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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto, and Harry Potter.

I'm an aspiring writer that writes Fanfiction as training in hopes that one day I will be good enough to be a professional novelist.

The way I got started was that I put in what I wanted to read in to this very website and it came back with no matches.

I spent the longest ten minutes of my life staring at a blank screen in disbelief unsure of what to do.

Surely if I wanted to read that kind of story then others would too.

So I decided to make my account and began my little Naruto/Hanabi romance story.

My writing and grammar was horrid at best and my review were sometimes harsh.

Much like the way Rock Lee practiced his Taijutsu, I practiced my writing and I've grown better at it over the years.

I must say writing was much harder than I thought it would be.

There is so much time that goes into research, grammar, sentences structure and editing.

The act of writing down the story was, to my surprise, only a small part of the whole process.

If someone back when I started my first story told me that it would be longer than all the other Naruto/Hanabi mature romance stories on this site combined.

Well I would have called them a fool as the longest thing I had ever written was a one thousand word report for high school English class.

But here I sit and that is exactly what happened.

I was someone that hated the act of putting pen to paper, but through my first story I found my love for writing.

Now, I sometimes get reviews that my twenty thousand word long chapters are too long.

I can't seem to go more than a few weeks without writing a few thousand words down.

I'm just going to quote something I wrote to one of my fans for the rest of it.

"To get this far I spent weeks and weeks researching everything from characters jutsu to the geography of villages.

Much like Naruto, I had to get kicked around a lot to learn to write well.

I got many harsh reviews of this story when I first started it and sometimes it got me down and I would shy away from writing for a time.

I always came back though and found a way to pull the information I needed out of a hateful review to better my writing.

I no longer shy away from my writing because of a bad review anymore.

Through time I've grown to have a more professional outlook on criticism.

I'm either in synced with my muse and the story comes to me like a raging river or I'm not and I just take a break until I am again.

I have never once thought of this as my hobby or something I just do for fun.

I work eight to five at a normal job to pay the bill, but this is my work, my art, and my craft.

I feel (no blasphemy intended) that being a writer is the closest a human being can be to godhood in a sense.

With a few stroke of the keys I can whisk myself away to London or Paris or the middle ages during the crusades.

I can go to the center of the earth or to the farthest reaches of outer space where strange aliens live.

When I write I am only bound by my great imagination and creativity, and that it why I love it so much.

It's like having an infinite world of freedom all to myself that I can share with others whenever I like.

When I write I feel like I am doing what I was meant to do.

A blank white screen sets my mind ablaze with a thousand and one stories all waiting for me to just press the keys to tell their tale.

Remember to write for yourself, you will always be your own biggest fan.

You will have to be to spend fifty plus hours writing each chapter.

Otherwise your story will join all the other lost, broken and unfinished stories that litter this site because their writers gave up on their dreams too soon.

Even if everyone hated my story so much that I felt I needed to take it down, I'd continue to write it.

Even if it just sat on my dusty hard drive like an old friend that I could go back and visit just to remember how far I have come.

I hope sharing this with you helps and wish you luck on your writing."

This is pretty much how I feel about writing.

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