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Author has written 35 stories for Total Drama series, Misc. Tv Shows, Pokémon, and Homestuck.

DISCLAIMER: this is my profile, and i reserve the right to write whatever i want on here without critisism. if you don't like it, you can get the heck off my profile page. okay? also, just because i delete something off my profile doesn't mean it doesn't still apply. i still have the same beliefs, i'm just tired of knowing i'm cramming it down the throat of everyone who visits my page. why should you guys care what i think? and some things on here are so old, i don't want to see them anymore. so i'll do some clean up.

Profile picture - HOMESTUCK!!!!!!! haha, look out, Tavvy... I think Terezi is hungry for chocolate... ;)
too bad my patron troll is Eridan. :P
seriously, who are you guys? SO PRECIOUS!!!

NEW BASIC DRAGONOLOGY!!!!!!!!!! two more chapters!!! WOOT!!!!! :D
uh... i don't even know why i wrote this one, honestly. just felt like putting emphasis on some of the lesser characters, you know? really doesn't do much for the plot.

My Dear Kismesis - is my new story!!! YAY!!!! it's an anthology of Homestuck stories. pretty much whatever i want to write about Homestuck can be found there, sooner or later. see that section about my stories i wrote for more info.

if you like Basic Dragonology, you should definitely check out the Unexpected Journey saga. why, you may ask? because it features characters from Basic Dragonology, such as Kamar, Maggie, and Moonshadow. and they're all adults, too.
it's almost like a sneak preview into the future, you know?
so, yeah, definitely expect spoilers. lots of them.

Dragon Language and Culture:

Dragontongue is the language of dragons. It is a rough, coarse language with lots of growl and snarl sounds, since those are common dragon noises. Dragons refer to it as Drakine in their language, which translates directly to ‘Tongue of Dragons’ in English. Here are some basic rules for pronunciation:

R’s are normally rolled or gurgled. Think growling.

S’s are stretched out, like a hissing snake.

Vowels before consonants are normally cut short, but are otherwise stretched like an S, especially O and U.

A’s before R’s are part of the R sound, instead of an ‘rrr’ sound, it would be an ‘arr’ sound.

M’s are held, like humming or purring.

Other consonants are short and hard, giving Dragontongue it’s rough edges.

Sssarroom is an ancient Dragontongue greeting, used only with good friends since it uses such simple sounds like S and R and O. Dragons prefer those sounds over any others, since they are so easy on their vocal chords.

Griff... there isn’t a direct translation for it... it’s those fans that protect a dragon’s ear holes. When a male dragon rattles his griff, it’s basically a challenge to whichever dragon or dragons he rattles them at. With females, it’s more a sign of shyness or embarrassment. Females don’t ever fight physically for various reasons.

Dragon script is a lot like the English alphabet, except with different symbols. Dragons don’t normally write, they prefer to pass down memories telepathically instead of through books.

Garluna is something Muse and Maggie call Moonshadow, but what does it mean? Gar means shadow, and Luna is the dragon goddess of the moon (her mate is the dragon of the sun)(more on dragon mythology later). So Garluna translates directly to Shadow of Luna, or Moonshadow. This also explains why Maggie calls Moonshadow Lune, or Luney.

The dragons have two main gods. They have a total of 13 gods/deities, but believe in many others. There’s Zeus and Hera, who are the human gods. There are also a male and a female god for every other living thing, excepting plants, which were created by the dragon goddesses Flora and Fauna. But the dragons believe that Luna, the goddess of the moon (and love, hence the expression "oh, for Luna’s sake!!!", mainly used when two people that are right for each other will not admit it), and the Celestial Dragon (whose name only dragons know), the god of the sun. And while the moon actually is Luna, the sun is an endless ball of fire, created and sustained by the Celestial Dragon. I’m not gonna get too into this topic, because you could go on for hours talking about mythology of any sort, but the Celestial dragon was banished for some things he did. Luna was banished too, even though she didn’t do anything wrong. So Luna was cursed to forever search the skies for her lost mate, and once in a blue moon they do meet in the sky, but only for a few short seconds, for fear that they will get caught. Legend has it that every five-thousand years, Luna herself lays the egg of the new Lucky One, and sends it down to another dragon to care for it. (Only once in the history of the world has she chosen a human caretaker, Gwen, to care for her egg). This is why no dragon is more powerful than the Lucky One, and why they are the natural leaders of dragon society.

