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Hello there!

Thank you for taking the time to see my profile!

Let's start:

Name: Frog Sennin

Age: I'm not a baby and neither am I an old person, figure it out yourself :D

Gender: Male

Likes: I like going on road trips that seem to last forever, just so I can listen to my Ipod and watch the scenery go by and imagine different worlds and characters playing whatever roles I want them to; I like reading a book slowly and taking long breaks while doing so, just so I can go to sleep one day and have something new to discover the next; I like giving advise and supporting my friends and family; I like to praise people on whatever good aspects they may have. Everybody needs to feel a little loved and one of my priorities in life is just that: caring for people that need some attention. I do believe in taking good care of myself, but taking even better care of others.

Dislikes: I hate stereotypes with a passion; I'm not fond of fanatism of any kind. Worship/admire whatever/whomever you may want, but don't expect me to appreciate and/or accept your object of admiration. I admire whomever/whatever I want; I do not like being judged based on my spiritual beliefs. I may not believe in the same thing/person you do (which is extremely possible, since I form my own beliefs and do not submit to what others think is the absolute truth. I don't believe in "absolute" truth to begin with.) but that does not make me a horrible person. I am who I am and I will not admit criticism on any other subject than my writing. I dislike lies. However, I am quite aware that in some cases, they are necessary.

Stories I am in the process of writing: /Updated/

(I promise you, who reads my fanfics and writes your own, that I will not start writing another multi-chapter story until I finish the one I have started. Exceptional cases may apply. This is due to my loathing of discontinued fanfics and being prone to having plot-bunny raves inside my head. If you did not understand why the bunnies have anything to do with it I will explain: I start a fanfic -> Bunnies are in full-out "idea/rave mode" -> Fanfics enters temporary hiatus -> Bunnies enter "distress mode" -> "Distress mode" leads bunnies to generate an amazing amount of ideas if I even think about another story -> My head blows up! (Or, I get an headache and get frustrated)

EDIT: Apparently, I am a horrible person and a liar who can't keep his promises. JOY! -.-' I've started a new multi-chaptered fic... well, ficlet. It's mostly to shake off my writer's block. I'm sorry, though. I shouldn't say never. -.-'

After it ends, Peace reigns:

(01.08.2011...19:01) Topics down for chapter 5. Posting delayed. HIATUS.

Letters of Safe Distance:

(27.12.2011...23:27) In the process of posting chapter three.

The Lover's Guide:

(01.12.2011...11:53) Working on chapters 11 and 12.

Something (slightly) important: If you find yourself getting a bit curious about me or Tsu-baka, please go ahead and visit our livejournal page. I post the same stories there as I do here (sometimes there may be something... different/better/more interesting/more intimate on our LJ that I won't post here.) And, as a very special bonus... TA-NA-NAM! You can see Tsu's doujins there and also her fanfictions. So please do take a look if you can, I bet you'll like her work. And don't forget! A satisfied reader leaves some sort of comment. We don't care if it's a complete review of our work, pointing out a mistake or telling us your opinion. We just want some sort of feedback since we don't know if you like it or not or if we can improve our writing. A little appreciation, maybe?

Special announcement:

- This is Tsu-baka here, I've infiltrated myself on Frog-sennin's profile just to tell you, anime fanatics, that soon my profile in will be on!, (muahahaha). Here is the link for my fanfic's basket: Over and Out!

I really, really dislike threesomes - there are exceptions, but they are really rare.

Kinks are highly welcomed.

NOTE: I do not have English as my native language, so please excuse (and point out if you have the time and don't mind) any errors you may find. Thank you.

Frog Sennin introduction - mission status: completed XD

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