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I am a huge fiction fan! While I'm here, I wanna write lots of stories while focusing on a more mature tone. I like all kinds of fics, but I primarily prefer action and humor. Which is what you'll get from me!

LIKES: What I like are writers who give it their all on a story regardless of the opinions of others. I have complete respect for writers who like to go method and research for your stories to add a more realistic feel to this ironically otherwise fiction-based site. I also got my eyes on anyone who looks at me as an influence or advice-giver. Just like me when I first got here!

HATES: What I REALLY can't stand is when someone starts a story and doesn't finish it without giving a credible reason. Writers' block, occupations at home, school, lost passion, and issues with your computer are the only (and most common) exceptions. What I also hate is when somebody always tries to tell me that my work is unrealistic. News flash: the site is called fanfiction! Which means realism is optional and plus, to each is own! But what I absolutely find irritating (And many of you can agree I'm sure) is the fact that some of the authors on this site read your work and don't even take the time to give it a public review! But they will subscribe it and make it or you their favorite talent or whatnot.

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Favorite TV shows: Smallville, Teen Wolf, Family Guy, E! News, Codename: Kids Next Door, and of course, Ed, Edd n Eddy

Talents: Writing/acting

Favorite Ed Edd n Eddy characters: Eddy, Ed, Edd, Nazz, and Rolf


Peach Creek: Dark Hours

An EEnE one-shot and a reboot of my very first fic "Edhunt". Originally, I wanted to use it as a basis for my series "Edolescence", but I decided that it wasn't dark enough and that it overplayed the outside world of Peach Creek. To be honest, I think it's my worst work due to the mixed critical reception it had and the lack of sufficient interest on my part.


My EEnE sequel series, which takes place 3 years after the original, in which the characters are now Juniors (except for Sarah and Jimmy, who are Freshmen).

The primary objective of the series is to focus on the Eds' journey through typical teen issues and tendancies as they also deal with strange events and sinister, but earthly occurances. Often, each of these obstacles are overcome and by the end of an episode, an indication for future events in upcoming episodes is revealed. My inspirations for creating this series are Easymac120's Ed Edd n Eddy: The Teen series, Smallville, Walker Texas Ranger, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the action/sci-fi/mystery/suspense genre in general. This series was discontinued due to my lack of interest and personal belief that its second season could have been much better than it turned out. But here's almost everything about it regardless.


I am interested in doing fics based on a couple of my favorite superheroes.


Edward Skipper "Eddy" Gates

Bio/Persona: Eddy has become a selfless, yet rebellious teenager. He is quite popular and has developed the potential of a true leader. He does not partake in scams as much as he used to and hangs out with his friends more. He still hates school with a fiery passion, but rather than trying to escape, he simply makes things more interesting without permission or adult supervision. He still pulls pranks, but primarily on rivals such as Principal Hector Caird, whom he nicknamed "Prince". He often wisecracks and is shown on various occasions to be quite crafty and cunning. He has also taken up a cursing habit and appears to be especially fond of the insult, "Assclown". Eddy no longer hates Kevin, due to the events of the BPS 3 years prior. Ever since, they have been good friends and often refer to each other as "Bro". Eddy is said to have been the one who defeated The Gourd (Jonny 2x4) before the start of the series using the superhero identity of Deniro (the spanish word for "Money"), subsequently inspiring the Urban Rangers to change their status quo from providing manual labor to protecting the innocent. For most of season one, Eddy was portrayed as being a playboy and it was shown that his feelings for Nazz have become more prominent; even calling her "Sweetheart" repeatedly. In addition, it was revealed that he and Nazz were once childhood sweethearts and that it was because of this that he and Kevin were mortal enemies for so long. However, the two (Eddy and Nazz) soon drifted apart due to Eddy's change in character as a result of his brother's abuse and in the process, forgot all about his past with Nazz. He revealed that he never wanted to make a move on Nazz because he feels like he didn't deserve her. But later, he came to succumb to his feelings and ultimately and finally became a couple with Nazz. Eddy has also become a very capable fighter, having learned martial arts over the timeskip and successfully becoming a master and to date, has never lost a battle.

Appearance: Eddy now has a full head of black hair with 3 spikes sticking out from the top (earning him the nickname "Spike" from his father) and has grown a small, but visible neck. He has also gotten noticeably taller, surpassing Jimmy, Jonny, Sarah, and Nazz (slightly) while rivaling Kevin, Double D, Nate, and the Kankers. Eddy has become a physically fit character, having bigger arms and a 6-pack. His attire has also changed from the kind he had in the original series. He wears a short-sleeve yellow shirt with a big, green dollar sign on the front, dark green jeans, and white sneakers with green soles. He now wears a quarter in a necklace fashion (which he is repeatedly seen using as a weapon or tool) and is shown to have a tattoo of a silver cent sign on the bicep of his left arm. He also wears a white hoodie with a green dollar sign on the back for outside.

Edward Horace "Ed" Fuller

Bio/Persona: Ed has become a smarter and shrewder character, who can take care of himself with no strings attached. But he still occasionally displays some dim-witted traits as seen in the old series. He also retains his immense strength (which has increased), his bizzare, unexplained reality-bending capabilities, and his interest in sci-fi movies, chicken, and gravy. He's now also into video games and owns a portable PSP. Ed no longer fears his little sister Sarah, due to the events of the BPS 3 years prior. Since then, they have had a much tighter and stronger bond. Ed works at a graphic novel store called "Comic Tavern", where he appears to be well-liked by both his boss and customers. His hygiene has improved and so has his attitude towards girls. Although he initially showed no interest in Holly O'Connor (who likes him), he has come to love her and form a lasting relationship with her after she saved his life at one point. In addition, he has grown quite protective of her and addresses her as his "gravy cake". He still very much loves animals, but this did not keep him from assisting Eddy in killing Vircomer pajaro.

Appearance: Ed is physically fit, but still has one eyebrow and no chin. He has also developed a hairstyle just like the kind he briefly had in Will work for Ed. Ed has also grown taller and has different attire. He now wears a short-sleeve green shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers with blue soles. He also wears a larger version of his trademark green jacket for outside.

Eddward Marion "Edd" Knight

Bio/Persona: Edd (addressed as Double D by his friends and peers, and D by his cousin Cody) has learned to take risks and is one of J. Wootton High's most intellectually elite students. He has reached a genius-level I.Q. and he has mastered inventing advanced technology with relative ease. His colorful vocabulary has gotten sharper, but his peers are able to understand him (to some extent) better. Though he is still very friendly and forgiving, he occasionally, in his own words, insults other people whenever they administer annoying traits or undergo spiteful actions. He frequently works and hangs out with Cody and Maggie. He still gets on Eddy for his occasional, trouble-conjuring schemes and tries his best to steer clear of them and avoid conflict. He was in a strong romantic relationship with Sarah, which ended when Edd told Sarah that he loved her between episodes. Unable to return that level of affection, she breaks up with him at episode's end. Despite her doing so gently, Edd remained devastated and fell into depression. Even going so far as to neglect his construction hobbies and take an official vow of silence. This lasted until Maggie snapped him out of it and made his latent feelings for her surface. Since then, Edd has tried many times to tell Maggie how he feels about her, but has "bolted" each time due to his shy nature. However, he eventually confesses his true love for her when he goes on a mission to save her from danger and in the end, kisses and becomes a couple with her. From then on, he often calls her his "turtledove" (a reference to Hanky Panky Hulabaloo).

