for someone so young.

To get information she uses terror and threats, but towards her allies she is very kind, loving, understanding and spirited individual.

During her jedi days she used a style called Shien an unorthodox reversed grip style during combat, but she also uses it now as a keybearer.

Her boyfriend is a fellow sacredkeybearer, Michael.

when she is in combat her technique consisted of rapid switches and feints, darting from one side of the battleground to the other to exhaust her opponent, but this is being replaced by what Michael is teaching her to use against the heartless.

thanks to having the water element she can control water at will, even better the Demyx of Organization XIII, she uses some attacks Demyx has but she also uses the water as a way to block attacks and attack from afar, she can even literally walk or run on water, and she can breathe in water also.

Name: Mission Vao

Pet: R4-M4

Born: Taris,A Galaxy Far Far Away( old republic era)

Age:14 (actually thousands of years old, but kept her youth through cyrogenics)

Keyblade: Sacred Keyblade of Cunning

Friends: Michael,Ahsoka,Ricu,Jackie,Zach,Ashley,and JD

Drives: Cunning Form

Theme Music: ACDC - Black Ice

Personality: Mission is a sunny and optimistic girl,she believes the best of people most of the time,she also has a strong sense of fairness, and is also courageous and impulsive ,her chief annoyance, however,was when people dismissed her on the basis of age,treating her like a kid instead of a growing teenager.

She is a good slicer and is proficient with droids, also she is very good at fixing machinery.

During combat she uses agile strikes and sweeps that are deadly accurate, severly damaging or destroying any heartless with in striking range.

Her boyfriend is fellow keybearer ricu.

During the old republic era she found a gummiship and got out of her home world,after that she froze herself to see the future,and in the future she was found and unfrozen by Michael and Ahsoka.

Name: Rex

Born: Kamino(32BBY), A Galaxy Far Far Away( Rise Of The Empire Era)

Weapons: Two DC-17 hand blasters, DC- 15A Blaster Rifle, and DC- 17m ICWS( Interchangable Weapon System)

Personality: Rex believes that experience outrankeds everything. An independant thinker, he wasn't afraid to voice his opinion to higher ranking officers, but still obeyed orders from his superiors.

Rex was also very tactful, adept at diffusing tense or embarrassing situations. Because of his close relationship with General Skywalker, Rex learned to never underestimate the abilities of the Jedi, nor doubt their resolve.

He was trained in a variety of fighting styles and combat tactics, he was a skilled soldier, unafraid to place himself in danger if required for the line of duty. These characteristics enabled Rex to survive many engagements and lead his troops to numerous victories.

During the assault on the jedi temple he had to fight and kill Ahsoka, but at the last moment three clones came to help him out, so the choice was clear, with some help from Ahsoka, he killed the clones.

He defected to aid Ahsoka on her, her friends, and Michael's quest.

Name: Barriss Offee

Born: 42BBY, A Galaxy Far Far away

Weapons: Lightsabers: hers and Luminara's( later chapter), The Force

Personality: She was very loyal to her master Luminara Unduli and was almost always by Unduli's side when she was a Padawan. After being made a Jedi Knight Barriss was still uncertain if she deserved to be a Knight but after resisting the lure of the dark side during a mission on Drongar she became more confident about her promotion.

Barriss was known to have an unusual view of the Force as she believed that the light side and the dark side were only words and the Force was neither good nor evil whereas most Jedi believed the light side was good and the dark side was evil.

She fought during the assault on the jedi temple, but was stabbed through the midsection by Anakin Skywalker(AKA Darth Vader), she was near death by the time Michael, Ahsoka, and Rex found her, but was fully recoverd by Michael's Curagun spell, so she joined them on there quest.

Name: Jim Hawkins

Born: Montresser, Galaxy of Treasure

Keyblade: Sacred Keyblade of Courage

Friends: Michael,Ahsoka,Ricu,Jackie,Zach,Ashley(girlfriend), and JD

Drives: Courage Form

Theme Music: John Rzeznik - I'm Still Here

Personality: Jim Hawkins is an incredibly bright and confident person, Jim could be good-natured and friendly, if he had reason to.

