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Ello! This is about moi. haha

Name: Marie

Age: 16

About me: I LOVE to read, i spend most of my day doing that. haha I like to hang out with friends, you know go see movies, shop. I play the xbox and some other video games(gamer chick here), but i don't get on as often now. I'm asian, and no i'm not very good at math... haha sterio types... I'm short (like 4' 11"). haha theres not a lot about me. I do love writing but i usually don't finish my stories, but i do write poetry and songs(just lyrics).

Favorite Books: Well there are a lot of them, I'll just name a few. Twilight Series(of course), Kissed By an Angel, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, The Far Sweet Thing, Kiss Me Kill Me, Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy, Harry Potter, Memoirs Of A Geishia, The Luxe Seriese, The Princess Academy, A Walk To Remember, Pride and Prejudice... and a lot more. I also love reading manga and fanfiction.

Favorite Movies: Twilight(got it the first day it came out!), Harry Potter, Stardust, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Pride and Prejudice, A Walk To Remember, Mean Girls, Aquamarine, The Dark Knight, Casino Royale, The Covnenant, The Devil Wears Prada.

Favorite Color: I really like blue, green is a pretty color and so is orange and yellow... haha i don't really dislike any colors... oh except like puke green :P

Favorite Bands/Artists: Jonas Brothers(of course... i dont care if you dont like them... i do so just shut up i dont care.), Taylor Swift(love her!! she's my role model), Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, The New Translation, Allusive, Ludo, Cobra Starship, All American Rejects, Plain White T's, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Metro Station, We The Kings, Carrie Underwood, Escape The Fate, Good Charlotte, and a whole lot more. :)

Random Things I Find and Want To Post

Kevin+Joe+Nick= LOVE!! (Math is easy!) You say BFF, I say Just Friends. You say High School Musical, I say Camp Rock. You say HELP!, I say S.O.S! You say Love song, I say Lovebug. You say group project, I say One Man Show. You say Miley, I say Selena. You say Kevin's ugly, I say go look in a mirror. You say 5 minutes, I say 6 minutes. You say in a sec, I say Hold on. You say just breathe, I say Just Take a Breath. You say Cody Linley rocks your socks, I say Nick J's Off the Chain! You say Las Vegas, I say Hollywood. You say Froot Loops, I say CORN POPS BOYZ! You say outcast, I say Underdog. You say hey gorgeous, I say Hello Beautiful. You say I love you, I say Please Be Mine. You say take it slow, I say One Day at a Time. You say close, I say Inseparable. You say 8:00, I say 7:05. You say see ya, I say Goodnight and Goodbye. You say IDK, I say You Just Don't Know It. You say Hannah Montanna, I say JONAS. You say New York, I say New Jersey. You say freezing cold, I say Burnin Up. You say burned, I say Poned. You say forever, I say Eternity. You say this evening, I say Tonight. You say be nice, I say BB Good. You say I gotta go, I say Time For me to Fly! You say love is in the air, I say Love is on It's Way. You say China, I say Australia. You say leave me alone, I say Move On. You say Kids of America, I say Kids of the Future. You say party animal, I say Live to Party! You say there ARE cars in Oklahoma, I say yeah right! You say 1985, I say Year 3000. You say I'm obsessed, I say I'm in love. You ask why I'm so crazy, I say I am What I am! You ask me why I love the Jonas Brothers, I say That's Just the Way I Roll! The Jonas Brothers! It takes a second to love their looks It takes a minute to love them It takes an hour to love their songs It takes a day to know everything about them But it takes an entire lifetime to forget them! You got a problem with The Jonas Brothers? solve it. You think The Jonas Brothers are tripping? tie their shoes. You cant stand The Jonas Brothers? sit down. You cant face The Jonas Brothers? turn around. 5 of teens would be happy if The Jonas Brothers were standing on the edge of a building ready to jump, copy and paste if your part of the 95 yelling "don't jump, we love you!!

Don't Forget Pictures:

-Concert Outfits:


Dress: http://www.modcloth.com/store/ModCloth/Womens/Dresses/Gallery+Crawl+Dress

Shoes: http://www.modcloth.com/store/ModCloth/Womens/Shoes/The+Helsinki+Boots


Shirt: http://www.wetseal.com/catalog/product.jsp?categoryId=101&subCategoryId=113&productId=19399

Pants: http://www.wetseal.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=17219

Shoes: http://www.wetseal.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=18224


Shirt/Dress: http://www.wetseal.com/catalog/product.jsp?categoryId=101&subCategoryId=113&productId=18844

Shoes: http://www.wetseal.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=19139

-After Concert Meet and Greet-


Shirt: http://www.wetseal.com/catalog/product.jsp?categoryId=101&subCategoryId=115&productId=19213

Pants: http://www.wetseal.com/catalog/product.jsp?categoryId=102&subCategoryId=116&productId=19453

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Shirt: http://www.wetseal.com/catalog/product.jsp?categoryId=101&subCategoryId=115&productId=19653

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Outfits for club!


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