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Author has written 2 stories for Twilight.

Well where to start?

I'm actually terrible writing stuff like this out so just bear with me here guys!

Well i'm 21 and live in sunny sunny Scotland!! wayhey!! i actually totally wish i could pack up and move to America

Anyway my wee sister introduced me to Twilight. She went to see the film and instantly fell in love with Rob Pattinson, rolls eyes who hasn't? She read the book and i scoffed at her because she was mega obsessed with it. That was until i read it and omg its FREAKIN awesome!! i read her copy of twilight in 2 nights. Completly knackerd myself for the next next couple of days at work...i think i stayed up one morning until 4:30 reading it i was so unable to put it down! So the next morning i rushed out to the shops to buy the next 3 books and read them just as quick.


Bella decides to move back to Forks to be with her father after an "incident" caused her to be sent to Arizona to be with her mom. She has been spoiled by her mom and step-dad and has to learn to adjust to Forks again. Is it possible for her to return to her past popular status or is the boy who she met in the meadow the key to her downfall...

This fic is really about how you shouldn't judge a book by its really don't know what someone is like until you get to know them.

The Ultimate Favor

Edward's brother has one thing that Edward wants, the one thing he can never have - or so he thinks...what happens when Emmett asks Edward for a favor which could potentially re-ignite the sparks in a certain relationship? read The Ultimate Favor to find out!

A Bit About Me

Well so as you already know I'm 21 and i'm from Scotland! woohoooo! I love Scotland, just hate the weather, we get two seasons here, Winter and July! But despite my grumbles im a true patriot at heart!

Ok i could give you all a list like a mile long of "you know you're from Scotland when..." but it won't bore you so i'll share with you a few of my favs...and omg we are alllll soo cliched!

What you call a suntan is what other people call sunburnt (well there are some lucky Scots but in general!!)

You call New Year's Eve "Hogmanay" and don't seem to think 2 days national holiday is long enough to recover from the partying!

You casually tell foreign friends that if it wasn't for the Scots there would be no telly, penicillin, golf, fax machines, telephones, steam engine, insulin, radar, bicycles, The Chilean Navy, Bank of England, raincoats, cloned sheep, whisky, postage stamps, refrigerators etc.

You have been accused of being from England while you are on holiday abroad. Repeatedly.

People ask you if the Loch Ness Monster exists or haggis is an animal and you try to spread the myth further by stating it's true. Also You can keep a straight face when explaining about a haggis having its left legs shorter than its right and you can catch them by making them run the wrong way round a hill!

You know when your friend, colleague etc says "fancy a pint?". It's never just the one pint, more like at least 4 or 5.

You are in the USA and are constantly told "I love your accent, it's!"

You can go to University for free!

You can never praise Scotland without a hint of irony in your voice - and can never criticise it without betraying a deep love of your country!

You have participated in or witnessed people having a "square go".

You see odd socks lying on the road (where do they come from?)

A jakey has asked you for money: "Got any spare change pal/hen?"

You are an expert at dodging charity street fundraisers.

There's a golf course within 5 miles of your house and a world class golf course within 40 miles! ( Ok theres like 5 golfcourses where i live, if you come to the Scottish Golf Open let me know!)

You played cribbie/kirby/kerby as a kid, bouncing balls of kerbsides.

You can say drunk in a thousand ways, here's just a few: badgered, bladdered, bleezin', blootered, hawf-cut, cabbaged, guttered, hammered, lashed, leathered, mangled, minced, rubbered, wellied, reekin', banjaxed, stocious, mingin', pished as a fart etc.

You are mentally prepared on bus/train for some neds to start blasting shit happy hardcore tunes from their little mobiles "Boom, Boom, (chipmunk) "When I was young and life was so wonderful (Boom) (Boom)"

Making fun of England is a national institution. And vice versa.

A foreigner has told you: "Oh yes, I love Scotland it was great rained". You have thought "Of course it fucking rained, it's Scotland, not Spain or Greece. What do you fucking expect?"

So yeah, there goes it, an insight to the minds of Scottish people! hehe

So as you may have guessed i'm kinda crazy, i'll do anything and i really do mean ANYTHING for a laugh no matter how embarrassing or stupid it may seem the next day.

Favorite drink in the whole world is IRN-BRU!! omg it's amazing! its the bright orange colored shit you get over here, so jampacked full of preservatives you are actually jumping about in hyper mode for days after you drink a bottle! sadly i no longer get that feeling when drinking it as i drink like a bottle everyday, seriously people i think i may have turned my insides orange!

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