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I like to read fanfiction and I'm thinking of witing some myself someday.

My favorite anime are:








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I don't like the Yoai/Slash or Yuri stuff or the insect stuff either

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I really love crossovers and love reading them alot

My favorite couples are

Naruto/Hinata (CANNON HELLS YEAH!)






Ash/Serena (One-sided cannon well see if it goes full cannon)

Dick Grayson/Any girl (Hey Dick is a dog)

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fictional bio

TobiGB: answers only to the name spryous. He was born a normal child on earth and lived in Georgia until at the age of 11 he learned that he was the host of 3 demons from another another world that has the power to control the fire element. He was happy to know that he wasn't just an average kid anymore. he spent 3 years training with the other 3 elemental warriors learning mostly fire base spells where he is most strongest in and also learned that he is also able to teleiport anywhere he can think of he's a good hand to hand fighter and can even enter other people dreams. Soon he learned that he and the other warriors would have to fight an evil being named Knight who was cold and ruthless. He has kept his powers a secret from his family for a long time he was going to tell them but when he got home from school on day they were all killed by Knight who was standing there smileing. Enraged and engulfed by his flames spyrous lunched himself at knight but knight was too strong and easily defeated him leaving a scar on his face. 6 months later he and the other warriors faced off against Knight for the fate of the world.Knight was too strong for them so they all combined their powers in one final effort and was able to kill Knight. He knew that he couldn't return to his old life so he said goodbye to the other warriors a became a drifter going from one world to the next learning different things and making himself stronger. at the age of 18 Durning one of his trips to the ninja world he was ambushed by a gang of rouge ninjas they had him out numbered 10 to 1 he beat them with little to no problem he knew that he was being watched by slop doggy. He came up to him and he afford spyrous a chance to join him and his friends spyrous gave it a thought at first but in the end he accepted the offer. He's a good person and keeps a calm head on his sholders and he's all ways there for his friends and he'll risk his life for them no matter what.

Appearance: African American has a bald head wears a mask that covers most of his face except his eyes and moth to cover his scar only takes it off when he's alone.He has brown eyes that turns fire red when he's about to use his powers, and he wears fingerless gloves black tank shirt with a black leather jacket and fire read pants along with a pair of black boots and wears a dog-tag chain round his neck. all of this stuff is fire proof.

Fire-Powers: can control the fire element to a high degree that he can make some rasgens with it and he's able to do a Kamehameha with it as well it's called the flame Kamehameha. most of his fire powers in connected to his emotion when he becomes enraged his powers can go out of control but he has learned to control them much better than before.

Magic-Powers: He knows a wide varity of spells both light and dark magic. He can perform healing spells and can summon fire beasts to help assist him and his friends to even entering other people dreams. he can teleiport to anywhere he chooses and he can teleiport others as well.

Armor: He has 3 types of armor each one is named after the demons that is inside of him: Infarno is first form gives him armor of the samuri. Pyris the second form gives him the appearance of Aldamon without the tail and increase in size. Valcanius the most powerful of the 3 This armor gives him the appearance of a phonix he has the power to wipe out half a city but he only uses this one if he really needs to it uses to much of his powers.

Wepons: He has a Katania that can change into any wepon he chooses it can rival even the strongest Zanpartou. It' s a blood red color with a fire symbol on the end of the blade.

Voice Actor: Crispin Freeman (Itachi "Naruto" Kouichi "Digimon Frontier" Hoiland "Eruaka Seven")

Slop Doggy: Slop Doggy grew up on Earth in a perfectly normal family...until his parents discovered he was different in many ways. First of all, he could use his hands to control electricity, as they found out accidentally when Slop shook the hand of one of his friends, sending him to the hospital. After that incident, Slop Doggy was shunned by all, except for his parents. However, when Slop Doggy was only 8 years old, he witnessed the murder of his parents by a man known only as Kuroouja, or Dark King, who was seeking the secrets of an ancient art known as Authorian. When he discovered they didn't know of it, he killed them. Vowing revenge against Kuroouja, Slop Doggy began to train his powers, learning more about them. While training, he met Momentai35, and her guardian, Aequus, who came to Earth after the Malum invaded her dimension. After many adventures, he finally met up with Kuroouja, only to be shown that he had a long way to go still. Still bent on revenge, he began to learn the ancient and dangerous art of Authorian. This dangerous art allows the user to transport to any dimension they wish, as well as the ability to copy any techniques in that world. But, if they cannot focus enough, they will be lost forever in transit and can never escape. After much practice, Slop Doggy finally mastered the use of Authorian and began to travel to many dimensions in order to gain their powers. Worlds include: Karakura Town, The Ninja World, and many others. On each world, Slop Doggy had to locate the coordinates to the next world by rendering aid to the people of that world. While traveling the Digital World, he met x3AnimeLuver, who was on a grief-fueled rampage of conquest. Having his heart softened by Momentai35's friendship, Slop Doggy told x3AnimeLuver to stop her conquest. Angry, she set her Digimon, Asumon, on him. After a fierce battle, during which Asumon digivolved into its Mega form, Kurodramon, Slop Doggy was victorious and managed to convince x3AnimeLuver to give up her conquest and join him. While traveling in the Ninja World, he witnessed TobiGB, or Spryous take down 10 ninjas at once without breaking a sweat. Slop Doggy approached Spryous and invited him to join their group. After thinking it over, he agreed. Later, Slop Doggy heard from Bethany, the woman who taught him Authorian, that someone was looking for him. Later, a man identifying himself as Hollowfied Tweaker, or HT, appeared and told Slop that his wife was killed by a mercenary in service to Kuroouja. Slop Doggy asked HT if he would join them, and he agreed. Soon after, Slop sensed a disturbance going on nearby and went to investigate. There he found 0ranos, or James Miles, under attack by some of Kuroouja's servants. Keeping an eye on him, Slop observed Miles start to take down the servants and thought that he could use Miles. Flash-stepping to an abandoned tower, Slop settled in to wait for him. Sure enough, James soon entered and saw Slop. As it turns out, Miles was sent from the past for an unknown reason, and Slop offered to send him back, in exchange for his help defeating Kuroouja. Miles agreed, and Slop had a new member to help him in his quest. While traveling the worlds, he and his friends saw someone fighting for his life against Kuroouja's servants. After helping him out, the stranger, who's name was RazenX, joined their group, stating he was looking for a child known as the VeniIshaCharn, a child who was born with extraordinary abilities who can save Auruboth, which was the center of the universe. Razen was know as a Duochron, or a split being. He stated that the rest of the group might be Duochron, as well. Then, while the gang rested, Slop went for a walk. He then felt a disturbance on the spiritual plane, and went to investigate. There, he saw a kid fighting a group of demons. As one demon prepared to strike the kid from behind, Slop flash-stepped in and sliced the demon in half with his sword. After several minutes of fighting, Slop and the kid, Kashi Sakana, managed to defeat all the demons. Kashi introduced himself, saying he was a Grim Reaper, and asked Slop if he knew someone by the name of Tartarus. Recognizing the name as one of Kuroouja's servants, Slop said he did. Kashi then asked if he could come with them, and Slop agreed. After introducing Kashi to the group, Slop continued on his walk, but this time, he sensed a disturbance of the normal kind coming from a park. When he went to investigate, he saw a group of creatures surrounding two more kids. Slop attacked, and after a harrowing battle, for the creatures couldn't feel pain, he brought the two kids, Kouji Morisato and Jin Tateishi, to safety and took care of their wounds. Now, they travel with him, training their powers, hoping to one day take down Seven Moons, an organization created by Kuroouja to capture people with powers so he can take them as his own, hoping to find the power of Authorian. While relaxing, Slop sensed a disturbance in the worlds. He went to check it out, only to discover a planet that Kuroouja had corrupted. While exploring, he discovered a portal not unlike the ones Authorian creates. He went through it and found TemhotaTech, the planet's only survivor. Slop invited him to the Coalition, and he accepted. While fighting Kuroouja's servants on a planet that was decimated by him, Slop and the CoA found 7MukuroRealm7, also known as, Jonathan Smith, who said he could see the future. He wanted to help save Auruboth, because it was the only way to save his home planet. While the CoA were investigating the Demon World, they were ambushed by a group of ten demon. Slop stayed calm and obliterated them like it was nothing. Right after he did so, a demon named madjack89, or Madjack, and a Spirit Detective named Chikao Natsuko charged up, but stopped short at Slop's power. Chikao was amazed, and asked Slop if he could travel with them in order to learn more about his power. Slop agreed, and Madjack followed Chikao, saying Slop and the CoA were "interesting in a good way." When he got back from investigating another world, he found the CoA attacking what appeared to be an alien. Slop sensed no hostility in the alien, and told the CoA to stand down. Slop invited the alien, Euki, to join the CoA, saying that whoever could hold their own against them was a pretty good fighter. Euki agreed and the CoA had a new member.

Appearance: Slop Doggy generally goes around dressed in a long black cloak, similar to Ichigo's Bankai clothes, but Slop's is a long flowing cape that alternates between many different colors. His eyes are black, and his hair is brown. Has a long, thick sword, almost like a cleaver, on his back, and a normal katana at his side.

