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Author has written 39 stories for Death Note, Gravitation, Saiyuki, B.O.D.Y., Loveless, Ouran High School Host Club, La Corda D'Oro, xxxHOLiC, Kingdom Hearts, D N Angel, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Yu-Gi-Oh, Misc. Anime/Manga, and Rise of the Guardians.


It's about time I put this here. If, for any reason, I am not responding to your messages for a considerable period of time (say a week, a month, etc), it is most likely because my internet has some problems preventing me from communicating. I will most likely have information about it on my Deviantart page (in my journal) if I can. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

-January 14th, 2013

Update: I never seem to get around to fixing this profile, do I?

I'll be erasing and revising the story descriptions. I might also remove, and perhaps edit the Discourse.

If anyone has any input, I'd appreciate it.

In other worlds of busy-ness, I am working on some things, old and new.

Happy coming Spring!

-March 4th, 2012

I'm sending out big love and thanks to everyone who has sent me a message, reviewed or favorited a story, or simply made my day. It has truly meant a lot over all this time.
For Nari Nari and Immortal for being the first ones I met on the site and befriending me.
For The Wammy Girl, CaCoPhOnY Of ScReAmS, and RainbowMushrooms for being there right after and always keeping an interesting conversation going.
For Dark Hearted Shinobi and ILuvHikaruAndKaoru who continue to brighten my life and lend me a little light when I desperately need it.
For Chilo, Yamiro, and blue4summer, for giving me the gall to get started here.
For Conrii, who has been an inspiration.
For chochowilliams, who inspired me to start writing fanfic in the first place.
For DiorCrystal, Alpha Weirdoz, and TehAwesomeness for giving me meat and drink to work with while I wrote and craved review.
For Saki Toyo who has recently been a joy to talk with and someone I look forward to reading.
For Azh Hikari, who sparked me once when I thought I couldn't write anymore.
And, for Infernum Equinomin, the person who introduced me to this site, who encouraged my writing more than anyone else, who started my writing prose, who nurtured a Nobody, and who will always be a dear, dear love and friend.

Thank you everyone...truly, I love you all.


July 21st, 2010


I am in the process of renovating my profile. I'm removing most of it and starting over. A lot of it is just too old or doesn't really seem accurate to me anymore, so I'll be changing it. Until I get it to the place I'd like for it to be, please bear with me in the midst of the gaping holes. Thank you!

Hello! I'm Acerbus Equinomin.

I love writing, poetry and prose. (Doesn't really know what else to say about that particular subject...)

The range of fics that I have on here basically spans the spectrum. My first finished fanfic is on here as well as my most recent work, so you may notice a kind of metamorphosis of my writing style...please do not be deterred by how horrible the early ones are! I've gotten better as I've gone along!

And I'm not sure what else to put here. My, what a bio with piercing insight.

My stories:

A Spandex Opera - Deathnote - Finished - A severely random comedy (CRACK)

Second Fiddle - Gravitation - Finished - A small (maybe sappy, your choice) romance

Parodies of the Hours - Gravitation - Need to write the second half!! - Random, random comedy (GIGA CRACK)

The Bet - Saiyuki - It is finished - A comedy, but has an interlude with romance

The Hospital - B.O.D.Y. - The sequel for this is up as well - Romance - Note: I love this series and I will be writing more for it!!

Random's Debut - Gravitation - It is in progress, chapter fic! - Romance, Comedy, Drama/ Multifaceted plot - This is the first story with my beloved OC Grenadine. I love this story, so if you like it!

Note: Random's Debut has been discontinued. I started writing on it several years ago and it is just too old and outdated to finish as is. I hope to rewrite the whole thing one day, but right now, it is staying as it is.

Tales of Japan: The Pied Piper - Loveless - The joke about a second chapter with this story isn't very serious. Like all fairy tales, this is a one time deal. In other words, it is finished - Comedy, Parody, Poetry

Savior - Gravitation - This is...dark. This is one of my darker fics (and one I need to fix a little), so I warn you all that you may not like it. However, since I have gotten a few wonderful and EXTREMELY appreciated people that have asked me, this WILL be a chapter fic, so there is more...I hope to establish a happy ending - This is Angst, Romance, Tragedy...and a ? ...Yeah, that's right! A QUESTION MARK!!

A Poor Man's Roses - Ouran - Ha. Yes, now this is crack. Complete and utter crack, plus me confessing my love for Nekozawa, who deserves to be raped. I say this with sincerity and affection (Innocent Eyes). Neko-kun is just so cute! - This is complete crack and humor with...romance? I wouldn't even call it that... - It is oneshot!! Also note, this an alphabetics fic and you are probably wondering why on earth I am posting "P" first...well, for one, I went out of order and two, I have no control over what I have posted first...Infernum is my postmaster because I cannot...but I will have all 26 up, this site can be crazy sometimes...nice, but crazy...

Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray: First off, for anyone thinking it, yes, I like Patsy Cline as this and the before-mentioned story suggest. I do not really like Country music (Especially that which deals with the people with the same music, voice and style who all sing through their nose) but I love Patsy. This story features the Super OOC Sanzo, but he's funny isn't he? Alphabetics Fic (One shot) This is CRACK!! and Humor...