Appearance: Edd is still thin and still wears his trademark black ski-hat, which has become a little bigger due to his long, enlarged hair. Edd's physical appearance has become only slightly different. He has become taller and has grown 3 strings of facial hair on his chin. His attire is pretty much the only thing that has completely changed. He wears a short-sleeve red shirt, black jeans, and black sneakers. He also wears a burgundy parka for outside.

Nasina Alexandra "Nazz" Van Bartonschmeer

Bio/Persona: Nazz is head cheerleader at J. Wootton High school and is more popular than ever. Though hotter and still very nice and caring, she is less tolerant when it comes to immaturity and most of the boys' disgustingness. She's a real party girl, but doesn't let it interfere with school; where she is currently on the Honor roll. She enjoys working out and listening to a pop singer named "Kamille". She spends most of her free time hanging out with her female friends: Holly, Maggie, and occassionally Brooke. The first two along with herself are referred to by their peers as "The Bombshells". Her martial arts skills have become more developed courtesy of the tips she takes from Eddy. Nazz still has feelings for Eddy and it was revealed that as a child, she was originally supposed to attend an expensive childcare center before going to public school with her now-friends and that she and Eddy were childhood sweethearts. But they drifted away from each other when Nazz started hanging out with Kevin (who was once Eddy's friend before they fought over her [Nazz]) and Eddy continued to get abused by his brother to the point where he forgot all about his history with Nazz and concentrated on being the bad character he was known for being. Nonetheless, she always knew that Eddy was a good guy deep down and waited for him to show it until the BPS. At the season one finale, the two kissed and at last became a couple. Though she still chastises him for his immature behavior, Nazz appears to be attracted to Eddy's negative traits as well as his positive ones. As demonstrated in one episode when she angrily ranted on about how she hated the "rough side" of Eddy. Yet, she basically told on herself by being openly lustful on the subject.

Appearance: Nazz's blonde hair is now long and curly and she appears to have greatly changed her facial features. She now wears purple eyeshadow, her eyebrows are perfectly thin, her eyelashes are noticeably longer, she wears a shinier type of red lipstick, and in general, her face is flawless regardless of her use of makeup. In addition, she has developed feminine curves and has grown a chest. Nazz now wears a black short-sleeve shirt that exposes her stomach, tight blue jeans, and white sneakers with blue soles. She also occasionally wears a short, long-sleeve jacket for outside, but has most recently been seen wearing a thicker purple sweater and gloves.

Kevin Silas Eckhart

Bio/Persona: Kevin is still a jock, but is nicer and less cynical. He is captain of the junior varsity football and baseball teams at J. Wootton high and is still quite popular. He is now good friends with the Eds, especially Eddy, but still playfully insults them; having ceased using the word "Dork" and alternating with "Dick". As well has merging words with said insult to suit visual situations. It was revealed that he dated Brooke over the timeskip, but she broke up with him due to his motorcycle obsession. Since then, Kevin has had frequent arguments with her (most of which he started). Kevin enjoys listening to alternative rock music and also seems to have a small, latent case of sexism. Such as when he openly claimed that Nazz and Holly were all looks and no muscle (even calling them "dolls") at one point. It was revealed in the Season 1 finale that Kevin and Eddy were also very good friends as children until they first met Nazz and became mortal enemies for all those years. Between seasons, Kevin formed a platonic (non-sexual) relationship with Tori, Nazz's cousin and Eddy's ex-girlfriend.

Appearance: Kevin is physically fit, has become taller, has a little bit of hair on his chin, and now has a tattoo of a flaming skull-head on his right arm. He received a full head of brown-orange hair. He has gotten his left ear pierced and now wears a brown shirt, light-brown jeans, and brown sneakers. He also wears an orange hoodie for outside.

Rolf Kazek

Bio/Persona: Rolf is still the funny Norwegian kid that everyone loves. He has been kicked off all of the school's athletic teams due to his lack of adequate grades during his sophomore year. Replacing said time, he works part-time as his father's first mate onboard their family boat, in which they fish for things that Rolf's mom can put up for auction. He was revealed to have at one point been a child seeking adulation in the old country after his long-time rival Soren continued to show off the souvenirs he brought from America to the crowd. His closest friends while here were Sigurd, Chatrin, Runar, and Nicolai, and they shared his disgust for Soren's attention-stealing personality, especially since he was stealing attention from them whenever they performed or was caught up having fun. This led to Rolf constantly trying to outdo Soren or simply try to remind others that simple matters are still existant, but ended up being ignored or humilated in the attempt. Three years after Soren moved away, Rolf's reputation in the old country was repaired completely, especially after he killed a monstrous bear that was lured to town by hunting Rangers (as mentioned in Free as an Ed). He would see his friends for the final time on that very day, as his parents have decided to immigrate to America to explore greater opportunities and be a part of a wider society. Before leaving, he spent the last few hours playing with his friends and questioned if whether or not he would make any at all once he reaches the modern world. They assured him he would, with Chatrin even inspiring him to use what he knows to form what would become later on known as the Urban Rangers. Sure enough, Rolf makes many new friends and has demonstrated how much he cares about them. Even going as far as to lead a great hunt to save them from Vircomer pajaro. Rolf may have feelings for Lee Kanker, as several photos depicted he and her in sexual positions in the season 2 premiere. This was confirmed in the following episode via flashbacks, where Rolf allowed Lee to work on his farm to "pay for mental and emotional damages" and in the process, developed a bond and mutual attraction to her. Inspired by Deniro's (Eddy Gates' superhero identity) example before the start of the series, Rolf reinvigorated the Urban Rangers into an anti-bullying/oppression force similar to the status quo of Village Rangers back home in the Old Country-a force that now includes Sarah. Having failed to rake in new Rangers on his own, he requests Eddy become Deniro once more to persuade the adolescent community into doing so. Later, he learns that his genuine affections for Lee has serious consequences, as Marie and May kidnap and torture him in a failed attempt to force him to break Lee's heart and make her go back to her old ways (despite not being the true cause of her change). Nonetheless, Rolf was more than strong enough to refuse and rebel against the Kankers until he was saved by Ed, Edd, and Lee, who defeated the two other Kankers and their allies. Currently, the only ones who know about his relationship with Lee other than he and her, are the Eds. When badly injured, Rolf chugs down a jug of "Rejuvenation Nectar", juice from a rare plant grown in the old country.

Appearance: His blue hair has become a little longer, he now sports bigger arms, and has become taller. His attire has changed slightly. His shirt has swapped colors (Meaning, instead of a yellow shirt with a red stripe in the middle, it is now a red shirt with a yellow stripe in the middle), but he retains his blue jeans and big yellow/red sneakers.