Powers: After learning the power of Authorian, Slop Doggy's first destination was the Ninja World, where he learned many techniques, including the Sharingan, Byakugan, and the Rin'negan, as well as the Chidori and Rasengan, and the Shadow Clone Jutsu. After that, he traveled to Karakura town and absorbed many Zanpaktou powers, including Ichigo Kurosaki's, Toshiro Hitsugaya's, Byakuya Kuchiki's, and many others, and can even use his own Vaizard mask. As a last resort, he can transform into a Crusnik, a vampire that feeds on vampires, which gives him a massive boost in everything. Also, he can control electricity through his hands, and can even feed it through his sword.

Personality: Slop Doggy acted cold toward Momentai35 when they first met, thinking that he had to cut off all ties in order to defeat Kuroouja. However, after a few months of traveling together, he begins to warm up. By the time HT joined the group, Slop Doggy felt that he had friends that he had to protect.

Quotes: (Pre-Momentai35) I will kill Kuroouja, and I don't care who I have to hurt to do it.
(Post-Momentai35/Pre-Spryous) What is this feeling? It's...warm.
(Post-Spryous/Pre-Chloe Fujiaki) Now I have two...friends?
(Post-Chloe/Pre-HT) Why was Chloe attacking the Digital World in anger? Is that what I was becoming?
(Post-HT) I have friends now, friends I will protect at the cost of my life.

Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch (Ichigo on Bleach, Lelouch on Code Geass, and Renton on Eureka Seven.)

Theme Songs: Pre-Momentai35= Reclusion by Anberlin
Post-Momentai35= Shine by L'ArcenCiel
Any fight against Kuroouja= You're Going Down by Sick Puppies

Momentai35: Momentai35 came from an alternate dimension, from a planet very similar to Earth. After the Malums invaded it, she and most of her people came to Earth to escape. After living 5 years among her people, she and her friends, Lotus and Rainen, decided that running away wouldn't solve their problems. Instead, they fought the Malums, and after defeating them, her friends stayed on their home planet. But Momentai, having grown fond of Earth, decided to stay here and live amongst us. Two years later, she met up with Slop Doggy while he was training his natural powers for a showdown with Kuroouja. After watching him train, she decided to train as well. That's when she discovered she had powers as well: The power to make plants and earth grow. Now she travels with him, hoping to learn more about her powers.

Appearance: Momentai35 has dark brown hair that goes down her back, she wears a white toque with a Lotus on the left side in reminder of her friends, (the flower was given to her by fer friend Lotus), she wears a big light pink sweater with a purple shirt underneath, wears dark blue skinny jeans with brown boots and carries a light brown bag that hangs down beside her waist. She also wears black fingerless gloves.

Powers: Ability to be able to make earth like grow on command...

Guardian: Aequus is a large cat like creature who’s light blue in color. She has angel wing like ears and has golden rings around her paws and has a long tail.

x3AnimeLuver: x3AnimeLuver, also known as Chloe Fujiaki, was born and raised in Hawaii with her fraternal twin, Micah. At the age of 8, like Slop Doggy, she lost her parents. A few years later, her brother was hospitalized for a severe illness. Certain he was going to die, Chloe's world was turned upside down. However, as she was sitting by his bedside, all the machinery went haywire, and two Digieggs appeared, hatching into Lunamon and Coronamon. Her brother was healed and was later released from the hospital by a group of baffled doctors. After joining The Exile, Hololulu's version of DATS, she, her brother, and her friends, Xavier Iehara, and his partner Gabumon, and Justin Higa, and his partner Leormon, were attacked by an evil Digimon known as Arkadimon. This Digimon wiped out the city leaving the Digidestined as the only survivors. They all fought Arkadimon, but ended up dying, leaving Chloe as the only survivor, without her Digimon partner. When she woke up, she was alone in the Digital World. As her grief and regret swelled up inside her, a new Digimon appeared in front of her: Asumon (fan made). After that, her heart became tainted and she desired revenge against Arkadimon. Soon, Asumon was able to Warp Digivolve to it's Mega form, Kurodramon. They managed to destroy Arkadimon, but her anger was not abated. Starting a conquest of the Digital World, she met Slop Doggy while he was absorbing the powers found in the Digital World. Seeing what her anger had done to her, and perhaps seeing his future, Slop Doggy told Chloe to stop her rampage across the Digital World. She took exception to this and had Kurodramon attack him. After a fierce fight, Slop Doggy prevailed and managed to convince Chloe to stop her conquest. She then began to fix the problems in the Digital World as an act of repentance. After finishing, she departed with Slop Doggy back to Earth

Appearance: Shorter than average 13 year old girl. She has jet black hair that reaches a couple inches below her shoulders. Her hair is tied in a ponytail with her bangs not tied to the side of her face. She also has black eyes and pale skin. She is usually found wearing a white T-shirt with an unzipped, black, short-sleevd jacket with a hoodie. Chloe also wears a pair of loose, dark-blue jeans capris that are easy to run in. She has black running shoes. Sometimes, she is found wearing black fingerless gloves and a black cap that once belonged to her brother, Micah. She also has a black Digivice that is just like the ones in Digimon Adventure V-Tamers with the same functions.

Powers: While Chloe was trying to take over the Digital World, she learned that she had some powers. She could instantly heal any Digimon she wants whenever she needs to and she can speak to her partner through telepathy. She could also see all of the stats and data of all of her enemies. (Their attack power, defense, moves, etc.) She is a genius and is able to think of five strategies depending on the situation within seconds. She can fight if she needs to.

Hollowfied Tweaker (HT): A former Officer, HT (Hollowfied Tweaker) became suicidal after the death of his wife. While holiday shopping with her, they were attacked by an unknown,
powerful assailant, killing her and sending him to the hospital. After making a full recovery, he viewed the video of the attack (from the security cameras) dozens of times, concluding that he hesitated for about three seconds before acting to save his wife. Blaming himself for her death, his mentality spirals out of control and decides to resign from the Police Department. In front of her grave, he chooses to take his own life. But before he can pull the trigger however, a female being calling herself Bethany, appears before him. Other than her golden blond hair, she looks to be a twin of his late wife. She offers him an alternative to suicide by teaching him the ancient art of Authorian. After learning the secret art, he travels to an alternate world
where all human emotions have been banned by the Tetragrammaton Council, the world of Equilibrium. After arriving, he immediately masters the deadly martial art of Gun Kata, an art used by Librian's law enforcement unit, the Grammaton Clerics. Bethany appears before him once again to explain that his wife's killer is a mercenary hired by a man named Kuroouja, who was seeking the secrets of Authorian. She tells him to find a person named Slop Doggy, someone who can help him locate this ruthless mercenary.

Appearance: HT is 5'8" in height, weighs 160 lbs, has black hair and brown eyes. He wears a black and red motorcycle-racing style leather jacket over a black hooded sweatshirt, level 4 body armor, blue jeans, black combat tactical boots, a tactical belt and a pair of thigh-strapped gun holsters.

Weapons: His primary weapons are a pair of Grammaton Cleric full-auto pistols, modified to fire unlimited rounds of ammunition. He also carries a wakizashi attached to the rear of his belt and several dozen vials of Prozium, an emotion-suppressing drug which he uses to eliminate any form of emotion during combat.

Powers/Skills: Being a former SWAT officer, he's an expert in tactics, special weapons and marksmanship. He has also mastered the art of Gun Kata which teaches that the geometric distribution of anagonists in any gun battle is a statistically predictable element. The Gun Kata treats the gun as a total weapon, each fluid position representing a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum damage on the maximum number of opponents while keeping the user clear from the statistically traditional trajectories of return fire. In effect, users are able to predict the actions of opponents during firearm combat. With mastery in this art, his firing proficiency has risen 120 as well as his swordsmanship. His skills are on par with that of the highest Grammaton Cleric First Class, John Preston.

0ranos: Real name: James Miles. Was a British Officer during the occupation, or colonization, call it what you will, of India, in 1847. Was transferred to the up-and-coming colony of Singapore in 1854. Once there, he was pivotal in subduing the Malaysian natives to the North, which were a threat to His Majesty's holdings in the area. Was promoted to Captain for the Skirmish at Johor Bahru, in particular, in which he displayed excellent strength of character, and a true officer's thinking. Afterwards, he married the daughter of the Governor of the Straits Settlements, Edmund Blundell, in 1857. He had seven children, three of which died before reaching four years old, and one of which would go on to be a political, and military hero in Singapore, Thomas Miles. He died on February 13, 1872, a Friday.

This is James Miles' life as history knows it. Most of it is true, yes. But some of it is a lie. On October 2nd, 1855, Miles disappeared. Nobody knew where he went. In fact, neither did Miles himself.

He found himself in a strange city. The laws of physics seemed off, and there were strange men that attacked him, moving like shadows. He managed to fight the group off (he soon found patterns in their movements, and was able to predict their strikes), and afterwards found refuge in an abandoned tower that surveyed the area. At least, he thought it was abandoned. There he found a man in a dark cloak, who seemed to know of his plight. The man, who only identified himself as 'Slop Doggy', said that he could get him back home. On one condition; Miles would help him with a certain... campaign, that he had been planning. After realizing that this was his best chance, Miles agreed, if somewhat cautiously.