Alone: This is one of the few, FEW pieces of prose that I actually like...but (Sniff) no one really seems to like it... - It is the sequel to my other fic up here The Hospital and is another B.O.D.Y. fic with my favorite pairing. - I have ideas for a few other stories, but this is finished - Alphabetics Fic (Alone is by HEART) (AKA One Shot) - I call it romance. Infernum calls it angst (and categorized it as so), but I still think it's can decide for yourself.

Mother: - xxxHolic - It's CRACK. As it SHOULD be. - One shot - So Unbelievably CRACK...

Three Days Time: - La Corda D'oro - I really did enjoy writing all just came to me really and I loved to put it together as such...and I got a hug because of it. Yay Hugs! But, this is like homage and thanks to Infernum for stickin' with me for so long. T_T I'm so happy... (No, that wasn't sarcastic.) I did feel bad that he was alone in the writing of, I wrote one...which may mean I'm the first person to write one besides the creator of the pairing...yay...- I have ideas for others, but this is a happy, whole, one-shot. - This was full of things...It had comedy, angst, yaoi and other things as well...but...all in all, I would classify this as a TRUE Romance story...not sappy or sugary, but a true Romance. And now, that is all for that story.

(recent note: I now do not consider this quite as romantic as I once thought...oh well)

The Confession: - La Corda d'Oro - This is CRACK...unbelievably so... - One Shot - It's kind of a mix of comedy and CRACK, mostly CRACK with other stuff here and there... Okay Now NOTES! : This was an idea that I had during a conversation with the person it is dedicated to...I wrote the script and then EXPANDED!! This is what came out...I hope you like's crazy...Reviews very appreciated...especially if you could tell me your favorite part...Please?

If you were gay: - Ouran - I would actually call this comedy rather than CRACK, still crazy though - One Shot - Umm...yeah...this story...kinda speaks for itself. It was thought up randomly and was written in interspersed periods...but that's all irrelevant. IT'S FUNNY!!

The Interview: - Kingdom Hearts - CRACK...absolute CRACK... - One Shot...maybe - Wow I write KH too?! HAHA!! ...Mostly parody though...hehe...this is what most all fangirls desperately want to know...yes...with fangirling amongst it...hee...

The Carwash: - La Corda d'Oro - Romance and Comedy...I think Romance - One Shot - I like this one...granted, I severely revised it, but I like this was fun...and yum! Yays!

The DNAngel Sonnets (DarkKrad): - DNAngel - I don't really know how to classify poetry..., but, yeah, POETRY - Sonnet Sequence - This is a backwardsforwards kind of poem about the opposite sides of the two...serious work...all of my poetry usually is...except my Fables story...THAT isn't!

And for quick reference:

CRACK Stories:

Spandex Opera - Longer, REALLY Crazy and CRACK

Parodies of the Hours - Senseless, Fragmented and CRACK

The Bet - Comedy, Smut, CRACK

Tales of Japan: The Pied Piper - Poetry, Weird and Basically CRACK

A Poor Man's Roses - Regular Ouran, IC Characters, CRACK

Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray - Sadism by Hakkai, CRACK by Sanzo

Mother - Built on References, Utterly Meaningless, CRACK

The Confession - Spontaneous, Retribution in my opinion, CRACK

The Interview - Necessity, Fangirling, CRACK

Romance Stories:

Second Fiddle - First, Cotton Candy, Allusion

The Hospital - Angsty, Loving, Smexish

The Carwash - Awakening thought, Dream Reality, Dirty, dirty car...

ANGST Stories:

Savior - Chapters, SUPER ANGST, Happy Ending Coming

Alone - Sequel, DARK, Happy Ending Given

"I don't know..." (Aka The Others) Stories:

Random's Debut- Chapters, Monumentous, OC!!

Three Days Time - Panorama, Gift, Insomnia's Love Child and Prodigy

If you were gay - Comedy Compendium, Neko-love-slave, Target Practice

The DNAngel Sonnets (DarkKrad) - Sonnet Sequence, Serious, Inside out

Now, the stories above are the ones that Infernum posted for me. They are stories that he introduced. These are to be recognized in his honor of putting up with me for so long and taking his time to post my fic. Now, the stories below are the ones that I have posted. They are ones that I have introduced and posted myself now that the computer I type on now is new and actually can work and do amazing things like post fic. So, I just wanted to show everyone where the boundary line is and give Infernum his props, cause he DESERVES THEM!!!!

Water's Edge - Kingdom Hearts - Romance - Complete/one shot - This was a story that I wrote in many cases trying to integrate my poetry and prose (even though they are almost hopelessly mixed anyway), but when I finished it, I realized that throughout a lot of it, what was holding it together was poetry and music. It's romance, so there. _ This is also the first fic I've ever uploaded with the summary and stuff...I hope I didn't do too bad! Please tell me what you think! - Dedicated to CaCoPhOnY Of ScReAmS.

