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Hey i am victoria...An american...but with a british_italian family...i am writing my stories for you readers to ...well...read...I hope you enjoy them...I want to be an actress one day and have a chance to put my mark on the world...my stories can be well...inaproprate...but i am sure you will enjoy them...please give me feedback and suggestions on what i should write next...Thank you so much for reading them... I have yet to put it up but i am creating a Tudor fic. I hope that you will find that interesting as well.


thank you!

I am open if anone needs help on there story because i have a least some free time on my hands (even tough i am almost always active)

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gotta love Bob Dylan!

I will conintue on the Tudors and the James Bond fic... I NEED YOU GUYS TO REVIEW OR I WILL STOP BOTH STORIES

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I am currently Writting about POTO and i am strongly agains "Love Never Dies" read here why:

The reason for the phantom not getting the girls was because the only way that the phantom proves selflessness and his true love for Christine was by letting her go to be with Raoul, the one she supposedly loved. So basically now they are ...saying that the beautiful act of the Phantom letting her go was a big hoax and now hes going to take her back. a couple of things wrong with that...1) lets be realistic if Christine really wanted him she would have not gone with Raoul 2) When did this supposed love scene happen between Christine and the Phantom to produce a love child? (and if Christine did have sex with him i highly doubt that a girl as young as Christine would stray away from the guy who she lost her virginity to) 3) Coney Island? Really? Why would the phantom want to go to a place full of freaks if he spent most of his childhood being locked away by them? And why would a beautiful singer like Christine want to go and SING there?
And of course they go and convict Raoul of being a terrible drunkin husband who beats on his kid and wife? AND they make cute little innocent Meg and jelouse Bitch who ends up killing her only childhood friend because SHE is now in love with the Phantom. Oh and one more thing. a message to the Phantom: JUST BECUSE CHRISTINE"S LITTLE KID CAN SING AND PLAY INSTRUMENTS DOES NOT AUTOMATIALLY MAKE HIM YOUR SPAWN!

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