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Hey I'm Maki-chan XD, otherwise known as Joanne Cooper :) here's some info on crazy me :)

User Name: Maki-chan XD (my alter-ago, the name refelcts my love for the famous mangaka, Maki Marukami, best known for Gravitation, the most awesome manga )

Real name: Joanne Cooper

Location: Cape Town South Africa (are they even any other fanfic authors from that country?)

Sub-cultures: Otaku

Religion: Baptist, Christain (Don't judge me cause of my fics people)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Hight: very short lol (158cm)

Loves: Anime, yaoi, yuri, writing, God, Jesus, music, gaming, cosplay, roleplay, manga ect.

Sexuality: Bisexual, though I prefer women a lot more, personally I find same-sex relationships a lot easier, but that's just me...

Hates: homophobia, judgemental and unaccepting people, rejection, people who make fun of my religion (I will go Hidan on your ass, ask any one who's tried) meat (I'm a veggie, can't stand the thought of the horrible slaughter, hate the smell, it makes me feel sick)

Fav music: Emo, Goth, Industrial, Techno, Darkwave, Elctrogoth, Jpop, Jrock, Krock, Kpop

Fav animes (and mangas): Naruto, Gravitation, Kyou Kara Maou (my new love XD), DNAngel (SatoDai is life) Ouran High School Host Club (major yaoi overtones, hot bishounen guys), Bleach (hot shinigami FTW) Full Metal Alchemist, Junjou Romantica, Seikon no Qwaser (the boobs!), Hetalia Axis Powers (History and yaoi, what more could I want?)

Fav yaoi couples: NaruSasu, Inurame (Aburame Shino + Inuzuka Kiba) SasoDei (un yeah baby ;p) ZabuHaku (I cried so hard!) KakaIru, HidanKakuzu, NejiGaa, GaiLee,HidanDeidara, ItachiKisame, generally any Naruto yaoi pair lol. IkkiAgito (or IkkiAkito lol I don't mind either) Yuuram (how can anyone not like them?!) ConYuu, GwenGun, any KKM yaoiness :p TsuTob (seme uke perfection) YukiShu, RyuShu, HiroShu, any gravi yaoiness is good XD SatoDai (the REASON I love DNAngel hehe) LightL (yumz) MarikRyou, YamiSeto, JouYug, HondaDuke, I just love YGO yaoi ;p HaniMori (shota as it may look its just sooo hot) KyoTama (mama x papa FTW) Hatchiincest (every fangirls agrees that Twincest is hot hot hot!) IchiIshi (Quincy x Shinigami = quincygami) PolLiet (Polish-Lithuanian common wealth ftw) GiriPan (Greece x Japan, so kawaii~), GerIta (oulike~) SweFin (Also historically canon~), S.Korea x China (love/hate?) NLSA (Netherlands x South Africa, SA being an OC at the moment; Also love hate from SAs side)

Fav yuri couples: InoSaku, TemTen, KaruHina, TsuSaku (love all to death, even ones not mentioned here) SetsuKona (cutest pair ever) Hyper girl from love Hina + Sword Girl (can't remember names at the moment...) MatsuHime (just plan HOT!) RukiHime (really sweet) YuroSoi (cannon, very kickass Bleach couple) MatsuNano (crack, but very hot crack at that)

Fav het couples: AluVic (love to death :P) HwangSeongMina(old school Korean love), NegiNode, AsuTaka, AsuNegi, Negi x just about all them girls (man I envy him) KeiHina, RenRuki (I prefer this to IchiRuki, unlike most people) HitsuMatsu (some what shota, but still very hot) HitsuMomo (so cute! I really hope this happens) As for OCs it's totally South Africa x Zimbabwe, politically these two are soild, very close with a lot of Zimbabweans depending on South Africa to find work and support their families, only problem is that SA is violent and attacks the Zimbabweans for 'stealing their jobs' even though a lot of South Africans just laze around and beg/commit crime.

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Invading Italy reviews
Italy wants to know what the term 'invading' means, so he asks Germany, we he refuses to answer with words, Italy forces him to use his body. Lots of milatary termanology, slight GreeceJapan. Sorry for any errors.
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