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Author has written 15 stories for Bones, RENT, and Criminal Minds.

In Progress:

Truth Doesn't Make A Noise: A Bones fic, set slightly future...hypothetical season seven-ish. My first fic that sees Booth and Brennan in an established relationship. Deals with the theme of how much they love each other, and how far they'd go to protect each other. Angsty as always, very dark, intense stuff happening. Won't reveal plot details, but I'm very, very excited about it. Should be in sometime in mid January.

Basics: College student, film and English major. Reader, writer, obsessive fan.

Writing fan fiction has been an addiction of mine since I was in middle school writing really horrid Friends stories. I love playing around with my favorite characters and fandoms, and I love the feedback. Since those early efforts, I've written for about a dozen different fandoms, always shippy stuff that's typically more angst than fluff.

I love television and I watch way too much. Booth and Brennan are my ultimate favorite couple ever, and I adore writing them. Brennan, especialy, as she's my favorite character.

In My Bones Fanfics expect: Angst, angst, and more angst. I call my genre romangst, as I'm a big fan of using angst and suffering and emotional turmoil to get to the eventual happy ending. Lots of Booth and Brennan love. Usually a pretty strong Brennan and Angela friendship element, too. No quick fixes, ever.

Other Stuff

On my TV: Bones, Chuck, Parks and Recreation, Community, Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Friends, Parenthood, Scrubs, Pushing Daisies, Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother

On my Ipod: Jack's Mannequin, The Fray, Something Corporate, Idina Menzel, Death Cab for Cutie, Snow Patrol, She and Him, Jimmy Eat World, Queen, REM, The Beatles, Bon Iver, Fun., Matt Nathanson, Joshua Radin, Damien Rice

On my (mental) Stage: Rent, Wicked, Spring Awakening, Next to Normal

On my DVD shelf: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Almost Famous, Garden State, Donnie Darko, Rushmore, Royal Tennenbaums, 500 Days of Summer, Fight Club

My Ships: Booth/Brennan, Angela/Hodgins, Ross/Rachel, Meredith/Derek, Callie/Arizona, Jeff/Annie, Leonard/Penny, Jim/Pam, Andy/April, JD/Elliot

I love talking about writing or TV/musicals/movies/music, so feel free to PM me if you have any questions, comments, or just want to mutually obsess.

Fics on here:


The Beauty and the Tragedy is probably the triumph of my fic career, of any fandom. I'm still amazed by the response it got, and the fact that I still get reviews of people discovering it for the first time. It's been a year since I've started it, and I'm still proud of it, which is kind of a miracle in itself. Grief and loss are some of my favorite themes to write about, and I loved exploring that for this one. It's a sad, angsty journey, but I think it's worth it.

Shattered, my first Bones fic, suffered because of B&T...what was supposed to be a temporary hiatus turned permanant when B&T was taking all my muse's attention. I'm leaving it up, though, because I don't think it ends in a terrible place...just with a little less resolution than was originally planned.

How to Save a Life was my first oneshot in Bones, and I like it a lot...not Booth/Brennan, shockingly, but I think the plot (Sweets and Brennan meet in a foster home, implications after Mayhem) is original even if it is based on an impossible coincidence.

Christmas Magic, Right? is a series of oneshots, mostly unrelated, some angsty but mostly fluff (surprisingly) about, obviously, Christmas. Done in Dec. 2009

Every Time A Bell Rings: My Christmas offering for the year, as well as my attempt at a post-6x09 therapy. Brennan-centric...Bones meets It's A Wonderful Life. Basically, Brennan is spending Christmas alone, and beginning to feel like no one would be worse off if she didn't even exist. A man claiming to be her guardian angel claims to be able to prove otherwise, as he takes Brennan to observe her friends and family in a world where she never existed.

All That You Can't Leave Behind: Second big full length Bones fic, completed January 20111. A Bones season six fanfic in which, five months after their return, Booth and Brennan have drifted apart in a lot of ways: Booth is absorbed in his relationship, leaving Brennan lonely and distant. But everything changes Booth someone from Booth's past returns hoping to exact kidnapping both Brennan and Hannah, and demanding Booth choose which one dies. The aftermath of the situation causes Booth to lose himself even further in a downward spiral of guilt and self-destruction. Much angst is had by all. Lots of love is shown. Loved writing this one, so floored by the response.


These Ties That Bind is my first Rent fic. It's a oneshot. Mark/Maureen, a pairing that always kind of intrigued me, probably because they are my two favorite characters. I tend to stick pretty canon with couples (roger/mimi, collins/angel), but, based on the musical, I never really saw Maureen and Joanne lasting...I mean, they broke up about five times in the space of a year. And I always wondered about Mark and Maureen, what they were like as a couple, what made them work and what brought them together in the first place. My point is, this story, while set post-Rent, explores their history, as well as the way they're brought back together.

Second Act: Pointless little Mark/Maureen Pre-Rent fluff. Birthdays, Broadway, and the origins of The Scarf.

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