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NEW SHORT VERSION: I am still interested in fanfiction, but I am not currently writing, only reading. I am not dead as of July 2017.

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OLD LONG VERSION: (Version retired as of Jan. 2011, kept due to data-packrat tendencies)

Male, 20s, sometime student and full-time computer tech in Minnesota (Twin Cities).IMPORTANT NOTES! --If you want to respond to a review I left, please leave a note in your own review section, or email me, instead of leaving one on my fic. This is important to me. Next: Confession time. I am chin-deep in RL; fanfiction is in the works but not likely to surface soon. If you are reading this at all, I'm frankly surprised. Since I haven't updated practically since I created this account anyway, if you see something new, it's probably an info-dump of my unposted work. Be advised: I am NOT DEAD, I still intend to write material for fanfiction, but I am NOT AT ALL LIKELY to have anything done for posting in the near future.

Unless I suddenly become some kind of celebrity, I will respond to all email as soon as I see it (though that's not necessarily as soon as you send it), so feel free to review, write correspondence, or whatever. One thing, though: I despise flames. (I define "flame" as an email which is simply proclaiming someone's hate of the fic and/or author thereof and lack any kind of constructive criticism or suggestions for improving the fic author's writing; these are often badly written and usually consist of nothing more than mindless childish verbal abuse.)

P.S. I tend to review a lot, and some of my reviews include extensive criticism of the work; this is intended as constructive criticism pointing out the elements of the fic which in my opinion were out of character (OOC), poorly spelled, written, or formatted, or otherwise lacking in my opinion. This is NOT FLAMING (according to my definition of course) and is not meant to be insulting. I ask authors who do not appreciate my criticism not to verbally abuse me or take out their anger in reviews of my own writing. (Though I do read all feedback including flames, I much prefer to be given INTELLIGENT remarks through which I can learn what readers like and don't like about my writing, and where they think it could be improved.) However wonderful for the purpose of venting one's emotions slander may be, it is not an effective way to convince others of your opinion. Thank you.

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It has now come to this. I have lived too long, failed too often, and lost all that matters. Grant me this one last gamble. Grant me an end to our eternal conflict. Grant me the death of she who enslaved our world with its Purification. Grant me Serenity.
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Be Careful What You Wish For reviews
This is a short fic dealing with the possible negative consequences of Neo Queen Serenity's using the Ginzuisho A.K.A. Silver Imperium Crystal to purge all sin from humanity. This is a serious fic, if short, intended to stimulate thought and debate.
Sailor Moon - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 565 - Reviews: 14 - Published: 3/19/2002