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These are the projects i'm working on, three of them i've posted, the others i have not.


Rose and Fang:
This is my first story, the one i've been working on longest. The year mark sets it at three years old. I started it on new years eve three years ago, randomly, without a plot, for a website that is now all but dead. I actually wrote it impulsivly, becuase i wanted a fanfiction so badly, and the pokemorph idea was something i could work with, easily. I love the ideas of genetic engeneering, pulling apart DNA to make something new out of it is a fictional fascination of mine. Currently being rewritten. Currently on indefinate hiatus!

I honestly can't remember why i started writning this one. I think it mostly stemmed from the idea of an Absol who couldn't sense disasters, a Porygon Z in an ugly bow tie, and a relationship between a Scyther and Kirlia, even though they aren't in the same egg group. I also wanted to do something in a school seting, without it being your typical shpeal with the anime characters. On hiatus until i finish rewriting the notes.

Your run of the mill apocolypse sort of story. Two teenagers have decided to make their way north, against all sanity, to find out what's gone wrong with the world. Unfortunately, the world is trying to stop them. Pokemon and human alike. The ranger union is doing all it can to protect the remaining people, putting the remaining trainers at risk. Our characters are Senka(F) Hikaru(M) and Kane(M). And that's all i'm telling you. On Hiatus until i finish schooled.

This is a disclaimer. For all my stories.

Pokemon, Charizard, and all other pokemon characters and items are (C) 1995-2010 Nintendo, GAME FREAK, and Creatures Inc.

Rose, Star, Bolt, Cella, Thomas, Release Ball, and other items and characters created by me for the story Rose and Fang, belong to me, and are (C) 2007-2010 Charizard Morph

Kira, Ennio, Shuni, Scar, Sapphire, and all other characters created by me for the story Schooled, belong to me, and are (C) 2009-2010 Charizard Morph

All characters created for the stories Failed, Stolen, Ultimatum, and The Same Again, were created, belong to me, and are (C) 2008-2010 Charizard Morph



So i haven't changed anything here in a long time. You may have noticed that i've erased my reccomended story, and that's because i haven't read anything on here in a long time, and i haven't been on here in a long time. I will not continue work on Rose and Fang, unfortunately. It has been too long, i don't remember enough , and i can't rewrite the notes for that. Schooled, however, i will be continueing. I'm going to do some editing on the first couple chapters and re upload them, most likely in january. Ultimatum i will be working on, but i will not upload anything on that until i've finished Schooled. I will also be working on Connection, a dungeon story i mentioned a long time ago, although minimally. That's all i've got. I am working on a writing project that will take up most (if not all) of my free time until January, and it is possible that it may take longer. I will find time to edit the first two chapters and finish the notes on Schooled by January though.

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