Jonathan "Jonny 2x4" Woods

Bio/Persona: Jonny is still the weird kid of the neighborhood, but seems to have made up with everybody after what happened in the BPS in addition to an undisclosed incident that involved his temporary decent into evil by becoming The Gourd, whom was then defeated by Eddy's superhero identity Deniro before the start of the series. He still has his friend, Plank by his side, but has started to think for himself. He and Plank also have jobs at a donut shop called "Kramer Kreme" at the cost of their spots on various athletic teams at J. Wootton High school. Jonny has disposed of his trademark scooter after Eddy gave him his Hayabusa motorcycle. His connection to nature has gotten stronger and masterful to the point where he can summon a flock of ravens or buzzards simply by whistling a call. He is a member of The New Urban Rangers.

Appearance: Jonny had peach fuzz on his head for most of Season 1, but by the third episode of season 2, he shaved his head bald again. His attire hasn't changed at all, with the exception of him wearing white, adidas sneakers instead of sandals.

Sarah Chelsea Fuller

Bio/Persona: Sarah was in a relationship with Edd until he tells her that he loves her. Unable to handle that level of affection and after several failed attempts and constant lecturing by Jimmy, she finally built up enough courage to gently break up with him. Also adding that she tried to force herself into not believing that her crush on him was merely a phase. At episode's end, Sarah found solace with Jimmy. Ever since her break-up with Edd, Sarah's anger issues have become more public (just like the old series). Nevertheless, it was also shown that Jimmy has been training her to use these emotions for energy, not violence. However, she seems to have picked up a habit of complaining about something that she views as inferior to her prowess. It is not yet clear if whether or not she retains her spoiled attitude, but does appear to be closer to her brother than ever before. It is also hinted that she isn't very good at ice skating. Sarah has joined the New Urban Rangers and while it is unknown when this happened, it has been shown that she has less badges than her fellow members (even Plank) and takes charge during severe situations, implying through this that she retains her bossy attitude to some extent.

Appearance: Sarah has been blessed with the gift of early maturity. Having perfect feminine curves and a little extra on the chest. Sarah still has her long hair and her earrings are bigger, but still round. She wears a pink shirt, Capri's, and pink sneakers.

James Clark "Jimmy" Greene

Bio/Persona: Jimmy no longer depends on Sarah for protection. Sometime during the 3-year period, Jimmy learned how to be tougher as well as smarter. He is still a little cowardly, but hides it by putting up a tough front. After the events of BPS 3 years prior, Jimmy no longer fears the Eds. He has proven to be still quite attached to his best friend, Sarah, whom he strongly advised to keep her word and break up with Edd, for not just her own heart's sake, but for Edd's sake as well. It was revealed that Nate's twin brother, Twan, is the one who influenced Jimmy's new personality. Jimmy even uttered his (Twan's) catchphrase "Grow a Pair" at one point and refers to him as "Uncle Twan", like he used to do Eddy (and apparently still does). Jimmy is also currently teaching Sarah how to control her emotions and use them for beneficial purposes. He is also hinted to be very talented at ice-skating. Recently, Jimmy has hit puberty (gaining a deepening voice and peach-fuzz pit hair to boot) and as a result, develops an appetite for extreme thrills, which he satisfies with Ed and Eddy since Twan was temporarily out of it. His bold behavior culminates in him challenging the world "Droid Carnage" champion to a fight with Twan, who ultimately wins. Jimmy revealed that he has developed a physical attraction to Sarah. Jimmy is a member of The New Urban Rangers.

Appearance: Jimmy now wears a short-sleeve dark blue shirt, blue jeans, and blue adidas sneakers. His curly hair has also been done into a buzzcut and since episode 12, no longer wears a retainer, his teeth being as perfect as the day they were ruined.


Nathaniel Roman "Nate" Bennett

Bio/Persona: Nate is a popular party-boy and a clown in both school and at home. He is from Ocean City, New Jersey and was revealed to at one point have been Eddy's penpal during their pre-teen years. He makes a lot of crude jokes that makes almost everybody laugh. Nate enjoys listening to Linkin Park, loves drinking games, and has a thing for wearing Southpole clothing. Nate has had aspirations to become a pilot since age 5 and has taken flight simulation exams since age 7. His remarkable skill in piloting was witnessed in the first episode and has led him to arrogantly say that he "can fly anything!". Unknown to almost everyone earlier on in the series, Nate had feelings for Brooke as demonstrated when he acts like a gentleman towards her and saved her from a huge rock that was launched at her by the mutated Douglass. After which, she returned his feelings and affectionately calls him "Rome"! Nate then sleeps with Brooke while intoxicated and questions if whether or not she really likes him. Ultimately, he and Brooke became a couple after they shared a long kiss following the demise of Vircomer Pajaro. A unique trait about him that separates him from the other main OCs is the fact that he has his own personal 4th-wall break. Whenever something good happens (usually involving girls), he often utters "I freakin' love workin' on this show!". Nate once dated Nazz.

Appearance: Nate is Black-American, has hair combed into waves, is physically fit, and wears a white Southpole T-shirt with a big, gold crown on the front, black Southpole jeans, and white Southpole sneakers with gold soles. He has gotten his right ear pierced and also wears a black southpole hoodie for outside. However, most recently, he was seen wearing a leather version of that hoodie.

Holland Gabrielle "Holly" O'Connor

Bio/Persona: Holly is a popular cheerleader and one of Nazz's best friends. Holly was born and raised in Cherry Falls, where she grew up surfing and swimming with her friends and was looked at as everyone's most admirable girl. However, when the day came where she was told that her family was moving, she became saddened and was even more emotional when her friends ostracized her from their circle. When she came to Peach Creek, the first person she met and befriended was Nazz. While talking to Nazz, Holly sees Ed for the first time as he is chased down a street by Eddy and instantly developed lasting feelings for him. Holly is often very nice and optimistic, but is also easy to annoy and anger and tends to make accusations about the actions of others without really knowing the full story. Holly enjoys working out with Nazz and shares her love for lingerie magazines. Her love for Ed has earned her the ire of May, who continuously causes problems for her. It wasn't until the near-end of the first season where Ed came to tell Holly his feelings for her and become a couple with her. Holly seems to have incredible physical strength (though not on par with Ed's, but possibly equal to or slightly greater than Sarah's) despite her figure and has a habit of saying "totally" every few sentences. She also hates it when Edd or Eddy make Ed do demeaning things like smell sneakers for tracking purposes or dig through dirt like a dog.

Appearance: Holly is Caucasian, has long, beautiful orange hair, gorgeous feminine curves, and dresses alot like Nazz. She wears a short-sleeve blue shirt that exposes her stomach, tight black jeans, and blue/white adidas sneakers. She also wears a blue sweater and gloves for outside.

