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Name: Bruuz.

Age: 20.

Gender: Male.

Hobbies: Working out at the gym, spending time with my girlfriend, going out to the pub, watching anime, reading, gaming, sleeping and obviously, writing.

Occupation: The type of work I'm doing at this moment varies greatly. I work as a bartender and a cook in a relatively large restaurant, all part-time but together it probably breaks the boundaries of a normal full-time job. Besides that I'm also following a full-time study which, all together, takes up a lot of my time.

Nationality: Dutch. And no, I don't live on a farm.

Anime that I've watched (And actually enjoyed) over the years:

Naruto Shippuden: I have to be honest with you here and admit that I've never truly liked the original Naruto series. I watched them but just didn't get to like it. Naruto himself was way too happy-go-lucky for my taste. He got out of situations that normal Shinobi would've certainly died in merely because he 'didn't want to give up'. He survived encounters even extraordinary Shinobi would not have with an incredible arsenal of two jutsu. Now I know that in the Naruto-verse the amount of Jutsu you possess does not equal your strength but nonetheless I find that rather...odd. Nonetheless, enough whining about the original Naruto series. I have to admit that Naruto Shippuden was quick to impress me, while Naruto is still much like his former self at times he has certainly managed to grow up. Though I think every single filler sucks badly I do like the story line that the manga is following and it continues to intrigue me.

Bleach: Now this is one anime that got me hooked from the very beginning. The interaction between Ichigo and Rukia in particular, and the consequent bond that was formed between intrigued me from the very beginning and inspired me to keep watching. Something I didn't come to regret even in the slightest. The fight and battles between Ichigo and Soul Society's Captains have all been incredibly well done. I even enjoyed every single filler, although I admit the Bounto Arc dragged on a little bit too long for my taste, but in particular every single Bleach Movie has been absolutely amazing. Completely unlike the Naruto movies, which I believe are as horrible as it's fillers are.
One small downside I should mention is the lack of actual good guys dying. Now I'm not saying good guys have to die for it to be a good story. But it does tend to make it a little bit unrealistic. Take the current fake Karakura Town Arc for example. The three top Espada are fight against Soul Society, and even their Fraccion manage to deal quite a bit of damage to Soul Society's lieutenants, nonetheless not a single death has occured yet. Of course there is the fact that some of them have gotten critically injured, take Ukitake Jyuushirou and Sarugaki Hiyori for example. Nonetheless I am certain that the both of them will recover by some sort of miracle which is likely to be the powers of Inoue Orihime. Another downside would be the rather unimpressive deaths of Coyote Starrk, Barragan Luisenbarn and Tia Harribel. I was particularly annoyed by the fact that we did not get to see any backstory at all about Harribel's past.
But regardless, that was enough whining, all in all, Bleach is a terrific anime and I'm certainly looking forward to find out how and when it will end.

Death Note: I don't really have much to say about this one. It was incredibly well done, and I just loved the badass factor of Yagami Light. I enjoyed the series from start till end and while I thought the ending was really well done I have to admit that I was a little bit dissapointed by Yagami biting the dust due to such a small mistake made by one of his henchmen.

Code Geass: This is, by far, the best anime I have ever had the privilege to watch. The characters in and out of itself are really well done and I particularly liked Lelouch and C.C. What got me so hooked to this series are actually two things. First of all it just continues to surprise you, whenever you think there is no way out, Lelouch finds one and yes I do have to admit that at times his ways out are relying way too much on chance and seem a bit unrealistic. But come on, this is anime, it isn't real-time warfare or anything like that. Secondly I loved the fact that all throughout the series there was one question that kept ringing throughout my head. Has Lelouch gone evil or not? And just when by the time the series had almost ended I was convinced that he had truly gone evil, which kind of dissapointed me, the final episode revealed everything. How he had committed unspeakable acts merely for the sake of world peace, how he gave his life to ensure that peace. I can honestly say that there is not a single anime that I've enjoyed more then this one.

About fanfic:

What I like:
-Well written stories that actually seem possible in which the main character gains his power in a logical way. I don't care if this is done extremely fast or if it takes years as long as the way in which it happens makes sense. Don't ever have a character becoming incredibly powerful from being ridiculously weak in a day's time without any sort of logical explanation or without any event that would make sense and expect me to like your story.

-Bondings. As I've (for now) done with my own story, To Find a Purpose in Death, Nel has become the closest person to Ichigo there is, while, not yet in a romantic sense. I like these kind of stories with pretty much any characters. Naruto and Sasuke being good examples of this as well, sadly however most people seem to have grown a habit for Sasuke bashing these days.

-I enjoy reading romances that actually take time to develop. A particularly nice pairing I enjoy reading is HarryxGinny. However don't expect me to like your story if Harry just suddenly starts writing Ginny and grows to like her out of nowhere. He's known the girl for years and all of a sudden he would just fall in love with her? Get real. Like I said, I only truly enjoy romance when it was well written. No senseless snogging and shagging but rather a relationship that takes time to develop, a relationship that is based more on talking and having fun with one another rather then physical pleasures.

-Betrayal fics. Though I have to admit that with most of the series I read this usually causes the character to become very OOC. I don't often like this but I can at times, stand it, when it concerns a betrayal fic. Wether the main character is the one being betrayed or the one betraying doesn't really matter much to me, one thing I do find important however is that he does not join his previous enemy. I find this annoying and I would prefer that he has a small set of friends that would still remain loyal to him.

What I dislike:
Character bashing. Every character is there for a reason. Sasuke has left the leaf for a reason. What would Naruto be like if Sasuke had never left the leaf? It would be a completely different story and none of us can even imagine if we would actually still like the series. Bashing him because he is being portrayed as an emo bastard is childish and annoying. This goes for any character, don't bash someone just because you don't like him or her. Prove that you are the better writer and try to put down every character as realistically as you possibly can, including the ones you don't like. The exception to this of course is most AU fics.

-Romances that develop out of nowhere and that develop too fast. Characters that become incredibly powerful in a ridiculous amount of time. This differing from several minutes to a couple of hours to a day or more. If your characters grow powerful fast, fine, I don't mind, I've done the same thing really. But make sure the reasons behind it and the way in which it happens are realistic. I hate to read things that don't make sense, I hate to read a story with an all powerful character that has become this powerful in a few days with a pathetic reason because the writer did not want to take the effort to turn a weak character in someone godlike or because the writer just thought it was easier this way.

-Out of Character. Admittedly the exception to this are AU stories. Of course I don't mind a character becoming OOC over time or even becoming OOC pretty fast as long as (once again) the way in which it happens makes sense. That and that I actually like his new personality. It takes a lot of effort to put down characters in realistic sense, all of them have obviously been created before by the writers of the original series or books. I'm not asking for perfect copies of the original characters, but I believe the least you as a writer could do is to attempt to put them down as close to their orignal personas as possible.

Attention: I have a request to make, should someone be interested. I am looking for someone, with at least fairly good skill in drawing, painting or creating digital art. The reason for this is that I want to include some pictures of some of the characters that hold an important role in my story. To name a few they would be: Kurosaki Ichigo (Unreleased), Kurosaki Ichigo (Released), Kuchiki Rukia (Bankai) and a few others that will soon be added to that list. I believe I can draw okay myself but I don't believe myself to be capable enough for this task, hence why I'm asking for help. Are you interested? Feel free to contact me either by a review or a PM and perhaps we can discuss it for a little bit.

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