He doesn't, though – in fact, rather used to being let down, Jim often shows himself as dispassionate and uncaring, preferring to push others away and act detached than to be let down again. He's very distrusting of new people, especially with the appearance of the Heartless, and very skeptical about certain subjects.

Jim is, in short, a prodigy. He's intelligent, though he doesn't show it much, and often learns things with thorough accuracy after seeing them just once.

He hates being thought of as a hero, but also hates being thought of as a delinquent. He's very hot-headed and quick to act when he's insulted.

Despite this, he's loyal to a fault to people that earn it.

He's not afraid to get into a couple of fights, and is smart enough to know how to deal with them, most of the time. His quick-learning ability is also a very valuable asset, as he's often called on to use his knowledge and skills in tight situations.

His bravery can also be a weakness, as he's prone to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. He also tends to act rashly and without thought, despite his intelligence, and gets himself into trouble.

This is the character profiles of the trainers in My Pokemon Journey: The Kanto Adventures!

Name: Michaelangelo Light Taylor

Age: 12

Hight: 5'0

Starter Pokemon: Lugia ( 1 year old)

Signature Poke Ball: Master Ball

Pokemon: Lugia(starter), Sparky (A Pikachu), Tortwig, Drako(a Charmander), and Darkrai

Description: he has sandy blonde hair that is spiked and grey eyes, he wears light blue jean shorts, a white shirt with a pokeball on it, a grey vest, white and grey DC's, grey Volcom wristbands, and a necklece witch has an emerald on it.

He dreams of becoming a pokemon master, like one of his relitives on his mother's side did, he found Lugia when he was in a forest with it's parent, but it was dieing, he promised to the Adult Lugia that he would take of him, after that it died, it disappeared in a flash of light and what was left of it was a silver wing, so he took it and the infant Lugia back home, were he took care of it, he brought him along as a starter pokemon.

Name: Ahsoka Stelle (this is my humen version of Ahsoka Tano)

Starter Pokemon: Cyndaquil

Age: 12

Hight: 4'8

Signature Pokeball: Luxury Ball

Pokemon: Cyndaquil, Bulbasaur, Starley, and Riolu

Description: she has white hair with blue stripes in it, she has blue eyes, and her skin is tanned, she wears a dark red T-shirt, white wrist bands, blue jeans and red converse shoes, she also wears a beret that is dark red that has a gold pokeball medalion on it.

She meets Mikey (Michaelangelo) when his Pikachu Sparky(not Richie's Sparky) accidentally fries her bike, after they battle and learn there both going to enter the indigo leage, they decide to go together.

Name: Taylor Sala

Age: 16

Hight: 5'7

Starter Pokemon: Walter (A Pidgeotto)

Signature Pokeball: Net Ball

Pokeman: Totodile, Walter (a Pidgeotto), and Scyther

Description: she wears a blue blouse on with an lan coat, and khaki jeans, she also has short brunette hair, brown eyes, and a white bandana with a pokeball on it on her head.

After Mikey and Ahsoka help her cath a wild Totodile, she joins then on there journey, she is very good cooker(almost as good as Brock), and dreams of being an exellent Pokemon Breeder.

Name: Wes

Age: 17

Signature Pokeball: Ultra Ball

Starter Pokemon: Umbeon, and Espeon

Pokemon:Umbreon, Espeon, Tyranitar, Flygon, Heatran, and Dragonite

Description: A young trainer from the past and from Orre who went into the future with his girlfriend Rui, to catch and purify shadow pokemon.

He is brave and cunning, and will help out pokemon, no matter what trouble they are in.

He is also a very talented pokemon trainer, able to defeat most trainers with ease.

Name: Rui

Signature Pokeball: Heal Ball

Starter Pokemon: Togetic

Pokemon: Togetic, Leafeon, and Ho-Oh

Description: a young girl from the past and from Orre that went with her boyfriend Wes to catch and purify shadow pokemon in the future.

She is a bit naive, and stubborn, but cares deeply for her friends, she is just begging to be a pokemon trainer.

Her psyhic abilities enable her to be able to detect the black auras of shadow pokemon.

Due to being pure of heart, Ho-Oh came to her, and let her catch it with it's oun special MasterBall.

