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Hey there. I'm Shay. Thanks for taking the time to view my profile. Updates are below under 'News.'


12/7/13: I promise I'm not dead! Like I said before, if you want further updates from me they will be on my Facebook page. I've graduated college and am now a fully-employed adult (what??) buuuut I'm alive! So I've got that going for me.

12/30/12: Still here, still writing and making progress (yay for winter break)! Hope everyone has a happy New Year! Oh and don't forget to like my FB fan page. Fun stuff over there, I promise... like all of LoneWolf's Monster fan art available for your viewing pleasure. Link to the page is below, in my previous update.

12/23/12: Did everyone survive the apocalypse? Good. You're welcome. Anyway, I was never contacted by the creator of the ShayP FB fan page but I created my own. Here it is! Please like it. I'll be posting fan art, sneak previews/excerpts from upcoming chapters, progress updates, and music playlists etc. Thought it might be an easier way for you guys to keep up to date on my progress rather than checking my profile on this site occasionally. (also yes I am still working on Monster... I've challenged myself to at least finish writing it by new years.)

12/08/12: Does anyone know who is in charge of that ShayP fan page on Facebook? If they want to make me an admin I'd actually update it and even include sneak previews to upcoming chapters/stuff like that (it's the least I can do, considering I take so long to update). If it's your page, send me a PM if you'd like. No pressure though if you want to continue running it on your own.

11/29/12: To everyone asking me in reviews/PMs: YES. If I--for whatever reason--can't finish Monster or SoS I will OF COURSE write up a spark notes version to explain what would've happened and tie up any loose ends/clear up any confusion. I will never leave you guys hanging. Do I think this will be necessary? No. I plan on finishing all stories. At this rate it may take 10 years, but I can't imagine coming this far only to abandon them. You guys can stop worrying now :) Also, yes I am making progress but it's very slow considering it's finals weeks. I plan to get most of my writing done on both Monster and SoS during winter break, which is in about 2 weeks. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

10/9/12: GETTING SO MUCH WRITING DONE ON MONSTER. Woo. I'm so pumped about it I decided to log in and tell you all. Okay back to writing.

10/8/12: For those of you wondering if I'm dead--nope! Very much alive. Just dropping in to let you know I'm working on Monster :) Also, with this upcoming update I will have logged a million words dedicated to ShizNat. Wow. Imagine if I put nearly as much effort into my school work?

9/19/12: Happy talk like a pirate day! Argh.

8/27/12: The readers will look up and yell, "Update!" And I will look down and whisper, "I'm working on it." Ten points to whoever gets the reference.

8/17/12: I'm on vacation right now but will be doing some profile maintenance pretty soon. In other news, chapter 10 of SoS has surpassed chapter 29 of Monster in reviews. Monster 29 has been out since April and SoS 10 has been out for 2 days. Ooh competition is on! I also plan on replying to some of your reviews but I don't know when yet. It's on my list of things to do, I promise.

8/15/12: Chapter 10 of SoS will be uploaded sometime today. Stay tuned! Edit: Has been posted. At 11:57pm. Yeah buddy!

8/14/12: SoS chapter 10 has been sent to the (new!) beta. Guys. Really really appreciate the shit she's about to go through right now that chapter is horrifyingly long.

8/12/12: Success! I was productive! Hope to send SoS out to the new beta within the next day or 2. Just gotta make sure she's still up to the task, this one's a doozy! That's right. Doozy. Also have new fan art to put up here now that links are working again. But if I don't get to it in time, just check my deviant art and check it out! Be sure to leave the artists comments :)

8/10/12: I know I know I know. I am home alone with nothing to do all weekend sooo let's see if I can be productive.

7/16/12: Guys I had a great idea. Mai HiMe drinking game! Think about it. Every time Mai's boobs jiggle, every time Mikoto says she's hungry, every time Natsuki gets tied up, every time there's a shiznat moment (we'll take shots for those.) That'd be funny. But anyway, on a more serious note, just checking in to remind you guys that I actually AM still working on SoS and Monster. Mostly SoS because I want to finish that first. I'm nearing the end. This is the final stretch! Hope to see SoS sometime either before Natsuki's birthday or the day of. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Questions comments or concerns? Here's my formspring! (or if you just want to say 'hi' that's cool too!)


Here's some info about me:

Age: 21

Gender/Sex: Female.

I write what I would read... that's basically my philosophy when thinking of plots/story ideas/etc. I do not write for any other reason other than the fact that I enjoy it.

Below will be some fan art. For the record, if you want to see any of these artists other works you can usually find them on deviant art, which you can find by going to MY deviant art since I have favorite'd all of these there. Just click on my "homepage" and there you go!

