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Hiya. I'm a Thai female who's currently a busy university student. I hope, at the very least, all you guys will enjoy reading my stories.

MY OVERALL GOAL IS... making people like and enjoy Self/OC insert stories, and show them that they're NOT always Mary-Suish or just plain wish-fulfilments fantasies when written right. NEVER EVER expect my OCs to have a relationship with canon characters, have people kiss the ground they walk on, show other characters up and always be in the center of attention ALL the time, or pwning butts without chapters worth of training and learning on their parts. Any special abilities they are given will not automatically make them all mightily powerful, as I WILL have them grow over time at a slow but comfortable rate.

Likes: Junk-food, sushi, chocolates, cookies, ice-cream, pastries and other sweet/baked stuff. Animes (I don't like the English dubs though), playing games (Dating Sim games and RPGs are my favorites), reading fanfiction (I enjoy SI fics, but there are a few good ones out there), wrestling (nowadays, just to snark. Open-minded, nice and/or mature people who can take a joke. People who support homosexuality/bisexuality. Exploring new places. Well-written fics (including how realistic it can be and well developed OCs). Bishis. Humor, light-hearted jokes, laughing. Reviews. Writing. My friends. Music. Roleplaying with original characters. Fellow nerds.

Hates: Flamers, bullies, rapists, racists, sexists, homophobes. People who are any of the following in real life: arrogant, uptight, snobby, close-minded, disrespectful to others, starting and/or spreading false rumors about others. Trolls. Bratty, immature kids and the sound of crying babies. People who write crappy fics but are totally delusional of how good (coughbadcough) their writing skills are, and won't listen to what their reviewers have to say when they give constructive criticism. OCs that fall under the category of "I'm (insert canon male character) and (insert canon female character)'s kid from the future!"

About me as a reviewer:

I'm going to be totally honest about my opinions on your stories, so my reviews can either go from harsh and brutal, to full of praise and gushes; depending on the story and how it's written. If there are any obvious mistakes, flaws or anything else, I will point it out to you. If I give any one of you constructive criticism, please don't think I'm insulting or degrading you. I just want to help other writers improve their writing, if they need any help. So please don't take any criticism from me negatively.

About me as a writer:

First and foremost... PLEASE don't use my OCs without my permission first! I am always continuing to learn how to write better the best I can.

My main weakness... I'm a very lazy person, so late updates are, unfortunately, kind of the norm for me. Sorry. If it's not that, then it means real life for me has been keeping me busy.

I accept constructive criticism. If there are any honest mistakes about my grammar, spelling or how I write the characters in my stories... then please tell me about it. Don't think you are rude by doing so. If you write something like; "There's a mistake here", "How is something possible when..." I can accept those.

I do not accept flames. Any flames will ignored and rejected.


From my main forum in Fanfiction dot net and fellow authors from here

"Ciao, ciao!" - Me saying my signature internet farewell.

"Let's. Go!" - Me before playing a challenging game/meme or starting a fanfic chapter.

"BLEEEEP! What was that!? What. The hell. Was that!?" - FurudeRika after a noob did something exceedingly stupid in our forum.

"I'm stalking you." - FurudeRika to me in our forum while playing Eden Eternal at the same time.

"Get a sugar daddy like I did." - FurudeRika to me about Eden Eternal when I said I wanted more money and special costumes.

"OMG HOW DO I COMPUTER. Thank you, required software class. Tell me more of this mysterious 'spellcheck'. While you're at it, take some more of my money." - noa748 sarcastically

"Blehh... My name... is Scrooge McDuck... And I- WAGHHH!!" - Digi getting killed by a monster while having low sanity in Amnesia: The Dark Descent

"I won't go to a strip bar. It's like having someone put a big, juicy steak in front of you and saying 'You can look at it, smell it and even touch it a little, but you can't eat it'." - Lord Belgarion of Fanfiction.

"Yeeaahh... I believe I kinda raped your Favorite List at one point." - noa748, about reading all the stories listed in my Favorite Stories List here.

"*headdesk repeatedly* Get your mind out of the gutter, Brit. AND WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO OBSSESED WITH THAT SICK PAIRING; KROPE!? *vomits*" - Active Gal (me).
"I'm not obsessed with it! XD I just find your reactions to it very amusing." - noa748

"...hold on, that's a guy?" - noa748, referring to my gif avatar of Bridget (from Guilty Gear) dancing.
"Yeeeees." - Me
*mind has been blown* - noa74

headdesk* - FurudeRika.
"I feel sorry for your desk." - Digital Dimension.
"AND NOT FOR MY HEAD!?" - FurudeRika

"Well, I did it. I actually got a Facebook account." - Me after months of refusing to get one.
"Omg, add me! XD" - noa748

"Hey, Brit? What does a pimp look like? I don't know what that is. ;" - Me
"Funny... I have the name "noa", but it's you who don't know what a pimp is, Loy. XDD" - noa748

"Remember that door that I was standing by, the one with just the... big ol' monster growl from in it?" - noa748 playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent
*A monster hidden in the dark ahead of her growls*
"Yeah, like that." *she noticed the monster "...Oh my- oh my God! Fuck!" - noa748

"XD We should totally buddy buddy just to grab more exp." - FurudeRika
"Or be lovers too for the bonuses. XD" - Me
"That's what I meant. XD" - FurudeRika
"Oh. OHHHHHH! So THAT'S what you meant by "buddy buddy"! XDDD" - Me

"XD Hint hint wink wink. XDD" - FurudeRika
"Well, that's really suggestive. XD" - Me

"mental scarring...XD (krope!)" - noa748.
"Yeah, that's like the third time we've been scarred. First Krope, then Muk backwards. Now a vampire being gentle to Shouchi. DX" - FurudeRika.
"XD two of those were my fault... then again, I am the one who created Hikaru. All that pervertedness has to come from somewhere. XD" - noa748.

"Arrggghhhh, five more minutes, Ma, five more!! DDX" - Cam Irving
"As long as your mom's distracted, we might finish this conversation. XD" - noa748
"Oh, she's still bugging you? What time is it over there?" - noa748
"I AM NOT BUGGING MY DAUGHTER, I AM TRYING TO GET HER TO BED FOR SCHOOL. IT MAY ONLY BE 10 O'CLOCK BUT SHE'S GOTTA BE UP AT 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - 'Cam Irving' (her mom taking over her computer for a moment, actually. XD).
"Er... Mom took over for a sec... O_O" - Cam Irving
"O_o" - noa748
"She's looming over me now... O_o" - Cam Irving
"Omg I'd flip if my mom ever did that to me. XDDD Holy crap, talk about a WTF moment...XDDDD" - noa748

"..if only my sister wasn't sleeping in the other room so I could watch the video...XD" - noa748
"Use headphones!" - FurudeRika
"Got earphones?" - Digital Sage
"b-but they're...all the way across the room...XD" - noa748
"XD Get your lazy butt off of that chair and go get the earphones." - FurudeRika
"..." - Digital Sage
"hnnngh... *attempts to reach*" -noa748
"XDD" - FurudeRika

"Jade: My, my, Lieutenant Colonel... double posting again? :D" - My edited post to FurudeRika's second double post, pretending to be Jade.
"Eh...? O_O When did that second post edited...? OMFG IS THERE A JADE HACKING INTO MY ACCOUNT?! *flails madly*" - FurudeRika
*One post later after*
"Oh phew, it was Loy. XD" - FurudeRika
"LMAO! XDDD Shocked at first?" - Me
"Well, it didn't have the 'edited by' part and so I was like: O_O" - FurudeRika
"*falls off of chair laughing* XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Ha ha ha! If only I could see the look on your face! It's like an alien was invading somehow to you, I bet! XDD" - Me
"...In a way, I guess. XD" - FurudeRika

"Dislike double posts. DX." - FurudeRika after accidently making a double post again
"Double posts! oh noes!" - noa748
"XD At least you're not like Loy and magically edited my post making me paranoid by the fact that Jade exists. XD" - FurudeRika
"XDDDD And if Jade existed, I'm sure he'd spend all his time on here editing our posts. XDD" - noa748
"Making sarcastic comments while he's at it... *sigh*" - FurudeRika

"Ewww...Kvar. XDDD I'm so happy he's dead in NR and I don't have to write about him anymore. But now Rodyle's in the picture...O_o ...I think a female Rodyle is impossible. XDDD" - noa748
"Female Rodyle: *in an evil witch-like voice* Eee hee hee hee! Come, my pretty... COME! Eee hee hee hee! *rubs hands together* :D" - Me
"waaaaaaaahhh! *brain melts* ...I can see female Rodyle being a witch...XDDDD especially with that irritating voice..." - noa748

Quotes/conversations from me, friends, family members, and other people in real life

"This is it, nothing to hiide, one more p*ss, never- Oh my God!" o_o XD - Me singing "All or Nothing" by Theory of Deadman and accidentally getting a lyric wrong. (It should be 'kiss' instead of 'p*ss')

playing Eden Eternal* "Freak in the morning, freak in the evening-" *monster respawns right behind me and starts to attack* "AHHHH! I'M SORRY! This monster does NOT like to be called a freak!" - Me

"Wooooow! Twin moons! TWIN MOONS! HAHAHA!" - Me when my big sister was undressing in our room one time.

"They're practically heart-attacks on a plate." - Me to my sister Lime as she watched Epic Meal Time on Youtube.

"Cliches exist because there are good ideas to be used multiple times." - Unknown

"Say a wise saying, and you will live on forever." - Unknown

"Peeta plus Katniss = Peniss. :DDDDD" - My younger sister Lime on Facebook about The Hunger Games

"Get away from me, you pedophile!" - Me fighting Hades in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.
"That makes sense. He's old." - My neighbor

"What's a 'bitch'?" - Younger cousin who's not even ten yet, after hearing me use the word by accident
"...A girl dog. But don't use it: it's very, very bad." - Me sheepishly
*nods* - Younger Cousin

"Big sister, what are those?" - Baby Cousin as she points to my breasts.
O_O "...They're my breasts." - Me
"Did you put something in there?" - Cousin
"No!" - Me flustered
"I know you put something in there!" - My cousin unconvinced
*Shortly after that...*
"...She doesn't believe that my breasts are real." XD - Me to my aunt (my cousin's mom)

"He's killing my eyes..." - Lime as she watches Epic Meal Time on Youtube.
"What? He's too ugly for you?" XD - Me
"I meant the food... it feels like I'm eating them as well, and my stomach's starting to tighten..." - Lime
"Then stop watching it." XD - Me
"..." - Lime... before she just continues watching.

"I have NO LIIIIIIFE!" 8D - Me
"Me too! I'm the same!" :D - Cousin

"When I grow up! I wanna be famous, I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies! When I grow up! I wanna see the world, drive nice cars, I wanna have boobies!" - Me singing "When I Grow Up" by the Pussycat Dolls, and mitsaking "groupies" as "boobies".
"Whoa." XD - Cousin

"Watch. This match will finish in a minute." - Me to my sister
*WWE divas match we're watching ending in a total of SIX seconds*
"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" - Me, before going off to an angrish rant

staring at notebook* "Ugh... this is hard. Give me a statement example for 'pun'." - Classmate during English Literature Class
"Ah... 'A man said he wanted to have a chick. Later, his friend gave him a baby chick, much to his chagrin'." - Me
"Oh my God, that's brilliant!" *quickly writes it down* - Classmate
"Ah ha ha..." - Me

"Whoa!" - Me tripping over a step at my house.
"Cluck-cluck-cluck!" - A chicken closeby.
"What are YOU laughing at!?" - Me to the chicken.
*Laughing* - My sister to what I just said.

watching wrestling on TV and was staring at a guy's chest* "You know... a guy's chest is not so different from a woman's, don't you think? Wonder why men don't wear bras if they have large man-boobs?" - Me
"They're bigger than yours', is that it?" - Mom
"..." - Me
"Silence." *laughs* - Lime, my younger sister
"My boobs are bigger than theirs." - Me indignantly.

watches Kofi Kingston run out to the ring on TV*
"Sam, if he would propose to you, would you accept?" - Mom
"Hum... yeah. Yeah." - Me
"What? You would say 'yes'?" - Mom
"He's nice." Me
"You would take a black man like him?" - Mom
"Ohoh, well that's racist! That's really racist, you know that?" - Me

"I don't want my grandchildren to be black!" - Mom (I'm just amused at how big of a deal she was making it)

"Oh... I HATE David Archuleta!" - My sister.
"Why do you hate him so much!? What did he do that's so bad!?" - My mom angrily.
"He keeps licking his lips!" - My sister.
"It's not like David Cook never made any strange faces while he's singing either!" - My mom.
(I was watching the fight with amusement. My mom likes Archie the most in season 7 whereas my sister likes Cook. So, yeah. They tend to bicker on who's better during that entire season)

"Don't worry! I have 30 years experience of driving!" - My father when he was driving us out for family time.
*BAM!* - My father's car knocking the side of a street sign.
"30 years experience!? What happened just now, then?" - My mom sarcastically.
"Heh, the sign fell off the road!" - Me after looking back to the sign.

"Sam, come over here and see this picture of your cousin." - Mom
*walks over to my sister's computer and sees a picture of my cousin dancing while wearing a short skit... revealing her underwear underneath*
O_O "Ho, shi-!" - Me
"Don't tell your father about this." - Mom
*At that moment, my Dad walks in*
"Hey, what are you all doing?" :D - Dad
"DAD! Get OUT!" - Me as I pushed him out the door while Lime turns her computer off behind me.

"How do you spell 'powder'?" - Lime
"P... POW. DER." - Me
"Okay." - Lime
*Pumps fist* "POW-POW-POW. POW-der. :D" - Me
"Okay!" - Lime
XD - Me

"Don't look at my posts!" - Me on the computer
"I won't read it. I'm sure there's nothing interesting." - Lime (Younger Sister)
"I would just take a peek." :D - Cousin
"Now we know you're not innocent." - Lime
"I don't want to be innocent. I want to be sexy." - My Cousin

"Hi!" *waves* - Big sister's friend
"Uhh..." - My Cousin
"I remember you! I'm (insert big sister's name)'s friend!" - Big sister's friend
"Ah! *points, shaking her finger knowingly* I remember you now! You're... who're you?" - My Cousin

After my cousin has scooped up two handfuls of water with a tiny jellyfish in them before throwing out on the sandy beach*
"Before you die, I'll give you a name. I pity you. I'll call you..." Cousin
*She thinks for a long time*
"...Nipple." - Cousin
*Notices that the tiny jellyfish has already died due to no water*
"Huh? You didn't even get to know your name when you die." - Cousin to the dead tiny jellyfish

making a small grave on the beach* - Cousin
"What are you doing?" - Passerby
"Making a grave for Nipple." - Cousin
"Who's Nipple?" - Passerby
"The jellyfish I just killed. I named it Nipple." - Cousin
"Why did you do that? Can't you leave it alone?" - Passerby
"No. It stung me. It has to die." - Cousin

"Ohhh, the birds on this island are so cute! I want to own one!" - Cousin
(Many hours later, when it was dark and she had gotten lost with her friends... a bird flew out of the trees and scared her)
"@#$%!" *gives that bird the middle finger* - Cousin

"F*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you, YOU'RE cool, f*ck you, I'm out." - Britney Spears (I Wanna Go music video)

"It's like a Chihuahua trying to be a lion." - Simon Cowell regarding one of David Archuleta's performances. (American Idol)

It sounded like... a cat, jumping off the Empire State building... and the noise it made before it hit the ground." - Simon Cowell to a contestant (American Idol)

"To put it into horse-racing terms... imagine 26 horses, and a donkey. You just wouldn't stand a chance." - Simon Cowell to a contestant (American Idol)

"It's like a cat barking." - Simon Cowell to a contestant (American Idol)

"Last week I issued a challenge to our viewers as I'm known to do from time to time. I asked everyone to watch the Superbowl with their friends or family, to wait until a crucial moment in the game, and then unplug the TV. Now... a healthy fraction of the online comments suggested that someone was gonna get killed doing this. No one was killed, in fact, only 30 people were hospitalized over it." - Jimmy Kimmel

"A lot of times, I think it's more interesting to just make the bad guy the bad guy. Sometimes when you explain the villains, they end up being sympathetic. So if you find out things about that person, you could end up sympathizing with him - and maybe that makes the character more emotional or more human... But he's the bad guy. He doesn't need to be more human." - Glen Murakami

"Reminds me of this one group I ran with. The barbarian in our group found, and I quote: "a pink frilly tu-tu of Strength 6", and he wore it with pride for the rest of the campaign." - Killitwithfire

"Show love, tolerance and respect to everyone." - Lauren Faust.