Angelo Cody Knight

Bio/Persona: Cody (called "Angelo" only by adults) is an inventor and one of Edd's paternal cousins. Cody (and quite possibly Edd) is from a town called "Kiwi Springs", where he grew up as a bit of an outcast with minimal friends until he moved to Peach Creek and rose to popularity. Yet, even after 3 years, he hasn't completely adapted. He is very relaxed and is a straight-A student. He is undoubtably equally as smart as Edd, as he retained a 4.0 G.P.A since the 2nd grade. Unlike his cousin, Cody does not speak in big words and is into normal teen stuff. Cody is an occasional foul-mouth and refers to his cousin as "D". Cody is also very passionate about making beneficial changes. As demonstrated when he ran against Lee in an "Education-based Election" in an attempt to improve school lunches and ultimately won. He is also the true owner of "The Cruiser" (which he cherished deeply), but occasionally let Edd drive it. Cody was also revealed to have been the true inventor of past high-tech items (including the Cruiser at one point during his toddler years) that he and supposedly Edd worked on, but would always give half credit to Edd no matter what.

Appearance: Cody is thin, has two strings of facial hair on his chin, and strongly resembles Edd in both complexion and facial features; and is also as tall as he is. (Not including the hat) Cody's hair is similar to Scooby Doo's "Shaggy", but is colored black. He wears a short-sleeve orange shirt, beige jeans, and orange/white Nike's. Since the beginning of winter, he has worn a beige jacket and a ski-hat for outside.

Brooklyn "Brooke" Crenshaw

Bio/Persona: Brooke is another popular cheerleading friend of Nazz, but is not as close to her as Holly and Maggie are. It was revealed that she once dated Kevin, but dumped him when it became apparent that Kevin showed more interest in his bike than in her. Since their break-up, Brooke has been spiteful and cold towards him. Brooke is very quiet and spends most of her free time in solitary; listening to linkin' park or reading magazines to pass the time. Because of this, she is the most mysterious of the show's girls and the main OCs in general. However, her origins are finally unearthed in episode 12, where she reveals that she is from Seattle, Washington and led a slightly better-than-normal life. There, she entered in multiple hip-hop dance competitions, but only managed to win awards from the last three times she entered. Brooke admitted that she decided to retire from hip-hop-dancing when she moved to Peach Creek in order to try new things. She also admitted that she initially chose to remain distant of the show's other characters (other than Nate) for the purpose of seeing how they acted from a distance, so she doesn't get caught in the wrong crowd. But even when they approved of her, in light of all of the strange things that happen in Peach Creek, she chose to remain to herself, fearing that she will only get in the way knowing that her friends would sooner oppose these abnormal occurances. In addition, Brooke revealed that she isn't really a redhead, but a brunette who dyed her hair red in junior high school so she could attract more boys. Nonetheless, she decided to wash away the color for good in favor of the natural look her boyfriend Nate said he liked. Originally, she had no romantic interest in Nate, but saw him in a new light after he demonstrated his affection for her by saving her from a rock launched at her by a mutated Douglass. After which, she quickly developed feelings for him. Eventually, Brooke became a couple with him after sharing a kiss following the defeat of Vircomer Pajaro. Brooke is also one of the reporters for the "Wootton News Network" (or WNN) alongside Twan, Nate's twin brother. It is hinted that she possesses a remarkable skill in ice-skating since it was mentioned that she was teaching Sarah and Jimmy how to ice-skate in the Christmas special. Brooke also prefers to eat sugar-free snacks to keep herself fit, a traditional thing for the females in her family. She has been hired as a "Sugar Cube" girl at the "Sugar Bar".

Appearance: Brooke is Caucasian, has long, beautiful light brown hair that was originally believed to be natural red, and during Season 1 wore a short-sleeve light-green camouflage T-shirt, tight dark-green jeans, and white sneakers with light-green soles. She now wears a long red-sleeve shirt, tight blue jeans, and red-heels. Since the beginning of winter, she wore a red sweater, a red hat, and a red scarf for outside.

Margaret Roxanne "Maggie" Hood

Bio/Persona: Maggie is another popular cheerleader and is Nazz's other best friend. She was born and raised in Orchid Fountain, where she was considered popular only because of her appearance and brilliance. She was a victim of sexual harassment by the boys of her school, often being touched on her rear end and sprayed on the chest during her growth period, much to her chagrin. Desperate to be loved for who she is and not what people expect her to be, Maggie begged her parents to arrange a move and got through to them. Once she moved to Peach Creek Estates, she instantly befriends Nazz and Holly. Maggie has a genius-level I.Q. and is a patient teenager who is also very straightforward and quick-thinking. Though to this very day, she still thinks about being sexually harassed in the past. Maggie deeply loves Edd and was the one who purged his depression after his break-up with Sarah. In addition to Maggie's intellect, she was revealed to be very skillful in the ways of building advanced technology as demonstrated when she assists Edd and Cody in reconstructing/reinventing their cruiser. Maggie's knack for technology is fully explored when she revealed that she once invented many machines and potions as a hobby. But now only invents them to express her love for Edd. And its because of this love that she is now the primary target of Marie Kanker. Despite her efforts, however, Maggie became Edd's girlfriend after he risked his life to save her from Marie's plot. Maggie has a habit of saying "so" whenever she adds emphasis to the things she says.

Appearance: Maggie is Caucasian, has a tan, has beautiful long purple hair, and wears a short-sleeve, black Hello Kitty T-shirt that exposes her stomach, tight black jeans, and white Hello kitty sneakers with black soles. Since the beginning of winter, she has worn a pink sweater and gloves.

Victoria "Tori" Van Bartonschmeer

Bio/Persona: Tori is a Peach Creek native and Nazz's cousin. She first appeared in the premiere episode, How to catch an Ed before she apparently moved away, only appearing in flashbacks or being mentioned after which. However, she moved back to Peach Creek, more specifically to Peach Creek Estates, with her mother following a divorce involving her father's adultry. Tori is an accomplished martial artist and even took the same class as Eddy (but with three years more experience than him), whom she dated and mutually broke up with sometime before the start of the series. It was revealed that she is directly responsible for teaching Nazz the basic knowledge of her skills in martial arts that she possessed today before Eddy completed her training. Tori is smart, calm, and cautious, but is also very stern and violent and will flick off or threaten anyone who makes smart comments to her. Between seasons, in addition to moving to Peach Creek Estates, Tori began a relationship with Kevin, but keeps it platonic, or non-sexual (or at least limited to lap-dances). She has a brother named Owen (who also appeared in How to Catch an Ed), who currently lives somewhere with their father. Tori currently works at the "Sugar Bar" as a Sugar Cube girl.

Appearance: Tori is Caucasian, has long pink hair and wears a white T-shirt, orange jeans, and white sneakers. Since the beginning of winter, she has worn a white fur coat for outside.