Writing Career: After his various campaigns, Miles decided that it was time to settle down on a career. After one night, when he had several visions of the future, most involving giant machines flying through the air on miraculous sheets of metal, he decided he would become a writer. His are only just now being discovered. Strangely enough, most of these works seem to bear a striking relevance to a particular, animated television show.

Appearance: Miles walked in and out of various journals of the well-off in Singapore colonial society. From the accounts of these meetings, we can discern that Miles was a tall, well built man, with a prominent mustache in the style of the times, and close-trimmed hair. He apparently wore his uniform most of the time when visiting. It is unknown what he wore when at home, because there are no surviving journals or records from his family. Except, of course, the journal of Thomas Miles, who described his father as a “handsome, but serious man.”

Powers: As is mentioned above, it has been recorded that Miles at least believed that he could see the future. When he wrote, he used the pseudonym 0ranos, as tribute to the far-seeing Greek Titan.

Weapons: Miles is an expert marksman, although his swordplay could stand to improve. However, his greatest weapon is his mind. He has sees everything as a game of tactics and strategy. He thinks on his feet, and always has a backup plan.

RazenX: Razen came from our Earth, and always imagined being a hero and saving worlds. One day he recieved his wish when a visitor told him of Auruboth and that he was a Duochron, a split being. The stranger told him that he was one of two who must find the VeniIshaCharn, a child born with extraordinary abilites and whose fate will decide the fate of Auruboth. After recieving training and the Mimicblade, he dropped his old name and took up the name Razen, which in the tongue of Auruboth means "Flame of Destiny." The visitor soon died of wounds recieved early, leaving Razen with many questions. .Razen travels the worlds, seeking out the child before Zanen, his other half, can. Razen want to several worlds to learnthe arts of the sword, and soon mastered all sword styles. Razen then went to the world of Symphonia to learn to control his mana and cast magic. On the world of Avatar, he learned the four elements, perfecting his magic skills. Razen then traveled to Karakura Town, the ninja world, and the digital world, always being one step behind the gang. During a battle on one world he fights a group of Shattereds, beings who lost their souls. Shattereds appear as pure black beings with colored tattoos along their bodies. Some shattereds have more apparent forms, such as knights or wolf-like creatures. Slop Doogy and gang appear and aid him in the fight, after which he joins the group. Razen travels the world looking for the child, for answers about Auruboth and himself, and to defeat Zanen. Razne states the members of the group may be Duochron as well.

Appearance- Razen has brown hair to his shoulders, and golden eyes. He wears a black cloak over a crimson sweatshirt with a falcon on the front and a black flame on the back and grey sweatpants, as well as a scabbard and gunbelt. He is of average height and has an average build. In battle, he calls out his battle gear, gold plate armor over black pants and a shirt.

Powers- He is skilled in most forms of hand-to-hand combat, as well as gun and sword fightning, which he has mastered. His mimicblade copies the style of sword of the world (in Kingdom hearts it would be a keyblade for example), though it is normally one-handed.the mimicblade's normal appearance is a golden hilt with a diamond in the center, and the sides curving downwards, as well as having the start of a silver blade. The Mimicblade retains the abilities it gains on the worlds. He has two colt pistols at his side, whcih fire both bullets and energy. He can also teleport, heal himself, and had super stregth and speed. Razen has complete mastery of the our basic elements and their magic.

Kashi Sakana: Taiyaki, throughout all his life Sakana, Kashi has been called Taiyaki because of his weird name. In English it literally translates into fish pastry hence the nickname Taiyaki. He is a pretty normal second year high school student though. He loves curry bread and hates math class but is pretty average. Nowadays he is starting to sleep more in class. He waves this off as part of his part time job. No one in his class knows what he does though otherwise he is a typical student. The truth is something no one will believe.

He was late getting to the cathedral and he needed a shortcut. He spotted an alley which looked liked it would take him behind it. Running in that tight alley he was stopped in the middle of the alley by a man cloaked in shadows. A gleaming pale white smile was all that Sakana-kun could see of the man. His dark body seemed to stretch over him, his overbearing presence brought Kashi to his knees. The man approached him; more like glided over as not a single footstep was heard. The clocked figure brought his hand to the young man’s forehead and using his thumb traced the kanji for death. “Welcome to the club kid you’re a grim reaper. Beware of Tartarus and Chronus”. With that Kashi blacked out. While out, his dream-sleep transported him to meet with the Amatsu-Kami Council. They are the gods of the heavens and the eternal. They tell him that he has now been made an official Grim Reaper, his job to find the dead and deliver them to Heaven or Hell, using his soul force which is in different forms depending on the individual. They also explain the perils that accompany the job. Demons wander the earth hoping to devour those near death. Only his soul force can stop them. He asked them about Tartarus, but they gave no information about it. He then woke up, from that point on every night he goes out to deliver the dead.
Which is how he met Slop Doggy. Going out to send a soul to Hell one night he is attacked by a group of demons. A man with a huge cleaver like sword comes out of nowhere and cuts down a demon that was about to strike the newbie Reaper Kashi-kun. After several minutes of intense fighting all six of the gruesome monsters were down and turning to ash. Introducing themselves to each other, Kashi learns of Slop Doggy’s travels around the world. Hoping to learn more about the shadow man and Tartarus, Kashi joins Slop Doggy in his travels.

Appearance: Height: 5’10”
Weight: 167lbs
Hair: Dark Blonde (his mom is a foreigner from Italy Dad Japanese)
Eyes: Dark Brown more rounder.
He has a lean build with his hair usually being a mess since never has enough time to comb it. He will wear a hooded cloak when his soul force is present because that is the official uniform of a Grim Reaper. But most of the time he is dressed like a usual student (I need to find a scanner so I can show what he would look like)

Powers: Standard Grim Reaper things. He can see demons at all times. When a person is dying he can see what the color of their soul is Black for Hell White for Heaven. Inner direction that tells him when someone is dying and guides him to that person. No ordinary Human can see him when his soul force is out

Weapon: Soul Force. Kashi’s soul force takes the form of a Double Scythe two blades on one staff. The top scythe blade is a colored white and there is a whole in the middle of it When this blade touches a pure soul it sends them to heaven. The bottom blade pitch black and is extremely jagged. When this blade touches an impure soul it tears their soul to sheds then sends them to Hell. This blade does not affect the mortal world. Where demons are concerned it both blades can kill them. The scythe can also split apart with a chain linking the two. Becoming a double sickle and chain. (Again I’ll find a scanner to upload a picture of all this)

Personality: He is a little forgetful, never remembers when something important is supposed to happen or small things like presents. Laughs a lot, doesn’t think about the past a lot. Looks more to the future.

Voice Actor: Peter Doyle (Dominic from Eureka 7)

Ps taiyaki is a fish shaped pastry very common and tasty in japan for all y’alls that didn’t know.

digidestiney: Kouji Morisato came from an alternate universe compared to Earth. In his world, everyone was born with cat ears and a tail. Their ears and tail would fall off once they lose their virginity. Also, there were groups who traveled in pairs of two. One person was the Fighter and the other was the Sacrifice. The two were bound together by their true name. In spell battles, the Fighter would cast spells and do all the fighting while the Sacrifice would take all the damage. (from Loveless)

Kouji was always the lone wolf at school since he wasn't accepted by the others. Then one day, a transfer student, Jin Tateishi arrived. Kouji noticed that there was someone 'off' about this kid. The next day, two people attempted to kidnap Kouji. They called themselves 'Breathless' and said that they were to bring him to the Seven Moons, an organization and school for Fighters. Kouji, who couldn't protect himself from spells, was in deep trouble until Jin came to save him. They escaped Breathless together. Later Kouji realized that his true name was Trustless and he was bound to Jin, who had the same name. Because of this, he made a scar on Jin's arm with the name, making Jin the Fighter and Kouji the Sacrifice. Since then, the two left their school and became fugitives to stay away from the Seven Moons. They fought many battles and went through many hardships together. Kouji stopped being a lone wolf and started to become a kind and caring person who was sensative, but very strong and loyal. Then one day, Zero, artificial fighters that were created to feel no pain, attacked Kouji and Jin who were at the park. They fought a long and hard spell battle, but in the end, Zero was victorious while Trustless lost. The Fighter of Zero was about to kidnap the two when Slop Doggy suddenly appeared. He fended off the two, saved Trustless, and took care of their wounds. Since then, Kouji and Jin followed Slop Doggy and trained to become stronger.

Appearance: Kouji is a fourteen year old with pale skin and messy black hair that reaches an inch above his shoulders. He also has black cat ears and a black tail. He is of average height and he has the word 'Trustless' on his neck. To hide it, he always wears a white and light blue striped scarf. He also wears a light blue sweatshirt with jeans. He has white tennis shoes and always carries a backpack with neccessary items in it.

Jin is also fourteen and is the same height as Kouji. He has pale skin and light brown hair that also reaches an inch above his shoulders, but his hair spikes out on the sides. He has cat ears and a tail of the same color. He has the scar that says 'Trustless' on his left arm, so he wears a black fingerless glove that goes all the way to his shoulder to hide it. He only wears this glove on his left arm. He wears a black tanktop, dark blue jeans, and a black belt. He also has black tennis shoes.

