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Poll: So I'm thinking of making a second chapter/sequel for passion because of all of the positive responses. Should I do it and if so what coupling could you like to see? Vote Now!
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Author has written 14 stories for Harry Potter.

Hi all, my names is Kitty and I've been writing Fanficition for Harry Potter for several years now.

Some of my favorite pairings are Sirius/Lily, Draco/Ginny, Bill/Hermione, Sirius/Hermione, Hermione/Remus, Remus/Tonks, Arthur/Molly(Hogwarts Years), and Ginny/Sirius.

I'm pretty much totally a romance writer but I enjoy other genres, not very good at writing them though. I try to keep everything canon compliant at least in the personality and behavior of the characters if not in shipping.

If you have any questions about any of my stories or anything don't hesitate to message me :)

Also, I love reviews. They're great. I'm a lot more likely to update a fic sooner rather than later if people review it. :) Enjoy.

Completed Stories

Letters to a Married Man: This is something i did for a challenge a few years back. The premise was that Hermione and Remus met up later in life and started writing to each other. Remus was married and some kind of relationship was formed. It's slightly AU in that Tonks is dead but Remus is still alive. I've gotten alot of good feedback on this one and on several occassions have considred making an action based fanfic on the letters it is composed of. Let me know if that would interest anyone.

I'm going to marry you, plan your life accordingly: This is a little story that was inspired by the scene in the Hospital Wing at the end of HBP. What Tonks does after everyone goes home and she is left to her own thoughts. Also, what I believe could have been the beginning of Remus and Tonk's relationship. Prior to writing this I wasn't a big fan of this ship but it's grown on me since then.

Progression: This was written for the seven kisses challenge. I'm trying to get my muse back so this was to get me excited about Scorpius/Lily again. From the time Lily meets Scorpius and kisses him for the first time to their last kiss. The ending is sad but I just don't believe in 'and then they kissed and it was happily ever after'. I personally needed some closure. But due to the response I've been getting which negatively reflects the ending I may come up with an alternative ending and add it in a different chapter. It won't make any sense coming after the actual ending but thats what alternative means.

It is important for a flower to be watered daily: Silliness, teenage girls. Lily Potter and what is supposed to be the future Alic Longbottom on a lazy spring rain day. It can be interpretted however you want it to be. It was written purely for the drabble request thread in response to a prompt that was dancing in the rain.

Close your Eyes and Kiss me: I love Oliver Wood. From the moment I saw Sean Biggerstaff walk on screen during the first movie I have been thorougly obessesd with him and don't think he gets hardly enough play time in the books or the movies for that matter. I kind of draw my inspiration for writing about him from Jonathan Rhys Myer's character, Joe, in the moviie Bend it Like Beckham. And this is not at all anything anyone would think could happen but I like Oliver and I'm rather fond of Ginny so I decided to ship them a little bit. Written for the first kiss challenge. It interest is shown I may expand on this but for now it's just a one shot.

A Circle Has No Beginning: This is kind of a hot mess and unless you know exactly where I'm drawing my inspiration from I dooubt y ou'll like it very much. There's this musical, the name of which always escapes me when i want to talk about it. It's about all of these people who are involved with each other through other people. (The soldier knows the nurse who knows the student who knows his professor who is having an affair with the mail man who is sleeping with the babysitter whose boyfriend is the soldier blablabla) IT's loosely based on that musical but it's a bit hard to keep up with and not very structured at all. It was for one of those challenges where you're supposed to use a prompt for each one, i just turned it into a one shot by itself.

In Progress/On Hold

Just another story about girl meets boy: Okay this is my main priority right now. It's a Lily/Scorpius story from the very beginning of their friendship. I'm writing for a personal challenge which has 117 prompts and i"m using one prompt as a title of each chapter. So if you're looking for a short and sweet LIly and Scorpy meet they fall in love and ladeda, this is not for you becuase it will be long and dramatic and drawn out to my heart's content becuase thats just the way it is. :) I'd love feedback and for people to let me know what they'd like to see (even if it doesn't seem to fit with what i'm going for) or what they had problems with. Please please read and review.

Kiss me LIke you Mean It: This is my first big fic i was working on when i joined this site. It's a Sirius/lily which is one of my favorite couples and it chronicles episodes leading up to the birth of Harry Potter (and maybe a bit after I haven't decided yet). I"m kind of uninspired at the moment and so am stuck where it is. I think the next chapter (if I find my muse for this story again) will be Harry's birth. Let me know what you think. Again, reviews and feedback are always much appreciated.

Obsession: The idea for this fic came to me one day when I was reading fiction on granger enchanted, a realm devoted soley to Hermione Granger (she deserves it). They wouldn't let me post it there for reasons I'm assuming are because it's about her being psychotically obessessed with a man twice her age before she is of age. It starts in Hermione's third year, which is the only chapter I have posted right now. The second chapter is a work in progess on my PC but I'm stuck so suggestions are appreciated.

Ginny's Eyes: this was written for the forbidden love challenge and I had several prompts to go off of. I might write another chapter or two but i'm not sure. Currently it's just out there in the balance.

Future Ideas

Two Beds and a Coffee Machine: It would be my first self inspired songifc based on the song two beds and a coffee machine by savage garden. Ginny tries to stay by Harry's side through it all but sometimes she just needs to get away for awhile.

Almost Lover: A nother story based on a song, but not quite a song fic i don't know. Lily has married James but can't stop remembering the way things were before. Lily/Severus.

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