Antwan Franklin "Twan" Bennett

Bio/persona: Twan is Nate's twin brother. Although he is more of a background character than a supporting character, he has appeared more often than all other minor OCs and was the only one to have an expanded role for three episodes straight. He officially appeared in Get your Ed in the Game, where it was revealed that he was Rolf's replacement on the football team. He seems to have a typical brotherly relationship with Nate, whom he often harasses, but nevertheless aides and helps when he is hurt or in trouble. He also seems to have a brotherly bond with Jimmy, as he apparently influenced him to be tougher, stronger, and more daring and refers to him as "Jim" in opposition to everyone else. Alongside Brooke, he is an anchor for the WWN (Wooton News Network) and has aspirations to become an actor. Whenever Twan sees someone being wimpish or unwillingly, he playfully utters his catchphrase, "Grow a pair", which Jimmy also uses from time to time. Twan once dated a Black cheerleader named Monique, but now dates Caucasian cheerleader Caitlin, whom indirectly seduced him while he was drunk at Brooke's party. Twan is known to be a cheater at simple games such as arm-wrestling and monopoly and a tad arrogant in his own right. Twan was revealed in the 12th episode to be the Underground American champion of "Droid Carnage" (under the stage name "The Ripper"), a robot boxing circuit, and has been involved in the sport since its inception a year prior. He dreamed of fighting the world champion "Black Zero" since then and got to fulfill this dream with help from Jimmy, and managed to ultimately win the fight, becoming the next world champion. However, due to his promise to Caitlin (even though she supports him), decided to retire for now. Twan is a potential member of The New Urban Rangers alongside his girlfriend.

Appearance: While visibly indistinguishable from Nate, Twan can be identified by his own look. He has combed hair (though not in waves like his brother like in the first season) and wears a short-sleeve black polo shirt, beige jeans, and black polo sneakers.


Lena Simone "Lee" Kanker

Bio/Persona: Lee was once still the persistant leader of her gang of sisters, but used her head more than her fists this time around. Because of this, she is far more cunning and underhanded and is therefore arguably the female version of Eddy even after 3 years. She is more ambituous than ever to obtain Eddy's attention, which she competes with her archenemy, Nazz for. Going so far as to get put on the school's presidential ballot to gain influence over him (only to lose). Yet, she still isn't above using brute force against him and others if the occasion calls. After her election plan backfired, Lee decides that its best that she and her sisters reinvent Kanker-style into a type of clever strategy rather than mindless, head-on destruction. To assist in the nature of this decision, Lee often utilizes her worldly connections to assemble alliances with equally formidable adolescent masterminds; including Alex Frost, Maurice and The Crossbones gang, and Kyle Campbell. Along with her sisters, she is the main antagonist of Season 1. Lee may have shifted her feelings towards Rolf, as in the season 2 premiere, some photos depicted her (looking shockingly different) and him engaging in sexual intercourse. This is confirmed when Lee, having given up her old ways after realizing that her father (whom she hasn't heard from in almost four years) Aaron "Butch" Sawyer (stating via a DVD disc) wanted her to be better than he ever was, aimed to "pay off emotional and mental damages" by working on Rolf's farm for several weeks. During said time, she develops a bond and mutual attraction to Rolf. Lee desperately tried to get her sisters to back off of the Eds, but since they remain stubborn, she has been forced to physically stop them, hurting her relationship with them. She has proven that her feelings for Rolf are genuine due to her concern for his safety and seemed to still have lingering, though distant, feelings for Eddy.

Appearance: From season 1 and throughout the holiday specials, she wore her hair shoulder-length, but it still covered her eyes. She also wore a short-sleeve red shirt with white horizontal stripes on it, red jeans, and white sneakers. However, given her recent change in character, she has taken on a much more elegant and feminine appearance. Her long red hair is now beautifully curled, is past her shoulders, and no longer covers her eyes, which are covered with light-blue eye-liner. Her attire was also different, but in the shadow of her previous one. She now wears a white T-shirt with a red jacket and more feminine red jeans and white sneakers.

Maria Samantha "Marie" Kanker

Bio/Persona: Marie is still the violent, tomboyish middle child, but has proven to be quite as cunning as her sister, Lee. In a desperate attempt to gain Edd's love, she has sunk as low as to destroy his then-relationship with Sarah. Going as far as to break into his house to send fake text messages and kidnap him to force him to endure sexual harassment. Her archnemesis is Maggie, seeing how both she (Maggie) and Edd are apparently perfect for each other. She even calls her names like "Trampy Van Violet" to reflect this hatred. Marie has also taken up vandalism as a personal hobby as well as treating it like a valuable component to many of her schemes that don't always necessarily pertain to getting with Edd. Along with her sisters, she is the main antagonist of Season 1. Marie has taken notice of the budding romance between Lee and Rolf and became inclined to stop it, believing such a union wrecks the sisters' "true futures" with the Eds. When Lee stopped her plans, she declared war on her sister as well as the cul-de-sac kids. Through this conflict, Marie has likely taken Lee's position as a liaison to the juvenile delinquent community.

Appearance: Marie now has her hair in a ponytail and wears a sleeve-less indigo shirt, black fingerless gloves, gray sweatpants, and sneakers.

Mayanne Sophia "May" Kanker

Bio/Persona: May is still the buck-toothed youngest sister, who, just like Lee and Marie, refuses to relinquish her obsessive affections for Big Ed. Going as far as to stalk him and stare at him lustfully as he works his job. Her archfoe is Holly, whom she hates enough to strangle on top of her (Holly's) own car in public and painting violent pictures of her slowly and painfully dying. Like her older sisters, May has become a mastermind in her own right and steps out of her idiotic character to plan a wicked scheme to obtain Ed's heart. Only to ultimately get a savage beating by Holly herself in the end. Along with her sisters, she is the main antagonist of Season 1. May has taken notice of the budding romance between Lee and Rolf and along with Marie, became inclined to stop it, believing such a union wrecks the sisters' "true futures" with the Eds. When Lee stopped their plans, she and Marie declared war on their sister as well as the cul-de-sac kids.

Appearance: May now has her hair in pigtails and now wears a short-sleeve burgundy shirt, green jeans, and sneakers.

Garrett "Gary" Webster (Deceased)

Bio/Persona: The cul-de-sac's second greatest enemy, Gary was a drug lord, serial killer, and former martial arts student of Russell Park (who was also Eddy's martial arts master before he graduated). Gary was said to be a brilliant boy with a talent for inventing advanced robotics and had an internship at King Industries. Unfortunately, he chose the path of a criminal and started selling an illegal, ash-like green drug called "Zenjex" or "X". As well as guiltlessly killing anyone who dared to stand in his way using his martial arts skills and sharp weaponry. One day, he disappeared for about 11 years during a long chase before it was affirmed that he had been taking refuge in a mansion near the mountain range (which [the mountain range] appeared in Cool Hand Ed) and that he killed the people who once lived there as he stashed his drugs in its basement/cellar. He attempted to kidnap and possibly kill the cul-de-sac kids for trespassing by having two robots steal their bikes and scooters while sealing them inside. However, he fails and soon ends up coming face to face with Eddy, Nazz, Nate, and Brooke. Gary easily overpowered Nazz, Nate, and Brooke, but proved to be on equal fighting skill with Eddy, who defeats him by blinding him with X ash and kicking him underneath a large, falling piece of wood (which killed him on impact) as Nate burned the mansion to the ground. Eddy escaped with Ed's help, but Gary's body was seen on the news the following morning.

