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VOTE ON MY POLL!! I'm on deviantart too, YAY:

Thanks Black-Dranzer-1119 for beta-ing two of my stories and reading my first one:D I LOVE YOU, BLACKIE

READ: If you look this up after I reviewed ur story: Congrats:D Your story has to be either very original OR very good OR I just had to tell you something...Could be a combination of all those things:D Woo, feel honoured:P If I wrote you an idiotely big comment like I always seem to do and you didn't like it (though I doubt if you'd take a look at my profile, then): Please save your time and don't read the stuff on my page hereXD If do, thank yoooo!! Chocolate chip cookies and apple pie (my grandad had a bakery and his apple pies are AMAZING)!!:D I don't copy-paste things, so everything I wrote here should be valuable or personal in some way:D Scroll over it, I'd say:p

RIGHT NOW: Is my dear laptop HEALED!!8D

DON'T READ: I am MLM:P I'm not going to tell you my real name, first because this is the dangerous internet after all...and because it makes me feel just like L!!(Yesyes, I'm just another brainless L-crazed fangirl:3 But, be honest...To have that much fangirls you just have to be greatXD And therefore deserve fangirls:3) LLL

Oh, well...

What should I say next...? I'm just a crazy Death Note addict, Light and L are my favs...They're perfect for each other:D Opposites attract, but if ur too different it crashes:) And when you match on the wrong points or are nearly identifical, it just can't work too. Misa and Light are both fashion junkies (or at least really care about their looks) but they don't level each other. And I don't have to tell you L and Light doXD Oh, and Light was born gay. Even if Misa would've been perfect for him, he couldn't care less. Misa should realize Matsu is perfect for her:D But there's a chance Matsu is gay too. I won't be suprised, anyway:) BTW, read Uke in Denial by chocoboshead, it's brilliant!!:D Chocobo roxx:P

I...Am...Also...A Harry Potter Addict!!:D Ever since I was a little girl cosplaying Hermione all day long (I seem to resemble her alot, but that's because my hair was dark blonde and curly(I dyed it dark and cut it shorter), like her:P), and had a big crush on Draco (:3:3:3) but now I'm a yaoi fangirl and like Draco/Harry...Actually everything about HP. I'm planning on writing something for it, but first I'll be reading alot, probably. Oh well, as long as I don't let DN down, I'm happy...

Allright...Personal stats:

Name: Unknown!!>8D (Not by me, hehe:P)

Alias: MLM

Land: The land of the coffee shops in Amsterdam (And Appie Dam itself, of course:3), the land of the windmills, the land of the cheese and the wooden shoes (I know them as ' Klompen'...), The Netherlands!! YAY:P

Blood type: 0 positive

B-day: I just decided to leave that out, after I read a horrifying article about perverts on the internet

Sign: Same as L I'm not gonna say so, I'll put a thing in LYHM about Light guessing what his sign is, somewhere:P If you already know and suddenly wonder where all the information on MLM's profile went to, just PM me

Not-star sign-obsessed: Don't worry, I'll not spend a whole chap of LYHM on star signsX3 I just love them so much

Likes: Useless things, Death Note(who doesn't;P), Chocolate (who doesn't;P), yaoi (who doesn't;P), South Park, Simpsons, Ben&Jerry's, Coffee with chocolate milk, The rush you get after drinking three cups of it, The feeling after you went sporting (really. YIPPEEE), Amsterdam (Not the coffee shops, all the stories about that are exaggerated. Amsterdam has very nice architecture(love it!!)

Oh, and for who wondered because of the referentions… I love the Teletubbies. For who doesn’t believe, I really do. Very much. Before Death Note and Harry Potter, there were the Teletubbies (to indicate how heavily addicted I wasXD) And they still are. Those who know me aren't surprised anymore when I begin to sing the (Dutch version of) the Teletubbies song!!:D Dad still owes me a Lala-pluchie, btw. Daaad...

Dislikes: All the negative effects of sugar, people I can't bear with (Oh my. I'm unpredictableXD), the muffy cloud-like feeling in your head when you sat too long, the nearly-end of a short holiday, and other...thingsXD Oh, right, HORSES!! I'm glad I suffocate if I touch one or come too close to them(I'm allergic), like that I don't HAVE to see or touch them. Annoying things...Stupid.

