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Author has written 7 stories for Bionicle, Silmarillion, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Warriors, Dungeons and Dragons, Fire Emblem, and Hunger Games.

How should I start this? Well, I'll say I plan to be a writer as a job. I might work part-time as a scientist or librarian, but author as a main job. I love reading. In fact, my mom tells me one of my first phrases as a kid was "Read to!", as in read to me. Also, when my dad or cousins would tell me stories, I would always but in, making my own stuff. Ever since 2 years old, I've been making fan fiction!

Among my friends, I am the only entirely sane one. I have no idea how we ended up being friends... no, wait, I do... but they're all pretty crazy. We've been having logic vs. insanity debates ever since I did base a campaign for Student Council on my ability to think logically.

My main strength is knowledge. Last year in Academic Team, I had first place in science, first place in math, and our quick recall team won first with me as the lead player. You are only allowed to compete in three subjects, and I won every one.

My weakness is physical fitness. I'm not overweight, but rather I'm not very strong. When physical fitness testing came at the end of the last school year, I dreaded it. I think I got the lowest situps in the whole class. Maybe I beat just one or two people, but I'm down there.

Now though, this year's tests didn't go too bad... but I still want better. But if I had to choose between knowledge and physical ability, I would go with knowledge no doubt.

Oh, I won't tell you my real age, but I'll say I'm below High School. And for clarity, I am a boy.

Some of my favorite book series:


Lord of the Rings (and all other Middle-Earth works).

Harry Potter

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (that's a mouthful)

Inheritance (It is NOT a Lord of the Rings/Star Wars ripoff, despite what one of my friends say!)



TV Series:

Avatar (The finale had me breathing into a paper bag, I am serious!)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Most what's on Nick or Nicktoons, with a small handful of exepctions.


Dungeons and Dragons

Fire Emblem


Smash Bros.

My works :

In progress is a Star Wars story called Not a Clone. It's about Neg, a clone who doesn't want to be a clone. He probably got the wrong fluids when a clone embryo, and has hemophobia, is a science geek, and a diplomat. He is not a soldier. At all. While constantly being teased, he becomes a leader against something you can't shoot... the return of the Blue Shadow Virus. Chapter 1 is up, two started. This is expected to be about 3 chapters, maybe longer. It's K9+ for action, but not technically violence. I would like to thank all my readers! This became more popular than I would of ever expected! Chapter 2, The Threat, is up. Not a Clone chapters are short, but I'm making it a test for how I write with short chapters.

Madness is a Bionicle story about an insane Toa, Buin (boon), trying to become sane again, while fending off armies of Brotherhood forces against a mask that has hidden capabilites. If you would like to read my drafts of the next chapters, just ask. I'm already getting Inferna Firesword's opinion on it before a chapter is published, since she is another Bionicle writer. Chapter 4 is up. The story is rated T for violence, big explosions, blood equivalents, and disembered Visorak legs (okay, maybe I'll edit that part out...).

I am writing a play. It is the story of Beren and Luthien from The Silmarillion. Since a youth play of The Hobbit recently showed in my town and was a big sucess, I decided to see if the local theater would like to try another fantasy play. Once it is large enough (enough to give them an idea of what it would be like), I'll send it end to the theater! It is written to be perfomed by kids, FYI. Scenes 1-5, counted as 1 chapter, is already up, as well as 6-10. 11-15 going nicely. Likely to be rated K9+ for vionlence without any description. I've thought it over, and I've decided to abandon this story. But if you like it, say it! If people want me too, I will bring this back.

My first short story is called Endless, and is about Warriors. Hollyleaf, now gone stark raving mad, survived the cave in at the end of Sunrise. Inside, she meets a legend... Afterthought: Well, it looks like Endless is doing quite well! I've deciced to answer the requests of my reviewers and develop it into a full story! Chapter 2 is now up!

My plans:

Currently, none. I want to finish other things first.

One last message: Do not be scared to but up a negative review! I welcome all review, as long as they aren't profane. Just a few days ago, I thanked somebody for telling me the Of Beren and Luthien: Play Style was a disgrace to The Silmarillion (I changed the wording there). So do not hold back if you just hate it! Just tell me why you hate it, and I'll thank you for your advice!

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