Special Skills: Gary was mentioned by Russell Park as being a brilliant engineer with his specialty being robotics. This was echoed later on when he sent two formidable robot humanoids (resembling T-800s from the "Terminator" films) to go kill the Eds and the cul-de-sac kids when they trespassed on "his" property. He is also a superb martial artist, seemingly on par with Eddy himself and easily proving to be more than a match for Nazz, Nate, and Brooke. Gary is also implied to be an excellent escapologist since he remained evasive of the authorities for about eleven years.

Vircomer Pajaro (Terminated)

Biological Profile: The "Vircomer Pajaro" (literally meaning "Man-eating Bird") was a giant, prehistoric, genetically-altered bird. During the time its kind existed, it was never known for being of gargantuan proportions. Though it was said to crave meat on a similar level as a T-rex. The bird in the present day was only a giant because its egg form was tossed into the chemically toxic waters of Lake Peach Creek some years before Rolf and his dad discovered it while fishing for things to put up for auction. When Cody was trying to warn the Kazek family about the horrific possibilities of the egg hatching, they sent him away by bribing him. Later, under the watchful eyes of Rolf, Jimmy, and Jonny as well as Rolf's parents, the egg hatches and the bird took off to begin feasting on the modern world's human inhabitants. Picking them off one by one while having its existance to the media viewed as skeptical. Its final target was the J. Wootton high drama department's bus (containing Nate, Brooke, Eddy, Edd, Nazz, Maggie, and Holly as well as others), which it attacked and stranded into a Ghost town in Cherry Falls. After kidnapping the drama teachers and the bus driver, the kids were forced to survive its attack until Kevin, Rolf, Ed, and Cody arrived and fought with it while trying to kill it. Eventually, the beast met its end when Eddy (who is known for absolutely HATING birds) shot a harpoon through its chest as Ed held it into place. Yet, Nate received all heroic credit for saving people (mostly Brooke) from its wrath by using himself as live bait and sending the flare into the sky that fatefully saved himself and his friends.

Bad Luck

Paranormal History: Loosely based on the actual legends of bad luck, Bad luck, in the Edolescence universe, is portrayed as being an invisible personified entity that causes misfortune to earthly-dwellers whether they did something involving Friday the 13th or not. The only people who appear to be aware of the true potential of Bad Luck are Ed and Holly, who assist skeptics Eddy and Nazz in defeating it by giving them vast knowledge about it. Bad Luck is also known for causing chaos via the use of its surroundings, but it cannot manipulate the natural functions of certain things such as Eddy's camaro. What makes it an especially brutal enemy and trademark villain is the fact that its personification makes it aware of the heroes' (Eddy and Nazz mainly) friends and family and therefore targets them as a consolation if it can't get to its primary target(s). It also appears to be aware of the difference between real 4-leaf clovers and fake shamrocks seeing how it used its mischievous, unsuspecting power to dispose of the ones held by Ed, Holly, Eddy, and Nazz; much to the latter two's chagrin. Though a seemingly invincible foe, it is said that if those who started the chain of unfortunate phenomenon can shield themselves or others from Bad Luck's great and negative force until 12:00 a.m. (which ends Friday the 13th as a day), they will be free of its tailgating forever. And because of this, it will try hazardous attempts to keep said people from reaching a safe-haven (e.g. creating earthquakes to keep Eddy, Ed, Holly, Nazz, and Jimmy from reaching the former's car). In the end, Eddy and Nazz ultimately subdued Bad Luck from their lives for good and are now under the belief that anything CAN happen.

The Mckellan Gang

Bio(s): Shawn McKellan, Justin Hawkins, and Ryan Douglass are a trio of roughneck, Lemon Brooke athletes who first appeared in Get your Ed in the Game. They are perhaps the star players of the C. Chien Cheetahs and even though they despise the J. Wootton Wolverines, they seem to especially hate Ed for some reason. (Possibly because of his special gifts of strength, speed, etc.) Even going as far as to drug themselves with "Cynyen" to match him for the season's opening game. However, this plan backfired when they are subdued by Ed and the Wolverines before they are taken into custody for possession of drugs. They returned in the Halloween special, You're in for an Ed as the main antagonists once more. Using a special machine, they created five, clay-based versions of legendary monsters (The headless horseman, a vampire, a goblin, a zombie, and a werewolf) to terrorize The Eds, The Bombshells, Kevin, Nate, and Rolf in the ghost town, "Prunus Pond"; possibly as an act of revenge for their publicized humiliation in their first appearance. They even kidnapped Sarah and Jimmy and enlisted the help of the Kankers to further the torture by using a machine meant to mirror the deceased mayor's retribution. However, they were foiled and subdued once again by Ed. They appeared again in the season 2 episode A Change in Ed, where Shawn is revealed to be a participant in the "Droid Carnage" Underground robot boxing circuit (using the stage name "Deadblade") while Justin and Ryan are his entourage. After losing a fight to Twan, they attack both him and Jimmy and attempt to steal their winnings, but fail when the Eds, Kevin, and Nate subdued them and warned them not to show their faces around the stadium again. When they do, however, to see the championship fight between Twan and Black Zero, they try to slip away, but Eddy, Ed, Nate, and Kevin corner them and force them outside, presumably to beat them up.

Supreme Rime (Deceased)

Bio/Persona: The Supreme Rime (referred to only as "Rime" by the cul-de-sac kids) was an immortal winter elf and the antagonist of the Edolescence Christmas Special, Deck the Eds. According to his backstory, he was once a disgruntled Christmas elf, who hated all humans because of the destruction they cause to their own world. Being especially irritated at the fact that he was forced to make toys and gifts for them even if they weren't naughty. For speaking his mind after finally snapping one day, he was cast out of Santa's workshop and driven to enter the hidden "City of Hoar". With his heart filled with rage and vengeance, he made a pact with the ice emperor and was transformed into an immortal ice creature. Prompting this, he murdered the emperor and took control of his men; aiming to use them to bring about a new world order after he destroys the world with three terrible winter plagues. However, he was stopped by Santa Claus himself with his army of "elf mercenaries"; ultimately destroying the city in the process. Prompting defeating him, Santa imprisoned Rime within "The Sphere of Eis" (which, ironically, gave him his powers) using the "Cube of Angels" and locked it into a black chest he buried beneath the city. Realizing that he has broken free and aimed to finish what he never got to start, The Eds, Nate, Nazz, and Kevin catch on and locate the Cube of Angels to avoid it slipping into his hands. However, Rime overpowers and captures the group with the intent to absorb all of the cube's power and destroy it so nothing else can stand in his way of destroying the world. Nevertheless, his underestimation of the team's usefulness resulted in his downfall when Nazz stripped him of his powers and immortality; allowing Eddy to easily defeat and kill the elf. Something Santa Claus himself could never bring himself to do since Rime was once part of his family. Rime was arrogant, selfish, and disdainful.

