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IM from the United States and i live in good ol'Texas!

My Likes are -NaruSaku, KibaHina, ShikaTemari, IchiOrih,RukiRenji, and all the good couples :)

Dislikes-Sasusaku, NaruHina, SasuNaru, SakuIno, any stupid couple... like LeeSaku? WTF! imagin the children? chilly bowl pink hair green jump suit... NO!

Anyways im a fanfic writer as you can find out by visiting my DeviantArt page and i also have a Youtube Acount that i make AMV's on. TO check some of them out go here.

I hope you all enjoy my fics and if anyone has any request just message me ill be happy to give it some thought!

The first few months i started here on Fanfiction i didn't have a beat reader and i got alot of bashing but luckly i have one now and i pretty happy about it. Lets see... I love writing anything really aslong as it catches my interest. Alot of people ask me how i come up with some of my idea's and all i can say is MUSIC. I listen to anything from up beat country (not sad emo country) to alternative rock to scream your head of rock. I also like instrumental music... for example the theme for Angels and Demons gives me chills along with dumbledore's death song and a few other. I'm taking basic classes in collage which is a challange for me... im dislexic among other things... I had a drinking problem at one point lol i know im not even 21 yet but highschool is highschool... i guess i should have spent more time in the books then thinking about the weekend.

Here is a lesson for anyone still in school. Learn all you can... but remember to stay social. Im a social kinda guy and its hard to do anything if you can't talk to people. For example finding a job... is a pain if you don't know how to call the place and hound the people until you get hired.

I regret alot of things but when i write i feel proud of myself for making something people actually enjoy... I've learned to take pride in the things i do scene i graduated and that should be a learned leason for anyone.

I love computer programs... mostly editing programs for anything from video's to drawing... I have so many things i would like to do and become a professional one of them being writing the other being a graphics artist... but dreams unfortunately take alot of work and money >.

I've been called alot of things for liking anime and making AMV's and sadly only a few of my friends think its alright with the fact that i write fanfictions but... fuck'em lol People that don't know me say all kinds of things behind my back but when they say it to my face they leave with a completely different perspective... and a possible broken jaw... i mean come on im 6'4 going on 6'7, i wear a size 17 shoe and played football in a redneck football town... im not a pussy, i maybe nerdy but im under the nerd who hangs out with badass's because i've proven myself to be a 1 hitter quiter type of guy... that likes anime and stuff lol

Anyways alot of my writing on the emotional parts comes from personal experiences... you know first love, abusive parent, annoying mom/sister.step family... stuff like that. I advise any other writers to do the same it can help with writers block... But that's about all i have to talk about me... moving on to other stuff now.


For all those that are looking for Gay couples please turn away. I do not support that kind of stuff sense it... blahh... and also i in no way support NaruHina sense it makes no sense to me even though she made her move... its a good 300 chapters late. Her personality doesn't come anywhere close to matching up with someone like Naruto. Even though they may be friends Kishi can't just make them a couple like with no character development. Sakura and NAruto on the other hand have plenty of Character development. He has always been there for her unless he was out getting stronger for her and the village unlike Sasuke who is selfishly chasing a fate that even Itachi himself knew was meant to be...

The only Uchiha that should be alive is Itachi. The hole damn clan is overrated and retarded in my eyes... And Sasuke once again is a really annoying character.

As for all those Sakura haters... get with the times! She's a medical Shinobi with super strength. maybe if she spent some time training with lee and Gai she would be a better shinobi but who cares. She's not a fan girl anymore... even though i could see when they where kids 'NaruSaku' fit in place alot better then :SasuSaku:... Constantly beating him to death... comeone hasnt anyone read fullmetal panic? Tenchi Moya? FMA? Dragon ball Z? Bulma hits vegeta, ChiChi Hits Goku, Soasuke gets hit by both Chidori and Tessa, Tenchi gets beaten and rapped by Ryoko... of hell all of them... come one guys it just fits... lol that was her showing that she cared :)

I Am a hands down! True! NaruSaku fan everyone... I don't care what you think about Sasuke and Sakura! he's a dickhead and a crappy Character, Itachi was way better and should of ripped his damn eyes out! SasuSaku is dead to the world as you can tell! And whats with the 'Oh Sakura hit Naruto alot when they where kids' Its called unknown flurting! Fullmetal panic! She hits him alot hell they both do! Tenchi Moya They all hit him and he loves them all! I can do this all day!

Naruto Loves Sakura but will not choice her over Sasuke get it? Bothers ring a bell? He didnt run her down because he doesnt like her it's because he and Sasuke are like blood. Blood is thinker then water people! AND NARUHINA? Don't get me started! How many times has she been in the MANGA not anime but the MAnga? like maybe 10 chapters! Really? wheres teh character developement your stupid people... If you have a problem with this let me know and ill post every page, pannel and FACT that will show NaruSaku happening over SasuSaku and NaruSaku. everyone loves the fact that Naruto said nooo but now waht do you think will happen? Naruto will live up to kakashi's old saying and go after his team Just Like Jiraiya did for Orochimaru, Just like he did for Sasuke, Just like Kakashi did for Rin he will runafter Sakura and follow Kakashi and Sai and save everyone from sasuke's dumass. Sakura will see Sasuke With Karin(Which is th eonly couple that matches him) and how evil he is and that little (12 year olds) crush with turn to dust...

Now... ask me why i LIke naruSaku again people please... its annoying and makes me angry when people try to argue with me... to anyone who is harmed by this message im sorry it is not ment to be that way, unless you one fo the people that has pissed me off with your contant argueing... Seriously guys someones sent me the same thing pretty much like 5 times... 'But Sakura hits him all the time and is mean to him'... 'She's so mean though... she belongs with Sasuke' Oh yea... that's logical... Thats like saying Naruto and Sasuke belong together even though he stuck his Chidori in his chest followed by him trying to cut his head off... real smooth guys... Same thing with Sakura he's caused her plenty of pain, If she didnt have a stong mind she would have passed out long before Naruto... (update- Sasuke would have killed Sakura 3 times now in Manga... thats love man lol SasuSaku is a joke)

Hinata i have nothing against her, maybe if she was in the manga more i might like her but all the things people dream up about that relationship is... bull... Anyways... yea i think im done i hope this helps make clear to you guys whooo i support and who i hate... Sasuke is gay unless he's with Karin then i don't mind... Karins cool...

Hobbies- Hang with friends, i played football all through Highschool and play street football in my town, go to the movies, play xbox live, and write fanfics and soon to start... college

Likes- hobbies... same shit

Dislikes- umm... god shopping with my girlfriends (They always break me) and gay anime couples like SasuNaru? Wtf? who does that and Sasuke in general unless placed with Karin... Karin's cool.

Warm Hearted Hollow- A friend of mine on Deviantart made a Fanart for this! heres the link go check it out

Naruto Kouji Part 1- Im almost done with book one or Part one of this story and im takinga break from it while i work on Book two's plot alongwith my friend. Ill be posting pthers storys while working on the plot and i will keep everyone updates on my author notes that I put in my Chapters. (Update 2010- Ill be starting this by myself... my partner in crime lost interest in this story and i smacked the hell out of him lol... so i'll be starting book 2's plot from scratch)

Kiri's Susanoo- Dear god this is a hit! I'm glad so many of you have taken a liking to it and hope you like what is to come in the near future

Touketsu Tenshi- If you want a visual of Naruto and his dream check out these two links -

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