"We just wanted to call to apologize to you." - Person on the phone
"What? Why?" - Yuri Lowenthal
"Um... well, you know the-the next game is-is coming and... um... we can't have you read for the main character because you just did Luke and Asch in the last game and they, you know, they don't want it to sound the same." - Person on the phone
"Well, I understand that-" - Yuri Lowenthal
"No, no no no. We wanted to apologize because... they named the lead character Yuri Lowell." - Person on the phone
"What?!" - Yuri Lowenthal

"Luckily, um, a really good friend of mine got the part. *coughs* Troy Baker, and uh... and um... it's- I-I'm always okay to lose out parts to people I really like, but it did kind of sting a little bit. Really, you name a character that and I don't gotta get to play it?" - Yuri Lowenthal about Yuri Lowell's voice actor.

From Youtube videos

"But let me tell you, the nosiest of all people have got to be parents." - Ryan Higa AKA Nigahiga (SO true! -_-)

"And I'm not being pessimistic (stick!). I'm just being realistic (realistic!)" - Ryan Higa singing Sometimes Say Never

"I do not look forward to opening my mailbox. It is just a hole of depression and sadness. There's a vagina joke there, but I'm not gonna do it 'cause this is a family show." - Philip DeFranco AKA Sxephil

"Their money is just better. It is, I think it's 'cause they bathe in it, so it's just, it's just cleaner? What? That's weird." - Philip DeFranco

"So there you go! Awesome! More tension between US and Iran! I WONDER what could go wrong?" - Philip DeFranco AKA Sxephil before showing a picture of an explosion complete with dramatic sound effect

"And today's segment, we're gonna watch a man, who lay down on some train tracks, just to see if he could fit underneath the train that, ahh, was coming straight right towards him. Main summary of that story: what the fuck white people? Really?" - Philip DeFranco AKA Sxephil

"And if this really shows us anything, it is true, the revolution will not be televised. It will take place when the citizens go to the streets with a rock in one hand and a camera phone in the other. And that's the world we live in." - Philip DeFranco AKA Sxephil

"Let's talk about Jonah Falcon! You might have heard about Jona on like Tosh point O, or you know the daily show with John Stewart, and that is because he has the largest penis in the world. And the reason we're talking about him today is because the TSA stopped him because they thought he had a bomb in his pants. When they asked Mr. Falcon about the bulge, he said, 'Well, it's my dick'. They, then not understanding that God had a sense of humor to give this guy the biggest penis in the world, proceeded to pat down and powder the man's crotch." - Philip DeFranco AKA Sxephil

"He was arrested for 'allegedly'- I'm not sure how you would mess this up- but allegedly m-masturbating outside of a strip club. Bam, I don't know how you would 'allegedly'... but there is this thing at the back of my head that hopes this thing goes like the Supreme Court. And like Ice Marrow's argument is used like 'I was pee'ing, and I was shaking it off' and the officer would be like 'well you shook it four times. That's not a shake after three, you're just playing with yourself'. And then it can finally be settled... in the Court, of Law. That's just how my brain works." - Philip DeFranco AKA Sxephil

(A group of players just finished making up a delicate plan to face the next group of monsters. Meanwhile, Leeroy's player is away from the keyboard for the entire discussion... and still is.)
"Uhh, I think this is a pretty good plan, we should be able to pull it off this time. Uhh, what do you think, Abduhl? Can you give me a number crunch real quick?" - Jamaal
"Uhhh, yeah, gimme a sec. I'm coming up with thirty-two point three-three, uh -repeating of course- percentage, of survival." - Abduhl
"Aw, that's a lot better than we usually do. Uhh-" - Jamaal
(He was interrupted because, at this point, Leeroy's player JUST got back: therefore is completely unaware of the plan they just made.)
"Alright chums! Let's DO this! LEEEEROOOY!!!! JEEEENKIIIINSS!!!!" - Leeroy as he rushes into the fray and attacking everything in sight... which is NOT according to their plan, obviously.
*Brief, stunned silence*
"...Oh my God, he just ran in." - Forekin (Players from "World of Warcraft" in their "Leeroy Jenkins" video)

"Oh shit, I have a bag of milky ways! AHHHHHHHHH! AHHHH!" *continues screaming in horror at the sight of a monster" - A player playing Amnesia: Dark Descent

"AHHHHHHHHH! I'M-SO-DEAD! I'M-SO-DEAD!!" - Same horrified Amnesia player from above.

"So let me get this straight, ships are manned by 'seamen' and when a torpedo makes contact they 'go down' (imagine i'm doing 'air quotes')" - Simon Lane

*Lewis turns around to see Simon missing, with a gigantic hole on the wall left at where he was previously standing*
"Oh for goodness' sake! What... the hell happened here?" - Lewis Brindley
"What did you do to the back entrance?!" - Lewis
"IT WAS A BOOBY TRAP! Someone put a booby trap!" - Simon
"Ahahahaha! What do you mean someone put a booby trap?! What the-" - Lewis
"Someone put a booby trap!" - Simon
"What happened?" - Lewis
"It was a trap!" - Simon
"Where's the door...?" - Lewis
"And I fell TNT ignited! And I blew up!" - Simon
"Oh." - Lewis (The Yogscast from Youtube in their Minecraft series)

"Did, like, the house blow up or something? What happened?" - Simon after his player has respawned and got back with Lewis' player
"Uhhh... I don't know. I was just cooking some pork and I heard a scream. So I came running. And then there was a hole where the back door used to be." - Lewis (The Yogscast: Shadow of Israphel)

"Oh, um... Good news: um, I've dug my way out. Bad news..." - Simon
"Right?" - Lewis
"...We're going to drown." - Simon
*Lewis turns around to see a waterfall of water pouring into the underground cave they're in*
"Oh God! Simon!" - Lewis (The Yogscast: Shadow of Israphel)

"Destroy it with haste, heroes, lest it corrupts this land more!" - Skylord Lysander about a Nether Portal
"Worry not olod manfcgxn. I shall destrotyr the op3erl." - Honeydew
"Are you drunk?" - Old Peculier
"Should we trust him with the pick if he is?" - Skylord Lysander (Yogscast: Shadow of Israphel)

"Take me with you!" - Um Bongo imprisoned in a hanging cage.
*Later, when trying to rescue him, Honeydew fell off the cage and into the ocean below*
"Don't take me with you down dere." - Um Bongo (Yogscast: Shadow of Israphel)

"Take me with you!" - Um Bongo
"No look. Stay here. For now." - Xephos
"I am good jump!" - Um Bongo
*tries to jump over a very small ledge, but fails and misses: falling into the ocean below* (Yogscast: Shadow of Israphel)

"Oh, God, there's templars. Zombie templars coming out." - Lewis
"I'm eating. Geez, give me a minute." - Simon (Yogscast: Shadow of Israphel)

jeep is on fire* "Oh no! I think I got a flat tire!" - Michael Jones (Roosterteeth: Rage)

"Uh, passengers please be advised there is a SPIKE warning coming up. You will get your asshole FUCKING SHREDDED BY THEM!" - Michael Jones (Roosterteeth: Nyan Cat Game)

"Some fucking stiff competition!" - Michael Jones when he saw that all the high scores were zeroes. (RoosterTeeth: No Luca No!)

"Apparently the name 'My cat is a fucking asshole' was not approved by Xbox Live, so they went with with 'No Luca no'." - Michael Jones (RoosterTeeth: No Luca No!)

"I was all like, 'meow meow bitch'." - Michael Jones (RoosterTeeth: No Luca No!)

"Meow meow... meow... meow... this game sucks." - Michael Jones (RoosterTeeth: No Luca No!)

"SWISS FUCKING CHEESE, GODDAMMIT!" - Michael Jones (RoosterTeeth: The Impossible Game)

"Hehe, alright Scarab, don't mind me, just a fucking Covenant... Elite. Drivin' on through. SAME team. We're friends. Don't shoot me. NO, DO NOT ENGAGE! HONK-HONK BARK-BARK! FRIENDLY FIRE! FRIENDLY FIRE!" - Michael Jones (Roosterteeth: Halo Reach)

"THERE'S A SHEEP ON THE TRAAACK!" - Michael Jones (RoosterTeeth: Minecraft)

"Alright, Jack seems to be fine." - Gavin Free as Jack was being brutally pummelized to death by a gang of zombies. (Roosterteeth: Left 4 Dead))

"Yeah, Jack's house IS too nice. And-" *sees that someone had filled the inside with lava* "OH GOD! OH GOD! Whoa, Jack's house WAS nice. Jack, uh... you're not taking from me, I only have one bed in my house." - Michael Jones (RoosterTeeth: Minecraft)

"Why am I playing this? Why am I playing this? I'm like an abused spouse just keep coming back for more! It's okay baby, this game is gonna love me. I'm SORRY, it was ME! I shouldn't have jumped in that spike, it was MY FAULT! IT WAS MY FAULT, PLEASE TAKE ME BACK!" - Michael Jones (RoosterTeeth: The Impossible Game)

"WOW! HOLY FUCK I can land on my head from a fifty foot drop, but driving backwards in a wheelchair can fucking decapitate me?" - Michael Jones (RoosterTeeth: Happy Wheels)

"You know what pisses me off about falling to my death, is I FALL, I hit the FUCKING GROUND, and I'm FINE, but then I go like 'blegh!', I die! Like why do I live for half a second before I fucking die?" - Michael Jones
"It makes no sense!" - Geoff Ramsey (RoosterTeeth: Minecraft)

"There's no... there's no one around." - Gavin Free
*gets killed by a Creeper exploding right in front of him* "AHHHHHHHH! FUCK!" - Michael Jones (RoosterTeeth: Minecraft)

"How has nobody found diamond yet? What is everyone doing?" - Gavin Free
"What are YOU DOING?" - Michael Jones
"I'm, trying to kill people." - Gavin (RoosterTeeth: Minecraft)

"What have you been doing?!" - Michael Jones
"I've been collecting resources." - Gavin Free
"You've been fucking picking flowers!" - Michael (RoosterTeeth: Minecraft)

"We had something going." - Gavin Free
"Oh, we- did we? Did we have something going? I remember you putting down flower, sand and three fucking cacti in which you killed yourself with! That's what we have going!" - Michael Jones
"You forgot the basement I made." - Gavin (RoosterTeeth: Minecraft)

"That was our failsafe." - Geoff Ramsey about putting tonnes of explosions underneath their city.
"Your failsafe to WHAT? In case someone hijack the island?" - Michael Jones (RoosterTeeth: Minecraft)

"Oh, what's this? Is this a button, what's this? Look! What's this?" *presses the button* "Yeah! It's a button! What does it do?" - Michael Jones
"Did you push the button?" - Geoff Ramsey
"Yeah." - Michael
"Okay." *makes his character run away* - Geoff
"Wh... what... what does it do?" - Michael
*The city they're in explodes all over as Michael starts to scream and freak out along with everyone else's reactions* (RoosterTeeth: Minecraft)

"NO, MY SHITTY HOUSE WILL GET SHITTIER!'" - Ray Narvaez (RoosterTeeth: Minecraft)

"There's fucking diamond shit everywhere from someone who died!" - Michael Jones while laughing
"That was ME!" - Ray Narvaez Jr.
"Hahaha hahahaha! Ray was in the middle of the blast zone...! He was that clumsy, oh...! *laughs* Ray's like 'OHHHH!!'" - Michael (RoosterTeeth: Minecraft)

"You have reached the voice-mail system." - Automatic female voice (AFV for short here)
*sighs with irritation* "Okay okay, come on." - Church
"To leave a message, just wait for the tone." - AFV
"I know how to leave a goddamn message." - Church
"When you are finished recording, just hang up, or press pound for more options." - AFV
"Really? Hang up? No shit. I was gonna keep talking until he decide to check his voice-mail!" - Church
"For delivery options, press five." - AFV
"Just give me the damn beep!" - Church
"To leave a callback number, press eight. To page this person, press six." - AFV
"COME ON!" - Church
"To repeat this message, press nine." - AFV
"I will fucking stab you computer-phone-lady!" - Church
"To mark this message as urgent, press eleven." - AFV
"To hear these options in Spanish, press still." - AFV
"I HAATE YOOU!" - Church
*there was a beep*
"Vick! It's Church! I need to-" - Church
*there was another beep*
"I'm sorry, but this person's voice mailbox is full." - AFV
*groans loudly* "I'm gonna kill myself. I'm gonna kill myself." - Church (from Red vs Blue)

Beast Wars

"Oh SAAAVAAAGE!!" - Jetstorm

"Oh man, we're all gonna die." - Rattrap

"Oh joy... cyber puberty." - Rattrap

"Holy cat, meow. It's the bomb..." - Cheetor after having a bomb sent to his location.

"Lights are on, but nobody's home. Except the automated defenses of course. Oh well..." - Airazor

"She stoops to conquer!" - Airazor

"Two choices. One, bail out of here like any self-respecting spider. Or two... play Little-Miss-Hero like some sort of pathetic warm-blood. ...D'oh! Sometimes I disgust myself!" - Blackarachnia

"Yes, My Queen!" - Inferno
"I thought I told him to stop calling me that..." - Megatron

sighs dreamily* "My hero." *kisses Rhinox on the cheek* - Rattrap after getting saved by what could be a painful fall
"Oh, get down." - Rhinox as he drops him

"You and I can go to the Six Lasers Over Cybertron Amusement Park! There's the Space Ride and the Galaxy Coasters and-!" - Cheetor
"Kid! Eh, don't make me hurt you." - Rattrap

"Now what do we do?" - Rattrap
"Well, given our proximity I... breathe through my mouth." - Silverbolt implying that Rattrap smells bad.
"Hey!" - Rattrap

"Rattrap to Optimus! Hate to interrupt your picnic... but we got big Pred problems!" - Rattrap to Optimus into his communicator.
"Just hang on Rattrap. You and Rhinox are our last hope. Defend the... defend the..." *virus he was inflicted with takes effect* "There he is, my little guuuy. There he is, my little... Isn't he cute?" - Optimus when he sees Cheetor.
"...That's... not what I wanted to hear." - Rattrap

"So! Uh, where you been, bird dog?" - Rattrap
"...Scout patrol." - Silverbolt (who actually has a lover with the enemies and just got back from seeing her. Rattrap doesn't seem to be convinced)
"Oh yeah, yeah. Hehe, scoutin' the enemy, yeah, hehe. ...Find any new positions?" - Rattrap
*gets punched in the face by an angry Silverbolt*

"In the meantime, I've got a lot of catching up to do. People to meet, things to do... specifically to have Rattrap clear all his JUNK out of my quarters!" - Optimus Primal
"Rattrap!" - Cheetor
"Opportunistic vermin!" - Dinobot
"Hey, come on, gimme a break, will ya? I thought that guy was dead." - Rattrap
*punches him* - Dinobot

"If there was a clone, then, uh... where is it, huh?" - Rattrap
"I am afraid he's gone for good. A shame, really... he was such a handsome creature. ...And, quite tasty. *belches loudly*" - Dinobot
O_O - Everyone else
"...You're disgusting." - Optimus
*grins* - Dinobot

"...Worry not, my love... it's just a... scratch." - Silverbolt suffering fatal serious damages
"Maybe, but I say you're due some time in the CR chamber." - Optimus.
"Sir... I'll be fine! I just-!" - Silverbolt
"Shut up and listen to your commander, bonehead." - Blackarachnia
"...Yes dear." - Silverbolt

"Quickstrike, you may lead." - Megatron
"Yeah, that's what I like to hear!" - Quickstrike as he skips into enemy base.
"Royalty, why was I not chosen?" - Inferno
"Because, Inferno, when expecting boobytraps..." - Megatron
"OGH!" - Quickstrike
"...always send the boob in, first." - Megatron

"Hmm... Cybertron... the home I have never known." - Silverbolt
"Ohhh, you are gonna love it! I know this little place where you can get dirty mechfluid mixed with just a touch of radium. Hehe. Take your head right off! Not only that... uh..."- Rattrap
*Notices Cheetor, the youngest out of all of them, listening eagerly, so he lowers his voice to a whisper*
*coughs* "Not only that, but the servant bots are walking around minus their torso plates, you know what I mean? Hehe." - Rattrap with a perverted grin as he rubbed his hands together.

