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Name: Becky

Age: 20

- I love animals, I've been a Practice Vet Nurse for over a year now and have decided to try my hand at Dog Grooming. :)

- Favorite TV shows are Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Buffy, House M.D, Game of Thrones, and the quiz show Pointless, I like to pretend I'm smart when I get one question right ;)

- Music is my life and I like many types of music, going to Creamfields this year, VERY exciting!

- I fucking LOVE games. Mostly XBox at the moment, just played through Mass Effect again and remembered how much I love Liara.

- I like to go up my local and have a few beers with mates, I'm already at the old man stage.

- My family and friends are everything to me.

- I'm honestly not too sure on the Twilight saga, I do like the characters in it but I just wish it was way less cheesy and had a lot better fight scenes.

- Yes I've slightly put my story on hold for ages but I'm not in the Twilight mood at the moment, I'm watching through Supernatural and now can't stop thinking how much I love Castiel. =]

Message me if you have advice on my new story or any questions, I would love to hear what you have to say :)

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