Powers: In Trustless, Kouji is the Sacrifice while Jin is the Fighter. During spell battles, Jin does all the fighting while Kouji takes the damage. Jin can control the elements of fire, light, ice, wind, thunder, earth, water, wood, steel, and darkness. He also knows basic spells like, Defense and Restriction. His battle style is based upon speed, counter-attacking, and power. While being powerful at spells, he is also good at basic physical fighting since he trained in kendo and karate.

Kouji is the one who takes the damage. During the fight, Kouji would get hurt instead of Jin. Because of this, he became very tolerant to pain. If Kouji were to get hurt in battle, a chain would wrap around his arm, neck, or leg to hurt him. Since he is the Sacrifice in Trustless, he can treat Jin like a servant, but because of his new, kind personality, he doesn't.

Personalities: Kouji used to be a lone wolf, but after he met Jin, he became kind. Losing his cold attitude, he became sweet and sensitive. While he was these things, he was also very strong and tough. Kouji is a genius and gets serious at times. He is very loyal to his friends and would die for them. Sadly, he has a double personality. While he could be his usual self, he could also become a very rude and harsh person. He would start swearing, something he would never do before, and he would be willing to beat someone up. Jin is the only person who could snap Kouji out of this double personality.

Jin is also very loyal to his friends especially Kouji. He would do anything for him, even if it was illegal. He is also able to help Kouji free himself
from his double personality. Contrasting from his friend, Jin jokes around a lot and gets quite cocky at times. He is outgoing, but he isn't reckless nor carefree.

Temhota Tech: A Shadowrun (a magical Mercenary), TemhotaTech grewed up in a simple town. His world was pretty much like Earth, except it was also inhabited by various meta-humans, such as Orks, Trolls, Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings (look up Shadowrun). As a Shadowrunner he would do the dirty work for mega-corps. He was an expert for dragon slaying. Even the feared Great golden dragon Lofwyrm feared him. One day after graduation from his high-school, a mysterious bomb dropped from the sky and warpped his universe into a twisted gothic S&M version of its former self. He somehow was completely left unwarped, making him the only survivor. He learned that a Dark Force did this to his universe. He escaped it into the universe of Slop Doggy. He fears that one day that the same dark force may invade Slop's universe.

Appearance: He's 6.2 feet tall. He has brown hair, a mustache and a scruffy beard. He wears black pants with a grey stripe on each side. He's wears brown worn-out sneakers. He wears a red T-shirt under a grey and black jacket. He's Caucasin, and only 18.

Powers: He's a shadowrunner. He can run fast and even scale walls with his speed. He specializes in dark, fire, light, lightning, and earth magic. He carrys a backpack which he fills with all the weapons he can get his hands on. Mostly weapons from Modern Warfare 2 and Shadowrun. He also has the power of metal in his hands. He can call down lightning with his flying v guitar and set people aflame. He can also melt the faces off his enemies and can boost the power in his allies.

Personality: He's sort of a laid-back person. He's into anime,manga, strategy video games, heavy metal and dinosaurs. He kind be sort of a grump and unintentionally selfish, but he's a nice guy and he cares for others.He has a real temper problem. Insulting dinosaurs and metal will make him go berserk. Deep down, he's holding back an insanity with an implacable bloodlust.

Voice Actor: Jack Black

Theme Song: Painkiller, by Judas Priest.

7MukuroRealm7: Real name is Jonathan Smith, he and his younger sister Lauren were born on a planet that produces a special light from its atmosphere, increasing peoples’ eyesight. So, in this society, one would undoubtedly be shunned if one was born blind. Luckily, he wasn’t born completely blind, but due to birth problems his left eye could see nothing. Fortunately, his other eye could see very well. He went on living a normal life until his 10th birthday, when his power of future sight appeared. He was training himself to improve his reaction time, so he closed his good eye to walk around blind. What he saw when he closed his eye was a grisly murder, the corpses of his mother and father lying in a pool of blood. He paid no heed to this vision, thinking of it as only a product of his overworked mind, and decided to just let it go. Lo and behold, when he came home from school the next day his vision came true. He then proceeded to live with his relatives, he and his sister being split up. This caused him to develop an incredibly bad sister complex, as well as an addiction to the power he now named “Future Eye”. For the next 5 years of his life he locked himself in his room, studying complex equations and ancient scrolls, trying to find out how to master this new power. In doing so, he created another one, a power that allows him to sense the truth, like a lie detector. On the night after this new powers birth, he had another vision, one where the world would be destroyed. This one came true as well, and the light produced by the atmosphere disappeared. Frightened by this change, the masses began to slowly lose the sight they once had, except for him. He was somehow reunited with his sister in the next 4 years, and on his 19th birthday a spirit possessed his sister and told him that the only way to reverse his planets destruction and return the sight to his sister was to find Slop Doggy and save Auruboth.

Appearance: He wears a black leather jacket over a black short sleeved shirt and black pants. He has a sword hilt on his left side, and a gun holster above it. He has wavy shoulder-length blonde hair and a black cloth eye patch over his left eye. He also has a rosary cross hanging from his neck that is the standby form of his guardian Evengeline.

Powers: His left eye has no sight but the power to see slightly into the future, and due to his half-blindness he’s developed incredible reflexes, being able to react to something moving at incredibly high speeds ranging up to 150mph. He also has the ability to sense veiled truths, making him useful in interrogations. It also allows him to solve complex riddles and problems. He has also developed an acute sense of hearing and has mastered a style that is a combination of swordsmanship and gunmanship, and being ambidextrous he can use both sword and gun at the same time. Like all his planets inhabitants, he uses light as his primary weapon of choice, and He has in his possession an ancient family heirloom sword that is composed of fused light particles, so it can absorb light in the air and increase its length. He also uses a hand gun that has been modified to be capable of rapid fire. This gun has the ability to draw light out of the air and channel it into empty shells, shooting loose bullets literally at the speed of light. He also has with him a guardian spirit that has the power to solidify light that takes on the shape of his sister.

Personality: He acts happy all the time, but it’s truly just a cover-up for his melancholic state of mind and persecution complex. He firmly believes that all events are preordained, and there’s nothing that can be done to change the future.

Quotes: (Post Parents Death) If I had tried to understand… to comprehend… father and mother wouldn’t have died...
(Just normally) In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Guardian Spirit: Ever since he left his planet, he has been accompanied by a guardian angel by the name of Evengeline. She completely resembles his sister, except she has angel wings and isn’t blind. She wears a white dress with the rosary she inhabits as a necklace, and has waist length blonde hair.

Voice Actor: Steve Staley (Hitsugaya on Bleach, Koji on Digimon, Neji on Naruto)

Theme Song: Nothing I Won’t Give, by Vic Mignogna

madjack89 (aka Madjack): A cat-like demon from Demon World. (look up Yu Yu Hakusho) Known as Amarante to her fellow demons, she has telepathic abilities, though she rarely uses them on purpose, claiming that it is “too invasive.” Like other demons, she had an extreme prejudice for humans until she was one day sucked through a portal that transported her to Human World. For a while, she slaughtered the most evil humans she could find, such as robbers and other criminals, so as not to draw the attention of Spirit World. But she still felt contempt for all humans. Then one day she noticed that a Spirit World detective was on her trail and had to hide out in the bushes of an elementary school playground until he lost traces of her. When recess came, she watched as the small children played together. Her heart began to soften slightly as she witnessed their innocent little games and could even admit to herself that they were cute. She continued to watch them for several days, growing more and more fond of them and even learning some of their names. Then, when she was positive that the Spirit Detective had given up on finding her, she left the school to continue her systematic slaughtering. However, when she came face to face with a mugger that night, she found that she couldn’t kill him. She wandered the streets the next day, finding a hat to hide her ears and tucking her tail into her pants. When she walked near the school, she noticed police tape surrounding it. Ducking under the tape, she rushed to the back of the school to find that one of the children she’d grown particularly fond of, Kuro, had been brutally hacked to pieces by some sort of giant animal earlier in the day. Sensing the demon energy surrounding his corpse, she knew it had to have been a demon. Without thinking, she rushed off, following the demon’s energy until she found him, laughing about what he did to the boy. Enraged, she jumped out and attacked the demon, easily killing it thanks to its lower power level. Seeing this demon as an evil creature, she realized that there was a grey area: not all demons were good, and not all humans were bad. From that day on, she only killed either demons or humans when absolutely necessary, preferring to wander through Human World and sightsee. She changed her name to madjack89 after seeing it on a passing car’s license plate. When she met Chikao, she traveled with him and helped him kill evil demons and jail evil humans under the radar. She and Chikao met Slop Doggy and his crew one day when they were surrounded by a whole group of demons. She and Chikao jumped into action, only to find that Slop Doggy needed no help in destroying the demons. Chikao was highly impressed and instantly accepted Slop Doggy’s invitation to join his group, hoping to learn some things from him. Madjack naturally followed Chikao, finding Slop Doggy and the others to be “interesting in a good way!”