"Well, that is very considerate of you, Cheetor. ...And I am very sorry, too." - Silverbolt
"Sorry? For what?" - Cheetor
"For... THIS!" *punches Cheetor in the face* - Silverbolt
"Ow!" - Cheetor as he gets thrown back against the wall from the force.
"Cheetor? How do you feel?" - Silverbolt
"Whoa, a little dizzy but... I'll be okay." - Cheetor
"Then I am, again, sorry." - Silverbolt
"Wha-?" - Cheetor
*Gets punched again by Silverbolt, getting knocked out cold this time*

Guilty Gear

"Heaven or hell! Final! Let's rock!" - Battle announcer

"I cannot make up for the lives I took. ...But I will not run away again." - Faust

"It is true... the joy of death and destruction is still with me. But people have the ability to choose. And my hands, blood-stained as they may be, are needed somewhere. The joy of knowing that is far more important to me." - Faust

"Conscience is born from regretting your past mistakes and making things right. If you exhibit such conscience, there will always be someone to take you in." - Ky Kiske

"Uhhh... Maybe you shouldn't kick so high. Please... I don't know where to look! Excuse me!" - Ky Kiske to Jam Kurabori

"I won't take much of your time. Allow me to cure you." - Faust
"'Cure'? With that killer scalpel?" - Chipp Zanuff
"I'm afraid so." - Faust

"Oh, no! With symptoms like that, you must stay in bed!" - Faust

"I've been looking all over for you. There's something wrong with me...Every now and then I lose consciousness, you see... And then, when I wake up... *suddenly gets possessed* KYYYARRRRRRGGGGHH!" - Zappa
"...I see. That's pretty serious." - Faust nonchalantly

Sol kicks Sin hard in the face*
"Ow-ow-ow! OWWW!" - Sin
"You back to yourself? *kicks* HUH? *kicks him several more times*" - Sol Badguy
"I'm back! I'm back! I said I'm back old man!" - Sin

"I came to pick you up." - Sol Badguy
"Sol..." - Ky kiske
"This... did you do this?" - Sol about a dead Megaclass Gear
"Huh? Y-yeah... looks like it." - Ky
"Yeesh... don't fiddle around. We're done here. Time to retreat!" - Sol
"Y-yeah... I got it. Ha..." - Ky
"What are you worrying about now?" - Sol
"Ah, nothing... if you're here, I feel safe." - Ky (Drama CD)

Sailor Moon

"Noo, I hate carrots!" - Fish-Eye

"Hey, have you ever thought it was embarassing to jump around in such a short skirt?" - Fish-Eye to Sailor Moon

"Ex-cu-si-mee." - Tigers-Eye speaking English (trying saying that slowly in a very deep voice... that's how he sounded) XD

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" - Hawks-Eye in English just as the words "The End" appears in the cinema screen in front of him (FYI, it's the Japanese version, but he's screaming in English).

"Boxy! Knock out that fancy man!" - Zoisite to a youma about Tuxedo Mask.

"I've been waiting for you... boy." *blows him a kiss* - Zoisite to Urawa Ryo

"EH! It's Umino! He's taking it out on booze, no, milkshakes... 1,2,3,4... let's see... 15? 15 shakes? Oh, it makes me burp just thinking about it... I'm getting sick..." - Chibiusa after seeing a heartbroken Umino.

"Oh... what's this with your womanizer outfit...?" - Tigers-Eye
"Quiet. I don't want to hear that from you." - Tuxedo Mask

"You've been eating too many sweets lately." - Sailor Neptune
"I don't listen to that kind of talk outside of bed." - Sailor Uranus

"There are a lot of fun things to do as adults. Right?" - Sailor Neptune as she looks over to Uranus suggestively
*eyebrow twitches before she blushes and coughs awkwardly* - Sailor Uranus

"Just this once, I wish my instincts weren't right." - Sailor Neptune during a battle with a horde of monsters
"Well, I think it's better than sitting around being bored all day." - Sailor Uranus
"My! Are you saying it's boring when you are with me?" - Sailor Neptune

throws his signature rose to the ground* "To assault a fair maiden-" - Tuxedo Mask
*Ball monster rolls by and crushes his rose, continuing on its way towards its target*
"What?!" - Tuxedo Mask

"The true identity of Sailor Moon is Tsukino Usagi. I saw it clearly." - Nephrite
"No way! ONEGAI! Don't tell anyone I'm Sailor Moon!" *clasps hands together in front of her head in a bow* "Okay?! Please?!" - Sailor Moon
*sweatdrops* - Nephrite

sprays out their drinks before laughing* - Both Fish-Eye and Hawks-Eye
"The sure-shot flirt sure is left hanging there." - Hawks-Eye after Tigers-Eye was left for Gurio Umino
"SHUT UP!" - Tigers-Eye

"The Queen and King of the future always had a fever just before on the days where they had stuffy ceremonies to attend..." - Diana about the future Usagi and Mamoru
"Eeeh!" - Luna, realizing that they're faking it.
"There's really nothing to worry about because they're always well by the time the event ends." - Diana

"'When in the world are you really going to be able to catch the Pegasus? Sheesh, I'm just sick and tired of your lack of skills! You make me speechless!' ...she says." - Hawks-Eye mimicking Zirconia... very well, might I add.
"That was rather good." - Tigers-Eye with a smile, but NOT before spitting out his drink in laughter.
"Good, right? I've been secretly practising that!" - Hawks-Eye

"She's rather attractive." - Kunzite about Reika
"*gasp* Kunzite-sama, that's mean! Under that skin, she is an ugly youma, and you think she is better than I...?" - Zoisite jealous
"Shh. Zoisite, jealously does not suit a beautiful face. Zoisite..." - Kunzite
"I don't know you!" - Zoisite grumpily

"Don't give up. You two still have a chance..." - Tenoh Haruka to Usagi and Minako about them having a chance with her.
"Y-Yes..." - Aino Minako
"Don't be fooled." - Kaioh Michiru.
"Michiru..." - Haruka
"This person always says things like that when cute girls are spotted." - Michiru

"By the way... I have a favor to ask you." - Sailor Moon
"What is it?" - Sailor Uranus
"You might think it's not proper at a time like this... but my back's been really itchy for a while and I can't stand it anymore! I'm sorry, but can you scratch it for me?" ; - Sailor Moon
O_O; *sighs* - Sailor Uranus

"Fish! How about you go do some work for once?!" - Tigers-Eye
"No way! I have no interest in women in the first place!" - Fish-Eye
"Yeah, yeah... You know, could it just be that older men like me are your type or something?" -Tigers-Eye
*blushes*"Quit joking! Why do I have to fall for someone like you, all muscle and completely empty when it comes to brains?!" - Fish-Eye
"Yeah, yeah. Bye!" - Tigers-Eye

"Um, how old are you two?" - Kino Makoto
"We're in tenth grade." - Kaioh Michiru
"Tenth grade? Then is it all right for you to drive a car?" - Makoto
"Is it all right?" - Michiru to Haruka
*has an awkward expression on her face* "L-Let's see... I-I got a license overseas." - Tenoh Haruka
"Hm..." *looks to Makoto knowingly* "So. She. Says." - Michiru

"Huh, where'd you get those flowers?" - Tenoh Haruka
"Does it bother you?" - Kaioh Michiru
"A little." - Haruka
"*laughs*- Michiru
"Is it a gift from your boyfriend after all?" - Haruka
"Of course." - Michiru lying
"Oh...? I didn't know there was a guy clueless enough to be your suitor, Michiru." - Haruka
"It's rather unusual that you would be jealous, Haruka..." - Michiru
"I'm not jealous at all. It's just that I can't allow you to look at anyone else, Michiru..." - Haruka
"Haruka-san... that's called jealously." - Michiru

"A real princess?! And Tigers-Eye missed this? What's going on?" - Hawks-Eye
"She's a little on the old side... In the first place, they say that she's down with a cold." - Tigers-Eye
"Eh, you really believe that?" - Fish-Eye
"She's just playing sick! A little research should tell you that!" - Hawks-Eye
"No, no! I can't stand this boring work day after day!" - Fish-Eye mimicking a stressed princess.
"You see?" - Fish-Eye and Hawks-Eye back to normal.
"It's so cliche!" - Hawks-Eye.
"Hmph! In either case, she's too old! Pass!" - Hawks-Eye

Tales of Symphonia

"And who the hell are you?" - Yuan Kafei

"Ha-ha, you got re-jec-ted! - Genis Sage

"Give me your name and I shall give you mine!" - Lloyd Irving

"I only say these cold things because I believe you'll overcome them, Lloyd." - Raine Sage

"I've lost all confidence as a man." - Lloyd Irving

"Whoaaa! Don't touch me, you jackass Chosen!" - Lloyd to Zelos after the latter had made him feel bad about a lie he just told.

"When you die, that's the end. What will you accomplish by dying? Nothing! There is no meaning in dying!" - Lloyd Irving

"There's a significance in being born." - Lloyd Irving

"Discrimination comes from the heart." - Lloyd Irving

"Um... um... die!" - Colette Brunel

"Age or position doesn't matter in love, does it?" - Lloyd (From the Tethe'alla Chapter Omake 2)

"If I were a woman, I'd definitely fall for him!" - Yuan (From the Tethe'alla Chapter Omake 2)

"Hello? The idiot over there? Stupidity is contageous, so please get away from our girls." - Sheena Fujibayashi to Zelos. (Drama CD)

"You criticize and attack people for their birth and upbringing- things they cannot change. It is you who are not human." - Presea Combatir

"Hey Lloyd, if you abandom me here, I swear I'm coming back to haunt you!" - Zelos
"I just had a sudden violent urge to abandon you." - Lloyd

"Professor, what's a philanderer? Is it something to eat?" - Lloyd
"I don't think you'd want to eat one..." - Raine

"Colette... need cure for poison..." - Lloyd Irving
"I'm fine! I'm not poisoned!" - Colette Brunel
"No... I mean... me...!" - Lloyd

"But it's true that Lloyd's a wonderful person!" - Colette Brunel
*squiggles* "Well, sure, he is for you, Colette." - Zelos Wilder
"...Is he not the same... for you as well, Zelos?" - Presea Combatir
*blushes* - Zelos (Tales of Fandom Vol.2)

"Now that you mention it, what is stalking? Does it have to do with celery?" - Lloyd Irving
*sweatdrops* "..." - Both Zelos and Kratos
"Wh-What the heck is with that shocked look!?" - Lloyd
"You two. Please don't be shocked now of all times by something of that level." - Raine Sage
"...Please... take care of Lloyd." - Kratos
*squiggles* "...I have my limits, too." - Raine (Tales of Fandom Vol.2)

"Ahh!" - Raine
O_O - Everyone else in the party
"...Ahh? Professor Sage... are you... afraid of water or something?" - Lloyd
"I... I was just staring to say, 'Ahh, this should be fun!'" - Raine
"Um... sure." - Lloyd
"...Heh." - Kratos

"I don't want to put my sister in danger." - Mithos
"It's all right, Mithos. Yuan will have me with him." - Martel
"..." - Mithos and Yuan
"*sweatdrops* ...Martel. Other way around." - Kratos
"Ah, oh! That's right." - Martel (Tales of Fandom Vol.2)

"...That Yuan; I bet he's floating on air by now." - Mithos referring to Yuan when he's together with Martel.
"...You may be correct." - Kratos
"He thinks he can hide it like that, so it makes me laugh. He really stinks at hiding things." - Mithos (Tales of Fandom Vol.2)

"I should protect Yuan, right?" - Mithos
"What are you saying? I'm going to protect you, Mithos." - Yuan
"Hmhmm. I wonder about that? After all, don't you always charge right in without thinking whenever we battle?" - Mithos
"I'm clearing a path, thank you." - Yuan (Tales of Fandom Vol.2)

"The boy who changed you, Lloyd... Was he all you needed?" - Yuan
"*chuckles* Perhaps that's just how parents are. How's that? You both are on the same planet. Could you practise with him at least once?" - Kratos
"Not on your life." - Yuan (Drama CD)

Tales of the Abyss

"When you're dressed like that, please walk at least 30 feet away from me." - Jade to Anise when she's wearing her 'Cat Cat Kitty Cat' costume.

"Hypothesizing about not having been born is meaningless. You're living your own life. Experiences that only you know. Feelings that only you feel. Don't deny them. You're here." - Tear

"Even if you refuse to acknowledge me. I am me!"- Luke Fon Fabre

"You can’t go forward if you keep looking back ." - Luke fon Fabre

"Helping people has nothing to do with being royalty or nobility or whatever." - Luke fon Fabre

"But then again, with Jade here we're already pretty close to bad guys anyway." - Luke fon Fabre (in his journal)

"She's got a pretty face, but a wretched personality." - Luke fon Fabre about first meeting Tear (in his journal)

"Accepting the truth is difficult. But it is also necessary." - Jade Curtiss

"And my other goal is to make you youngsters crazy before I reach 40." - Jade Curtiss

"What’s wrong? You look like you just swallowed a bug… Oh, wait, you always look like that. " - Jade Curtiss to Asch

"The poor thing must have been terrified. She screamed 'I'll kill you you bastards' as she fell." - Ion

"If you look up "villain" in the dictionary, I bet you'll see Jade's face next to it." - Guy

"Anybody else think I should rip daddy's little girl a new hole?" - Anise Tatlin

"It's the breast size difference, isn't it?" Anise Tatlin if Tear is chosen to give Luke a tour of the Daath Monuments instead of her.

"The will of the people should be their own." - Legretta the Quick.

"REPLICAAAAAA!!" - Asch to Luke

"I've served this house as a butler for more than 40 years now, but this is the first time I've ever seen someone lose consciousness upon tasting a meal." - Ramdas after Bernal ate Natalia's cooking.

"I assure you, I'm crying on the inside. Wracked with guilt." - Jade Curtiss.
"Uh huh." - Guy Cecil

"Your Majesty..." - Jade
"Shut up. Don't beg. I'll puke." - Peony

"Even though the colonel is scary, he's fun on the inside!" - Anise about Jade.
"No, he's still scary on the inside too." - Both Luke and Guy.