Pick Up Lines - Gravitation - Romance/Comedy - Something New - I wrote this for Azh Hikari cause they inspired me to when I hadn't written anything in a long that's the main reason. I also wanted to balance out a poetry metaphor in hope I did alright...but, I feel comfortable getting back to my roots writing Gravi again.
There aren't too many interesting blurbs that I can think of right most of my stories, the characters just really are how I picture I write, I really am swallowed up in the process...and I try to write as truthfully as I can...I hope that came through.

Darkness - DNAngel - Poetry - Sonnet Sequence - This is, as it is stated, a sonnet sequence. It is basically representing four different "faces" of Darkness. In each of the sonnets, different "personalities" or characters emerge, giving each reader the opportunity to decide who is who and which is which. The sequence has a long story and explanation behind it, but if you'd like to hear, I'd be happy to fill you in. This was published due to the encouragement I've recieved from Dark Hearted Shinobi, and so it is aptly dedicated to them.

Influences - Kingdom Hearts - Fluffish/Comedy - One Shot - This is another Zemyx fic and was the first Zemyx idea that I ever actually had. It started a mass amount of others that I plan to write at some point. It was meant to be fluff...but...I don't quite know...I think the concept is cuter than the story, but still...I hope it's liked. This has a hand in may feel a little cluttered...but! In it's defense, most of it is from Zexion's (somewhat) POV! So...yeah...I still Luvs who it's dedicated to though. _ Also, I truly didn't know that I had missed Zemyx day when I posted my Zemyx pretend like I posted them late, kay?

Note: Also everyone, I'm still learning how to completely use this technology stuff in the uploading and editing, so please bear with me in the story structure typos that happen on the site...

Superior for a Day - Kingdom Hearts - CRACK/Parody/Comedy - One Shot - crazy. This is one of the most random and ridiculous works that I've done for CRACK writing and it came from a depressed night, so I guess that's good. ...Erm...I don't really know what I should say for this considering that it's basically ridiculous, but hey, whatcha gonna do?
(Plus, it was basically written just to put images in your heads...bwahaha..._)

Curiosity and Questions - Kingdom Hearts - Romance/a liiiiiittle comedy - One Shot - I know that I said I wouldn't be posting anything anytime soon, but I've learned that even tho I can't write, I CAN still polish up things that I've already written. This is the last fic I managed to work on before my meltdown removed my writing. Last night I found it, read it, and fixed a few things; I decided that now would be as good a time as any to post it, so here it is. It is Romance mainly, with some suggestive ideas here and there as well as some dialogue that I'm very proud of writing. Most of my work is heavily autobiographical, and this is no exception. This also happens to be the third of my dedicated Zemyx fics. - (Also, when I originally wrote this, I never intended to even publish it after looking it over; I couldn't stand my little critic, so I was going to rewrite's...nice the way it is. So...yeah.)

Jeux d'eau du maison - Kingdom Hearts - Romance/ some comedy - One Shot - This is the fourth so far in my set of Zemyx fics for Cos. It's been revised so many times over such a long period of time that I'm not sure exactly what I tried to accomplish with it...but...whatever it was, should be somewhere in the fic I think. Hmm...I wonder...

Practice Makes Perfect - La Corda d'Oro - Romance/maybe a little drama - One Shot - This is, I think, one of the most curious stories I've ever written...I am now prone to writing romance, but never like this. It's a complete story in questions and wondering...although, I suppose the monologues have shifted a bit. Also, for those of you wondering, this story has LEN in the pairing! Yes...believe it or not, I, who am so used to hating Len, wrote him in a pairing...with his accompanist. However...the accompanist apparently doesn't have a name, so I have named him Daisuke. (yes, now his name is Daisuke) - It's weird, but I would expect to see other fics with this pairing...but so far as I know, this is the only one... (maybe I created it!) - Also, my fic really isn't over 7,000 words. It's around 6,300...but for some reason the site jacks up the word count...I don't know why.

Indirect Anthem for Hetalia - Hetalia: Axis Powers - Poetry and Humor - POEM - The first of hopefully many pieces of writing for Hetalia. I do so love the series... This is a sonnet, not originally intended for Hetalia...but it somehow ended up that way. A small mention for some of my favorite characters (lacking a few) and some strange string of travel all over the world. Ah of my friends may notice herself in there somewhere...(smile)

Romance stories:

Water's Edge - Romance of Music, Confession of Poetry, Gift for Love

Pick Up Lines - Investigation, Interest-taken, "What the hell just happened?!"

Influences - Fluffish, Definitory, Confusion...

Curiosity and Questions - Love, Mirror, Shower Power

Jeux d'eau du maison - Water, Games, Home

Practice Makes Perfect - Fire, Movement, Synergy

Comedy/CRACK/Parody stories:

Superior for a Day - Illogical, Black Hole, Cinnamon Rolls

Other (NA) stories:

Darkness - Sonnet Sequence, Personality, Journey

Indirect Anthem for Hetalia - Escape, Capture, Laughter


"A Revelation! The Electrical Outlet: The Home Appliance Prostitute!" - This was school...talking to one of my friends...yeah...I don't know what goes through my head in math class sometimes...

