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Hello fellow writers of! How's everybody doing today?

I've been a member of this lovely site since 2009, and still frequently writing! Life is getting much busier between college and working a job, but it will not slow down my writing much! I love to write in my free time and if I think something is worth sharing with the world, I won't hesitate to upload it here! Below is some information about myself and my work! :)

Before I continue, I would like to remind everyone that I rarely do requests (almost never, actually), and I definitely do not do role-plays. Don't get me wrong; I really do appreciate the messages I get asking to either do roleplays or perhaps considering taking a request. I simply just do not have the time to do them or they're just not in my profession of writing style to work in. So, no, I don't take requests or roleplays. But thanks though :)

What to Expect from Me:

My writing will cover different universes including those of movies, games, and sometimes books. My stories will also mostly be considered under the Drama, Family, Friendship, Humor, and (very little) Romance genres with ratings ranging from K-T.

Some things about me:

Name: Just call me Sisterpups (Although I am considering changing my name soon so be on the lookout for that)

Gender: Female

Hobbies: Writing, playing guitar, drawing, computer graphic design, photography, and playing videogames

Favorite Games: Any Sonic the Hedgehog games, any Mario games, Sly Cooper, Sims, and Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

Favorite Books: I used to love the "Warriors" series as a kid. I read mostly biographies/autobiographies of my favorite bands and celebrities, but my favorite series as of now would probably be "Lord of the Rings" and the "Hobbit".

Favorite Movies: I am a bit of a Marvel and a Lord of the Rings geek. I also loved animated movies (forever a Disney lover), thriller/horror movies, and comedies.

Favorite TV Shows: Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time, NCIS, Law & Order

Favorite Music (and Band): My all-time favorite band is AC/DC. They were the first band that made me fall in love with Rock n' Roll music. That being said, my favorite kind of music is '80's hair rock, Rock n' Roll, and Hard/Classic Rock.

Sister Pups on Youtube!

Now, I want to talk about my username. SisterPups. Those of you who have been wondering what it meant, SisterPups was a little show that my friend and I did on The name 'SisterPups' expressed our friendship as sisters and we have always liked dogs. We quit doing the show a long time ago so it is no longer on youtube.

Full Story Descriptions!! (Not including Poems)

Braces- Sonic and his friends go to the dentist, and Silver has been required to put on braces. What reactions will Silver receive once he gets braces?

Blinded Love- After a life threatening battle with Eggman, Silver goes temporarily blind for 2 days along with painful injuries. Unable to fend for himself, Blaze is asked to help. On the side, will this just happen to bring the two closer together??

Like a Little Brother- Jet and Wave get into yet another bad argument, and Wave takes it a little too far. How will she make it up to him?

Driving Bee Crazy- Espio and Vector are instructed to meet up at a crime scene down town, leaving Charmy behind. Their last hope of a babysitter are the Babylon Rogues. What kind of chaos will the 6 year old bee bring to the rogues?

Mechanic Swap- After a horrible race, Jet and Sonic claim that they are bored and tired of their mechanics. So they decide to swap them for 1 week and see if things go better with different mechanics. But what would happen if the Rogue's thieving behavior rubbed off on Tails and the taste of Hero rubbed off of Wave? Will our favorite mechanics be the same? Pairing: JetXWave

Jailbird- After getting into yet another argument Jet claims he doesn't need a team to be able to pull off a mission and goes by himself to fetch all 7 chaos emeralds. But unfortunately, he gets arrested and gets thrown in Jail. What will Wave and Storm do to get Jet out of prison?...Or do they even want to bust him out?

A Haunting on Halloween- On Halloween night, Sonic, Shadow, and Silver go to the city cemetery in search for three mysterious chaos emeralds. When they find the emeralds, they discover the unknown power that they hold. What is the power and how will the three hedgehogs prank their friends this Halloween?

Battle of the Bands- It all started out at a party for Amy. Discovering everyone's individual musical talent, Sonic forms a band to compete in a band competition for a huge reward. But he's not the only one. What happens when Sonic's band faces complications with it's members when one of his rival's band is also competing for number one in the World Wide Music Fest?

The Last Sushi Knife- Sly and his gang had helped break Rioichi Cooper out of prison, and are now helping him restore his sushi restaurant. To do so, Rioichi has to take back his three sushi knives that he uses to unlock the doors in the restaurant. But he runs into a little trouble with guards, rats, and...another ancestor of the Cooper Gang?

Lost and Found- When Sly returns to Feudal Japan for a visit, he learns that he and Rioichi are very similar regarding their past and dealing with a particular enemy. And when questions are answered when a lost family member of Rioichi's returns into his life after a many year's absence, they realize that the rest of Rioichi's secret past can be resolved.

Some of my OC's:

Robin the Wolf

Robin is a female, pure white wolf with unusual large ears and beautiful yellow eyes. She wears a striped yellow and red dress with red striped shoes. Like Shadow the hedgehog, she was a created life form and lived aboard the ARK. She loves to be social and has great skill in art and music. Her main enemy is Dr. Eggman. But nobody knows her age.

Crystal the HedgeCat

Crystal is a female, mixed with a cat and hedgehog. She is the daughter of Silver the hedgehog and Blaze the cat. She has more of a cat-like look with Silver’s quills at the top of her head. She is silver with gold eyes. She wears a blue dress with black and blue boots, like Silver. She has the ability of telekinesis, like Silver, and the power of fire, like Blaze. She is very adventurous! She has no enemies. She is 2 years of age.

Steel the Sparrow

Steel is a male, black sparrow with gold markings on his arms and legs. He wears a extremely long black cloak and also has spiky black boots. His original eye color is gold, but he is blind in his right eye, making it a baby blue. He is also deaf in his left ear. Steel is a cousin of Wave the swallow, but the two are enemies. He is also an expert ninja and rogue, a leader of a group known as “Moonlit Rogues”, and is extremely short tempered. His main enemies are the Babylon Rogues and he is 19 years old.

Dusk the Siberian Lynx-

Dusk is a female, white lynx with black stripes. She wears a baby blue cloak and dark blue boots. She has blue eyes and her left ear is torn. She is also part of the “Moonlit Rogues”. She taught herself to be a master ninja, and she taught Steel what he knows about being a ninja. She is very patient and quiet. Her main enemies are the Babylon Rogues and she is 20 years old.

To my subscribers and reviewers, though I may not respond back to all of you, I want you to know I sincerely appreciate all of the support! I noticed a change in my writing over the years and it could not have happened without you guys and your tips and overall support of my work! Thank you all again! :)

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