"Our formation...!" - Tear Grants after a surprise attack from behind
"Ahahaha! This is terrible!" - Jade Curtiss
" you really mean it." - Guy Cecil

"Please watch your... OHHTO!" - Jade slipping
"Ooh! Jade! Don't grab my clothes! Gwaahahh!" - Luke tripping
"...Now really, Luke. Shouting and falling isn't very admirable now, is it?" - Jade

"I hate teaching. I don't take apprentices. I don't impart knowledge." - Jade
"That's alright. I'll just steal it from you." - Luke
"Heh." - Jade

"Damn, that was cold." - Guy about something Tear said to Luke
"Indeed." - Jade
"You sound like you're having fun." - Guy
"More than you could imagine." - Jade
"You're horrible..." - Guy

"Hehe. You know, he drones on and on about Natalia this, Natalia that. Now you're droning on and on about Asch this, Asch that. How touching." - Noir to Natalia
"Sixty percent is Natalia, thirty is the replica, and the rest is Van. Add that all up, and you've got everything the boss ever talks about." - York
"...I can totally imagine." - Anise
"Indeed." - Jade

"Alright guys, everyone ready?" - Luke
"Ready!" - Everyone in the party.
"Okay, I- wait a sec. One of those responses sounded really weird."- Luke
"Oh, details, details. There's no time Luke! Let's go!" - Jade

"You! Who is most important?" - Ant Lion Man
"Tear, I guess..." - Luke
*shocked* - Tear
"He said it! He casually said it!" - Anise

"You! Who is most important?" - Ant Lion Man
"Jade, I guess..." - Luke
"...Is that an attempt to harass me?" - Jade

"...Wh-What the? Where's Jade?" - Luke
"If you give Gald, me give back!" - Ant Lion Man
"What!? You took Jade? Are you insane?" - Luke
"Friends, before us stands a paragon of courage!" - Anise
"Hah hah. Want to just run away?" - Guy
"That's not a bad idea." - Luke

"Hey, what's with your head?" - Guy Cecil
"Oh, so you noticed." - Luke fon Fabre
"Who wouldn't? Did you cut your hair? Ahh, it's a rug." - Guy
"It's an expensive WIG, dammit!" - Luke
"Why are you wearing it?" - Guy
"Change of pace. New style. You know." - Luke

"As usual, all you're good for is still that mouth of yours." - Peony to Jade
"Oh, that's not all. After all, I excel in both literal and military arts, and even have the looks to match! Even if I say so myself. I am perfect!!" - Jade
"(This one isn't very mature either)" - Both Guy and Luke (From the "Tsuioku no Jade" ToA manga)

"Thank you very much!" - Luke after getting a favor granted by Peony
"No, no, there's no need to thank me. In return..." - Peony
"So, why must we do something like this?" - Luke as the party can be seen walking Peony's pet rappigs in a park. (From the "Tsuioku no Jade" ToA manga)

"And another thing..." - Peony
*He placed his hand on Luke's head gently*
"You may be a replica, but you're not an 'imposter'. You're just another Luke who happens to have the same name and looks... You're the 'real thing'." - Peony (From the "Tsuioku no Jade" ToA manga)

"Pochitto!" - Jade from the ToA:Drama CD (It is an onomatopoeia for pressing a button)

"Oh dear, how bothersome..." - Jade
"Your tone of voice doesn't seem bothered at all." - Luke
"Oh no, no, I'm very bothered. I don't want to die yet, you see." Jade (From the ToA:Drama CD)

"Ehehehehe. I'll give you all my affectionate love." - Jade
"He said it. The speech of the sadist." - Anise (From the ToA:Drama CD)

"Hishi!" - Asch (onomatopoeia for hug) (From the ToA:Drama CD)

"I'm complaining! Complaining, complaining, complaining, complaining, complaining, complaining, complaining, complaining, complaining- HEY, ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?!" - Luke fon Fabre (from Viva! Tales of)

"Huh! So... how do we decide who's the best hero? Looks? Pedigree? The sword? The belly button??" - Luke fon Fabre (from Viva! Tales of)

Tales of Vesperia

"Prepare to die, eggbear!" - Karol

"Remember? 'Prepare to die, eggbear'!" - Yuri mimicking Karol

"Light this thing in the middle of monsters...and then watch it go BOOM!" - Yuri

"Does it matter? I am so gonna kick your ass!" - Yuri Lowell
"No no no no no, I'm gonna kick your ass!" - Flynn Scifo
"Oh ho! It's on NOW!" - Yuri

"So you're jealous?" - Judith
"Ah...!" - Estelle
"If that's all it is, just wear this outfit yourself." - Judith
"Like my boobs could fill out that top!" - Estelle

"Yuri, I'm happy to see you're finally seeing the world outside the barrier!" - Flynn
"Then, be a little more happy ! And stop swinging your sword at me!" - Yuri
"Well I got a little less happy WHEN I SAW THIS!" - Flynn as he points his sword at Yuri's wanted poster
"OH! It went up to 10,000 Gald. Nice." - Yuri
*annoyed* - Flynn

"Hey! Don't go getting yourself ripped apart." - Yuri
"You'll get yourself killed if you keep watching me fight!" - Flynn
"Hah hah! Come on! I'm just in awe of the Great Flynn Scifo!" - Yuri
"Sh-shut up!" - Flynn
"Hey, this isn't the time to get worked up." - Yuri
"I'm not worked up!" - Flynn
"It's okay, don't hide it." - Yuri
"Would you be serious for once?!" - Flynn
"I am serious!" - Yuri
"I can't concentrate with you talking all the time." - Flynn
"Well, I can't concentrate without talking so...We're kind of stuck." - Yuri

"Yuri, sorry to bother, but could you help me practice? I still haven't completely grasped it yet." - Flynn about his Hi-Ougi
"Oi oi, when you say 'practice', do you mean to use that technique on me?" - Yuri
"It's all right. If it's Yuri, you should be able to withstand it." - Flynn
"He really intends to use it on me..." - Yuri

"This guy's 'nothing special' is rather different from the usual." - Yuri about Flynn
"Uh?" - Karol
"I remember the summer when we were seven, the two of us went out to play at the river. Then this guy fell in and got washed away." - Yuri
"Oh, that. The currents of the river were so swift, even I thought I was in deep trouble." - Flynn
"W-What happened then?" - Karol
"Then, when I caught up, I was stunned by what he was desperately clinging onto. It was a Merfish." - Yuri
"Kh...!" - Karol
"Luckily, I was rescued by some passing caravanners. But Hanks scolded me really hard." - Flynn
"When this guy got free, this was the only thing he said. *mimics Flynn's voice perfectly* 'Yuri, thank goodness it wasn't anything much'. LIKE HELL IT WASN'T ANYTHING MUCH!" - Yuri

"Learn how to be speak politely first." - Hizuka
"Show-it-to-me, please." - Yuri
"Are you making fun of me?" - Hizuka (from First Strike)

"Didn't Yuri start this? It has nothing to do-" - Flynn about the bar fight Yuri started
*punches Flynn in the face* "Does it have nothing to do with you now, bastard?" - Drunkard
"I said it has nothing to do with me!" *punches him back in the face* - Flynn (from First Strike)

Tales of Graces f

"That one was for the lady next door!" - Pascal

"It was your own vanity that bested you! ...Or, not." - Pascal

"I guess the rumors are true; I really AM that awesome!" - Pascal

"Next stop: high society! Oh-ho-ho! Like that?" - Cheria Barnes

"Let's look for the butt, Cheria. It's the only way." - Sophie

"That wasn't official canon." - Hubert Oswell

"Hand over everything you've got! It wouldn't do you any good anyway." - Hubert Oswell

"Witness the power of wealth!" - Hubert Oswell

"Might as well take a look at these marriage proposals Mom left behind as well. At least I can tell her later that I looked through them. Let's see... 'Anise Tatlin, 13 years old'. She's just a kid!" - Asbel Llhant

"This is crazy! I don't want to select a wife like I'm shopping from a catalogue!" - Asbel Llhant

"Too close, you two! Step away." - Pascal as she drags Asbel away from Richard
"What are you insinuating!?" - Asbel Llhant

"Everyone has something they're embarrassed about. Right 'Tiger Festival'?" - Cheria Barnes
*lets out a nervous laugh* - Asbel Llhant

"Wow, haha... Mom is a grandma!" - Asbel Llhant
"I suspect the first time you call her that will also be the last..." - Hubert Oswell

"And yet, does that justify what's happening?" - Richard
"Justify what?" - Asbel Llhant
"My retainers are selling keychains with my face on them! They make dolls in my image, and even King Richard fruit snacks! ...All to pay down the debt." - Richard

"It would have been perfect, if you hadn't botched the finish." - Hubert Oswell
"Aww, flattery will get you nowhere!" - Pascal happily
"You insufferable woman...!" - Hubert

"You're so tall, Captain. How come?" - Sophie
"Because... that makes it easier for me to pick apples." - Malik Caesar
"Ohh..." - Sophie
"At least be subtle about your lies..." - Hubert Oswell

"Sometimes I can't help but envy you, Pascal." - Richard
"Forgive me Your M, I hadn't realized." - Pascal as she holds out her staff
"No... I didn't mean I wanted your staff." - Richard

"Right into next week!" - Malik Caesar
"I've travelled back in time from next week. Please stop throwing monsters at us." - Sophie

"I can't believe our baby Hubert got so strong!" - Cheria Barnes
*coughs uncomfortably* "Please don't mention my past in front of everyone..." - Hubert Oswell

"Never!" - Asbel Llhant
"Never!" - Richard
"What's our motto?" - Sophie
"NEVER GIVE UP!" - All three of them with a fistpump

"I just invented a new tactic!" - Pascal
"Oh?" - Malik Caesar
"First I toss out a Peach Gel, and while the enemy's distracted..." - Pascal
"Then?" - Malik
"I eat an Apple Gel!" - Pascal
"I suggest you reverse that." - Malik

"We're Llhant's Triplets of Terror!" - Asbel Lhant with a fistpump
"You can be such a child." - Hubert Oswell
"You're both too cool for win quotes?" - Asbel
"I'm a triplet?" - Cheria Barnes
"Of course!" - Asbel
"I am NOT your sister, Asbel!" - Cheria

"It's the Rockgagong. It probably takes rocks and 'ga-gongs' people with them!" - Cheria Barnes
"Ga-gong!" - Sophie
"What is wrong with you people?" - Asbel Lhant

"Sometimes I get so lost in serious thought." - Pascal
"About what?" - Cheria Barnes
"About how I can think more seriously about things." - Pascal
"Oh brother..." - cheria

"Mm..." - Pascal
"Pascal looks worried." - Cheria Barnes
"She said she was torn between eating ten banana pies or twelve." - Sophie
"I see..." - Cheria

"We are-" - Asbel Lhant
"AWESOME!!" - The entire party with him

"We are-!" - Asbel Lhant
"Hard to beat!" - Malik Caesar
"Hard indeed." - Hubert Oswell
"Pretty hard!" - Pascal
"Come on you guys..." - Asbel

"We are-!" - Asbel Lhant
"PASCAL!" - Pascal

"We are-!" - Asbel Llhant
"Awesome!" - Cheria Barnes
"Unbeatable!" - Pascal
"Amazing!" - Sophie
*is literally sulking in a corner in a fetal position* "AND unable to coordinate." - Asbel Llhant

"We are-!" - Asbel Lhant
"AWSO-" - Asbel, Cheria and Sophie before getting stopped
"Stop, stop, you'll step on them!" - Hubert Oswell about his fallen glasses

"Let's do it! We are-!" - Asbel Lhant
*Note that the following three lines were all said at the same time, with different poses to boot*
"Malik Caesar, special attache to the chancellor of the Fendel Empire and distinguished instructor!" - Malik Caesar
"Hubert Oswell, lieutenant of the Republic of Strahta Intelligence Division Three!" - Hubert Oswell
"Richard of Windor, ruler of Windor Kingdom and eldest heir of King Ferdinand!" - Richard
"HEY!" - Asbel

"Sometimes I can't help but regret the past..." - Asbel Lhant
"Asbel..." - Cheria Barnes
"...What." - Cheria and Hubert

"It's a distraction to everyone in battle! Do you have any idea how much thigh you're flashing!? It's an affront to basic public decency!" - Hubert Oswell to Cheria Barnes about her short skirt

"Know your place!" - Hubert Oswell after defeating the enemy
"Were they get lost?" - Sophie
"No... that's... not what I meant." - Hubert

"Pascal, what's an airhead?" - Sophie
"Someone who's SO smart, they can control air with their minds!" - Pascal
"Wow, you're amazing!" - Sophie

"Hubert, why do you wear glasses?" - Sophie
"Because my eyes are bad." - Hubert Oswell
"What... are they dangerous?" - Sophie
"Somebody save me." - Hubert

"So why the pigtails, Sophie?" - Pascal
"Pig... tails...?" - Sophie
"Your hair! Those!" - Pascal
"These? The Captain said they'd let me fly through the air." - Sophie
"Oh, I get it!" - Pascal

"Asbel, why do you wear such white clothes?" - Sophie
"Oh, these? Well, let me think..." - Asbel Lhant
*screen blacks out, signifying that time has passed*
"AOh, I know!" - Asbel
"You are late!" - Cheria Barnes

"Over in a flash!" - Hubert Oswell
"How long is a flash?" - Sophie
"It's less than a second." - Asbel Lhant
*points at Hubert* "Why is he lying?" - Sophie
"These... insufferable...!!" - Hubert

"Don't you worry, Sophie. Even if your height and such haven't grown, you're still the same old Sophie to us." - Asbel Lhant
"'And such'? What else is there?" - Sophie
"Oh, uh, sorry, nothing at all. Heh. Um..." - Asbel

"Now you know our true strength!" - Asbel Lhant
"Huh? I was barely even trying." - Pascal
"Really Asbel? That was your true strength?" - Malik Caesar
"Ehh?" - Asbel

"It seems we don't have enough healers right now." - Malik Caesar
"Am I inadequate?" - Hubert Oswell
"It certainly isn't his fault." - Richard
"We'll just have to protect Hubert." - Asbel Llhant
"Thank you for the passive-aggressive insult!" - Hubert

"Sophie, you should learn more about this world." - Malik Caesar
"'Kay." - Sophie
"What have you learned already?" - Cheria Barnes
"Well, yesterday..." - Sophie
"Why is the Captain running away?" - Cheria when Malik quickly left

"Marriage, eh? ...It's a wonderful thing." - Malik Caesar
"That's strange talk coming from a lifelong bachelour." - Hubert Oswell
"They say that when life breaks your spirit, a wife can help to mend it. And when you find yourselves apart, you need only shut your eyes to see her again" - Malik
"Until she seizes control of your life one piece at a time and you find your own hopes and dreams put on hold! You can't even spend your own salary! You have to beg permission for every little thing you want to buy... Precious belongings you've labored to collect are tossed like so much junk... And yet she thinks nothing of taking your purse and blowing all your coin on some fancy hat!" - Hubert
"That's very... specific. Have you been married before?" - Malik
"Even a cursory examination of the topic proves that this is the only outcome!" - Hubert

"There is one thing I should warn you about from my time with Lambda." - Richard
"What is it?" - Asbel Llhant
"Listen, and listen well. No matter what happens, no matter how much Lamda pleads... You must not..." - Richard
"Must not what?" - Asbel
"Play I Spy." - Richard