"With the right kind of mustache, you can rule any country! Everyone made fun of Hitler and his little mustache, but WHO'S making fun of Stalin, HMM?!" - This was me...yep...on one of my regular days...

"A cheesecake IS a lovechild! Those slutty custard-pie-cake things!" - The Wammy Girl (in one of our normal and recent conversations)

"When in doubt, rhyme!" - Also The Wammy Girl (I agree wholeheartedly)

"Do you think that if we took all the gum from the undersides of all the tables in the world, that we could make a life size replica of the Eiffel Tower?" - Me...don't ask.

"What's L's favorite dance? The Cakewalk!" - This was me as well...yeah...I made this up as a weird little riddle for TWG cuz we were on that part of the discussion...what part...I don't know. And yes, I quote her, "That's horrible, but so funny!" ...Yeah...

Post it's (all written by me...I think...):

If you have ever included art and character depth in your criticism of a manga, post this on your profile.

If you believe that the boys of Vampire Knight are and will remain sexier than anything Twilight could ever dream of producing, post this on your profile.

(Or for that matter...)

If you believe that ANY vampire from the Manga World is sexier than Twilight, post this on your profile.

If your sanity would be threatened if you ever lost your writing notebook, post this on your profile.

If you believe that all fruit deserve their own sexual situation named after them, post this on your profile.

If you are a bibliophile to the highest power, post this on your profile.

If you knew that Imaginary Numbers are not Organization XIII fantasies, post this on your profile.

I shall keep adding on!

In the time that I've been here, I've met so many people. It's amazing how many wonderful, friendly, and all-around weird people that I've come in contact with over the years. I cannot begin to imagine listing all of them, but I want to thank each and every one for making all the time I've spent here enjoyable, fun, and most of all inviting. I met some of my closest and best friends on this site, as well as many people whose conversations I cherish as well as those people themselves. I went through some hard times in the not-so-distant past, and the people here helped tremendously in keeping me afloat and fighting. It's been a blessing to have been part of such a wonderful place. Thanks and love to you all!

This is a list of fanfiction and artwork that wonderful, amazing people wrote and made for me. I really can't thank them enough or cherish them enough for the honor of these wonderful gifts.

My strength, I've found it - by Conrii (Poem from Sakura's POV, powerful and stirring)

Infinite Amber - by Moonchild10 (Lovely Poetic Conversation between the Hiitachin Twins plus luv)

Valentine's Day Special - by The Wammy Girl (Fluff for no extra charge and something better than Valentine's Day)

Out of Service - by Infernum Equinomin (A birthday present for me...and a pairing that I really have no clue where came from)

The Alphabet, With Kanazawa and Kazuki - by Infernum Equinomin (to me and to Grimoire Heart)

Whipped Cream - by Dark Hearted Shinobi (emerging from the AE virus and one of our conversations...CUUUTE! I luvs!)

Thank You - by Dark Hearted Shinobi (for PhantomGypsy and I...there are no words to describe it, but that it is solid sincerity, not ephemeral, but endless--and as such, loved)

For You: - This is a picture that CaCoPhOnY Of ScReAmS made for me. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I claim it, even though I can't put my hands on it, I claim it. For those of you not in this little circle who knows the meaning, it has something to do with my profile picture. Thank you for everything Cos!

AcerbusEquinomin56 Sketch - This is a portrait that Dark Hearted Shinobi did of me in their head with plenty of soul snuggling and etc. put into the mix. I'm prettiful in this! THANK YOU DHS!

Hakkai's S'more - something from a conversation that DHS and I have been having...and it was drawn to cheer me up! And it worked! Tis funny. I lurv it! (hugs DHS)

Demyx lineart for Acerbus - This is a picture of Demyx by DHS, based on my story Jeux d'eau du maison...I'm so happy...T_T...I have fan-art! (HUGS)

"Over the Weekend Fanart" - So, this is fanart for my fic Over The Weekend by the wonderful Airy Aquarius. I cannot still even begin to grasp how wonderful this is...

Ummm...I'm on Deviantart for anyone wondering...yeah...every once in a while I'll draw or paint may get more stuff up there soon...yays.

My username there is AcerbusEquinomin. There's no 56 this time! _ Just me. - here's a link! ...I hope it works...


A Discourse on Zemyx

In my opinion, one of the most important things to writing a character is forming your opinions on who that character is, who they truly are. This encompasses how they react, feel, act, and put forth wholly, are. Thus, these are two of my opinions on how well I’ve gotten to know these two characters.


I see Zexion as a person who looks at things objectively, but pessimistically as well. I think of him as being obsessed with detail (not necessarily “details”) and ardent for order.
He has a very sarcastic streak to him, is irritable, and tends to be deprecatory and sadistic in many of his ventures and views on other people (especially those he does not know well).
He has a twisted sense of humor as it applies to his personality and in most cases he is not enthralled to be directly involved with anything. He would rather stay out of the picture than accomplish seemingly “worthless” work.

He works with the mind and in many cases might think mind conquers far more than matter; it is here that remains one of his weaknesses. Being so used to the logical and cold conclusions his mind makes, any other thing, feeling, or reality foreign to it is met with confusion and suspicion.
Naturally, he believes he can figure out everything and that there should be an answer, logical or illogical (he’s not against thinking outside of the box) to anything.
In essence, he is confined to his mind.

