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First, and always, thank you to everyone who reads my stories. I know your time is valuable, and I appreciate any time you have given to my musings. Please drop me a note to say 'hi' (aka review). After all these years, I'm still around and would love to hear from you... After all, interaction with others is why we do this!!

Not much is really new in my writing, but I continue to read. The latest is my entry into the 2015 Red Eyed Edward contest won a Judge's Pick! Thank you, YellowGlue! And I'm went cross-country to my first Twilight Meet Up in 2016 in SanDiego, and a Fall trip is planned this year (2018) to see my fanfic sisters.

I'm so sad we have no more Twilight movies to hungrily anticipate, and I miss my Twilight calendars : ( But I spent numerous hours creating a look back at Bella and Edward's journey and creating a sort of sweet tribute video (the quality was as good as it got when I made it :). Check it out: Reflections of Twilight

If you are a reader of my fanfic Honeymoon Suite or if you just enjoyed the honeymoon and melted over the thought of daddyward, I invite you to view my vid to accompany Honeymoon Suite. I tried to express the emotion of the story in pics and music. I do hope you enjoy this gift to my awesome readers! Click here. (over 3 million hits!! Thanks!!). Oh heck, just stop by my YouTube channel (TwiliteAddict) for lots of Twilight vids from the Twi heydays!

I sometimes dabble on Twitter (@Twilitedaddict) and I'm on FaceBook at Cullen Lisa. Finally, please always consider leaving a comment if you read a story (even if it is complete), it lets the author know you are out there! Why do authors love reviews? The answer may surprise you! Read this well-articulated article on reviews (). Why do I write fanfic? Honestly, to make a connection to the readers. Without you, there is little point. So say anything -- just say something!! And unless you tell me not to, I will write back --

Future Imperfect links:

Videos from Chapter 11 - Celine Dion and George Michael.

Chapter 12's John Mayer's Your Body is a Wonderland video.

The Volturi's jet from chapter 16

Volturi Crest

The Face I Can't Forget is complete with one outtake and an epilogue. It turned into a romantic comedy -- boy, was I surprised to see it take that turn! It scored me and RosaBella75/IslandWoman221 an interview with Partner's in Crime Fanfic Corner (thanks booty492)! RosaBella and I had fun being silly during the interview. Read it here:

The Face I Can't Forget Links:

Chapter 2 - Decisions: The Fairmont Hotel Lobby Stairs Hotel Room

Chapter 3 - Regrets: Benaroya Hall

Chapter 8 - The Morning After: Bella's Negligee

Chapter 11 - Charge of the Cavalry: Alice's Ford Fiesta

I am still working on making this story into an original work. I'd love to hear your feedback on what you liked or didn't like about the story. Thanks!!

Cougar Revolution: Huge thanks to everyone who helped make the Cougar Revolution writing contest such a fabulous sexy good time! If you love cougars and the fun they have with the cubs, check out the this link to all the stories: The Cougar Revolution.

Other stuff:

I like to laugh, and sometimes all this Twilight angst gets my funny bone atrophying (or 'wasting away' for you nonmedical folk)? For a collection of fanfics with a sense of humor, try Speaking of giggling and snorting (a couple of my favorite things to do), here's a collection of spoofs that make me laugh. This one features hotdaddy doc, PFach himself - Breaking Dawn Birth Scene. This one has Rob poking fun at one of Jimmy Fallon's regular spoofs "Bothered" . This is 'my kind of humor', but this clip from Jimmy Kimmel might make you snicker too. Finally (*giggle*) my fave alternate ending to Twilight -- "Let's go eat some people!". And yippee, here is BD2 - How it should have ended.

About me:

FanFic has changed my life. I have never been to the world of fanfic (or written creatively) until the arrival of Twilight. But the best part has been the friendships I have made. My stories focus mainly on emotions (yea emo!). That's why I love the characters of Twilight -- they have such unexplored depth! I think our emotions motivate our actions. Understanding how someone feels will often predict their behavior as it does in my stories.

I am so blessed to have made many friends in this fandom and psyched to say I actually met some of them in RL. I am a mom and a nurse manager living in northeast Ohio, USA. The weather sucks, but it's a safe place to live. I also have the unique perspective of young love, having married my high school love -- Twilight let me experience those same feelings of first love from (too) long ago.

I'd like to also promote a story/writer I've been working with. Her research and story-telling abilities rock. It's From the Ashes by RowanMoon (complete)

Bella rises from the ashes of battle against The Volturi in The Great War as the Three that become One; Powerful witch of the Striga line, a blood descendant of Taha Aki the great Pricolici Shifter, and now, newborn vampire with Edward's venom coursing through her veins. As our heroine celebrates her family's victory and her marriage to her imprinted mate, an unexpected guest shows up at the wedding who is bent on revenge and making Bella suffer in the worst way imaginable. Join Bella as she races against time across continents to save a loved one and fulfill a destiny that she was never prepared for. Sequel to Broken Doll (you just gotta read this!!). Rated NC-17 for smexy times!

Story Awards (listed only cuz I want to intrigue you into reading my stuff!)

Diary of a Madman

Judge's Pick - Red Eyed Edward Contest 2015

The Snow Globe --

Judge's Pick - Beneath the Mistletoe Contest 2014

Honeymoon Suite --

Shimmer Award Winner (Snowflake Quarter '11): Cullen Crest Award (best canon)

Pwn of the week on Fictionators - February 2012 ()

Future Imperfect --

Shimmer Award Winner (Summer 2012): Blood Award (Best Suspense/Thriller)

Nominee - “My Emotions” category in the Twi Fanfic Awards, 2013

Nominee - Top Ten Favourite Fics completed in October at Twi Fanfiction Recs, 2013

Esme's New Moon --

Winner of Judge's Pick: "Most Tragic" in 2010 Summer's Most Romantic or Tragic Hour Challenge

Vampie Awards 2011 Winner : One Trick Vampie (Best One Shot)

Carlisle and Esme: How the Love Story Began --

Gem Awards - Opal (Carlisle) Round 2011: Best Completed

Hopeless Romantic Award 2011: Best Carlisle and Esme

Shimmer Award 2009 Winner: Rewind Award (Favorite Pre-Twilight story)

Twilight Awards 2009 2nd Place: Best Pre-Twilight Story

Home --

First Place - Bella/Rosalie Writing Challenge

Christmas Angel --

Third Place - The Last Minute Holiday Fun One-shot Challenge 2009

Scotch, Sex and the Proposal --

Gem Awards - Opal (Carlisle) Round 2011: Best All Human

Iron Pen Challenge Winner (May 2011) - Fugitive, and guest Iron Pen judge, December 2011

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Carlisle Cullen has always been different—a frustrating son to a distant father; an enigma to the rulers of his world. But when he faces the biggest decision of his immortal life, he's forced to grapple with the moments that have shaped him most. When you've lived your whole life among killers, what kind of man do you choose to become? Pre-Twilight canon.
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A young vampire is on a search for his worth, his place in a world that changed without warning. He discovers there is a fine line between right and wrong. Passion and insanity. A brief look into the key events during Edward's rebel phase. Warning: contains graphic vampire-style violence. Received YellowGlue's Judges Pick in the 2015 Red Eyed Edward Contest
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My entry for FAGE007 (Fanfic Gift Exchange 2014) written for Rebadams7! America threw its entire economic, industrial and scientific capabilities behind the WWII effort, blurring the lines between civilian and military resources. When Bella, a young volunteer at the local USO, meets a handsome young man in basic training, they find fear and hope can coexist when shared. AH
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