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Hi. Not too good with all this computer stuff as I'm fairly new to it.

I'm probably a bit old to be writing on this site but my son introduced me to it as we both like writing, and rpg games like the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy series.

It only took about 10 minutes for me to become absolutely addicted to some of the fantastic writing, especially by some remarkably young people, and now it is a bit of a family event as my younger daughter also writes but in the books section!

I have to confess that I'm not writing as much as I could because I spend so long reading everyone else's stuff, and at home, we have a three way tussle for one computer!

I would be very happy and grateful for people to review any of my stuff, as I have no way of telling if it's actually any good. I really enjoy reading but have never been any good at analysis or book reviews, I just know what I like, after all I only joined this site because of the amazing writing.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who's had a read of my stories, or who has any suggestions for new ones, I will try and reply but like I said earlier, I'm not too hot at computing! I had to have quite a bit of help from my kids just to upload my stuff!

If anyone finds my spelling a bit strange, or comes across unfamiliar words, it may be because I'm British. I've tried to stick with universally known terms but I'm sure that occasionally the odd Britishism slips in.

I'm feeling very guilty at the moment because I haven't actually put anything up for a while although there's quite a bit of stuff sitting on my computer. The machine has been having an overhaul and we just updated the internet so it now mostly works really fast and doesn't keep going on the fritz. Even so, and with all the alterations that are being done, to the exterior of our home at the moment, the real reason is that my current story has headed off in a completely different direction to the one I had planned, and I'm still figuring out whether to let it go the way it wants, or force it back to how I want, and the last chapter requires a rewrite in any case because even I think its boring!

In The Beginning is up there now. And that's all it is, the beginning! Now, as they say, comes the hard part - and it is proving to be. As I said it will be episodic, there are a few in the pipeline but not really in order, I'll try to make sense of their chronology for those interested when I post them!

I'm very grateful to everyone who has put me on alerts, reviewed me, etc. I've posted a new story which is set after D & A's Awfully Cold Adventure, called Impromptu Party, but is not the story mentioned above which has gone off the rails a bit. I'm still struggling with that one, but have great hopes that I'll get some inspiration soon. It's just that it involves a very large concept which I would have to follow up but will take a lot of thinking out, if I let it continue as it is! So for the moment I'm going to take some time out and read other people's brilliant stories, which is the reason I joined this site in the first place!!

I'm getting adventurous, (for me), I've actually posted the first chapter of an unfinished story - it's the first time I've actually been brave enough to do that. The fact that it is merely Ax and Dem's view of what happens in KHII, and therefore we all know where the story is headed, is irrelevant, I think. When the game was developped they weren't considering how the characters would 'feel' or respond to the situation... I think!

Ok now I think I might have gone bananas! I'm offering to be a Betareader! Yeah, it's KH any, Final Fantasy, any but XI, KOTOR, SOTET, and with a bit of help from my kids maybe Sailor Moon, Cardcapters, etc. Let's put it this way - I'll do my best! Please feel free to submit. I have a lot of time on my hands. Didn't mention it before but I'm physically challenged, I was too hypermobile in my past - gymnastics, swimming, etc. and I kind of wrecked my skeleton. So if you want a couple of grammar corrections or something - don't hesitate to ask! See you all soon!!

July 2009 update. Sorry everyone, have not written for a while as we have been having some major computer problems, hopefully all is now back to normal and I will manage to upload some new stuff very shortly! I am just about to check my month or so's e-mails, there's rather a lot! Then I should be back up and running!

Still July 2009! Ok, so while I've been offline I have to confess that I wasn't writing! I was actually replaying KH2 and FFX for the umpteenth time from old saves in order to try and achieve total completion on both!! Unfortunately, and embarassingly I have to admit that Sephiroth eludes me on KH2 no matter how many times I try!! It may be because I have a problem with reflexes because of a joint disorder or it may have something to do with the refresh rate on our TV, or a combination of both!! Any excuse!!

Anyway with so many of you adding me to favourites and whatnot, having checked through a couple of months e-mails (!!), I feel obliged to write before the big summer break, when we will be away for the most part. I honestly don't know how much free time I'll have next semester as two of my kids are off to college and I'm going back to finish my degree, after too long!! I will try and keep writing online but forgive me if it ends up during college holidays only!!

I have a couple of small stories I wrote a while ago which I'm expanding a bit and hope to post shortly. Kind of one offs that fit in with my personal canon of KH. Have a great summer if you're in the northern hemisphere, or a great winter if you're in the southern - and keep writing!!

This is more of a blog than a profile, I think! I am in the middle of a story at the moment, actually it's beginning to feel more like a book, which takes place after my story 'The Hermit', and when I do eventually post it, it will probably not be under the Axel and Demyx character list since it involves everyone - but it does deal with their wedding!

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