Also shout out to LONE WOLF (lostinafeeling) who has done AWESOME art for 'Monster'. It can be found here:

Natsuki from Chapter 13 by Lone Wolf

Shizuru and Akio from Chapter 13 by Lone Wolf

Shizuru and Natsuki from Chapter 14, Part I by Lone Wolf

Shizuru and Natsuki from Chapter 14 Part II by Lone Wolf

Shizuru and Natsuki from Chapter 14 Part III by Lone Wolf

Prepare to be amazed, Lone Wolf is a BEAST. Serious skills. Thanks a lot!! (Seriously though, these are amazing)

Be sure to check out her full website as well! It's full O' Shiznatsu pics, cool updates from the comic book world, and updates of her awesome webcomic! Her website can be found HERE!

More Great Monster Fan Art:

Natsuki under the arch (Chapter 18) by Me-doty-77

"Hunger" (Chapter 13) by AndOrochi

Private Sexy Pants in Running Shorts by Jyuami

Shiznat kiss (Chapter 18) by xEvilAngel56x

Colored version of Lone Wolf's illustration of Natsuki in Chapter 13, color by Rwarimadinosawr original drawing by Lone Wolf

Natsuki by Puppy2388

"A Lieutenant and her Private" by idiotwatcher02

Lone Wolf's Chapter 13 drawing, colored by Rwarimadinsawr

No Falling for the Competition Fan Art:

Shizuru and Natsuki Racing by xEvilAngel56x

Natsuki on her bike by TFKK

Siren of the Sea Fan Art:

Captain Viola Sketch by Kiri

Captain Viola and Gun Sketch by Kiri

Captain Viola Gun Sketch by Kiri, but colored by KaraWasHere

Natsuki as "The Captive" by Sachii-ballpoint

Shizuru as "The Siren" by Sachii-ballpoint

Natsuki and Nao in "Poker?" by Sachii-ballpoint

Natsuki and her Sword by TFKK

Shizuru and her Sword by TFKK

"I Hate You" by TFKK

Captain Shizuru Viola by TFKK

Captain Viola with her Prisoner on a Leash by Shindu-Sindorei

Captain Viola Riding by Shindu-Sindorei

Captain Viola drinking Wine by Shindu-Sindorei

"The Craziest Thing," Toru and Natsuki (chapter 8) by Sachii-ballpoint

Valkyries Fan Art:

This doesn't really count but it's pretty funny (by Saba)

Nao being unable to say Peugeot "Pigeon?" by Saba I think this was just a rough draft though... but I doubt it'll ever get revisited haha and it's fine the way it is.

Shizuru Saving Natsuki (from Chapter 1) by TFKK

Thanks to everyone who submitted fan art! You guys are all awesome

If I'm missing something, please let me know! (Also, if you decide to draw something, I'd love to see it!)


Stuff I'm working on Now:

Monster: Natsuki Kuga runs away from an abusive father/home. She finds herself at Garderobe Military Academy. There she meets her teacher, Shizuru, her rival, Tomoe, and her friends, Nao, Chie, and Aoi. Also a ton of other characters. Lots of stuff happen, Shiznat with some Natnao. In progress.

Current Status: Chapter 29: Posted. Finally, amirite? Chapter 30: 30 pages in.

The Muse is: In.

Siren of the Sea: What happens to Natsuki when the ship she's traveling on is taken over by the infamous Captain Viola, siren of the sea, pirate queen, and bloodthirsty murderer? What about when the only cargo she wants to steal happens to be a less than willing Natsuki?

Current Status: Chapter 10: POSTED. Chapter 11: Fully outlined/planned. Just waiting to be written. (need to finish Monster first)

The Muse is: In.

Valkyries: Holy rhetorical question Batman, is that Shizuru in a skin-tight hero costume? Yes, yes it is. (summary courtesy of Alaeri)

Current Status: Chapter 3: POSTED. Chapter 4: -hiatus- 40 pages in. Will finish this once the muse returns.

The Muse is: Out.

Update Schedule:

Monster: Updated whenever I get a chance. (M-rated)

No Falling For the Competition: To be finished with one more update sometime... not sure when. This is a good fic to read if you want to know how to not write a fanfic. (T-rated)

Siren of the Sea: Updated randomly. (M-rated)

Valkyries: Will be updated randomly and VERY infrequently. (M-rated) Currently on hiatus.

So, uh, yeah. I guess that's it. Feel free to drop me a PM with any questions/concerns/comments haha. Or if you just wanna talk, whatever. I also have a Formspring which is linked up above to feel free to say 'hi'!

Much thanks to everyone's that consistently left me great and well-thought out reviews! I appreciate feedback since I am always looking to improve, so feel free to offer any comments and or questions via PM or in a review!


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