The Dragon Council of Elders is like the government of dragon society. While most minor disputes among dragons can be solved with challenges, there are some larger disputes that have to be taken to the Elders. The Elders aren’t necessarily the oldest dragons, but they are the wisest. The Dragon Council of Elders is made up of twenty of the wisest dragons alive. The High Elder is normally the current Lucky One, but when the Lucky One dies, another Elder takes his or her place until the new Lucky One is old enough. While Moonshadow is too young to lead the Elders, a silver Dragon known as Brightstar, who was the old Lucky One’s second in command, will be High Elder for her. The last Lucky One was a black, known to humans as Shadowwing, to dragons as Garquo. The title ‘High Elder’ in Dragontongue is Tyr.

The Mak-Messhief was the greatest exodus in dragon history. The Great Withdrawal (Mak is great, Messhief is withdraw) was at the very end of the Dragon Wars (the Drakklikt), after the Lucky One Maklawr was slain by a human. This was the point were all dragons removed themselves and any traces they’d left from every country except Dragonia. They all moved to Dragonia and the neighboring islands. The humans everywhere else quickly forgot that the dragons had ever been real, and quickly reverted back to the stone age (also on account of the horrible plague, which started when the man who killed Tyr Maklawr was given the deadly disease). The only thing that had given them technology before had been the superior minds of their dragon companions.

Ekkasire - Dragontongue for Eternal Father, meaning the God of the Sun and father of all dragons. Ekkamam would be Eternal Mother, meaning Luna.

The island of Dragonia lies somewhere off the coast of Central America, but its true location is unknown.

The Dragonian Pentagon consists of five islands. Orogua, Penatara, Quo-rel, Feowzul, and Mahimala.

a little more about my stories.

finished (stories that are complete)

a lost cause: this one is really cute in my opinion. its cody and beth, and i think cody and beth would make a cute couple, so i try to show that in this fic. but instead of like... a kiss at the end, it ends with cuteness. i think it conveys the perfect message(that cody and beth should be a couple) and that kissing would ruin it.

the unexpected journey: a courtneyxduncan story. its really good if you ask me. i explain it really well in the summary. who doesnt like adventure? right? but like i said before, its definitely worth reading.

gun point: this one is geoff and bridgette. and you know a story is good when it opens with one main character pointing a gun towards the other main character, right? this whole fic was created from a short, seemingly insignificant part of a movie. you know in the movie rattatoulie(did i spell that right?), when the rat was running inside a roof and kept passing by all those holes with people? well, one of the spots he passed by had a girl pointing a gun at a guy, and threatining to kill him. then the rat started to go away, and there was a gun shot. so he looked back and the two people were... well, if you've read gun point, you should have an idea. ;)

the legend of Bao-kun: this one... i dont know where i got this one. gwenxtrent, oneshot. trust me, its good.

goofing off: this one was totally unexpected. i dont even know why i wrote it. it was fun to write, because kayla and derek are like... my best friends. they love me for writing this story.

the roses bloom series: a whole bunch of cute little codyxbeth one shots. i love this series with all my heart and i hope you enjoy it!
as for the story 'the bucket', it's a parody of the movie 'the silence of the lambs'. i didn't know what the movie was called when i wrote it, but once i found out, i realized i should have called that story 'the silence of the losers'. oh well.

Alejandro: its my first fic that takes place during TDWT. its basically a story that showcases Alejandro's evilness, but at the same time has Bridgette falling for him, like she totally is in TDWT. i also admit to basing it off a lady gaga song, and i am not ashamed. im not. honest.

the most dangerous challenge: based on the short story "the most dangerous game", and if you've read it you'd know that means hunting humans!!! dont worry, it has a happy ending.

the unexpected journey 2: kamar's revenge: like i said in the summary, it's the long-awaited sequel to the unexpected journey and i want all of you to read it.

Flat tires: it's my first SierraxBrady fic, and i'm starting to like this pairing alot...

new year: another SierraxBrady fic, with a little bit of CodyxBeth too.

Romeo and Juliet: Hawaiian Style: basically the TDWT finale from the dummies' point of view. an interesting read, if you ask me.

Snipe Hunt: my latest EvaxEzekiel fic. basically, Duncan tricks Ezekiel into going on a snipe hunt, then Eva decides to help him prank Duncan back, with the help of Izzy. if anything, it's interesting.