Powers and abilities: Before being stripped of them, Rime displayed some very interesting powers. Most notably the ability to teleport and transform into a hulking behemoth of an ice monster. In addition, he possessed immortality and the ability to manipulate ice to basic forms or more complicated ones, such as subduing the cul-de-sac kids with large chunks of ice. Rime also had the ability to call upon three destructive winter plagues; beetles that inflict permanent hypothermia, poisonous hailstorms, and an avalanche-like flood more than large enough to end all life of Earth. Though it is assumed that since he is immortal that he is immune to all Earthly weapons, he is still vulnerable to harm and destruction by the power of the Cube of Angels. Yet, it is shown that he can also harness the power of the cube so long as he alone is in possession of it.

Ashton Teague

Bio/Persona: Teague is the "Labor Enforcer" of the Death Shades, a small terrorist group "formed thirteen years back" that consists of members in their early-to-mid twenties. Teague was once a hitman who had murdered thirty people in one year and was eventually caught and subdued by a Lemon Brooke Police Sergeant with assistance from a man who had been tracking him (Teague) for some time. While he was sentenced to execution, it never happened because the supreme leader of the Death Shades, who had been watching his work from a distance, faked his death in a prison explosion years prior; beginning his career in the Death Shades. Teague was instructed by the supreme leader to go to Peach Creek and find some teenagers to use as slave labor for an unknown purpose. To hide his identity from the kids of J. Wootton High School, his next targets, he took on the persona of Gavin Pierce, a stereotypical marine basic training instructor and acted as their coach for their physical fitness exam, but the Eds soon catch on and learn who he truly is. He attempts to kill them (both in person and with six men) to keep them from ruining everything, but Ed and Edd subdue his cronies while Eddy overpowered Teague himself in their first fight. Escaping from police custody, however, he managed to manipulate Nazz into distrusting Eddy's revelations about his identity and put their relationship in jeopardy. However, when she catches on, Teague kidnaps her and her fellow Bombshells to use as slave labor and sent three terrorists (disguised as teenagers) to J. Wooton High to kill the Eds, but his plan failed yet again when Eddy rescued the Bombshells with help from his fellow Eds, Nate, Kevin, and Rolf and defeated him a second time in hand-to-hand combat. However, he managed to get away and implied that he had already caught himself some teenagers to use as slave labor. Teague is shown to be clever, arrogant, sadistic, and witty.

Special Skills: Being a former hitman, it is both implied and confirmed via conversation that Teague is very skillful in the use of firearms and rifles. Having been trained by a possibly very-decorated Navy Seal, he is also an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, showing himself to be one of few enemies who could pose a fatal threat even to highly gifted martial artists Eddy and Nazz. Teague might also be a master of inflicting fear and intimidation on others since his job description revolves around forcing others to work.


Ruben and Monica Gates

Bio/Persona: Eddy's parents officially appeared in the series ' debut episode How to catch an Ed. Ruben works as a successful Real-Estate Agent while Monica is a leading Fashion Designer for Fitzgerald's Secret. Ruben has grown to be proud of his second-born to the point where he gives him a great deal of independence and never asking that he calls him or Monica when he is out late. He also plays around with his son more, as the two have raced cars down the road before. Though he doesn't spoil his second child, he has given him a couple things that most teens often don't receive prematurely. Monica on the other hand constantly questions Eddy on his whereabouts before he even leaves and when he answers, she always shows discomfort and uses little excuses to change his mind, though her husband always stops her. The two are implied as having a bad relationship with their elder son, as Ruben was more than willing to use his college fund for Eddy's car and own college fund and didn't seem a single bit remorseful.

Appearance(s): (SEE HOW TO CATCH AN ED!)

Hector Caird

Bio/Persona: Hector is the principal of J. Wootton High School who first appeared in Breaking up is hard to Ed. He seems to have a passionate dislike for Eddy, Ed, Nate, and Kevin (but mostly Eddy) due to their periodic defiance of school rules and practical jokes directed at him, calling "Criminals" or "Delinquents" and addressing them by their last names. He seems to be, however, very fond of their friends Edd, Nazz, and Cody (mostly because they respect him and his rules), but disapproves of their friendship obviously. Hector was revealed to have once been married to the school swimming instructor and became lonely after their divorce. Despite only sleeping with her, Hector may have developed feelings for the Kankers' mother Raven, as Lee statedto May when their mother was absent during a flashback, "She's on a pre-date date with Caird!"

Appearance: Hector is a 6'0 Caucasian man in his early-to-mid forties with graying black hair and wears a white dress shirt with a red tie, black dress pants, and black dress shoes.

Raven Kanker

Bio/Persona: The Kanker sisters' mother officially appeared in Breaking up is hard to Ed, but was not named. In the episode Hail to the Ed, however, her first name was finally revealed as being "Raven". Raven is well-aware of her daughters' amourous antics involving the Eds and disapproves of them greatly. To keep an eye on them, she successfully got a job as a custodian at J. Wootton High School. Her relationship with her daughters is varied, but it's assumed that she'll go to great lengths to get them involved in something they strongly desire, as she slept with Principal Caird to get Lee on the school's presidential ballot. Despite this, her luck with men is said to be unfortunate since she had her daughters from three different men. Despite only sleeping with him, Raven might have developed feelings for Hector, due to Lee stating to May when their mother was absent from a flashback "She's on a pre-date date with Caird!"


Otto and Rose Fuller

Bio/Persona: Ed and Sarah's parents officially appeared in Breaking up is hard to Ed. Otto is a Sales Consultant at a furniture store while Rose is the manager of a 5-star Hotel called Antonucci Suites. Otto pays little attention to his wife and children after coming home from a long day at work and wants to just relax. He does, however, give them attention when it concerns their actions at school or just because it's dinnertime. Rose likes to talk about her day, but often can't because Otto is too tired to listen. She spoils Sarah with attention and items and prefers that Ed works to get his items.


Cecil and Grace Knight

Bio/Persona: Edd's parents officially appeared in Breaking up is hard to Ed. Cecil works with his brother Todd (Cody's father) as an engineer at King Industries while Grace is a doctor. Cecil, though highly intelligent, does not speak with a colorful vocabularly like his son, but does so when explaining technology. Grace has a kind heart and is tolerant of Edd's friends as a result. Both are supportive of their child's relationships with Sarah (former) and Maggie (current) and partake in games of late-night bowling.


Bradley and Rachel Van Bartonschmeer

Bio/Persona: Nazz's parents first appeared in What an Ed wants. Bradley is a successful district attorney while Rachel is a nutritionist. Bradley is supportive and protective of his daughter, especially if she's around boys. He also becomes quite angered whenever his wife or daughter leave their undergarments in the bathtub, adding that he doesn't want that happening if they ever have guests. Rachel likes to barge into Nazz's personal life and ask her questions about boys and her sex life. She is also directly responsible for Monica's weight loss, using a special training regimen to help her achieve her goals. The two are said to be out so late that they usually end up sleeping in their car.