This causes a great loss of sensitivity and empathy to most anything that he does not understand (at that point in time) or believe in. As well, emotional appeals are thrown out the window and can be found to be extremely agitating. However, the mind is not blind to affect and can register emotion to some degree if only by watching.

He relies on structure moreso than order and it is here that we find him most at home.

He also has a complex over privacy and modesty, being terrified of losing the edge of his secrets, of his thoughts and the privacy of the mind really. He’s terrified of things that intrude or trespass into his head. The mind is his citadel and he doesn’t want it besieged.
This complex carries over from fear of being revealed in his mind to his physical form, making for some very modest or abusive statements concerning it. Note however, that he only becomes modest to those that represent a threat to him or his privacy (i.e. those who stand a chance at getting in his head…i.e. DemDem).
And once again, it might carry over once more to the rest of his existence, his complex over the things he doesn’t understand and being exposed because of them or about them and then, those things being used against him.
It is a viable complex indeed.

Zexion is concerned with getting things done and typically is very concerned with detail. He can be meticulous or macroscopic as the situation demands, but more than anything, he is interested in quality.

He’s very concerned about becoming short-handed when it comes to anything intellectual. He cherishes secrecy and privacy, preferring to rely on his own strength moreso than that of others, making him feel outside help is only interference.

Zexion remains complex to work with, in that he is very nearly inapproachable. It is unwise to approach him intellectually as he would habitually outdo you or become flustered at not knowing something. On the other side of the coin, he does not deal well with empathy of almost anything outside of his interests, so that appeal is virtually useless.

There appears to be two basic methods and neither is guaranteed to work.

The first is to approach Zexion with one of his interests in mind and appeal to his rare empathy through that. If you succeed, then that is as far as you’ll go.

The second is to continually appeal to him, putting him in a situation where he needs to think constantly outside the box to stay in a comfort zone. Continue pulling him out of that comfort zone until eventually he has to open up because there’s nowhere else to hide.
The important thing about this is that once someone like Zexion is taken out of their place of stability, they become very fragile and intensely sensitive. The best idea is to introduce him to things subtly and give reassurance and a faux stable atmosphere around you.

A problem stems from the fact that Zexion may completely reject you and not let you even come near him…(he sounds like a wild animal now)…but, this is a simple conclusion. He is an almost impenetrable fortress of apathy. The other conclusion is the more loved one in that gradually, he’ll let you inside and even more gradually, become comfortable around you. From there, who knows; he’s Zexion, not a chess game…although…

…But I am not trying to write psychology text books! I am trying to write my opinions on two people. Grah.

But, this being said, Dem uses the second method. _

Speaking of which:


Demyx, in my opinion, is an optimist…however, he is not an idiot optimist. He is realistic and fully comprehends the situation, but prefers simply not to make it worse than it has to be. As well, he remains someone who maintains energy and can be very, dare I say, perky.

However, with this energy, the effort needed to maintain it is complex. Under almost all circumstances, the energy remains the same, but it is very sensitive and magnetic to emotional responses or impulses.

Thus, mood swings.

Demyx is sensitive and can be extremely mercurial as far as it goes, however he does possess maturity and so goes through mood swings, not tantrums.

As I see him, Demyx is not dumb at all as many others portray him. I see him as being intelligent (not necessarily intellectual as being intelligent and intellectual are two very different things), bright, responsive, interactive and very observant.
I use observant in that he doesn’t necessarily adhere to strict or particularly austere structures, but is still very open and able to concentrate on things that he needs to or those that catch his interest, garnering enjoyment in observation.

To me, Demyx is very opinionated, but open minded. Thus, he is open to possibility, but he HAS HIS OWN MIND. He thinks for himself.

However, he doesn’t deal often with the profound and I hardly think him a metaphysical deep-thinker; but, in his beautiful simplicity, he remains a very interesting, pensive mind that IS always filled and occupied with something.
Demyx doesn’t go out to conquer the universe, but if he decided to, it would most likely be a very entertaining venture.

In simple questions and constant musing, he can arrive (after a long and interconnected string of them) at questions that some of the most intellectual minds come to. But the difference between those minds and Demyx is that there are other things for him to think about, so he gives his own opinion (not always an answer) and goes on his merry way…and it is in this that Demyx can find optimism.

I find it highly interesting that Nobodies play music. This is because of the dedication required mentally and emotionally to play music, let alone compose it.

There are, in some cases, two kinds of music (although they can mix often): Emotional and Intellectual.

Emotional music is more concerned with expression, tone, feeling. It does not lack in emotion, but can suffer from lack of structure, order, clarity, or logic; but typically and especially for less intellectual people, they don’t care because of the sheer and pure beauty of the music.

(Notice here and now I have no intention of stereotyping any composer into either of these categories as nearly all good composers are a mix of both, some leaning more to one side than others. Thus I quote an example reference only.)

I believe Puccini to show the emotional side and content of music well (besides the point he wrote opera, his MUSIC truly holds emotion).