Eva's secret admirer. a Zeva(ZekexEva) fic i've ben thinking about writing for a while. basically, Eva finds a love letter on her door and tries to figure out who wrote it, and it turns out to be the one she least expects. i just think Ezekiel and Eva would be cute together.
the dream is something i came up with a long time ago, all the way back, right after season one. which, surprise surprise, is when i started writing fanfiction. i was writing this comic about total drama island, and Courtney was having the dream from the latest chapter. why? because she dreamed that Duncan had asked her out. crazy, right?
basically, Courtney dreamed Duncan asked her out, and then she dreamed two or three dreams about Duncan being a vampire. and she kept calling Bridgette, and Bridgette finally realized that Courtney had dreamed it all up.

Feral: EvaxEzekiel!!!!! oh, this is just the best story ever! sorry, i loved writing this one. what more can i say, other than what i wrote in the summary? you'll just have to read it.

Alana Live: Johto Journeys. Kayla, Derek, and i find a strange door and go through it, which puts us in the world of pokemon. we get turned into pokemon, and have adventures at a hotel in the johto region.

the unexpected journey 3: the adventure of secrets. yes, this is a harry potter reference. you know, like the chamber of secrets? although, there isn't really anything else harry potter related in the story. so, basically, Moonshadow(the lucky one) wants to meet our heroes, Duncan and Courtney. and, since Maggie and Moonshadow are old friends(BDGPFs), Maggie decides to take them to her. all is going fine until trouble comes for a visit, and i bet you wont guess why! (i hope not, that's the secret)

Fun on the farm: technically a parody of Boom Boom Pow, if you caught that. i thought it was really funny.

A Detective Story: another one about Eva and Ezekiel (i really like writing about them). in this one, Eva loses her MP3 player and gets Ezekiel to help her look for it, but Ezekiel takes it a little too far... (partially based off an old episode of Jimmy Neutron (remember that show?))

in progress (stories being written right now)

Basic Dragonology: the cast of tdi living in a world centered around dragons. they must raise a dragon hatchling. will have a lot of Eragon related stuff, and now some terms and things from the Age of Fire books which i absolutely love. comedy and funniness should be expected. tdi never happened.

Various Songfics:
Oklahoma/Texas Line. a songfic(we all know how good my songfics are) set to oklahoma/texas line by rascal flatts, about Lindsay and Tyler(because i promised i'd write them one).
She's Got a Boyfriend Now: Gwen and Trent, this one. basically (how many times have i used this word on my profile?), Trent is on tour with his band, and Gwen starts going out with Duncan while he's gone. Trent is really upset, but it all works out in the end.
and i know i put another one up, but i can't remember. geoff and bridgette, maybe?

My Dear Kismesis - Tales of Love and Hate:
My D34r K1sm3s1s, the first story in my Homestuck anthology, is about Terezi and Karkat. Terezi wants to label her crazy, complicated relationship with Karkat, but doesn't really know what to call it. so she writes a letter to Karkat and askes his opinion.
The Sp8der and the Flyyyyyyyy is about Vriska and Tavros. Tavros tries to convince Vriska she's dead when he accidently lands in her death dream bubble. will be continued... eventually...
I Hope You Dance is the new story, about Dave not wanting to party with Terezi, and Karkat trying to convince him to. ugh. that description does not do the story justice. sorry.

still to come (upcoming stories)

After Basic Dragonology gets finished, I'll start up on a super secret new story!!!!! no details yet, okay?

I am the girl that people look through when I say something. I am the girl that spends most of her free time reading, writing, or doing other activities that most teenagers wouldn't call normal. I am the girl that people call weird, and a freak either behind my back or to my face. I am the girl that doesn't spend all her time on MySpace, or talking to a girlfriend on a cellphone or regular phone. I am the girl that hasn't been asked out in a year. I am the girl that has stopped to smell the flowers and jump and splash in the rain.

But I am also the girl who knows and is proud to be who she is, doesn't care if people call her weird (it's a compliment), who loves reading and writing and doing the things that no one seems to have the time to do any more, who loves and is obsessed with Harry Potter, who can express herself better with words than with words, and knows the importance of the little things.

Copy and Paste this onto your account, and add your name to the list, if you are anything like me, so the girls who are diffrent and unique can know in their weakest times that they are unique, but not alone.