My alias: MLMsky4life. MLM-sky-4life. MLM, letters:P Sky, Dutch sort-of abstract 'diminutive'. Pronounce as 'skee'. 'Little MLM'. They used to call me that when I was younger. But 'Sky' can also stand for freedom and limitlessness, and therefore creativity and space, YAY. I added 4life because 'MLMsky' sounds too...Short? And, I just like that name, and I'll carry it 4life:'D. However, call me MLM:D

Copy-paste this on your profile if you're not planning to copy-paste anything on your profile(but this, heheXD), even if you join the 10 percent who'd survive if Abercrombie and Fitch would say breathing was uncool, if you cried the crap out of your eyes when L Lawliet died, if you hate stereotyping, if you so-oh support gay marriage, if you think like a writer/obsessed yaoi fangirl/if you said something extremely dumb, think Mello is Hot/Kira God/Takada Not, plan to make this thing so much longer, and more...Everything. Copy-paste...(Oh, and tell me if you do, I'd like to know:3)

(btw, I personally don't think Kira is GodXD)

Death Note Classics:

First it was called 'clichés', but that sounded negative, though to me they just mean there was something so brilliant it's being taken over, or it was so logical more people thought of it. Nothing wrong with it...Read. Btw, order doesn't really matter, I just thought number 1 should be the number 1:)

1) L's cupcake boxers(5 stories, already)

2) Matt's puppy eyes(Countless. Best entry: Shorts And Sweets, chap...dunno, I forgot:D)

3) L's pet name 'Cake-kun' for Light (3 stories)

4) LxLight-chain-bondage(countless, not that I care:D)

5) Mikami stalking Light (countless, but oh so logical...)

6) Light being called a 'brunette' (that's female) and Mello a 'Blonde' (also female) (Countless)

7) Mello attacking Light after our poor 'brunette', with the best intentions, complimented Mello for being a pretty girl (2 amazing stories, I Won't Say and Chaos Ensured)

8) The LxLight-yaoi doujin Taikutsu (18+ warning:p)

9) Light and/or L licking cake off the other's face and/or hands (COUNTLESS!!:D Someone on Youtube called it a 'classic' too, that was when I decided to make this list:3)

Music I currently like:

Massive Attack (they were here in Amsterdam!! TWICE!! And you bet I was there!!:D)

Linkin Park. Fav: All of them!! Ultimate fav: Points Of Authority

Lamb: YAY, I love that one...I love the whole CD 'Lamb'(or so it was called, I thought), and especially God Bless and Cotton Wool, but I had to listen to the second one some more before I began to like it. Right now I own every CD!!:3 Looove the library...

Evanesence, Within Temptation, Pet Shop Boys, and...Britney SpearsXD Seriously. I thought, with all the things around her persona, she must've done something good, and decided to listen to 'Blackout' (Fav: Break The Ice, and the first two numbers remind me at L and Light for some reason I definitely can't place. The rest of the CD reminded me at Misa...). 'Circus' followed, fav: Mannequin. And I also listened 'In The Zone', and Touch Of My Hand and Shadow reminded me at Misa again...I'd say, listen to those two, maybe you agree with me. They're very different from Britney's 'hits', so don't think about that too much...

Moloko. Fav: Day For Night, reminding me at L and Light too, haha...Actually, I should make a list of all the songs reminding me at themXDXD. Franky Goes To Hollywood, fav: Relax(yesyes, those lyrics are just plain YAOIII!!:D Love:) And damn that guy has a sexy voice:p) and Welcome To The Pleasuredome and those two have been favs of mine ever since I liked music (and didn't understand what I was singing all day long), together with Massive Attack...How I like those:3 Oh, and Goldfrapp: (wohoo, saw em live in Massive Attack's fore programm!!) Favs: Tiptoe, Hairy Trees and Deep Honey...The last one reminds me at Light. But that could've something to do with the title...And because I really see Light as a big dreamer. Really, the first scene of DN proves it, and the idea to clean the world could be called 'thinking big' tooX3 Aww, I love Light.

Things you may notice when reading my stories:

> I LOOOOOOVE flashbacks, memories and things like that which aren't necessarily related to the story. If you don't like flashbacks: Ignore the fact that they are flashbacks. You'll get so many of them that you'll get used to it:D

> Yes...Light uses coconut shampoo, like I mentioned/are going to mention in probably every story I write!!:D I just find it such a cute and funny detail. I love coconut shampoo:p And Light, of course:D

> Like I mentioned too: I'm obsessed with psychology and signs. I try not to focus too much on especially the last one. But, LYHM-readers: Prepare for a heap of nonsense about that!!XD

> You probably can't even scroll over my profile without reading it: I. Hate. Sad. Endings. I can deal with (and even love) as much hurt, sadness and regret (and whatever) as a human being can feel, but ONLY, and ONLY if it ends nice. They say happy endings are a cliché and cheap, but so be it. I think I'm ignorant for all the sadness and sorrow in the world, but I don't want to be depressed if not overly necessary. Phew. That's clear tooXD

> Hell, yeah. Without Kira, Light is one of the softest, cutest and most sensitive and dreamy creatures on earth:3

> Indeed, I use the word 'Hell' alot. I don't believe in it because it would mean only asexuals go to heaven, and they probably did something else 'wrong', so we all go to hell. Btw, who on earth decides who goes to hell or not?! Not me, anywayz

> I tend to start paragraphs with a name, and to start sentences with 'And...'. Gets beta-ed out by Blackie, most of the time.