Intellectual is the other side.

Intellectualism cherishes form, order, structure, balance, evenness, clarity and above all: LOGIC.
It excels and shines in clean, well crafted, technical music. It executes idea instead of emotion. It is interested in a thought or theory moreso than a feeling. Thus, technically (as in craft), Intellectual Music is what professionals, critics and many times, snobs, want. It is perfectly written music…but.

Intellectual music, because it goes more for an idea than an emotion (head instead of heart), can seem very unemotional to those unused to it or those who just don’t like it (many times, it’s two in one).
I.M. (abbreviated thank you) can typically lack tone, force, emotional drive, power or rendering, or in many cases, flat-out appeal.

This especially comes into play when composers start to dismantle music as we know or knew it, (for the sake of experimentation, hatred of old forms, or curiosity in ideas and theories) make their own rules and write things that are aimed directly for the mind instead of the heart. And thus, many times such music can be respected and appreciated, but rarely ever loved as the brain is not a heart. (I think of Stravinsky in this paragraph)

So, basically, to those who don’t understand it, I.M. can seem (or be) confusing, irritating, dead, flat, unemotional, mechanical, intensely artificial (I’m thinking of Ravel now), or in some cases, extremely boring (now I’m not thinking of Ravel).

An example of I.M. might best be summed up with Camille Saint-Saens who wrote near perfect music…but.

I say all of this music criticism and theory because of Demyx who is not supposed to have a heart…and yet, I honestly cannot picture Demyx being a part of the second group. He just seems too ardent, too involved, to passionate, to write I.M. “Logically,” it might go with his personality, but that is ridiculous. I.M. just does not fit in with the rest of Demyx’s personality…period.

Naturally, I doubt he’s one or the other, but I clearly imagine him leaning towards the first choice of emotional music, of Puccini, of heart and emotion (even without my arm of fanfic pushing him in that direction).

Basically, this is interesting for a Nobody, but who said music has to stay inside a fence?
We wouldn’t have any if it did.

In the same way, who says love has to stay inside a fence?
Would we have any if it did?

Thus, my opinion of Demyx.


Now, I come to my happy section.

After stating a fragment (I assure you, I have much more) of my opinions on these two, a question might be, “Why the hell would you pair them?”

Rather than go into the long winded and repetitive explanations either of fangirldom (which I disagree with in some strong cases) and modern psychology (which I disagree even more strongly with…I don’t take psychology period…I have my own), I say this very simply.

I like the pairing because it is an example of what can happen if two certain people are put together. Something beyond words happens. Something that can only be imagined.

Love…can do amazing things. And, as I put it, love is one of the greatest efforts in regaining a heart (I would know this from personal experience). And, with these two particular Nobodies…I think it’s obvious that together, they make each other whole. Naturally, they are opposites, but they balance each other out and love is a great balancing act.

But, moreso, love is a journey into the soul of another person. In their spelunking and traveling and exploring, there is the irrefutable proof that the Emotional textures of Demyx’s personality and the Intellectual form of Zexion’s, blend and transmute into the most beautiful music; one called perfection; one called love.

And in the same way, Zexion and Demyx are both thinkers, but in different ways. You’d be surprised how much you can learn from another person in probing their mind either in conversation…or other ways. Love is a very good answer to a lot of hard questions.

Finally, as I said before, they make each other whole. Or, in a way, their opposites put together is a beautiful thing if handled that way. Two sides of a coin, the hotdog and the bun, the candle and the fire: each is unique, but there is function in twos. Put the two together and they form a completely functioning person, a nourishing relationship, a start of a heart like a collection of sea shells (as well as granting the hearts to Nobodies), and a word you’d all guess: Love.

There, and that’s that. You’ve seen my opinions; of who each of these two are and why I think:

One: They are a valid pairing and…

Two: (the most important) Why I think they should be together.

I borrowed this from The Wammy Girl’s profile. Although I typically never have anything like this on my profile (usually only things I write), the pure awesomeness of this cannot be fully comprehended or explained.





-Ryuichi Sakuma

-Yuko Ichihara







-L (just for TWG)


Ryuichi Sakuma (5) and America (2) are dating. Your thoughts?

…why do I have the feeling that this actually happens in the Gravi manga?


Demyx (7) has suddenly become very protective of L (13). Your thoughts/ explanation?

Demyx accidently mistakes L for Zexion. Simple as that. (Later Zexion and L have a wild west showdown, but they soon call it a draw so they can go for strawberry milkshakes)


Nekozawa (1) text message breakups Ranka (4). What happens now?

Ranka doesn’t take rejection well…she packs her meat cleaver and rubber ducky and heads for the academy for payback…


Oops... Nekozawa (1) meant to send that message to Yuko Ichihara (6). How much trouble is he in now?

I always warned him not to mess around with the occult…now he’ll be cleaning her shop for all eternity…well, on the bright side, now I can pair him with Watanuki and Domeki.


England (10) goes on a vacation with France (9). What goes wrong and whose fault is it?

Three Words: Onh Honh Honh!


Greece (11) and Switzerland (3) go to a concert. What concert is it?