"You know, if a rival for their love entered in the picture, it might provide the necessary motivation... Of course! Haha, that's it!" - Malik Caesar about Asbel and Cheria's feelings for each other
"What's it?" - Richard
"I'll step in to play the part of the rival!" - Malik
"Interesting! Show me what you would say." - Richard
"Cheria! Let's make out!" - Malik
"Captain!" - Richard mimicking Cheria's voice
"Ugh." - Malik

"Listen, there's something totally hinky about the way Sophie's acting towards Richard." - Pascal
"Yeah, I noticed that. I've been thinking about it too, but I can't figure out why." - Asbel Llhant
"Well, duh! Don't you have a clue!? It's because of you and Richard!" - Pascal
"...Huh?" - Asbel
"Yeah! Sophie's jealous that you guys are all mwa mwa mwa hanky-panky all the time!" - Pascal
"Mwa mwa... Wait, what!?" - Asbel

"Pascal, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" - Sophie
"Pascal crying? Have heaven and earth been torn asunder?" - Malik Caesar
"N-No... I'm chopping onions..." - Pascal as she continues to cry while cooking in the final dungeon.
"Now? How could you possibly feel a need to chop onions in a place like this?" - Malik
"Why do you cry when you chop onions?" - Sophie
"When you chop an onion, it cries iddy bitty onion tears because it's all hurt. So then I feel bad and start crying too." - Pascal
"Onions can feel pain?" - Sophie

"Apparently Amarcians get married and have children at much younger ages than we do. They say it's healthier, biologically speaking. I hear that some parents and children are so close in age that they often claim to be siblings when dealing with the outside world." - Richard
"What he's trying to say is that Fourier is Pascal's mother, and Poisson is Pascal's daughter." - Malik Caesar
"Wait, what? Her DAUGHTER!?" - Asbel
"That would be shocking! ...If it were true." - Richard

Tales of Destiny

(This section is from the manga)

"That sound came from somewhere ahead... I have a bad feeling about this... Stahn, you go and take a look." - Rutee after hearing a hissing sound
"Me!? Alone!?" - Stahn
"Go for it, leader!" - Rutee
"Eh? Leader?" - Stahn
"Yes! You can be a reliable leader, Stahn-san." - Philia
"So Stahn is our leader now!" - Mary
"...Just for now. *mumbling*" - Leon
"Haha... what an honor." - Stahn
"(...Is he too naive or just an idiot?)" - Leon
"...Hey... you know what? There's a big monster here." - Stahn
(next page shows a giant snake that takes up the entire cavern room: staring at them hungrily)
*in frightened tears* "Can I resign as leader? It's VERY big." - Stahn
O_O "@#$%!!!" - The rest of the party.

(This section is from the ToD Editor's Cut manga)

"Unintentionally day-dreaming? If so, then I'm not going to interrupt you." - Leon
"Aww... don't tease me like that, Emilio!" - Marian

Chal's human form can be seen looking peeved* "Can't you speak even half as kind to me as you are to Marian...?" - Chaltier
"Shush." - Leon

"What's this Chal? You're praising masters other than me?" - Leon after Chaltier had commented on Rutee and Stahn's skills.
*Chal's human figiure can be seen looked shocked with a tear in his eye*
"How-How could I- that's absurd! Please don't tease me like that!" - Chaltier
"Hah, I'm just joking." - Leon with a smirk

"Why are you standing there all alone by yourself looking cool? I wonder if you're experiencing puberty?" - Rutee to Leon

"Leon!" - Mary called as Leon was busy fighting a Kraken.
"So it's Mary this time, what's going on!?" - Leon
*Mary held up a sliced-off tentacle*
"With all these ingredients available, we can make a lot of takoyaki." - Mary
"You can say that all you want once we've defeated this thing here!" - Leon

"Philia, what are you doing? Show us the power of Clemente!" - Leon as he continued fighting the Kraken alone.
"That's not how you do it The chanting should be more enchanting. With a sweet lingering breath." - Clemente to Philia
"Um, I, I can't..." -Philia
"Your waist should bend loosely back and forth, and let your body wriggle..." Clemente

"I'm sure Leon will be pleased if he has something delicious to eat!" - Stahn
"Let's make some takoyaki with the fresh ingredients we retrieved earlier." - Mary
"Mary is skillful." - Philia
"This is great! Everyone's helping with the cooking! And with Dymlos' power, we've got the heating and cooking portion taken care of perfectly!" - Stahn
*annoyed mark* - Dymlos
"I'm responsible for eating.This wonderful smell! I don't think I can hold back any longer" Rutee
(In Leon's room, he can be seen clutching his blankets with an annoyed face from the horrible. The figure of Chaltier's human form can be seen trying to comfort him)
"...I'm going to kill those guys..." - Leon (from the bonus last page of the ToD Editor's Cut manga: "The Smell of the Mellowness Sauce")


"I dreamt I was a moron." - Squall Leonheart about Laguna (which is HILARIOUS when you consider their relationship)

"So, how did it feel out there on the battlefield?" - Cid
"Whatever." - Squall Leonhart (if you chose that out of the two other options available)
"Whatever? That's great! Whatever!" - Cid

"I hope this ain't the case but, I can picture Selphie in the pilot seat, and..." - Zell Dincht
"...screaming, 'Whoo-hoo, we're flying!'" - Quistis Trepe
"(And standing next to her, a very excited Irvine...)" - Squall Leonheart
*And when they go check...*
"Whoo-hoo! We're flying!" - Selphie Tilmitt
"Selphie's just amazing!" - Irvine Kinneas

"Good luck." - Quistis Trepe
"Instructor... I hate it when people wish me luck. Save those words for a bad student that needs them, eh?" - Seifer Almasy
"Very well. Good luck, Seifer." - Quistis
"Add Instructor Trepe to the list." - Seifer to Fujin and Raijin

Final Fantasy IX

"You don't need a reason to help people." - Zidane Tribal.

"We're not perfect, but we have friends who help us. That is reason enough for us to live!" - Zidane Tribal.

"We live to protect the ones we love!" - Eiko Carol

"It took us a long time, but we've found our way." - Vivi Orunitia

"Blind pursuit of power is a meaningless vice." - Amarant Coral

"We live not to forget our past, but to learn from it!" - Freya Crescent

"I may not know who I really am, but that is my question alone to answer!" - Adelbert Steiner

"We may be weak, but that's what makes us work together and help one another!" - Garnet til Alexandros AKA Dagger

"I don't go looking for trouble, but I'll fight back if trouble finds me." - Amarant

"I exist to eat, but also exist to live!" - Quina Quen

"I do what I want! You have problem?!" - Quina Quen

"Lazy bum." - Freya to Zidane

"Dagger! We're man and wife now! Time for the kiss!" - Zidane to Garnet after their "wedding" in Conde Petie. (Garnet walks away as Zidane jumps at her for his kiss. He ended up flat on his face against the ground instead.) "Playing hard to get, eh?" - Zidane

"Aw, do we have to? ...But I wanna go see the windmill!" - Vivi Orunitia (He's so cute when he said this! It's nice to see him act like a kid instead of being troubled all the time)

"I'm sure you didn't hire me for my manners, Your Majesty." - Lani to Brahne

"You see, there's an anti-magic barrier around that place. And I want to send you because you're too stupid to use magic." - Kuja to Zidane

"Oh, that's right! That weird girl! The girl that led us here said something strange again! She said she was waiting for you in some underground laboratory! What a pervert!" - Eiko to Zidane

"I'm not a child, like that kid in blue!" - Eiko Carol
"But... you don't look any older than me!" - Vivi Orunitia

"Hello, Uncle Cinna." - Vivi
"I'm not old enough to be your uncle! I'm younger than I look!" - Cinna

"M-My nose is bleeding..." - Marcus
"Then stick your thumb up it!" - Blank

"Where's that old hag?" - Eiko about Lani
"Oh, that's it! Who are you calling a hag!?" - Lani
"You!" - Eiko

"He called me a liar, a loudmouth, and a brat!" - Eiko Carol
"...He's right." - Amarant Coral
"What did you say!? Do you want to repeat that!?" - Eiko
"Man, I hate kids." - Amarant

"Hey, monkey-tail, you're disturbing the other customers." - Freya
"What the - you've got a tail, too, rat-face!" - Zidane
"Rat-face... After I finish my drink, I'm gonna kick your butt." - Freya

"Wait a minute..." - Zidane
"You forgot my name?" - Freya
"No, I remember. You're Helga, right?" - Zidane
"Wrong." - Freya
"...Christine?" - Zidane
"No!" - Freya
"...Oh yeah! You used to live next door to me. How's it going... Ratchel? Man, you've really gotten... big." - Zidane
"You nasty little-" - Freya

"Where is your man?" - Mikoto to Eiko
"M-My man? MY man!? Are you talking about Zidane!? Even I never called him that! But too bad for you! He and Dagger are super hot for each other! You don't have a chance with him." - Eiko
"Tell him I am waiting in the underground laboratory." - Mikoto as she walks away
"Oh, the nerve! What makes you think I'd tell him that!?" - Eiko

"What the hell is this place? I thought we'd find some mean mothers down here, but they're all a bunch of wimps." - Amarant
"No challenge, huh?" - Zidane
"Yeah, I guess not." - Amarant

"I only found meaning in life through combat." - Amarant
"Funny how you put that in past tense. All due to my wonderful influence." - Zidane
"Pshhh. What do you want me to do? Thank you?" - Amarant
"Please! You're gonna make me sick!" - Zidane as he waved his hands over his head.

"...You're right, but I don't think we build cemeteries for the dead. Sure, it may seem pointless to you, but... How can I describe it? It's so that we can think like this: 'We'll never forget you. We'll remember you every time we stand at your grave. And we won't let the fear of death, which each of us knows, stop us from living our lives. ...Because my friends will remember me when I'm here.'" - Mr. 288

"Onee-chan." - Vivi in the Japanese version of the game when he's addressing either Freya or Garnet (it literally means 'big sister'. Squee! How cute!)


"No matter how dark the night, morning always come, and our journeys begin anew." - Lulu

"Don't look to others for knowledge. This is your story." - Auron

"Outside the dream world, life can be harsh--even cruel, but it is life." - Auron

"Only those who try will become." - Kimahri

"Rotten son of a shoopuf!!" - Wakka

"We were worried you guys might've gone crazy!" - Wakka to Yuna and Tidus after their loud fake laughing fest.

"I hope you hurt them." - Lulu
"A little." - Yuna

"Forgive me. Us Guardos are keen of the scent of the Farplane." - Seymour to Auron
*starts sniffing Auron all over* - Tidus

"You could have woken me up!" - Yuna
"Er, we called to you, but with all of that snoring..." - Lulu

"Don't break any bones, old man!" - Tidus to Auron

"Wow! Say, is that edible?" - Rikka about a Dark Flan monster

"This might help your complexion." - Lulu casting Bio

"Where's de early bird when you need 'im?" - Wakka when facing a Giant Worm

"Pick spot. Shut up. Wait." - Kimahri to Tidus

"We gotta pay? If we lose, you die too, buddy!" - Wakka after buying stuff from Rin while their airship's being attacked
"I have faith in your victory." - Rin

"Uh.. I got a bad feeling about this..." - Tidus during the start of a battle against a Tonberry
"Oh shit, RUN YOU BASTARD!!" - Me at the screen

"A lotta fiends here, ya?" - Yuna mimicking Wakka
"Don't talk like that." - Lulu

"I'm glad that Yuna's alright and all, but what's with those fancy clothes?" - Wakka
"It's called a wedding dress." - Lulu
"What!?" - Wakka

"The ship is under attack. It seems that the Guardo have snuck on board and released some monsters." - Rin
"You're awfully calm about this!" - Cid
"I am calm about most things." - Rin

"What... do you want to do?" - Yuna
"Scream really loud." - Tidus
"Heh." - Yuna

"You look sad." - Yuna
"I guess..." - Tidus
"Wanna scream?" - Yuna
"Mm. I don't think that will work this time." - Tidus

"Don't ask me how it works, cause I have no idea." - Cid
"And you still use it?" Lulu
"Hah! I have no idea how this rig flies either!" - Cid, referring to the airship they were on
*looks terrified* - Wakka

"A large fiend... Let's get 'im!" - Tidus
"Why?" - Auron
"It's the right thing to do!" - Tidus
"'It's the right thing to do?'" *chuckles* - Auron
"What'd I say now?" - Tidus
"Jecht said that a lot too. And every time he said it, it meant trouble for Braska and me." - Auron

"How are Lulu and Wakka?" - Rikku
"Well, Wakka's in shock. Can't blame him, either. And Lulu, well, she's just the same as always." - Tidus
"She's so together. All grown up, I guess." - Rikku
"I guess." - Tidus
"Well, just give me five or six more years." - Rikku

"Will you come with us?" - Yuna
"I am the troublemaker, after all." - Auron
"Yeah, that's right! You cal always count on Auron to complicate things!" - Tidus
"Yeah! Kimahri roars, and Auron runs off, and..." - Rikku
"I never asked you to follow me." - Auron
"Hey, that's what friends are for? Right?" - Tidus
"Yep!" - Rikku

"These are moonlilies! They say that clouds of pyreflies gather here when night falls." - Yuna
"The entire river glows, like a sea of stars." - Lulu
"Really? Hey, I got an idea!" - Tidus
"We're not waiting till nightfall." - Auron
"Ah... aww..." - Tidus

"Ten years ago..." - Auron
"A history lesson?" - Tidus
"Jecht saw his first shoopuf here. Surprised, he drew his blade and struck it." - Auron
"Why?" - Tidus
"He was drunk... Thought it was a fiend." - Auron
"Oh, brother..." - Tidus
"We offered all the money we had as an apology. Jecht never drank again." - Auron

"I probably shouldn't say this now, but don't fall in love with Yuna." - Lulu
"You're more my type, Lulu." - Tidus (if you choose that out of the three options available)
"Interesting. I suppose I could add you to my list." - Lulu
*Tidus making an excited fist pump behind her*
"Good luck little boy. You'll need it." - Lulu
XDDDD *laughing like hell* - Me

"Beg." - Paine as she's about to kill an enemy.

"I could've danced all night." - Paine

"That's my funky monkey!" - Rikku after a battle in her Trainer Dressphere.

"This is goodbye now..." - Leblanc during a battle.

"I'm just a kid." - Shinra

"Somebody's turning Yuna into a bad girl." - Paine.
"Who?" - Rikku 'innocently'.

"Think we need a password?" - Rikku
"How about 'kick-its-ass'?" - Paine

"I'm gonna kick you in the spleen!" - Rikku
"Spleen?" - Paine

"Doctor P is in the house!" - Rikku
"Stop that." - Paine

"Give me a Y!" - Yuna.
"Give me an R!" - Rikku.
"Give me a break." - Paine.

