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About Me?

Call me Sound or Slayer. It doesn't matter anymore.

First of all, I would like you to know that I'm an aspiring novelist like many of the other people who love writing.

Hopefully, I'll be able to publish an original story and I'm glad to have met FanFiction dot Net. It was fun practicing writing fanfics.

It really is. But I'm not saying I'm quitting writing fanfics. I'll still come back from time to time.

But for now, I have a novel to write down and recorrect while juggling with schoolwork.

Also, crazily I want to be an illustrator or something.

See ya. ;D

By the way, if I review starting from now on, expect me to be a bit harsh because I don't like seeing bad grammar, bad spelling, Mary Sues, crap plots, etc. in fanfics here.

I know it might sound rude or offensive but people post their stories here to improve and not to suck more at writing.

And if I do review, consider that as an honor because I rarely go on here anymore. Bye!

(August 23, 2010)

I don't know what to say you guys.

Right now, all I want to do is finish the Twilight fic, the Soul Calibur one and the KH Mean girls one.

After that, I don't know when I'll be writing another fanfic ever again.

I'm really sorry.

Now then, on to the Works-in-Progress! If the fic you are looking for is not here, then chances are it's cancelled. =/

The Fourteen Elegies - I shall get back to this soon enough for Demyx's poem.

High School Has Never Been This Dirty - Mean Girls' parody for KH. Update is on the way.

A Diva's Comeback - A Pokemon fanfic featuring Cipher Admin Venus as she goes in Sinnoh and wants to start her villainous carrer once more. Four OCs for this story. I think I'll be starting this soon.

Two is Always Worse Than One - horror fic featuring Squall, Cloud and Tidus as main characters. The rest of the Dissidia cast will also be featured. The idea is getting a major makeover although chapter one has been written for nearly several months now.

Of Blood and Roses - It's just four one-shots. Simple as that. I am going to finish this!... Eventually.

The World Ends With Them - a comedic look at TWEWY. Lots of retarded assumptions about characters from me. But hey, it's a parody. ;D

Copied and Recorrected By - A somewhat parody of Hannahchan554's "Real Emotion" but instead of a Sue named Eternity we will be having Ella McLane. However, it has a different story. It will feature three of my own OCs. A fourth is pending if I get permission from MirrorX14.

Please Kill Me! - another Dissidia fanfic with Squall and Cloud as its main protagonists. When a relatively new trainee (ugh, I assure you this will be the last OC-insert... I hope) in the mitary corps is killed in a mission with Cloud and Squall, it takes a few twists and turns before all connected to the incident are targeted by the criminal organization headed by three ferocious minds. Posting is still unsure.

And We Bit Into That Forbidden Fruit - Twilight rewrite. Don't ask.

Stories in the List That I May or May Never Touch:

Recurring Halloween - First fic ever. I don't really see any point in advertising it. Fairly good but it's pretty bland and boring if you asked me. Not deleted due to so-so quality.

Shadowy Dolls - One-shot with a possesed Rebecca against Seto Kaiba. Again, it's kinda horrid and bad but I'm keeping it up because I may rewrite it and make a multi-chaptered story about it.

Blood, Eyes and Ink - First yaoi story... kinda. It's discontinued, you guys. I'm never going to update it... ever. My love for Naruto has gone sour so don't question me about it anymore. It's just up because it means something to me.

(Those two Pokemon guides) - I may update them with newer versions along with strategies and stuff.

The Teenage Kingdom Hearts Simulation Story - So far, best fic I ever made with crap writing. I mean it. Never played Kingdom Hearts plus simple writing equals fairly okay-okay story. I'm never going to delete it. Although, since I failed to notice FanFiction dot Net remove the line breakers, the story is now half in shambles. Plus, I don't remember some parts that were deleted so... yeah. It's officially kinda unreadable already. *sigh*

Forget Me Not - Just a spur-of-the-monet fic of mind-*ery. It's good enough to stay posted up though.

You Say The Title and the KH Crew Will Sing It - Discontinued because I can't seem to write songfic-like things anymore. So yeah, don't mind whatever's on the last chapter of that because I tried so badly to redeem it but I can't just get it going anymore.

Flames to Kindle and Flames to Put Out - I don't know. It may get updated again. It might not. But as of now, it stays incomplete because I just can't see myself finishing it. I may come back for it though.

Nightmarish Shackles of Memory That Binds - Okay, now this is the longest yaoi story I've ever written. Bad one though. Even TTKHSS was better than this. So... if you're not into some half-baked story with game-like dialogue and crap, please don't read this.

So Many Ways for the Nobodies to Kill a Sue - I officially give up on this. If anyone out there is welcome to continue this, then go. You have my permission as long as you give me some credit for it. The chapter I was supposed to update last May was deleted in my hard drive for some reason I can't remember.

And Really Random Was Not The Right Word - collection of randomness. I may get back to this... maybe.

(Side Note: I have written five other fics that I have deleted because they were all crappier than my crappiest story up here.)

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No requests please. Currently doing other fics.
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