Something to do with family and values or something Switzy would like because we all know that Greece is going to fall asleep in the middle of it.


Japan (8) bites Zexion (12), what is his reaction?

“Oh the bitter irony…”


L (13) is listening to his favorite song, what is it?

…”Secret Agent Man” (Imagining him in a tight black jumpsuit)


Zexion (12) goes on a game show, how does he do?

Zexion predicts all the questions, casts an illusion, and walks out with the cash, the other contestants and Regis Philbin’s chair.


Greece (11) gets stung by a bee. What’s his first reaction?

“SNORE…hmm…oh…what?...oh well…SNORE”


What did England (10) do to get sent to jail?

England went on down to the local pub and knocked back a few pints, which drunked him up enough that he started a bar fight. Meanwhile, France (who had been ‘aving a loverly dinner with his most recent date) jumps up and, instead of calming the chaos, drags the intoxicated England outside into the nearby alley. However, just as France was busy doing what he does best, two police officers happened by (Chief…his stubble…it’s scaring me) and carried them off to the clanker; France for indecent exposure and England for being drunk in public. (While I writing this, I was reading it in a British accent…also, anyone who caught that Death Note abridged reference is wonderful)


France (9) discovers yaoi. Addict or disgusted? In between? Other?

Oh no, he doesn’t just discover it, France has been aware and participating for many years. He’s only just now learning the proper name. Nonetheless:

“Oh! How wonderful! My heavenly blessed visage blushes, my divine eyes, they stare and glisten, Oh! Of the beauty of unbridled love! …oh wait…there’s a bridle…EVEN BETTER!”


Japan (8) has to fix the AC, does he succeed?

Yes. Yes he does, and he does a wonderful job. Sadly, no one notices…


Demyx (7) sleeps for 3 days straight. Does anybody notice?

Yes, Zexion does and he is displeased. He makes a mental note to be gentler next time. (yes, I did write that. Bwahahaha. ///)


Yuko Ichihara (6) goes to a rockin’ bar. What happens?

She’s Yuko…what do you think will happen? She’ll get stone drunk and Watanuki will have to cart her home in a wheelbarrow.


Ryuichi Sakuma (5) has a horrible/ awesome secret. Will he tell anybody?

He’ll tell Kumagoro and by process of telling Kumagoro, Tatsuha, Shuichi and Yuki will know. Plus K, who secretly follows Ryu everywhere. But, no harm done. (The secret was about cake)


Ranka (4) get addicted to NPR!! How do you save him?!

I will get him addicted to an even more addictive substance: Yaoi Video Games (Bwahahaha…fresh from Renge’s Hoard)


Switzerland (3) has to do housework. How/ how well does it get done?

He does it himself and he does it very well because I love Switzy…also, he has Japan helping him, so no big deal.


America (2) starts watching British Comedies. Is that good or bad?

It’s ironic, but we all knew it would happen sooner or later. (it’s good…to an extent)


Nekozawa (1) loses something important to him, what is it? (It does have to be a material thing, it can be something like losing their sanity)

There’s so many things that I want to say, but it’d probably be Bereznoff. Of course.


They all go to the zoo! What happens? Why is Greece (11) terrified of meerkats now?

America is acting…American; pointing, irritating and shouting. England tranquilizes him from his Rudyard Kipling days. Ryu goes to look at the bunnies. France accompanies him. Yuko gets drunk off a well concealed gin flask. Zexion and L go off to talk about stuff. Why is he afraid? Because those maniacal meerkats abducted him while he was asleep and tried to force him to eat grubs (Hakuna Matata!)…wouldn’t you be afraid?


They all live in a REALLY BIG HOUSE. There is a garden out front. Who takes care of the garden Zexion (12) or Ranka (4)?

…well Zexion sure isn’t going to do it…and I don’t think Ranka is either…most likely Japan predicted that they would all starve to death if he didn’t work, so he did it. (Of course, there’s room to actually grow food, so he didn’t mind)


There are garden gnomes. Does Switzerland (3) like them?

No. Actually, he ships them off to Austria who encrusts them with diamonds, then Switzerland sells them at auction. He’s always looking for new ways to save/make money. _


Who does more laundry, Ryuichi Sakuma (5) or France (9)?

France probably needs to do more laundry, but I’d say Ryuichi…I don’t know why…he just seems like that kind of person…


How long does it take for all of them to agree on pizza toppings? Does Ranka (4) want pineapple?

America and England start bickering a bit. Meanwhile, France has already ordered, received, paid for (or made out with the delivery boy so as to distract him), and started eating his pizza. The others were in the mood for pasta and gyros since Japan and Greece were home. Does Ranka want pineapples? What kind of question is that? OF COURSE Ranka wants pineapples!


How clean is the house? Is this thanks to Yuko Ichihara (6)?

Hahahaha. No. It’s because of Japan that the house is so clean (I feel bad for him). Yuko…makes more work for Japan…


Who has the best room? Are the others jealous? England (10) is jealous, why?

Either Ryu or America…most likely America. But, the biggest room is also sound proof, so no one minds. England is jealous because 300 years ago, HE would have gotten the biggest room. Naturally.