"I can do this blindfolded!" - Rikku at the start of a battle.
"Go ahead." - Paine.
*Giggles nervously* - Rikku

"Never been this close to a celebrity before..." - Gippal getting close to Yuna
"That's nice." - Yuna
"I could get used to this." - Gippal
"Let's not." - Yuna

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

"Boy, oh, boy... the price of freedom is steep." - Zack Fair

"Unattainable dreams are the best kind." - Lazard

"Wings symbolize freedom for those who have none." - Cissnei (from FFVII: Crisis Core)

Zack's cellphone rings and he answers it*
"Aerith? Listen, can I call you back later? I have some company." :D - Zack Fair
*Bahamut appears near him and roars*

"Are you Angeal's mother? Um, my name is Zack." - Zack Fair
"Are you Zack, the puppy?" - Angeal's mom
"Excuse me?" - Zack
"*chuckles* My son wrote to me once about you. Zero attention span, restless as a little puppy." - Angeal's mom
"Oh, thanks, Angeal..." - Zack


"The heart may be weak, but there will always be a light that never goes out!" - Sora

"My friends are my power!" - Sora

"All for one and one for all!" - Goofy/Donald (they both said it once at some point)

"Got it memorized?" - Axel

"No hogging the hero!" - Axel (Chain of Memories)

"We may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other." - Leon AKA Squall

"No matter where we are, our hearts will always bring us together again." - Aerith AKA Aeris

"I couldn't forget about you even if I wanted to." - Yuffie


Phoenix Wright series

"You huffy, puffy, loosey-goosey excuse for a whimpering, whining wuss of a witness!" - Franziska von Karma to Larry Butz

"I object! That was... objectionable!" - Miles Edgeworth

"Ladies and gentlemen, if you are going to plan a murder, don't forget the murder weapon!" - Phoenix Wright with a smirk

"To the gentleman who spoke just now... Excuse me, but would you care to die?" - Shelly De Killer

"Let me lay it all out in the open for you. The pay stinks... the clown stinks... and my partner's got his hands up my pants." - Trilo Quist the ventriloquist puppet.

"I wish I was an animal tamer! Nick! Roll over!" - Maya Fey
"When this case is over, I'll roll over for you all you want." - Phoenix Wright

"What the hell was that wriggling piece of plywood!?" - Edgeworth about the Blue Badger
"Sir! That is the pride and joy of the entire Criminal Affairs Department, sir! It's the Blue Badger, sir!" - Mike Meekins

"So what? My grandaughter has a dog she calls Phoenix! Well, Mr Phoenix Wright? Does that make you my grand-daughter's fiancee?! She's only seven years old!" Manfred von Karma after Phoenix claims that someone named his parrot after his wife
"Don't you mean 'b*tch' instead of fiancee?" XD - Me

"If I cut my finger, I won't be able to pound my gavel any more." - The Judge when telling Wright to open a knife
"(Yeah, but if I cut my finger, I won't be able to point at people.)" - Phoenix Wright

"Don’t tell me you walked all the way here." - Phoenix Wright
"Of course not! I ran." - Pearl Fey
"That’s… I can’t… Oh my… (If it takes two hours by train… Oh man…)" - Phoenix

"(Alright! With this, the rest of the trial should be in the b-)" - Phoenix Wright thinking he won the case
*sees Franziska smiling and waving a finger at him*
"(-blast radius of disaster.)" - Phoenix

slams his fists onto his desk* "Ms. Vasquez..." - Phoenix Wright
"Don't hit your desk. It irritates me." - Dee Vasquez
*slams a hand down onto his desk* "Yeah! Mr. Wright!" *realizes what he just did and looks startled* "Oops..!" - Miles Edgeworth
"..." - Dee Vasquez

After Larry declared that he saw someone flying high above a burning bridge*
"Are..." - Miles Edgeworth
"You..." - Judge
"...High!?" - Franziska von Karma

"The witness will state her name. " - Judge
"..." - Polly the Parrot
*bangs gavel* "Name!" - Judge
"..." - Polly
o_o "The witness is ignoring me." - Judge

"The window in the hallway was built rather high up into the wall at around a grown adult's chest height. As evidence, I submit that Franziska herself was unable to see out of that window." - Miles Edgeworth
"..." - Franziska
*She whips him hard*

"Shush! I'm talking to my dear Edgey-Wedgey right now! Don't interrupt us, gramps!" - Wendy Oldbag
o_o "Yes, madam." - The Judge
"No no no, please, by all means interrupt her! Please!" - Edgeworth

"Come on, man. What's so wrong with pretending to be Santa...?" - Larry Butz
"OBJECTION! Let's start with the fact that it will be the ides of March in a matter of hours. Santa only visits homes on December 24th! That's in December, you nitwit!" - Miles Edgeworth

"Well, a murder occurred in the room right next to yours!" - Franziska von Karma
"Is that right? Oh, Edgey-poo! I'm so scared! Hold me! Caress me!" - Wendy Oldbag
"HOLD IT! I-If you could please not cling to my personage!" - Miles Edgeworth

"The lady's undershirt that Missile found..." - Miles Edgeworth
*Franziska whips him*
"Why are you getting all excited over holding to a lady's undergarment!? Miles Edgeworth... you uncouth sea slug! If you know the owner of said undershirt, then return it to her already!" - Franziska von Karma
"You have it all wrong! This is evidence!" - Edgeworth

"OBJECTION!" - Phoenix Wright
"..." - The Judge
"..." - Miles Edgeworth
"..." - The entire courtroom
"What was the point in that pregnant pause!?" - Edgeworth

"Grr...!" *about to use her whip* - Franziska von Karma
"Franziska! Be careful about who you whip! Choose carefully, or we may be sued by..." *gets whipped* "Nnghhoooh!" - Miles Edgeworth
"There. I chose carefully, just like you wanted." - Franziska

"Incidently, photographic equipment is strictly forbidden in this courtroom." - The Judge
"M-Mpht! M-My apologies, Your Honor. He said he wouldn't testify if he couldn't bring it... I'd like special permission, if that's possible." - Miles Edgeworth
"Wait, so you're saying you had to bargain terms with a kid... and you LOST?" - Phoenix Wright

"How is Edgeworth doing, anyway?" Phoenix Wright
"Edgeworth is out of control! He was in the waiting room and he crushed this paper cup with hot, hot coffee in it." - Dick Gumshoe
"Whoa... " - Phoenix
"Talk about burns, pal!" - Gumshoe
"Wow! The fury of Edgeworth!" - Maya Fey

"However, you do not have proof that the person in this photo is Mr. Will Powers, do you?" - Judge
"Humph! Nosy old man! Of course I have proof!" - Wendy Oldbag
"What!?" - Phoenix Wright
"Huh!?" - Miles Edgeworth
"(Even Edgeworth is surprised!?)" - Phoenix Wright

"What did you do with the bottle necklace?" - Mia Fey
"F-Forgive me... I... I... I'm sorry..." - Phoenix Wright
"It's OK. Just give back the necklace." - Mia
"...I ate it." - Phoenix
"...You what?" - Mia
"You... You... You ate it...?" - Judge
"It was too big to swallow, so I had to chew it into little bits first, but yeah..." - Phoenix

"The old windbag sure is quiet today." - Maya Fey
"..." - Wendy Oldbag
"You know, things are really quiet around here like this." - Maya
"..." - Oldbag
"Hey I bet we could even eat the donuts in the guard station!" - Maya
"...You eat, you die." - Oldbag
"Whew! She's alive." - Maya

"Miles Edgeworth...!" - Franziska von Karma
"It's been quite some time, Franziska." - Miles Edgeworth
"This will be the perfect chance for us... to see which one of us is truly worthy of the Von Karma name." - Franziska
"Would it kill you to at least say hello?" - Edgeworth
"Unngh... Umm... Long time no see." - Franziska
"Very good." - Edgeworth

"Will the witness declare her name?" - Miles Edgeworth
"...Hmm? My, aren't you a handsome fellow! I'm afraid I'm a bit flustered!" - Wendy Oldbag
"Y-Your name, please!" - Edgeworth
"Oh, dearie! No need for you to be embarrassed! Just call me 'grandma'." - Oldbag
"YOUR NAME, PLEASE!" - Edgeworth
"(Seems Edgeworth has a bit of trouble getting his witnesses to say their names...)" - Phoenix Wright
"Wendy Oldbag, dearie. So just call me 'grandma'. It's practically my name! So even when I was young I was an Oldbag, but not really that was just my name dearie. Still how the other children would make fun of me and just because of my name can you believe it? But there was this boy, the captain of the chess club in junior high, and whene called me an old bag well I just cried and cried because I had a crush on him you see-" - Oldbag
"OBJECTION! O-Objection! I... object to the witness's talkativeness." - Edgeworth
"Objection sustained! The witness will refrain from rambling on the stand." - Judge

slams his fists onto his desk* - Phoenix Wright
"Yes, Mr. Wright?" - Judge
"I was hoping I'd come up with a question while pounding on my desk." *looks sheepish* "I didn't." - Phoenix
"...You have my sympathies." - Judge
"OBJECTION!" - Miles Edgeworth
"Yes, Mr. Edgeworth?" - Judge
"I was hoping to come up with a question while I was objecting, Your Honor... I didn't." - Edgeworth
"I see... Very well." - Judge
"OBJECTION!" - Edgeworth

rata-tat-tat-tat-tat* - Wendy Oldbag shooting at Edgeworth with a toy gun while wearing an astronaut costume.
"Uurrngh!" - Miles Edgeworth thinking he's really been shot at.
*Takes off her space helmet* "...Heh. G-O-T-C-H-A!" - Oldbag
"Grrrrrrrrr..." - Edgeworth pissed
"(I wonder what happened to that calm composure he had earlier...)" - Phoenix Wright
"Oh, Edgey-boy! It's been what, a year since we last met, hasn't it? You should be more happy to see me!" - Oldbag
"I saw the report with her testimony, but who knew that under that helmet, it was the wicked witch of the witness stand!?" - Edgeworth


"True strength is when your sword is weild to protect another." - Elwen

"I swore eternal love to the one who sleeps here. To him alone." - Elwen in a room in the sewers.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Jack's echoing, dramatic death wail after seeing his room
"When you're done with the death wails, come in and get changed." - Leonard casually
"Fine." - Jack

"This isn't the bathroom! The door's open!" - Gerald Nickson after there was a knock on the infirmary door.
"Ahaha. It seems like you have gotten better." - Elwen as she entered, immediately making him embarrassed.
"Oh. Hey Chief. I didn't know it was you." - Gerald sheepishly
"Relax, Gerald. I'm quite used to your greetings." - Elwen

"For all you scum, otherwise known as warriors, in Theater Vancoor! Here are some rules to live by. Obey them with your life. They're pretty simple, really. First, Chief Elwen is a god! Treat her better than your mom, respect her more than your dad. If she tells you to die, do it with a smile on your face! If she points to crap and calls it pretty... smile and call it beautiful. " - Gerald's rule bulletin

"Theater Vancoor is filled with the best warriors of Radiata! Don't disappoint me or make me look like an ass! That's it. Those are the rules to live by at Theater Vancoor. Anyone who can't remember this, I'll pound it into their head." - Gerald's rule bulletin

(The following are from the manga)

"Hey, Chief. Aren't you going to take off your helmet?" - Jack when he and some other Vancoor members are at Giske's bar.
"Well... I don't drink." - Elwen

"I'm amazing when I strip." - Elwen
"I both do and don't want to see this." - Jack (from an omake page)

"One mystery fruit down the hatch!" - Jack as he ate a Mystery Fruit
*His hair spikes up a bit, shocking Ridley as she tried to help straighten it down again*
'Jack's hair spikness has been increased by 2' - The writing on the side (Omake page)


"Here kitty, kitty. I won't hurt you. Of course you WILL need to be punished. You've been a baad kitty." - Vier to Norn.

"Rumors of your brilliance were greatly exaggerated." - Arlin

"So, you lied about the number just to scare everyone off? You should have just accepted the fact that you were a loser and move on with life." - Delsus.

"I try to be brave, meow... But it's too hard. Zeldalia always slept next to me, meow. Can't you at least try?" - Norn.
"But... I can't! The ESRB would go nuts!" - Klein Kiesling.

"Since when did you pick fights?" - Luplus.
"I did no such thing." - Arlin.

"I do not have time for a girlfriend." - Arlin
*Sound of an explosion can be heard*
"Oh, thousand of years of growing passion were dashed, just like that!" - Pamela
"What? You've only known him for a few seconds!" - Lita

"So, what's this bomb called?" - Klein
"[Bomb]." - Veola
"That's... what you called it? That's the best you could do?" - Lita
"Why are you so worried about what I name my items? You need easy to remember names, so you're okay in the heat of battle. I mean, if I called it the [Super Ultimate Champion Bombos Turbo, EX DX alpha]... the enemy would kill you before you finished asking for it." - Veola
"...You have way too much time on your hands." - Lita

"Veola has been talking about you guys a lot lately. Thank you for visitng her so often." - Norman
"Oh yeah. She and Klein ahve been getting along real well. Isn't that right, Klein?" - Lita jealously.
"Why are you being like this?" - Klein
"Uh oh... looks like another lover's quarrel." - Delsus
"L-Lovers!?" - Klein

A cracking sound can be heard*
"What was that?" - Klein as he massaged Zeldalia's back
"Mm, that feels much better. That was just the sound of the bones in my lower back breaking." - Zeldalia
"...You know, sometimes I forgot the fact that you're an old woman..." - Klein
"What was that? You're lucky I'm too relaxed to comment right now." - Zeldalia

"Ah, I feel much better." - Zeldalia after finished getting massaged by Klein
"Your back may be okay, but my arms are all sore!" - Klein
"What are you complaining about? You're young! You would be fine by tomorrow!" Zeldalia

Delsus massaging Zeldalia's back*
"You know, this would be a lot easier if you were a young woman." - Delsus
"If you're going to talk, at least move your hands while you do it." - Zeldalia
"Okay, okay." - Delsus
*A cracking sound can be heard*
"Mm... you're really good at this." - Zeldalia
"Really? Maybe I could use this to pick up chicks." - Delsus
"Oh yes, you would be really popular with the grannies." - Zeldalia
"Gross..." - Delsus

"I wish I could have a girl to give me a massage." - Delsus
"I could rub some scented oil on you if you want." Zeldalia.
"Er, no thanks." - Delsus


"Step aside, Earthlings! The queen of the galaxy has arrived!" - Blackfire

"Haha! Now don't tell me that you big top superheroes are afraid of a little dancing?" - Blackfire

"On my planet, we have a name for those who do these bad things. You are a... a... KLORBAG VARBLERNELK!!" - Starfire

"My demands are simple. The city will declare me as ruler. The Teen Titans will surrender. And Robin... will... take this lovely young lady to junior prom." - Killer Moth

"Robin, who is this girl? And why does she call you 'poo'?" - Starfire

"This Kitten may be some form of ooze monster in disguise. She is certainly ugly like a monster, yes?" - Starfire

"Yoohoo! Robbie-Poo! Your kitten has arrived! Meow!" - Kitten

"You are dark, and darkness is often misunderstood." - Malchior

"You think you're alone Raven. But you're not." - Beast Boy

"What? You think that only big guys can be strong?" - Kole

"Good idea Robin. Put Raven in charge of the kids!" - Raven

"Evil beware... we have waffles." - Raven

"Ooh, bad grammar. Thaaat oughta scare hm." - Raven

"That's MY room!" *destroys some robots with her magic* "Nobody goes into my room!" - Raven

"What's the matter kid? Don't you want to play? Afterall, they're your toys." - Red-X

"Kid, you're taking life WAY too seriously." - Red-X

"Not everybody likes to play the big villain, kid. I'm a thief. I'm not threatening your precious city. Just lookin' out for number one." - Red-X

"Lighten up, Chuckles. I'm not such a bad guy, once you get to know me." - Red-X

"Okay, who were the moonmen?" - Red-X

"I caution. What you are about to see may shock, and disturb you." - Starfire
"...It's a zit. Everybody gets them. Deal with it." - Raven

"I fear that this time his brain is gone forever!" - Starfire
"...Beast boy had a brain?" - Raven

"Try not to be jealous." - Beast boy as turns himself into a whale.
"He just put on 300,000 pounds. I am soo jealous." - Raven dryly

"How am I supposed to watch TV without the remote!?" - Cyborg
"Simple. You get up and change the channel." - Raven

"This prom is some manner of duel, yes? Robin eagerly accepts!" - Starfire
"It's not a duel, Star. It's a date." - Robin
*Gasps loudly* "He does NOT accept!" - Starfire

"Stankball...? You're joking." - Malchior
"They wanted me to referee." - Raven
"Smashing. You must be the luckiest girl in the world. And this Beastboy sounds like an absolute genius." - Malchior

"Jinx. Are you... you?" - Kid Flash
*Jinx fires off a hex on a water pipe: spraying water on him*
"It's you." - Kid Flash

"Verse One: 'The quieting'. Ahem. TOK! TOK! TOK! GLAKNA! FARG! FARG! GLAKNA!" - Starfire singing Tamaran's Ballad of Serenity.
Four hours later...
"AROOGAAAAA!! End of Verse One. Now, Verse Two: 'The Patience'." - Starfire
"Verse Two... somebody... please kill me now..." - Cyborg to Starfire's 'singing' to a sleeping Beast Boy.
"@#! Let me at her! I'll show her patience!" - Hotspot being held back by Raven and Robin when Starfire started singing horribly again. (From Teen Titans Go comic: Anger Management.)

