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18. College student. Writer. Reader. Dreamer. Believer. Immature? Grown up. Simple. Complex. Silly. Serious.

Made up of contradictions, what makes me smile one day makes me cry the next and yell the next. Unstable emotions? Maybe. My favourite comic strip is Calvin & Hobbes, because it makes my heart feel warm (&sometimes, it makes my eyes get teary).

I write in my own way. I don't always follow the rules, because they're not all fun and if you really pay attention to them, it makes it really hard to get creative and have your own distinct style. Think of them more as guidelines. ;)

I never learned how to ride a bike. I'm ridiculously easy to talk to sometimes, but seriously hard to others. I can be the most ANNOYING person on the planet sometimes. I like to mess with my friends' minds a little too much sometimes. But I do know where to draw the line, and I try to get along with as many people as possible, because life's not fun when you go around hating people all the time.

I'm really not as arrogant as I probably sound like I am. Or at least, I think I'm not. I actually really appreciate any kind of criticisms anyone tries to give me, although I do resent the person for a few minutes after I read the criticism. It's only natural for me to think that something I've spent time writing would be as perfect as possible, right? ;) It takes me a while to accept that I can still improve my work, but I definitely love the criticism all the time. Which is why my favourite reviews to receive are always the really long ones-- that highlight what a person liked and did not like about what I've written, hopefully with reasons why so that I can fix any problems.

All of these contradictions and faults and qualities and quirks? Are not unique to me. I'm not gonna pretend that I'm totally different from everyone else in the world, cos I'm really not. I'm an ordinary girl.

In short,

I'm Chelsea.