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favorite Kh,and other quotes:

"Got it memorized?"-Axel

"I was looking for you, but you were with me all along." - Sora

"Were ever you go,ill all ways be with you" - Kairi

"How am I going to face everyone?" -Riku

"Lets see here...'If the subject fails to respond, use agression to liberate his true disposition.'...Right.Did they ever pick the wrong guy for this one..." - Demyx

"We my have forggoten about most things but good friends dont forget the good stuff."-Donald

"Sora is always like this when he's with a girl"-Goofy

"You guys have to leave town it's to dangerous for you here" - King Mickey

"you make a good other"-Roxas

"I have a bad felling about this"-Han solo

"you cant win, but there are alternitives to fighting"-Ben Kenobi

"this is were the fun begins"-Ahsoka Tano

"this is going to be interesting"-Anakin Skywalker

"hello there"-Obiwan Kenobi

"Just like begger's canyon back home"-Luke skywalker

"The force is strong with this one"- Darth vader

"Hey, don't treat me like I'm a little girl. I ain't no kid—I'm fourteen years old." - Mission Vao

"we're on your tail, general kenobi. Set S-Foils in attack position"-Odd Ball

"all flights report in!" - Red Leader

"red five standing by" - Luke Skywalker

"this is Freedom Leader, all flights report in!" - Me

"let's see what this old hunk of junk can do!" - Me refering to my old Z-95 headhunter in Star Wars Galaxies

"and I thought there supposed to be more dangerous then a TIE Intersepter!"- Me commenting the fast kill I got on a TIE Avanger on SWG

"Hell yeah!, this ship will definatly help me out"- My comment after getting the Advanced X-wing Starfighter on SWG

"holy shit!, did we just take out that thing ten seconds flat?" - Me reacting to a fast corellian corvette kill I did in a Incom X4 Gunship in a Player On Board(POB) group.

"Lock S-Foils in attack position"-Red Leader

"Oh my god they killed kenny!"-Stan

"Screw you guys,im going home."- Cartman

" I didnt think there was going to be a god dang leprechaun!"- Kyle

"To make room for the cupcake!" - Gir

(Crying)"I miss you cupcake"- Gir

(crying) WHY PIGGY!, I loveded, you piggy!, I loveded you!" - Gir

"ENOUGH!,I will try some allready!" - Zim

"Birds,sing AND YOUR GOING TO PAY! THE END!" - Tak(Now I Know!)


"Can you get any shorter?" - Allmighty Tallest(Purple)

"Dib drank the last soda,he will PAY!" - Gaz

"Talk about low budget flights,no food or movies,im out of here!,I like running better!" Sonic The Hedgehog.

"My name is Shadow, I am The Ultimate Lifeform!" Shadow The Hedgehog.

"To save the future the the iblis trigger must be destroyed!" Silver The Hedgehog.

Okay everyone who looks at my stories, if you want me to comment back then make a profile on here, for some reason we are not able to reply back to guests.

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Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 21,462 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 6/29/2011 - Published: 11/14/2009
Crimson reviews
Little one shots about Marceline and my OC Luke whenever they see eachother, hangout, and possibly doing other things. Rated T for some stuff, and M for one shots with mature stuff.Alternate Universe
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Adventure Time: The queen's Betrayal reviews
Princess Bubblegum isn't who she is anymore, she is now a tyrant queen planning to rule all of Ooo under her guise and iron fist, but only Luke Brightdark, Marceline, and others can bring Ooo back to it's once peacefull state. please read and review.
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Star Wars: Earth Assault reviews
Ahsoka Tano crash lands on Earth, and befriends a young artist by the name of Michael Leblanc, but the empire is hot on her trail, will all the Earth's military be enough to stop the Imperial fleet from taking over the Earth? Ahsoka/OC currently on hiatus
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5 friends are chosen to be keybearers and go on an adventure to stop the darkness from overtaking the worlds. there will be some nintendo and other worlds. Also please read and reveiw, Part 1 of series is complete.
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My Pokemon Journey: The Kanto Adventures! reviews
Michaelangelo Ahsoka Steelle are on thier journey to become pokemon masters!, were exitement, romance, adventure, danger, pride, and triumph are around the corner!, and were helping pokemon, and trainers alike is a possibilty! plz R7R currently on hiatus.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 11,382 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 2 - Updated: 3/14/2010 - Published: 2/13/2010
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