"Those undead dudes tried to eat my brains!" - Beast Boy.
"I guess they only wanted a light snack." - Raven. (Teen Titans GO comic: Song of the Dead.)


"Twilight... get my rope." - Applejack with a very calm voice.

"Oh... horseapples!" - Applejack


"You're... going to LOVE MEE!!" - Fluttershy

"Um... I'm just wondering if it's okay if I hold you down against your will for a little bit?" - Fluttershy

"Okay this has gone from weird and straight into freaky town." - Rainbow Dash

"It needs to be about 20 percent cooler." - Rainbow Dash about her dress

"Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!" - Rainbow Dash

"Well well well... looks like we have some NEIGHSAYERS!" - Trixie

"Why if I evar saw one o' them cock-a-thingies face-to-face, I'd laugh at how silly it looks!" - Apple Bloom

"'Slumber 101: All You've Ever Wanted To Know About Slumber Parties But Were Afraid To Ask'..." - Rarity reading one of Twilight Sparkle's books

"You, sir, are the most UNCHARMING prince I have EVER met! In fact the only thing royal about you is that you are a ROYAL PAIN!" - Rarity to a douchebag prince.

"Your Aunty Pinkie Pie's got it all taken care of!" - Pinkie Pie
"I'm a year older than you..." - Fluttershy

"But still only one pony. And one pony plus hundreds of apples trees just doesn't add up to-" - Big Macintosh
"Don't you use your fancy mathematics to muddle the issue!" - Applejack

"Okay, here's the plan. Rainbow Dash, you distract them!" - Twilight Sparkle
*Rainbow Dash flies by screaming while being chased by a horde of parasprites*
"Good! Everyone else, we need to makie an exact copy of Ponyville right over there. We got less than a minute!" - Twilight Sparkle

"Come on you guys... let me in!" - Spike
"Sure thing, Spike!" - Rainbow Dash
"Heavens, no! We're getting dressed!" - Rarity
"Dressed? Uh, beg pardon Rarity but uh, we don't normally wear clothes." - Applejack

"Whining? I am NOT whining. I am COMPLAINING! Do you want to HEAR whining? Thiiis is whining. Oooh, this harness is so tight! And so's the chain, can't you loosen it? Oooh, it hurts, and it's sooo rusty! Why don't you clean it first, it's gonna leave a STAIN, and the wagon's getting HEAVY! WHY DO I HAVE TO PULL IT?!" - Rarity in THE best and obnoxious whiny impersonating voice I have EVER heard.
"Nargh! Make it stop! STOP WHINING!"- Diamond Dog


"Slice up those cow tits of yours and make me a sandwich!" - Battler Ushiromiya to Beatrice/Beato

"FALL! FALL! I'M GONNA FALL!!" - Battler when he's on a boat.

"I'll teach you how gentle the hell you came from is!" - Rosa Ushiromiya to Goat Butlers.

"I'm no longer furniture! I'm the zero on your roulette! This is the end of the demon's roulette. You can wait a thousand more years in hell for your next summoner!" - Kanon

"Pride implies self-confidence and bravery." - Kinzo Ushiromiya (Visual Novel)

"Battler is my toy. My most favorite toy in the world...!! I won't get tired of him, I won't throw him away, and I won't hand him over to anyone!!" Beato (Visual Novel)

"I agree. Envy is the source of a woman's power." - Kyrie Ushiromiya

"So I envied Asumu until she died. Don't make me laugh, little girl! As if you could understand the madness of a woman whose man was stolen from her, and who burned with envy for 18 years!" - Kyrie Ushiromiya

"Heh! You really want to make me kiss your toes that much!? Only if I surrender! But watch, I'll definitely expose this trick, and then I'll make you kiss my ass instead!" - Battler to Beato (Visual Novel)

"Battler, don't you want to abandon yourself to the joy of surrendering to one with poweeeer? I'll make you my favorite furniture. I'll love you so much, and make you my toy until you turn to ashes..." - Beato to Battler. (Visual Novel) The bold parts are repeated in the Red Truth, btw.

"Next time you want to send a love letter, I suggest you just write 'I love you'. ...If you make it too roundabout and confusing, no one's gonna be able to figure it out". - Battler to Beato (Visual Novel. This makes me smile. XD)

"Remember the time we went to that dangerous country 'n the whole bus was robbed? I repelled 'em!" - Hideyoshi
"...Didn't you just hand over your gold watch and beg them to go away? ...It was pretty lame..." - Eva (Visual Novel)

"Batleer, no matter what kind of woman you bring home, I'll accept her waaarmly, alright?" - Rudolf
"You can't introduce her to this guy, alright? He'll get his hands on her immediately. He'll elope right away." - Kyrie to Battler (Visual Novel)

"Hey!! Give me back my breakfast!!" - Battler (Chases Beelzebub around in front of Beato and Ronove)
*Giggling* "These croissants Ronove baked would be a waste on the likes of you!" - Beelzebub

"Hey, you people! Are you trying to break Lady Maria's furniture!?" - Satan about Sakutaro.
"But, you're the one holding him the tightest..." - Belphegor.

"R-Ronove!" - Beato.
*Chuckling" - Ronove.
"Gah, you tricked me!" - Beato

"...Lamda, are you there?" - Bernkastel
"Yes, I'm here. I'm anywhere you want me to be, Bern." - Lamdadelta
"...Then crawl into the cupboard under the kitchen floor. Or in a jar of rice-bran paste, if you want." - Bernkastel (Visual Novel)

"Oi, just a minute Beato. Did you really make this?" - Battler about the chocolates that Beato had just given him.
"Yep, I did! I made it with my heart full of feelings for you!" - Beato
"Repeat in red! 'This chocolate was handmade by Beatrice!'" - Battler (From Umineko No Naku Koro Ni - Stakes' Valentine Day)

"He's younger? I didn't know he was younge! I knew it! Jessie's into little kids!" - Female Students about Jessica and Kanon.
"Kids? Are they talking about me, Milady?" - Kanon.
"Aaah! Listen to how he talks! He calls her Milady! Looky, she's got him trained!" - Female Students.
"Kanon, wait here a sec, okay?" - Jessica (secretly puts on knuckles, pushes Kanon out of the room before beating the girls up)

"...It's hard to use a quill pen." - Battler
*ping* - him accidently shooting out ink.
"...Whoa, it shot." - Battler
"You klutz. Shooting ink is a bad omen. Can't you at least write your name quickly? You are wriggling like a worm (cackle)." - Beato
"You should talk...! Don't write it in katakana! Beatrice is a stylish name, so write it in cursive! You're making the quill and your name cry!" - Battler
"Sh-Shut up, in school, didn't they tell you not to use cursive in tests?" - Beato (Visual Novel)

"Crying won't get you anywhere!" - Shion Sonosaki

"You're already a wonderful person, so what do you have to be guilty for?" - Satako Houjo

"Fate chan be changed with our own hands." - Keiichi Maebara

"If you give up because of fate or whatever, then you already lost." - Keiichi Maebara

"She goes against the anti-big-boobs law." - Mion Sonozaki about Miyo Tanako.

"We're all flowers. We do our best to grow regardless of where we take root, and we all try to produce the best flower we can." - Rena Ryuuguu

"All that mushy crap is starting to tick me off." - Rika Furude

"Mi!" - Rika Furude

"Nipa!" - Rika Furude


"I'm flying!" - CM Punk as he jumped on Cena from the top turnbuckle.

"Oops, I'm breaking the forth wall." - CM Punk as he smiles and waves at the camera.

"You have entered Bizarro World." - CM Punk

"I will kick you in the nuts and you will smile and like it." - CM Punk

"NXT should be started like a, uh, carcrash or being arrested. It's no fun when it happens to yourself but watching other people do it-" *claps* "-it's hilarious." - CM Punk

"Can we not say 'dumped' and 'Bellas' in the same sentence, please?" - CM Punk

"Hey, this is not the Spanish announce table! Very mature! He spilled my diet soda!" - CM Punk after Cena delieverd an AA on Heath Slater on the announcer table.

"I mean when was the last time we had one of these contract signings... that didn't end... in some sort of horrible physical calamity? So if you wanna cut to the chase, you know, we can flip the table over, we can all start beating each other up or we can at least make this entertaining." - CM Punk

"To be the man, you gotta beat the man." - Ric Flair

"Sometimes it is hell, trying to get to heaven." - Undertaker

"Oh le le, holmes! Now you know... I JUST LIED!" - Eddie Guerrero (May he Rest in Peace. He lives in our hearts forever)

"YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!" - Daniel Bryan

"You see, Wade, do yourself a favor. Take a bit of advice from a grizzled, disgruntled ex-employee who wears purple... and MAY have accidentally pee'd in your coffee once or twice." - John Cena to Wade Barrett

"You give them everything, and they'll give everything back to you!" - John Cena about fans.

"My name is Santino, and I'm from EUROPE! I like my pancakes, with Maple SYRUP! I lost my title to Wlliam REGAL! His knee to my head, should have been ILLEGAL! Now I'm healthy, and it is VITAL! I want. Back. My IC TITLE! With a woot woot! Yes!" - Santino Marella rapping

"Tale that William Regal! You're not even in a restaurant but... YOU GOT SERVED!" - Santino Marella

"But then Mario Kart's easy, and it's for beginners, and I will beat anyone's ass at Mario Kart, I guarantee you." - Randy Orton in an interview about games.

"I would RKO my own grandmother, if it meant keeping this title! And then I'd RKO your grandmother just to see the look on her face." - Randy Orton

"If you people don't shut up, I'm going to get really pissed off! And you wouldn't want to be close to me, when I'm pissed off!" - Randy Orton (Am I the only one who found that funny? I don't know why, I just do)

"So I'm a bit angry. You have to excuuse me." - Edge

"I am sick of this! I'm sick of this stupid 'Beep-Beep, beep-beep'!" - Edge

"Why do you keep interfering in my business? Why- ...Why am I arguing with the computer?" - Edge

"Spear spear spear, spear, spear, spear." - Edge

"You go and spear my personal mascot? The Swagger Soaring Eagle? Why, Edge? He's friendly. The children love him. He's an endangered species for God's sake! Do you know how hard it is for eagles to get medical insurance?" - Jack Swagger to Edge about his mascot.

"Tell your mascot to get out of here because I have no problem, flipping the bird." - Edge to Swagger

"Heh. Hey Swagger. I don't know if you can hear me, and I know this is a PG show, but... I definitely flipped the bird." - Edge to Swagger's unconscious form.

"I miss the fact that... that when I walk in a room, my theme music and pyro automatically goes off. That doesn't happen in the real world and that, it kinda sucks." - Edge

"Please resist the urge of the puking because this is a little cheesy." - Edge

"I make pink look pretty damn good." - Dolph Ziggler

"It's not showing off if you can back it up." - Dolph Ziggler

"We comin' for YOU, nigger!" - Booker T

"PUT THAT SH*T ON YOUTUBE!" - Matt Hardy at a bar after Jeff sang.

"Oh, those panties are SWEET!" - Jeff Hardy referring to Mister Kennedy's 'Talk to the Mic' panties.

"It's easier to be pissed off, than pissed on." - Shawn Michaels

"Speak, monkey!" - JBL to Michael Cole

"Around here, no one deserves anything. You have to earn it." - Daniel Bryan

"Why is the cameraman always on the wrong side!?" - Jerry Lawler after the cameraman misses catching Stacy Kiebler's panties as she does her entrance.

"I know, you seem a little mad that I'm out here. I don't know why, I went through a lot of trouble today... decorating your office. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a unicorn in Nashville Tenesse?" - Triple H

"You're the genetic JackHammer! But somewhere along the way... the genetic JackHAMMER... had a little too much... genetic Jack-DANIELS... AND forgot to genetically Jack OFF and then... ended up here standing in the ring in front of the whole world... as the genetic Jack ASS." - Triple H to Vince McMahon

"Did you use a cheesy pick-up line. Or did you just go 'HI-HO! HI HO!'? Did you, did you even TRY to use a condom? Or did you just wrap a four-leaf clover at the end, and wished for the best?" - Triple H

"Just look at me! Beauty. Style. A little vision of perfection. I love myself and that's enough." - Maryse Ouellet.

"Well, let me ask you this: Is that because... your head... is stuck soo far... up Mr McMahon's arse, that your NOSE IS COVERED IN CRAP!?" - John Morrison to Drew Macintyre in an Irish accent.

"Now kids, leave TLC to the professionals. Last week, Justin Bieber was inspired by the whole TLC concept, and was caught falling off a ladder trying to reach puberty." - JTG

"I'll tell you a funny story. One day, Carlito got so fed up, he took his teacher's apple... and spat it right in his face. And the principle came up to Carlito and said "Good job"! ...Just kidding, I got expelled. But! After that, Carlito became the coolest guy on the island." - Carlito

"Okay, I know that spider crawled up her butt last week... but I didn't know it DIED UP THERE! Easy tiger..." - Angelina love.

"None of you perverts deserve to see any of MY goodies!" - Velvet Sky

"John Cena is on Smackdown! This is some sort of joke! Lawlyer! Say something!" - Michael Cole
"I'm in shock, idiot." - Jerry Lawlyer

"...That guy... is a G-ROUCH!" - Brian Kendrick about Hardcore Holly
"Yeah, that's him, on a good day." - Cody Rhodes
"...Poo..." - Brian Kendrick

"I just got four words for you! The Champ is here!" John Cena (walks away smiling).
"I am BEGGING for someone to get their own material!" - Shawn Michaels.

"And if you're not down with that, we just got two words for ya!" - DX.
"SUCK IT!" - WWE Crowd.