> People who don't review are either lazy or don't know what to say, like my beta noticed:D We are both proud reviewers, and it's fun to receive comments like 'omg there should be more reviewers like you in the world!!', though I'm happy too if you just leave something like 'cute', 'lol' or 'you suck'XD Not that this should be something 'you should notice about my stories'...XD I am a proud reviewer of every story and loose chapter I have read so far!!:D Although...When I'm reading a story, I'd rather just continue reading without leaving something like 'OMG'XP


So far my insane rambling:P. Here...My stories!! If it's not up-to-date, or doesn't fit, tell me:D Really, just do.

Visiting the Yagami House(VtYH): First. The idiot story about Light and Soichiro visiting...the Yagami House!! Together with L (currently Light's lover, and they're kind of...sweet/fluffy:3), Matsuda, Misa and Watari. Sachiko becomes a scary stalker, L becomes heavily popular and Soichiro hides a horrible secret...POV-changes, senseless situations and some horror things no child with parents in the entire world would want to think about. Including me. I tried not to think when I wrote some parts. The most fun was writing about Sachiko's thoughts. Why? I think you can only understand when reading itXDXD I myself have just read the first chap and the lemon, and I really think it sucksXD The lemon is way too slow and boring (A BORING LEMON!! I wrote HISTORY!!), and like my beta remarked, did I rely on dialogue too much. So now I hate that story:D (Does this mean I improved...?:D Yayz:P) M-rated, Complete

Matsuda Wishes: Second, less crackish fic. I'm kind of mean to Matsuda in VtYH, and this idea already wandered through my mind...Matsuda falls in love with both Light and L (I did something like that too in real life, so I know what I'm talking aboutXD), and at the same time, you get to see his memories about Mimi, his old girlfriend, who moved to America. It's mostly about Matsuda dreaming of being with Light and/or L. There are kind of cruel dreams in it, though. But that one's for you:P I have some problems writing in Matsu's POV, btw. That's why this story may feel different from LYHM and FL:) I think I'm gonna rewrite it. T-rated

Love You, Hate Me(LYHM): Beta-readed by Black-Dranzer-1119. This is...sort of my version of the LLight-story?:) It's just Light and L falling in love with each other, denying it, and after Light loses his memories, both really fall in love and they grow closer and closer to each other. I want to focus on adoration and feeling in-love...And idiot situations, a lot of memories and romance:P. It won't be as much comedy as VtYH, and will contain some angst and other things, but L and Light just can't stay serious when boredXD It will definitely include an alternate ending of the first half of Death Note, since I can't stand sad endings...:3 M-rated, right now just because of Light having a good time in the shower:3

Fading Light(FL): Also Beta-ed by Blackieeee:D This one's darker and more angsty than any of my other stories. After a fight with L, Light runs away and ends up in a (FICTIVE!!) suburb of Tokyo, surrounded by drug addicts and others...No humor in this one, Light is BROKEN, L didn't believe Light loved him, it should be another Kira-trick. Robby just popped up in my head, when writing the first chap I wanted him to be scary and ugly, but I wanted him to contrast with the Bad Guys...So I made him silly. He however shouldn't be the stereotype hero with the cool attitude and hot looks, that would definitely turn out in a battle with L. And that's not what this is all about. I sometimes feel guilty for what I do to Light, but this one will have a happy ending too, since...Heh, you know meXD My most popular story so far, I guess, YAY!! I really think it's logical to say that it's M-rated:p

Never Let You Go: I almost thought I lost this one when my laptop crashedXP Takes place a while after the Kira-case, but that's only mentioned once or twice. Our dear couple separated half a year ago, Light has a new boyfriend and L is doing like he always does...And then they meet again:D I don't know how OOC Light is, but maybe I took my 'Light is a soft, cute, fluffy and dreamy pluchie' too far in this oneXP I came up with Dex' character while writing some things for LYHM, I mean...Light has to have ONE cool gay friend, right?! Oh well, you'll have to meet him someday if you read LYHM or this one:P Shameless romance and lemon, M-rated

Have fun reading...:D May Kleio Inspire You (Thing of my teacher Ancient Greek...He's Kira-damned brilliant:P)

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