~PrettyFanGirl, Truth Be Told 13, creative-writing-girl13, Jasper 1006, DubbleV, iStartRiots, CourtneyXDuncanForever, Icewhip, kgeesy, Total Drama Addict.

to be honest, that gets truer for me everytime i read it. because i AM that girl, in every way, shape, and form.
and i'm proud to be that girl. to be able to say that i'm that girl, and know it's true. because that girl is the girl i've always wanted to be. and although sometimes i complain about being that girl, saying 'oh, if only i were more popular...', or 'if i wasn't that girl, maybe Shayne would like me more', etc. it doesn't mean anything.
i am that girl, and i know in my heart that there isn't a single other girl i'd rather be.

and if Shayne doesn't like it, well... i guess he can just go pound salt. because, as much as i like him, i won't compromise who i am to be with him.

however, that doesn't mean i don't want to be with him. it just means i'm stubborn.

some funny quotes, just for you!!!

"sometimes, there's just elves" -my dad (trust me, it's funny)

"yay! we get to cut the cheese together!!!" -Lindsay (i can't quite remember if that's the right wording for that quote or not...)(it sounds right, anyways...)

"come fly with us, come die with us!" -Noah

"um, no, my friend, that thing just burned off my shoe..." -also Noah (i love Noah)

"ooh! i love fish! i love fish! *crunch* well, i guess we should cook it first, huh?" -Izzy

"Explosivo is loco for boom boom!!!" -Explosivo (Izzy)

"what the shizzel?" -Ezekiel (Ezekiel is in no way a gangster, no matter how hard he tries)

"if you were a bear, who would you rather be dipping in barbeque sauce?" -Duncan (i think this quote is right... it was from back in season one...)

"ooh... stalkerlicious." -Noah as well

"nutty? as a ten ton bag of pecans, smothered in peanut butter, incased in a cashew the size of China?" -Noah (this is about Izzy, by the way)

"considering buying a life, but having trouble choosing because they're all such an improvement!" -Noah imitating Sierra

"i saw a squirrel! he was going like this!" -Gir (Invader Zim)

"Noel, Noel, Noel, no water!" -also my dad (get it? 'Noel' sounds like 'no well', and if there's no well, there's no water)

"well, studies show that 95% of- hey look! a squirrel!!!" -my dad (on the subject of ADD)

"Izzy! Duck! DUCK!!!" -Owen
"Goose!!!" -Izzy

"give a man a hole, and what does he have? nothing. but give a man a shovel, and he can dig a hole to contain the nothing." -Harold

"nope, still not buying it. but i did cave and buy the electronic salad spinner. woo wooo woo woo! ha ha! woo!" -Izzy

"hey! you dropped your chips in my pop! hey! you splashed your pop on my chips!" -Owen

"Explosivo loves two things. the first, is boom. the second, is boom. put them together, and what do you get?" -Izzy
"boom boom?" -Owen
"Ole!" -Izzy

"eenie meenie minee moe... or was it eenie minee meenie moe?!?" -Justin

"those two are made for each other. the only difference is one would eat you alive in a heartbeat, and the other's a shark." -Beth

"F-I-S-H-Y! you ain't got no alabi, you fishy. uh huh you fishy, come on, get your fins up! come on, get your fins up!" -Courtney.

"i'm so mad i could flip a biscuit!!!" -Crystal (my sister)(also known as CrysRose)(look her up sometime)(read her stories, maybe)

"you left the cheese in the sun and now it's all melted. you'll have to refrigerate it again, but then it will just be all wrinkly... like grandma." -Shayne (also known as Ryan)(oh, isn't this just the most adorable quote ever?)

"i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts... big ones, small ones, some as big as your head!" -also Shayne (this is actually a song. it's called 'i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts')

"and i was like fish heads, fish heads, fish heads, ooh!" -Shayne as well (a mix of Fish Heads by Dr. Demento and that REALLY annoying Justin Beiber song)

"you're sorry? what happened to 'eating my master was the best decision i've ever made'?" -Maggie
"i was in a mood." -Kamar

"that was so gaspy, i coughed!" -Me

"and then I said, she doesn't watch shows about ducks!!!" -also Me. (haha, inside joke)

thats all for now! Total Drama Addict, out!

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Noooo they be stealin' my bucket!" -the Lolrus. rb #12
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Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart." -Author Unknown. rb #9.
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He sighed again. "Bridgette. Im breaking up with you." Geoff said. "Your... your... what?" she said. GeoffxBridgette warning, crazyness may occur
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