"C'mon, Chimmel! Stand up!" - Michael Cole
"He's trying to!" - Josh Matthews

"Carlito was backstage looking all over for his apple. Only to find out that you stole it for your little... classroom thing." - Carlito
"I'm a teacher. Teachers have apples, m'kay?" - Matt Striker

"Go back to Toronto!" - Fan at the ringside to Chris Jericho
"I'm from Winnipeg, you idiot!" - Jericho (from Summerslam 2009)

"Amy, hmm, let's see..." - Joy Giovanni
*squeezes Amy Weber's breasts*
"Woo!" - Jerry Lawler

"What's this?" - Trish Stratus after seeing Torrie Wilson with Jeff Hardy
"Trish, she's got a paddle." - Jeff with his arms raised up
"Paddle this, bitch." *slaps Torrie* - Trish

"WHAT!" - WWE Crowd
"I'll tell you: why don't you say 'What' if you like to sleep with your own sister." - Undertaker

"Would you like to see the text message on my telephone?" - Kevin Nash
"You want to see the test message my little sister, Sheleen, sent me last night?" *looks down at his phone* "Ere, here it is. O-M-G, Kevin Nash, W-T-F. Thought he was dead, L-O-L." - CM Punk
*cheers loudly* - WWE Crowd

"Figures they'd need two cars for something as stupid as this. I can't believe he's writing me a ticket for something this stupid." - CM Punk after getting pulled over by a cop for following too close to the car in front of him. Meanwhile, another cop car pulled up.
*looking in the side mirror of Punk's car* "Um, Punker, I want you to keep calm." - Allison Danger
"Huh? I am calm, I just think it's stupid that-" *Punk sees that the second squad is a K-9 unit* "WHAT THE FUCK?!" - CM Punk

"And the match would end with Madison in her... oh-so-famous and favorite position. And that would be, on her back, with her legs over her head, baby. Spread eagle for the one, two, three." - Velvet Sky
"Yeah." - Angelina Love, mimicking the funny position.
"Doubt me. Please doubt me, right now. Please, I'm begging someone to doubt me." - Velvet Sky

"Having sex with a dead body... WHO. IN THE HELL, have sex with a dead body, come on." - Booker T to Kane
*raises hand meekly* - Goldust
*stares* - Booker T and Kane
"What? I was young, it's stupid, come on." - Goldust

"And as we seen before... you guys... don't always get along. But, we're gonna have a little contest we like call... "Diss the Diva". - Stacy Keibler
"Oh! I love this!" - Jerry Lawler
"So, just because you haven't gotten along before we're gonna have a referee come out here just to make sure there's no unecessary roughness in here." - Stacy Keibler
"Oh, come on, let them get physical!" - Jerry Lawler

"Let's go, Cena!" - The chicks and kids of the crowd
"Cena sucks!" - The guys of the crowd
"Let's go, Cena!" - The chicks and kids
"Cena sucks!" - The guys
"That... that was beautiful." - John Cena

Cena kisses Vickie Guerrero*
"WHA!?" - Michael Cole
"EWWW!" - Matt Striker
"Well... Cena's got more guts than I've ever thought! Cena's a REAL man!" - Cole

"I realized you slept with some trolls back in the day. But I didn't realized you also slept with elves, fairies and hopgoblins." - Triple H
"I'VE never slept with fairies!" - Vince McMahon
"You've never slept with fairies, Vince? That's not what I've read on the Internet." - Triple H

"I've never even seen you successfully talk to a woman since I've known you. Unless of course, you count Alex Riley." - Edge to Miz
"'Cause I'm the one with the long hair and the pouty lips, right? Hahaha." - Riley sarcastically.
"...Kind of strange that you noticed my lips, and I wouldn't go to hair if I were you." - Edge

"OOH!" - Jonathan Coachmen as the WWE universe started cheering
"He's going down south! Wait a minute!" - Jerry "The King" Lawler
"Hehehe." - Coach
"Oh, what did I...?" - Jerry
"Er, heh... ...We are live, and it..." - Coach
"My eyes have seen the glory of the..." - Jerry
(Them commentating on Edge's and Lita's live sex celebration on RAW, and have seen one of Lita's exposed breast) O_O XD

"I know, I know, but he said it. We don't know what controversal means." - Triple H
"I DON'T BELIEVE THIS! Y-Y-You, buddy. What's your name?" - Shawn Michaels
"Stan." - Bystander
"Stan." *superkicks Stan and knocking him out cold* "SEE? I just kicked STAN!" Shawn Michaels

"Honey?" - Stephanie MecMahon
"Mm?" - Triple H
"Honey?" - Stephanie
"Yeah?" - Tripple H
"My Dad's still in a coma, right?" - Stephanie
"Yeah, he's in a coma. I'm pretty sure he's brain-dead." - Triple H
"Hoh... thank God." :D - Stephanie

"He's... he's a nerd. And anyone that wants nothing to do with the Bella twins has got issues. MAJOR issues." - Michael Cole about Daniel Bryan
"Wait a second, I don't want anything to do with the Bella twins." - CM Punk
"There you go, my case exactly." - Cole
"Oh, I have issues? YOU have issues, buddy. You'd take Alex Riley over the Bellas." - CM Punk
"...That was... great, this is going to be a great three hours of those witty comebacks." - Cole

"Uuughh. I'm coming, Kane! I'm coming! Uugh!" - Big Show pushing a crane out of the way of a room where Kane was locked in.
*walks up* "Need some help?" - Kane
*sees Kane* "Wha...? *opens the door and looks inside the now empty room* How'd you get out?" - Big Show
"There's a back door." - Kane
"There's another door?" - Big Show
"Yeah." - Kane
"Well they aren't very smart." - Big Show

"WHAT?" - WWE Crowd
"They don't hold a candle to my ability!" - Miz
"WHAT?" - WWE Crowd
"They don't hold a candle to my talent!" - Miz
"WHAT?" - WWE Crowd
"You all sound like a bunch of ducks! 'WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, WHAT!' SHUT UP while I'm talking!" - Miz

"We will only use the words... 'ass', 'damn', 'hell' AND 'bitch'. We will NEVER, however, use the words... 'shit', 'fuck', 'goddamn', 'Jesus Christ', 'faggot', or any other racial or sexual slurs. Now then, as it pertains to video... we promise, there will be less dick references." - Triple H
"Aw shit." - Shawn Micheals.
"Watch your fucking mouth." - Triple H
"Woh, fuck me." - Shawn Micheals
"Goddammit, fuck. Anyway, there will be less penis references." - Triple H
"Oh, and one last thing. Even though many of you believe that currently the favorite past time in the oral office is... 'swallow the leader'. I did not, I repeat, I did not sleep with that young intern. As a matter of fact, I was UP ALL NIGHT, hahahaha!" :D - Shawn Michaels

"WHAT?" - WWE Crowd
"Are we gonna do this all day?" - Miz
"WHAT?" - WWE Crowd
"Really?" - Miz
"WHAT?" - WWE Crowd
"Really?" - Miz
"WHAT?" - WWE Crowd
"Really?" - Miz
"WHAT?" - WWE Crowd

"We got a lot in common, man. We have a lot in common. One: We're young. Two: We're incredibly... handsome. Three: We're extremely talented." - Randy Orton to John Cena
(A few dialogues later...)
"I won't take that lying down. Okay, so here's what I propose. Tonight, you and I get together. We take out HBK, we take out Edge, and that leaves you and I standing alone in that ring. And then, John... we see who the better man is. What do you say?" - Randy
"See who the better man is?" - John
"That's right." - Randy
"You really feel this way." - John
"Yes I do." - Randy
"So you really think that I'm handsome." - John
"Wha-uh, wait a minute man, you--I, I, that's not exactly what I meant." - Randy
"No, no and you also said that... later on tonight, you want to get together?" - John
"But I said that the set-- like in the ring man! You know that--" - Randy
"Man, and you said that you're not gonna take this lying down, but... your eyes, they tell a different story. Hey no, no, wait, I know, don't get mad, it's 2007: I'm not judging anybody. But I mean you... it works for you. You go to the ring and-" *poses the way Randy did*. "...That's just not my thing." - John before walking away.
"You think you're funny, you think you're funny, Cena, huh!? The only pose you're gonna be doing tonight, is laying on your back IN THAT RING, with me, ON TOP!" - Randy shouting out to Cena after he left.
"DAMN!" - Ron Simmons

Quotes from other works of fiction

"There's no such thing as justice and crap in getting vengeance on innocent people." - Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist manga)

"Yes... it's me. Find the very first person in the world who said that raw tuna topped with mayonnaise and soy sauce will taste like giant tuna... and immediately banish them from the country." - Kyoya Ootori nonchalantly into his mobile phone. (Ouran High School Host Club manga)

"I've brought a message from Roy." - Maes Hughes
"From the colonel?" - Edward Elric
"'Post-processing is a bit of a pain, so I will not permit you to die within my jurisdiction'. That's all." - Hughes
"Tell him I said 'Roger that, I will not die before you do, colonel shit'." - Edward (Fullmetal Alchemist manga)

"Look, every year, my height is very... very... very... very small..." - Edward, becoming depressed by the end.
"(He admits it...)" - Winry, shocked.
"He faced his trauma..." - Alphonse (Fullmetal Alchemist manga)

"Men are the type that speak through actions rather than words. If they're going to suffer, they want to avoid making other people support them as much as possible. They don't want people to worry about them either. That's why they won't say anything." - Maes Hughes (Fullmetal Alchemist)

"If you have nowhere to go, then find another place. If you want friends, then you just have to do your best. I'm sure that you'll find the things you didn't find before. Because there's no human being who wants to disappear." - Asai Kazuyuki (from the manga 'Judge')

"You've got to be kidding. I'm wet, I'm naked, your sister is wearing my clothes, and this is all part of some evil plot TO RULE THE WORLD AS A SOGGY CHIMP IN MY BIRTHDAY SUIT?!" - Mojo Jojo (The Powerpuff Girls)

"Why can't you use your brain?" - Sally Acorn
"It gives me a headache." - Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic SatAM)

"I GIIIVE UP! TAKE ME TO HIS ROYAL DOPINESS!" - Sonic to Robotnik's swatbots. (SatAM)

"How DARE you correct me!?" - Raenef trying to be intimidating. (Demon Diary)

"Mr. Tomato..." (T_T) - Raenef (Demon Diary)

"You will rule in terror no matter what you think about it!" - Eclipse to Raenef (Demon Diary)

"We're in a nightmare!" - Chris.
"Like this?" - Raenef riding on a rocking horse.
"I said a NIGHT MARE, not a NICE MARE!" - Chris (Demon Diary)

"Girls... two girls..." - Monster.
"Chris, are you a girl?" - Raenef.
"It's you, you idiot! You look like a girl!" - Chris (Demon Diary)

"I'M THE BONDAGE QUEEN!" - Erutis dressed up.
"No bosom." - Eclipse.
"Stumpy legs." - Chris.
*Falls over* - Erutis. (Demon Diary)

"What is... Rock, Paper, Scissors?" - Kisshu (Tokyo Mew Mew)

"Ichigo is MY toy! HANDS OFF!" - Kisshu (Tokyo Mew Mew)

"I don't care if you're Kisshu or kiss you!" - Ichigo Momomiya (Tokyo Mew Mew)

"Pyjamas are sexy too!" - Pudding Fong. (Tokyo Mew Mew)

"You're heavier than you look." - Ryou Shirogane to Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew)

"My name is Camus O. Laphraiog. Such an elegant name. Isn't it like the wind that blows through space?" - Camus
"Doesn't wind not blow in space?" - Milfuelle Sakuraba (Galaxy Angels)

"Aaah, I love that abusive tongue of yours, Lester..." - Takuto Meyers
*gasps* - Almo horrified.
"Awah-wah...!" - Coco, also horrified.
"Hey...! S-Stop it, Takuto!" - Lester Coolduras
"C-Commander Meyers is hugging Subcommander Coolduras..." - Almo
"I had my suspicions before. So they are together after all... heheheheh..." - Coco
"Hey! After all?! What do you mean, after all?!" - Lester (Galaxy Angel: Eternal Lovers)

"Absurd. Even in dreams, men don't hug each other like that." - Lester Coolduras after Takuto had hugged him.
"You'd be happy if it were a girl?' - Takuto Meyers
"Better than you." - Lester
"Maybe next time then, I'll give Almo and Coco a big hug." - Takuto
"I think I'll pass." - Coco
"I would have to agree." - Almo
"Sheesh. Everybody's so heartless." - Takuto (Galaxy Angel: Eternal Lovers)

"AARRGGHH! How am I supossed to do all of this!?" - Ryou while busily serving customers in the Cafe.
"Smile! Smile, Smile Ryou! Smile!" - Keichiiro Akasaka
"Keichiiro! You little-!" *A bell rings, signifying a new customer has entered. Ryou is suddenly all cleaned up and sparkly with a huge smile on*
"Hai, Hai! I'm coming!" - Ryou (Tokyo Mew Mew)

"Where is she, NICOLE?" - Sonic
"Insufficient information, Sonic." - NICOLE
"Say what?" - Sonic
"Name required for comotive answer." - NICOLE
"Sally. Where's Sally?" - Sonic
"Sally is no longer present." - NICOLE
"I can see that. Where'd she go?" - Sonic
"Sally did not input destination." - NICOLE
"Warning! Improper manipulation of this causes extensive circuitry damage." - NICOLE
"TALK. IN. ENGLISH! Doooh!" - Sonic
"Sonic... Do. Not. Shake me." - NICOLE (from SatAM)

"That b*tch..." - Lelouch after seeing C.C behind Kallen
"What? Is something the matt-argh!" - Kallen as Lelouch grabbed her face to move it right in front of him untl C.C walks away: making them look like they're about to kiss
"Hey..." - Kallen
"Mm?" - Lelouch
"What are you doing?" - Kallen
"I wonder..." - Lelouch (from Code Geass)

"Anybody got a plan?" - Vixen
"Yeah, try to stay alive." - Hawkgirl
"Anybody got a good plan?" - Huntress (from Justice League Unlimited)

"You girls are developing into quite the superheroes." - Wonder Woman to the PowerPuff Girls.
"Some day we'll be as developed as you." - Bubbles.
O_O - Wonder Woman and Aquaman (From a Cartoon Network spoof commercial)

"(How could Janis hate Regina? She's such a good-)" - Cady Heron
*sees Regina kissing a guy she likes*
"(-*gasp* SLUT!)" - Cady (Mean Girls)

"Calling somebody else fat won't make you any skinnier. Calling somebody else stupid doesn't make you any smarter." - Cady Heron (Mean Girls)

"All you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you." - Cady Heron (Mean Girls)

"Suck onn that!" - Janis Ian (Mean Girls)

Seeing all the girls fighting* "Hell, no! I did not leave the South Side for this!" *smashes a fire-alarm with his baseball bat* - Mr. Duvall (Mean Girls)

Is on his phone while being surrounded by girls fighting each other* "Mom... can you pick me up? I'm scared." - Boy (Mean Girls)

"Now what the young ladies in this grade need is an attitude makeover. And you're going to get it, right now. I don't care how long it takes. I will keep you here all night." - Mr. Duvall (Mean Girls)
"We can't keep them past four." - Joan the secretary
"I will keep you here until four." - Mr. Duvall

"You know who's lookin' fine tonight? Seth Mosakowski." - Karen Smith
"Okay, you did not just say that." - Gretchen Wieners
"What? He's a good kisser." - Karen
"He's your cousin." - Gretchen
"Yeah, but he's my first cousin." - Karen
"Right..." - Gretchen
"Well, you have your cousins, then you have your first cousins..." - Karen
*Gretchen stares at her with pity* "No, honey... nuh uh." - Gretchen
"...That's not right is it?" - Karen
"That is so not right." - Gretchen (Mean Girls)

"I need your help to find this girl." - Joey Parker
"And if you don't, you'll die." - Woman sarcastically
"...I think I might." - Joey (Another Cinderella Story)

OCs that I have used in my stories WITH permission

1) Nathan from Cam Irving (In "Falling into the Abyss". Chapter 11 and the 1st Bonus chapter.)

I accept other people's OCs to be used in my story for fun, but only if they are either good friends or had reviewed that certain story enough. ;) If you fit into one of those category, just ask me through a PM about the possibility of using your OC, along with their character profiles. The more descriptive they are (like personalities, what they are like, their background etc...), the better, so I would have a better idea of how to write them. I will NOT accept OC Profiles through reviews, so please don't clog the review section of my stories with character profiles, please. -_-; They will only be totally ignored.

On the topic of OCs... PLEASE do not use my, or any of the OCs mentioned in my fics without the permission/s of their respective owner/s!

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