Chikao Natsuko: Chikao’s life was completely normal. He had two loving parents and a little brother that reacted with wonder to everything he said and did. He was a goggle-head with a slightly laid-back personality and a love for soccer, but all that changed one day when he came home and found a demon devouring his brother. The demon, relishing the pain on Chikao’s face, told him how he’d just missed seeing his parents being consumed as well and that his brother had been the tastiest. Infuriated, Chikao’s hand began to glow with a strange energy. He shot the energy at the demon, but to no avail, for it managed to escape barely scathed. Incensed, Chikao went into seclusion, learning how to fight and how to use his new power, which he found was actually Spirit Energy, in order to exact revenge on the demon that had killed his family. At the age of 16, after two years of training, he began to roam the streets, searching for the demon. He’d lost his happy personality over his years of seclusion and had become ruthless and cold, torturing demons for information on his target’s whereabouts before he killed them. Another year later, at 17, he finally found the demon he’d been looking for. A battle ensued, and Chikao quickly found that the demon had been getting stronger in their time apart as well. Chikao eventually lost, lying beaten and bruised before the hungry-looking demon. Just as he was about to be devoured, another demon calling herself Madjack stepped into the alley. She easily pinned the other demon and began talking with Chikao, claiming she knew all about his past and saying he had to give up his stupid quest for revenge. Chikao retaliated angrily, saying she didn’t know anything. Madjack quietly recounted the story of Chikao’s life, claiming that she’d read his mind on accident while passing by and now wished to help him come back to himself. Chikao protested weakly that he’d never be satisfied until the demon who had murdered his family was dead. In response, Madjack’s claws grew and she swiftly sliced the demon’s throat, letting it bleed to death. Then she turned to Chikao and said “Satisfied?” After that night, Chikao began to roam with Madjack, embracing the life of a wandering vigilante and killing demons with Madjack’s help. He slowly began to regain his old personality and became content with his lot in life. After meeting Slop Doggy, however, his curiosity was sparked, prompting him to join Slop Doggy’s group in order to learn “how the heck he killed ten demons like it was freakin’ nothing!” Madjack joined the group as well.

Appearances: Madjack is a demon that resembles humans, though she has cat ears and a tail. She is 5’ 4” and is actually 47 years old despite looking to be about 18. Her eyes are a blue-grey color and when she is angry, her pupils resemble that of a cat. Her hair is brown, shoulder length, and wavy, while her ears and tail are white. She wears a light grey T-shirt with the word ‘Twack!’ on it and black slacks in order to comfortably hide her tail. She hides her ears, ironically, with a blue and grey cat-eared hat. (similar to Zoe’s from Digimon)

Chikao is 5’ 6” and is 17 years old. His eyes are dark brown and his hair is black and perpetually messy. He tends to wear a red shirt and black jacket, loving the color combination of red and black because he thinks it “looks cool!” He wears jeans and sneakers, attesting to his laid-back style. He also wears black gloves, hiding his badly scarred hands which he burned constantly during his training to perfect his Spirit Energy blasts. Being a true goggle-head, he wears a pair of goggles around his neck which he wears while fighting.

Powers: Having telepathic abilities, Madjack can read minds and even go so far as to control ones thoughts, though she doesn’t like to use these
powers. Being a demon, she has incredible strength and speed. She can also enlarge her nails and teeth, making them sharper and more feline.

Chikao can manifest his Spirit Energy into a large blast that he can shoot from his palms. His gloves are fire resistant, keeping them from burning as his hands had. Through his constant practicing, he’s perfected his blasts to a high level and is able to control the size of the blast and turn it in
different directions after being fired. He’s also a fair fighter, though he prefers fist fighting above all else.

Personalities: Both Madjack and Chikao are pretty laid-back and happy-go-lucky, though Chikao is more stubborn and hotheaded while Madjack
likes to go with the flow. Madjack has a tendency to get very hyper, especially when she’s had too many sweets, which she loves. She tends to
treat Chikao like a child sometimes, which he resents. Despite this, they care deeply for each other. Because of Chikao, Madjack has grown to hate vengeance and even chastises herself for avenging Kuro’s death. She believes that revenge changes a person too much and isn’t worth it. Chikao doesn’t feel the same and if anything were ever to happen to Madjack, he would avenge her no matter what.

Voice Actors: Madjack – Kari Wahlgren (Tsuruya (Mikuru’s friend) from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Tayuya from Naruto)

Chikao – Quinton Flynn (Marcus Damon from Digimon Data Squad, Axel from Kingdom Hearts)

Theme Songs: Madjack’s – Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Purin Purin Boron Nurururerorero by Maximum the Hormone

Chikao’s – Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold

EmoPotatoBuffalo: Euki (ay-oo-kee) was from the planet of Nourasia in 2082. This planet was different from Earth. The inhabitants here were called Naurasians and they looked different from humans. First of all, they all have a human-like body, but their skin is brownish-red. They have long elfish ears, but droop down instead of up. The Naurasians were a peaceful people who believed in honor and chivalry. They were skilled knights whose main uses of weapons are the bow-n-arrow and the dagger. They have magic powers that power up their arrows allowing them enough power to cut mountains in half, speak telepathy, and speed up their steeds. The Naurasians weren't the only beings on the planet. There were also giant beetles that the Naurasians would ride on for steeds. Every beetle is connected to a Naurasian at birth and there is a link between the two. A fully grown beetle is a little bit bigger than a bus. The Naurasians were in a medieval time period as they didn't have any technology. They were very connected to nature and wouldn’t harm it in any way. Within their planet, is the Holy City of Dol, in which no outsider is allowed to enter. (Oban Star Racers reference)

Euki was still a teenager when the Crogs invaded Nourasia. He witnessed the Crogs enter the Holy City of Dol and try to take over the place. Since the Crogs had far superior technology compared to the Nourasians, they were easily losing the battle. Even though the Nourasians were peaceful people, they tried their best to fight back. Euki was surrounded by ten Crogs and was slowly losing his energy from the ferocious aliens. He knew that the only way for him to survive was to escape. He called his steed, Peiya (pay-ii-ya), a giant blue and white beetle and hopped on to escape his enemies. Once he was in the air, however, guns fired at him. Before Euki and Peiya were able to react, a blast hit them and they both blacked out. When Euki and Peiya finally came to, there weren’t on Nourasia anymore. Looking around, Euki stayed hidden while trying to find answers to where he was. He quickly took a glimpse at a newspaper to realize that he was on Earth in 2010. He remembered that the humans didn’t know anything about aliens during this year, as the humans were introduced to the creatures in space much later. Euki decided that it was better for him and Peiya to be hidden, so they flew off into a deserted part of a forest. The two decided to rest here for the night. But when they woke up, they weren’t on Earth anymore, but in another universe. Euki decided to look around until he saw a group of people, the Coalition of Authors. Some of them had creatures with them, so Euki decided that it was safe for an alien to talk to them. Euki went up to one of the people, but was immediately attacked by one of them, calling him one of Kuroouja’s servants. Euki didn’t know what they were talking about. They attacked him and Euki knew that the only thing he could do was to fight back. Although it was against his code to fight unintentionally, he took out his bow-n-arrow and fought back. Euki fought the Coalition of Authors, until another human appeared in front of him. He seemed to be the leader of the group and told them to stop fighting. Everyone dropped their weapons, but Euki still looked at the newcomer warily. The new person turned out to be called Slop Doggy and invited Euki to join the Coalition. He said that he would be a good member to join the team since he was able to hold himself against everyone else. Since then, Euki became part of the Coalition of Authors.

Appearance: A Nourasian with messy, red-orange hair. (Looks like Takato’s hair from Digimon except it is red-orange.) He has brownish-red skin and elfish ears that droop down. He has cerulean eyes and always carries his bow-n-arrow on his back and his dagger on his side. He wears a white sleeveless shirt and loose white pants, both with one thick brown stripe going down the middle. He has a brown sash and wears white arm warmers that extend from his wrists to his elbows. He appears and acts 15, but he is actually 30 years old in Earth years. People of his race live longer than humans.

Peiya is a giant beetle that is a little bit bigger than a bus. It has a white head and sea blue shell on its back. On its head, there are fancy, brown lines and on its shell are gold lines with the same design. These lines look like curvy tree branches. It has small brown pincers for a mouth and six brown legs. The shell separates in half when he is flying, revealing transparent wings underneath. He serves as Euki’s steed, so there is a small handle on top of him so that the Nourasian can hold onto him.

Personality: Euki is a very humble person and always keeps to himself. He has a code that fighting is never the answer unless it is absolutely necessary and that killing is wrong. When he joined the CoA, the members try to convince him to fight their enemy and be willing to kill someone. It took Euki a long time to get used to this, so he only fights against Kuroouja’s army and no one else. He is full of chivalry and honor, and will always try to find a peaceful end to things, but would fight when needed. He isn’t a wimp and has a very strong character. He would do anything for the sake of justice. He doesn’t use a coarse language like the other members do and is very polite.