How many Spongebob DVDs are in the house? Why does Switzerland (3) have the most?

Several hundred because of America. Switzerland plans to sell them to children for a profit so he borrows from America’s collection.


America (2) won’t stop singing The Campfire Song Song. Who’s the first to find a way to shut him up?

Zexion or England shoves a REALLY HUGE marshmallow in his mouth…or Kumagoro…Ryu wouldn’t like that…


How do all 13 divide between Coke and Pepsi?

Coke: America, Switzerland, Ranka, Japan, England, L

Pepsi: Nekozawa, Ryu, Yuko, Demyx, France, Greece, Zexion

(note that this the only question that I’m not sure about)


Let’s play some Mario Cart. Do you want some juicy fruit? (Let’s pretend it’s me asking, and they don’t know me. Also, I just ask them on the street. 'Cause that's what I do instead of updating.)

Nekozawa: “ you get to curse losing players?”

“I don’t, but Bereznoff might want some.”

America: “OH BOY!”

“CANNNNNNNDYYYYYY!” (everyone remember the episode where America leaps for the ice cream?)

Switzerland: “I have better things to be doing with my time.”

“…is it free?”

Ranka: “That sounds wonderful…have you ever met my daughter?”

“Why that sounds delightful!”

Ryu: “Ooh! Yays!”

“May Kumagoro have a piece too?”

Yuko: “I’ll kick your ass at this game!” (She’s been drinking since three)

“Huh? Whuzzat? Loose Moose? Sure whatever…SNORE”

Demyx: “Sounds like fun!”

“Sounds good.”

Japan: “I’ll think about it.”

“Maybe next time.”

France: “Onh Honh Honh! You want to play a game with me? I have a game in mind that is far better than anything that mustachioed man has to offer!”

“Onh Honh Honh! You’re coming onto me already? I must be ravishing today!” (think about it)

England: “I’ll knock your knickers off at this!”

“Alright then”

Greece: “SNORE”

“SNORE…oh…thank you….SNORE”

Zexion: “…I’m not comfortable around video equipment…”

“I prefer not.”

L: “I’d rather play chess…or battleship…or yahtzee…”

“Hand it over.”


What happens when the Superbowl is on?

We all know what Greece is doing. America cheers and shouts a lot. He freaks Japan out who tries to mimic America’s movements. Switzerland is irritated at Japan because of this. Yuko is eating chex mix. Ryu is talking to kumagoro in the kitchen. Demyx and Zexion are in another room. England and France are…also…in another room, taking advantage of all the noise. Ranka is getting ready for a night on the town. L is devising a way of retrieving the garden gnomes that Switzerland wants to sell so as to freak him out. And Nekozawa…who knows?


They decide to paint the WHOLE HOUSE, one color indoors and one outdoors. Which colors do they choose? Does Nekozawa (1) like it?

It all starts when they send America, England, France, Japan and Greece to a construction store to buy paint. Greece immediately falls asleep, so England puts him in a buggy and pushes him around. Japan quietly picks out beautiful, balanced palettes for the house. Frances picks out robust, extravagant tones for the house. America grabs a bucketful of blaring neon colors and runs laughing wildly thinking he will awesomify the house. He knocks over an aisle shelf which lands near England. England is blamed for this and thus deters the other parts of the group while America quickly pays and escapes from the store with his choice of paint.

When the others arrive home, they find about half of the house splattered in atrocious colors and America whining that he needs more paint. Japan and France calmly start fixing America’s mess while England curses America both literally and figuratively with terrible diarrhea. The curse misses, flies out the window and hits Light who was passing by on his moped.

After several hours, the house is finished and everyone is satisfied (except America who England put in the naughty corner and then took him out of the naughty corner when France found out what it was called).

Outside: Royal Red with Gilt Trim (France)

Inside: Aquamarine with Sea Foam Edges

Nekozawa likes it, but he has other things to think about.


They all wake up to find yaoi and shonen-ai pictures plastered over all the walls. Who do they blame, and what is their reaction when they learn it was actually Japan (8)?

They blame France, naturally. Who else would they blame? When they found out, there was a sense of “It all makes sense now…It all makes sense now.” (Greece smiles knowingly in his sleep)


I! FOUND! A! CARROT! What say you, Demyx (7)?!

“Oh…umm…good…for you?” (confused)


Starfish loves you, L (13)! Is this true?

“I know of no starfish”

(pulls out walky-talky)

“Watari! Find as much information as you can on a certain starfish…”

“But, sir! You already have all the info you need!”

“But, how?”

“Just check America-san’s room.”

(that joke might have gone over a few people’s heads)


Demyx (7) loudly serenades Zexion (12). What is Zexion’s (12’s) reaction?

(hey, that worked out disturbingly well)

Zexion is surprised, then slightly irritated/embarrassed, then pleased/affable, then affectionate…and then they snuggle…


Who has had the most nyoron moments, France (9) or Yuko Ichihara (6)?

Neither…Ryu did. Ha. _

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Death Note - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,886 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 1 - Published: 4/28/2009 - Matsuda T. - Complete
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