Appearance(s): (SEE WHAT AN ED WANTS)

Malcolm and Paige Bennett

Bio/Persona: Nate and Twan's parents first appeared in What an Ed wants. Malcolm is a successful car salesman while Paige is head chef at a restaurant. Malcolm is high school buddies with Eddy's dad Ruben and seems to have an odd sense of humor (something he passed down to his sons). Paige likes to yell at the top of her voice when commanding her co-workers to cook, leading Nate to say that all of her co-workers will need "earologists".

Appearance(s): (SEE WHAT AN ED WANTS)

Ajen and Kyema Kazek

Bio/Persona: Rolf's parents officially appeared in Free as an Ed. Ajen is a sheppard-turned-fisherman while Kyema is an auctioneer. Trekking waters with his family boat (mostly Lake Peach Creek), Ajen, with assitance from Rolf, catches the biggest fish he can find so that Kyema can put it up for auction. Like their son, they speak in an uncommon, unnatural way, yet others are able to understand them better than they do Rolf himself. Unlike Rolf, however, both appear to be more adept and understanding of the modern world, but of course, speak in their own native language when not in the presence of their American peers. Both enjoyed the pleasures of the old country a great deal, but decided that the modern world harbored a greater variety of exploration and opportunity, which at first upset Rolf. Ajen is strong and determined while Kyema is easily excited (usually when it comes to making a profit) and compassionate.

Appearance(s): (SEE FREE AS AN ED)

Todd and Kimberly "Kim" Knight

Bio/Persona: Cody's mother first appeared in Get your Ed in the Game while his father first appeared in Hail to the Ed. Todd works with his brother Cecil (Edd's father) as an engineer at King Industries while Kim is an Astronomy professor at Grove College. Todd has a crude sense of humor and a slightly arrogant attitude, something he passed down to Cody (to a degree, though). Kim is a nice, quiet lady who dislikes it when her family works during family time. They have a younger son named Tiberius.


Dennis and Hilary O'Connor

Bio/Persona: Holly's parents first appeared in An Ed with Destiny. Dennis is a shoe designer for a company called "Footnote" while Hilary is the manager of an expensive jewelry store. Dennis loves to talk about his new shoe designs (even though sometimes he already did) and keep an eye on his daughter's male friends (since he distrusts some of them) by looking at her facebook page. He has a habit of ending most of his sentences with "eh". Hilary likes to barge into Holly's personal life and tell her what to where for whatever occasion and has a habit of saying "yadda, yadda" in most of her sentences. They have a young son named Roland.

Appearance(s): (SEE AN ED WITH DESTINY)

Carter and Cherie Hood

Bio/Persona: Maggie's parents first appeared in The things I do for Ed. Carter is a successful home designer while Cherie is a pharmacist. Carter hates the idea of his daughter maturing into a young woman "so quickly" and even though he admittedly likes her boyfriend Edd, doesn't like the idea of her being out after 8:00 with a boy. Cherie supports her daughter in all her decisions and has a fondness for mint chocolate chip ice cream (her daughter likes mint chocolate chip milkshakes as a result) & gets nightmares if she eats Rocky Road.


George and Nancy Greene

Bio/Persona: Jimmy's parents officially appeared in the season 2 episode A Change in Ed. George is a junior high hockey coach while Nancy is a nurse of some kind. George is almost obsessed with all things hockey, but never shies away from the chance to hit on his wife. He is known for blackmailing Jimmy into practicing hockey, but ever since Twan moved into the neighborhood and began influencing Jimmy, he's been much less aggressive, as he now sees his son as masculine enough to rebel against him (which, oddly, he admires). Nancy has a habit of saying "what" whenever she sees or hears something surprising, most notably with her son. Both parents seem to approve of Jimmy's friendship with Twan.

Appearance(s): (SEE A CHANGE IN ED)

Owen Van Bartonschmeer

Bio/Persona: Owen is Tori's brother, Nazz's cousin, and a good friend of Eddy. Though they look about the same age, Owen might be several months older due to his maturity level compared to his sister. Owen's first and only appearance was in the premiere episode How to Catch an Ed, where he is a martial artist like Eddy and Tori. However, since he was wearing a red sash instead of a green one, that means he was a teaching assistant rather than a graduate student. He currently lives with his and Tori's father somewhere unknown, as their parents have divorced due to their father's adultry.

Appearance(s): (SEE HOW TO CATCH AN ED)


Monique is Twan's ex-girlfriend and the only black cheerleader at J. Wootton High School. Nate, though drunkenly, once claimed that she is very mean. She appeared in the episodes Get your Ed in the Game and What an Ed wants, having only one line in the former.


Caitlin is a J. Wootton High cheerleader and Twan's current girlfriend. Humorously, the two started dating after Twan got drunk at Brooke's party and seem to be genuinely affectionate. She appeared in the episodes Get your Ed in the Game, What an Ed wants, and Free as an Ed. She also appears in the season 2 episode A Change in Ed, where her role is greatly expanded. She worries when Twan spends so much time being involved with the "Droid Carnage" robot boxing circuit and is considered an "Aunt" to Jimmy, whom she often comforts and is surprised to see has grown so much in just a few weeks due to puberty. When Twan tells her that he planned on separating himself from Jimmy so that he'd be safer (after getting a severe beating from the McKellan gang the prior night), Caitlin tells him that he (Twan) can be a better "Uncle" and allow Jimmy to make his own choices so long as he supports him. Caitlin is in attendance when Twan fights the DC world champion and wins, much to her joy. She is also a potential member of The Urban Rangers alongside her boyfriend. She is depicted as having long black hair and blue-green eyes.


Ashley is a J. Wootton High cheerleader who's usually depicted as being an occasional member of the popular intercircle who strikes Kevin every time he makes smart or crude comments. She appeared in the episodes Get your Ed in the Game, What an Ed wants, and the Halloween special You're in for an Ed. She presumably lost her virginity to Cody in the latter.

Tiberius Knight

Cody's sarcastic and unsurprisingly immature younger brother, who may also be very intelligent since he implied that he's aware of teenaged environments and tendancies. His only appearance to date was in the episode Hail to the Ed.

Roland O'Connor

Holly's younger brother's only appearance to date was in An Ed with Destiny, where he was depicted so far as being a typical little boy.

Harvey Mann

A nerdy, arrogant 11th grade genius who competed against Edd and Cody in all of the high school science fairs and, despite his inventions being very impressive, losing to them each year. He is perhaps the second smartest kid in school, after the Knight cousins. Harvey is also a repeated target for Marie Kanker's bullying. He appeared in the episodes Get your Ed in the Game and Hail to the Ed, only having lines in the former. He played a major role in the episode Be all you can Ed, serving as the lead "science geek" for a group of young inventors who created fighting machines for Marie Kanker and Kyle Campbell for the purpose of defeating the superhero "Deniro" (Eddy). He is "saved" by Ed and Edd after the former used his eyebrow to create a hurricane to defeat the thugs that held him hostage and forced him to activate the androids (although he himself was sucked in, he likely ran away to get a safe distance from everything).

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