Powers: Like all Nourasians, Euki has magical powers. He recites a spell and these powers work. He can power up his bow-n-arrow, making it glow blue. This strengthens it and has enough power to cut mountains in half. He also has a spell to speak to someone telepathically. His last powers have to do with Peiya. Since Peiya usually isn’t always with him when he is with the CoA, except during the night (since he takes up too much space) he can speak with him telepathically to summon him. He doesn’t need to recite a spell to do this. His other spell is when he puts his hand on Peiya and recites the spell, making Peiya turn purple and his stripes glow, and highly increasing his speed. The spell he recites is: Oon sekkai numa terra umbaroum (which he uses to power up arrows) and Oon sekkai Peiya wakkar (to make Peiya go faster.) and Oos sekkai shamanar (puts a purple shield bubble around sumone. He could speak telepathically to whoever is in there) These spells are in the ancient Nourasian language.

Theme Song: Truth by Arashi

I-will-poke-you (aka Christine Bonsai): Christine was born into a normal family...or so she thought. Two years ago, she came home from school with her brother, Strider, to find her parents laying on the kitchen floor covered in blood. Later she started to have dreams of a baby boy sitting on a pile of dead bodies. Right after that she found out that her older sister was pregnant. Five days later she was found dead. Her now dead sister and her unborn baby started to haunt her in her dreams. In a couple months, she finally broke. She couldn’t take it. Christine traveled with her brother to Czechoslovakia and they both rampaged and took full control of the country. Then, her brother was mysteriously kidnapped by the same man who was rumored to have killed her family. Breaking down in tears, Christine went back to Hawaii in America, where she suddenly sees Asumon, Chloe Fujiaki's digimon, pet, reptile, thing... She just calls it Bob. A very confused Christine looked around to see her best friend, Chloe fall from the sky right in front of her with a bunch of weird looking people known as the Coalition of Authors. There, she met a person named Slop Doggy who has heard of what happened. He told her that a person called Kuroouja was the source of all of her problems. He offered to help her with her problems and Christine joined the CoA.

Appearance: A normal-ish looking 14 year old girl that is a couple inches taller than 5 ft. She has brown hair and eyes so dark blue it looks like it’s black. She is usually found wearing a black hooded shirt and regular dark skinny jeans. On some rare occasion you can find her wearing a dark green skirt. She has black fingerless gloves and ties her hair up a red ribbon. She looks mostly sweet but can be vicious at times.

Weapon: A large scythe that can shrink into a pendant on her necklace. When she touches it, it becomes larger. Christine also carries a around a silver chain that when is thrown would wrap around an enemy, concealing them and stopping them from moving. It also temporally takes away their powers so they can't get out.

Theme Songs:
Last Resort - Papa Roach
To Plant a Seed - We Came As Romans

Hans 'Fox' Grimm (Fardrake): Hans come from an alternate universe compared to normal earth. Where the continent divided into four: The OSEA, USEA, VERUSA and ANEA. the south and north pole were merged into one, creating a continent of Antarctica. Hans comes from Oured, the capitol city of OSEA federation. he lives a normal life like any other teenager of his age.

Hans was a ordinary high school teenager, he's not so smart, yet always got a good grades in all field of study. he always thought a world where he can be a hero...a world full of action...he always thought if the games he played were real. Until one day, when he on his way back home, a huge tower emerged from the ground, spiralling to the sky with a close resemblance of that 'Pisa tower'. From there, a vast amount of 'demons' emerged, killing all of the citizens. He then met a man named 'Dante', a demon hunter who been paid by someone to destroy the tower. The man told him that he had a power waiting to be unlocked. He and Dante marched toward the tower, killing lesser and huge demon alike. as they arrived at the top of the tower, they met a man that has striking resemblance to dante. except, this man wore a blue long robe, a katana in his hand and upswept hair. in there, they fought him, althought, dante and hans knew they had no chance to defeat him. then dante told him unlock his power. at first he didn't know what to do until dante told him to release all his anger. thus, he unlocked his 'devil trigger' form and beat the man known as 'Vergil' who was Dante's long lost brother. But, suddenly a portal opened and send him to another world, leaving dante and his homeland behind. he ended in another world where the world is very different from his world that soon he known as the 'Digital World'. There, he met Slop Doggy. Since then he followed him looking for a way back home.

Appearance: He's approximately 5'7 inches tall, 17 years old with white skin, red eyes and spiky black hair. he wears black-zipped vest and a t-shirt with a Fox head emblem on it, plus long-blue torn-up jeans and black casual shoes.

Personality: Hans is a care free person who would help people in need. He always curses when he's stuck in a bad situation. when he's mad, he would attack anyone who's near him. but, he's a nice and kind person, although perverted and a slacker.

Power: He's stronger than the average human and can unleash his 'devil trigger' form when he's in dire situation. Sometimes, this 'Devil trigger' form would unleash when he's mad and can drive him to hurt people near him. He has a superhuman agility, fast regeneration from wounds and can lift a heavy objects and throw it to the enemy.

Man Eater Sword: a long dark huge blade, approximately 4 inches long with the sharpness that can slice the strongest steel like a butter.

Theme song: Revelations by Audioslave.

Daisuke Ikehara(Kaze no Fuko Basho) – Daisuke Ikehara, who also goes by the nickname Dai, was always a passionate Beyblader. His whole life was dedicated to the sport and he trained every day. He won every single match he faced and he dreamed of becoming the best Beyblader in the world. Daisuke was also the BladeBreakers’ biggest fan. He supported them and always watched their matches on TV. Dai idolized the BladeBreakers and always wanted to be like them.

One day, it was recess at school, and Daisuke was having a BeyBattle with one of his fellow classmates out in the courtyard. Everyone from the grade was watching the battle as they cheered on both sides. After Dai easily beat his opponent, a bus parked on the street right next to everybody. Confused, everyone faced the bus and they couldn’t believe their eyes. Out from the bus came the BladeBreakers, the world champion team. Everyone then ran up to them, begging for autographs and tips on how to be the best bladers in the world. Daisuke really wanted to see his heroes, but couldn’t from the crowd of people who were blocking his way. So, he decided to lean on a tree and watch from afar. Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder. Dai looked at the person to who it was and then noticed that it was Tyson from the BladeBreakers. Daisuke couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw one of the members. Suddenly, the other members went up to him as well. Daisuke was so shocked to see the best bladers in the world right next to him. Suddenly, he felt handcuffs around his wrists as a blindfold went around his eyes. Daisuke went unconscious as he was taken to an unknown area. He had a dream saying that something possessed the BladeBreakers by making them evil. He learned that he was supposed to save them from whatever was controlling them. When Dai woke up, he found himself in an arena. There, he challenged the BladeBreakers to a battle in attempt to wake them up. However, before Dai could do anything, he lost the match. Tyson went up to Dai, ready to kill, was suddenly stopped by a strange force. A magical being stopped Tyson from killing Dai. The BladeBreakers were sent flying away from Dai as Dai went unconscious once again. When he woke up this time, he found himself in a dark, desolate, wasteland. He felt his Beyblade in his hand as he slowly stood up. He realized that the being that saved him was actually a bit-beast and now it was his. He continued to look around until he met a large creature. Dai easily destroyed the creature when he met a mysterious person known as Slop Doggy. Slop was impressed with Daisuke and Daisuke decided to join the team. Since then he had one goal: save the BladeBreakers.

Appearance – Daisuke is a fourteen year old boy. He is of average height and has chocolate brown hair and black eyes, and has pale skin. His hair style has his bangs out to the side is the front while it is really messy in the back. (Looks like Ray’s hair in V-Force except Dai doesn’t have the long ponytail.) He also wears a light blue headband with goggles over it. (Where Ray’s headband is.) He wears a light blue t-shirt and dark blue jeans, with a black short-sleeved leather jacket. He also has a long white scarf around his neck. (Just like Kai’s.) He wears black tennis shoes. He also has pouches on the back of his pants and on his pants legs where he keeps his Beyblade, ripcord, launcher, and other supplies.

Personality – Dai is a very shy person. He is very timid around people he doesn’t know. However, once he knows you, he becomes a totally different person. He becomes very headstrong and stubborn guy. He does what he wants whenever he wants and he loves to eat. He is a very passionate blader and is always practicing his technique. He tends to act immature and stupid at times. He goes bravely into battle and gets in trouble often. Sometimes, however, he becomes timid again when he gets in trouble. No matter what though, he is very loyal.

Beyblade – Dai’s blade is known as Drokami. The actual blade is light blue with a five sharp-tipped attack ring. The blade is really light and is really fast. It can disappear and reappear and has lots of attack power. Drokami’s highest stats are in power and speed.

Bit-Beast – Dai’s bit-beast, Drokami, is a white wolf with blue stripes. (Looks just like a Garurumon from Digimon.) It has the power over ice and snow and can freeze anything. It is a rival bit-beast to Tala’s Wolborg, another ice wolf. Drokami’s attacks are Frozen Tundra Attack, Ice Meteor Attack, and Infinity Blizzard Attack.

Theme Songs – Rise Above the Storm – Daniel DeBlanc & Creighton Doane
Underdog - Mudd
Swing Low, Let it Rip – Jason Dean

Tatsumiko Umeboshi: Also know as “The Dragon Goddess”, was born in a normal village somewhere in the northern region in Japan during the warring states era. Although both of her parents are human, she was born as a full-fledged demon. This is because her father killed a dragon demon’s son. Furious, the dragon demon cursed the man and found its revenge by placing the soul of it’s lost son into the man’s first born, Tatsumiko. The parents, realizing what happened, kept her a secret from the villagers; keeping her in hiding for fear that they will kill her. No one except her parents knew about her or her ‘curse’, as she puts it, until one fateful day when all hell broke loose, literally.
When she was about six years old, a couple of boys were teasing her as she played in her fathers fields, calling her names making fun of her ‘unnatural’ purple hair. Something eventually snapped in her mind and she unconsciously let her demonic powers loose, changing her into a large, purple, western-style dragon. She woke up the next morning and realized she had destroyed the entire village and killed everyone in it, including her parents. She has been on the run and living on her own ever since. Her heart grew colder and her soul lonelyer with each passing year.
After a few years she came across the Sounga, a demonic sword originally crafted and previously owned by the greatest demon of all Japan, Inu no Taisho. Realizing that the sword was also possessed by an evil dragon demon and that she could wield it, though others could not, she kept it.
After a series of untold events, she wound up in the Ninja world. While there she came across a young girl with fox-like ears and a tail, who was being terrorized by a group of bandits. After saving the young red-headed girl from the bandits, Tatsumiko found out that the girl’s name was Kitsune and she somehow broke out and away from a ninja named Orochimaru who kept her for experimental reasons; mixing her DNA with that of the 9-tailed demon fox. She looked as though she was about 12, though much smaller than she should be.The bandits were picking on her because she was young, a girl, and a miss-fit. Realizing that the girl was just like herself, alone and shunned upon by others because of what she is, she let Kitsune come with her. Though her true reason behind her actions are still unclear.
Several years later, she was in a fight and lost her sword. After killing the poor individual, she went to look for it, only to realize it was in the hands of another, Slop Doggy. He was possessed by the sword and was plowing through a forest like Godzilla tore through Tokyo, and trying to kill anything that moved. After getting the sword back without taking off his arm (which she wanted to do), she explained that if you are not a powerful youkai you can not wield the sword without being possessed. Acknowledging her powers and talent, he asked if she wanted to join him and help save Auruboth. Surprised that someone was not only unafraid of her, but acknowledged her, she admitted that she really didn’t care what happened to her world or her. But she eventually agreed.

(Tatsumiko= blah, blah, blah. Kitsune=blah, blah, blah.)

Zodiac sign: Capricorn (Fits her well), Virgo.
Age: 28 (in human years), 16
Height: 5’7”, 4’6”
Weight: 112.4, 65lb
Likes: Poetry. Finding ‘treasures’ on beach, in the trash, etc.
Dislikes: over-emotional people, humans/people. Mean people, being alone.

Appearance: Average height and build for her age. Shoulder-length purple hair, w/ short bangs over left eye. Stealy grey eyes. Slight tan color skin, and, er, symmetrical. A calm and composed look, almost emotionles. Although 16, she’s the size of 12 year old, and will be that way forever(side effect of Orochimaru’s experiments). Shoulder-length messy bright red hair, vibrant green eyes, red fox ears and matching tail, and freckles. Skin is paler than Tatsumiko’s.

Clothing: Purple knee-length Kimono w/ white borders, blue sakura petals along the left side and a lavander obi bow. And ninja style zori sandals. Kitsune wears a light brown zipped jacket w/ faux fox fur around hood and at end of sleeves. Loose tan pants, barefoot. Also a misty-grey colored diamand shaped lewel choker.

Abilities: w/ Sounga, Raiton: Ryu no Raindoraibu.(Lightning release: dragon linedrive); w/ sounga’s tip in ground, dragon shaped bolt of lightning shoots from sword down a line-drive.
w/ Sounga, Gokuryuhi.(Infernal dragon, or dragon twister); Sounga’s most powerful attck, whish summons dragon from hell, releasing it in the fom of a large black twister, destroying anything in its path.
w/ Sounga, (Unnamed); Anything killed by Sounga can be summoned back as highly poisonous zombies filled with miasma, under the control of sounga/Sounga’s wielder. Only way you can destroy them, is to damage them beyond their abilities to regenerate.
-Sounga also has the ability to open the gates to Hell.
w/o Sounga: She can cover any part of her body in light lavender dragon scales for protection. Nothing can penetrate it except Slop doggy’s Senbon Zakura.
w/o Sounga: able to change into a large dark purple, western-style dragon at will.
-Fox magic: easily henge into anyone or anything(most commonly an ordinary fox), henge other people or things, can cast genjutsu, or illusions.
-Kitsune-bi: can conjure blue flames that she can manipulate, can act as a barrier against fire itself.

Personality: Mostly composed and serene, emotionless. Surprisingly short-tempered, but instead of snapping and smashing things, or people, she calmly “gets rid of the problem”, whether it be by destroying the problem or silencing the person permenatly. Nearly always has a blank look in her eyes, but the rest of her face well sometimes change according to the situation. Also has a subtle sense of humor.
Kitsune is fun-loving, sweet, gentle, lovable, impossible to hate her, and completely cuddlable. Although, she is mentaly damaged so she acts like a 6 year old. After meeting Slop Doggy, she grew a close bond almost instantly. She’s a pacifist, and tries her best to stay out of fights. Only on rare occasions does her temper fire up and she cuts loose. This can only happen if something terrible happens to those she holds closest to her heart; Tatsumiko and Slop Doggy. And the damage she causes is intense, for such a small girl.

Theme songs:
-I will not bow, by Breaking Benjamin
-War, by Sick Puppies (During a fight scene)

Kyosuke Nanbu: Life Is hard For him. His Parents, Friends and All of his relatives died In a Mass murder incident. But the thing is That he was the killer. Later he found out That inside of him, There was another soul. A soul so Evil, he gave it the Name Kyo. When Kyosuke was 16, Scientists had kidnapped him. They had injected him with such a liquid that one day, Kyosuke’s 2nd persona broke free and Emerged into the real world. His Own twin was born. Faster and stronger with the powers of an arch-demon, Kyo Broke out from the facility, leaving Kyosuke to die in the smoke and dust. But that never happened. As 2 people became his Saviours. Their names were Xero and Centurion. Soon as Kyosuke grew older, He trained in the hardest Martial arts until finally, at 19 he became the best assassin in his academy. He had Found That Kyo had also joined a group…… A group known as Kuroouja.. Kyo had Struck again and this time…. Kyosuke’s friends were killed, once again by the hands of Kyo. Now He Seeks revenge…. AnyOne who got in his way would Die as he lost all feelings for other humans. That Is even with the new team he had Joined, The CoA. His Motto was “Friends never help, They always get in the way..” but that could change after being in the CoA..

Appearance- Usually Hides himself, wearing A long Black Cloak with a hood. The cloak is not usually bound to him other than his arms so the bottom usually flies in the wind. Inside, he wears A black Sleeveless t-shirt, and a long black Pant with 2 long chains hanging from each leg. Each Chain ended in a hook. He has Blue eyes and blue hair whereas Kyo only has red eyes as the difference.

Powers- he trained In The Art of the ninja and Assassin as He got the Nickname “ The Shadow of The Night” He Usually Does not fight like this as He Has 2 white wings which appear at will and A long white Sword known as “Yin”.

Fallen mode(Holy)- There are times when his powers cannot match the Ferocity of the Battle. That Is when This comes in. 6 wings form as his Hair Gets as long as his waist. His Sword becomes Transparent as it becomes known as “Meido Yin”. This Power Takes a lot of energy from Kyosuke but it is more bearable as time goes by. Kyo has a same mode Know as Fallen Mode(Ruin)

Fallen mode ( united)- Kyo might be evil, but the link between Kyosuke and kyo had possibilities. When One dies at the hands of another but itself, the other dies as well, Which means only Kyo Can kill Kyosuke or be killed by him and live. That is why Kyo and Kyosuke, To save Their lives and to Settle their Battle, Join their fallen modes to becom United. Long blue hair down to the knee, With red eyes and 6 wings, 3 white and 3 black. Claws and fangs and A sword Only told in legends, named “ X-Calibur” Comes to the aid. But this mode is almost never seen as This shortens the life span of both Kyo and Kyosuke.

PrincessKye: PrincessKye is a tall brunette girl with big brown eyes. She loves Naruto and Death Note. The computer is her life. She loves reading, writing and being a general farm girl. She lives is Columbus with her Gramma during the summer so she can take care of her and the horses. She lives in New York every other time of the year. She HATES New York and wishes she could live alone, without her parents hovering over her. She's weird, and the outcast of the group. Her only friends are her family, Slop Doggy, and TobiGB, or Spryous. While Slop was on a quest to find out about his parents, he discovered that her parents and Slop's parents were old friends, so he hunted her down and asked her to join.

Appearance: Tall and brunette. Has brown eyes.

Powers: Her super powers are: teleportation, flight, and the ability to control inanimate objects with her mind.

Silver Fire Wolf: other wise know as Silver-chan and to young kids 6 and under Sil-chan .usually referred to by her friend and Family as Emily or Emmy. Has a long history she not only originally came form a world were every one didn't have powers but was among some of the most odd children. She had hoped while in that world for adventure and to be away from her family. With her parents devoiced, a sister who talks non-stop, a six year old sister, a few cousins who didn't like her, the fact she was sixteen and looked twelve, as well as School kids picking on her who wouldn't. one day while looking for inspiration to write she found a book that teleported her to a school wee she learned Magic. The school was a witch school that taught their students to be good witches. Then she started traveling to other worlds and meeting new people. She found a sword named Kye with her Sheath name Se. they both had soles and Kye could chose her wielder. Kye picked her. She continued joining more groups of people and creatures and eventually leaving. Till she came to the world she currently was in. One night Silver-chan had been walking home from the store to the apartment she owned. True most people ask her aren't you too young to own an apartment of you own. She had always replied no. But that night she had been feeling paranoid about some thing. When She got home she dropped off the milk she got and grabbed Se and Kye and left. She ran to a clearing in the near by forest in the small town she was in. That is were she got jumped by a mini army of demons sent b her enemy. While she was fighting some of the demons weaker towards her element left to got attack the town. She in a hurry dispatched the army attacking her including it's general and ran into town. When she got their though Slop and the rest of his group were just finishing the last of the demons. She went and thanked them and asked if she could join the group. Slop agreed, and Silver joined the CoA.

Appearance: Normal- Looks 12 has short auburn hair with unnoticeable natural streaks of red, blond, and brown in it, hazel green eyes, and porcelain doll like white skin wears baggy black t shirt with Dragons on it so people wont see her chest though it doesn't help, jean shorts, white socks, and pink, white, and grey running shoes with black soles. Witch- looks her age with long (near her bottom) bright red hair, pink eyes, and tanner skin wears a pink Witches hat, a pink skin tight t shirt that shows her stomach, a skin tight pink skirt that stops before her knees, pink high healed bots the same way, pink skin tight gloves that stop before her elbows, and a sleeve less long coat that is v cut at the bottom. Both- has a Katana thin double bladed sword in it's sheath. And a sliver skin tight

Powers: Her fire spells and swords fire abilities with the other smaller elements

Personality: she can be very nervous if you just met her other wise you'll notice though she doesn't act it she is a depressed child but brave, Smart, and well forgetful some times and can be though rare angry

Quotes: N/A

Voice Actor: Katie Griffin

Theme Songs: Die another day by Madonna
Harder better faster stronger by draft punk

Jitsuko1 known as Jitsuko or Suko-chan unless it's Silver Fire Wolf who calls her _. She is Silver Fire Wolf's younger sister. She calls Silver Fire Wolf _ when Silver-chan calls her _. She along with Silver Fire wolf are defensive of the nick-names. So they are the only ones allowed to call each other so. Though what is odd Jitsuko is a Shinigami while her sister is not. She does not like being called Short, Shrimpy or anything along the lines. Call her anything that has to do with her hair or eyes and she will beat to with in an inch of life. She is 14 as well. Since her sister left she stopped talking as much very little now but she still sleep talks. She met Slop Doggy by falling on him. No seriously she did. She fought an Espada and got hurt badly in the fight to the point that after she won she fell on him by accident. Silver Fire Wolf recognized her as her little sister. Silver Fire Wolf was speechless at the fact her LITTLE sister was a Shinigami. The group waited, after Silver asked them to, for Jitsuko to wake up. When She did she was tackled by Silver while Silver said _. After a small argument between the two sisters Silver asked Slop if Jitsuko could join after being convinced by her sister via whispers that could not be heard by the rest of the group. Slop agreed, and Jitsuko joined the CoA.

Appearance: fox Red hair, ice blue eyes , is an unnoticeable inch shorter that Toshiro Hitsugaya, pale white skin. Wears in body- black t shirt with a ten on the sleeve, pale blue jeans, white tennis shoes, black scrunchy out of body- normal Shinagami wear with ice blue belt with ice blue ribbon in hair her bankai has a clok like ichigo bankai only more closed and a white up more panse that would just slip on that fit just right around the wast and are lose on the legs that are white and a white skin tight tak top a black version of the shoes the shinigami normaly wear that are shorter to she can take the clok off and when she dose it disapers in flames that don't last long

Powers: ice and fire and kido

Personality: emotional

Quotes: Fire that freezes is not fire at all. Befriend and Betray. 'Tis the Mortars way (because of Aizen). Live, love, and learn. That's life

Voice Actor: Stephanie Sheh (Hinata Hyuuga. Naruto)

Theme Songs: missing by evanescence (Shikai) Snow White Queen (bankai) Angels by Within Temptation (normal)

nakumi: nakumi is a cat hallow that is no longer a hallow she can go in a cat body and is jitsukos faithfull partner in fighting crime ( metaforicly ) she met jitsuko when jitsuko when jitsuko got litraly draged in to huso mundo jitsuko walked around totaly lost for hours then steped on nakumi's tail nakumi jumeped at her and jitsuko put her sowrd up so nakumi stoped in mid air then fell soon after they left huso mundo together finding out nakumi could eat normal cat food and feed on jitsuko's spirital presher which allowed jitsuko to travel Appearance:nakumi is a calico in her body out of her body take a siamese with revers colors and out a cat shaped mask on her and put three blue strips on each side for wiskers and there you go theme song out of body we

TW: Terry Wane (pronounced Te-on-ta, called TW by his friends) was born in DC. He and his family possess power that he thought was a result of altered DNA. He was labeled as a freak by his school. At one point, he decided to use his powers to help people. He became a hero named Super T (Or T for short), but only he, his family, and his close friends know about it. One day, a villain tried to splice T's DNA, but one botched attempt almost killed his friends. But instead, it gave them powers as well. He named his group The Unit and they saved the day like any other Super Group. One day, a villain named Titus sent his minions to attack the Unit. T went to check out a distress call, and found his teammates near death. Titus came up to him and attacked him. Titus told T about his powers. His family are descendants of aliens from the planet Machron. T wanted to know more about the Machronians, so he asked his family. After finding some very helpful information, he went to go fight Titus himself to the chagrin of his friends. T and Titus battled around the city, destroying everything in sight. Titus finally ended the fight, and killed T. Everyone crowded around the corpse of their fallen hero as he lied there lifeless. His friends found out about a with magical orbs called Dragon Balls that grant wishes. They built an inter-dimensional ship to find the Balls. After the hard search, they came back to see that Titus had taken over the city. They wished T back to life and caught him up on what happened. T said that they couldn't take him on by themselves. So he said that he would go out and find help from the multiverse. But he told his group to stay and fight Titus off. He went to the DBZ-Verse and found Gohan and Gotenks sparring in a forest. He asked them for help, and Gohan said he would help; If he beat his father in a fight. After matching strength with Goku, Gohan said he would help out, along with Goten and Trunks. They went to the Digimon-Verse and asked the Digidestined of Seasons 1 & 2 for help. After acquiring their help, they go back to T's Universe to defeat Titus. T and Titus face off in one more battle. T almost kills Titus, but Titus's minions grab their leader and go off into the multiverse. T and his old and new friends try to find Titus somewhere in the multiverse, and along the way, T finds Slop Doggy fighting off a few demons. T helps out Slop Doggy defeat them and Slop Doggy suggests he joins him and his group. T accepts the offer and now he has a new team that can help track down Titus.

Appearance: A caramel-skinned African-American young male, 15 years old. In normal form, he wears a gray hoodie, white sneakers, and blue denim jeans. He has a low cut hairstyle, with a shape up. In hero form, he has a red cap (The T-Cap, which helps him enhance his power), a green shirt, blue jeans, and red sneakers with a yellow cape (Though sometimes, he ditches the cape).

Planet Machron: A planet deep in the Milky Way, it is home to many super powered people. Every Machronian has a unique power (Ex. One person may have fire powers, another Ice powers, another elasticity, another morphing powers, etc.) that they are born with. One of the rare types of Machronians have the power to generate a variety of Beams (i.e. Regular hand beams, feet beams to propel someone, heat vision, ice vision, concussion beam from the eyes, etc.). Those rare types of Machronians are used in Machron's elite army brigade, The B-Grade.

Personality: T is usually a comedic person. Always trying to make light of a situation. You rarely ever see him happy, even if the expression on his face doesn't show it. Even though he likes to make jokes, he doesn't like being the center of attention. He's somewhat of a shy person when it comes to new people. But once he's someone's friend, he'll make jokes about you on the spot. He likes Hip-Hop and R&B, and almost always makes some form of reference to that kind of music (i.e. "I need a little bump and grind from you!" *SLAP!, "You know what they say, it never rains in Southern California."). He's also shy around pretty girls, which explains why whenever a pretty girl he likes talks to him, he seems to explode under pressure. He became good friends with Gotenks and may even be seen playing a practical joke with him (And on him!).

Powers: He is one of the rare types of Machronians that has the power to manipulate beams. He can shoot all types of beams: Concussion Beams, Heat Vision, Ice Vision, Regular hand beams, Feet propulsion beams, and many others. His special is called the T-Bomb, which is when he powers his beams up to the max and turns into an Atom Bomb and drops on his enemies. He can also fly, has super strength, enhanced (But not super) speed, and twist fast enough to turn into a tornado.

Theme Song: "Shutterbug" By Big Boi,
"Doggy Dogg World" By Snoop Dogg and the Dogg Pound, and "Regulate" By Warren G feat. Nate Dogg

xCielo (Rai): Rai woke up in old Italy.

She was already about four, but she had no memories. All she knew is that she wasn't from that world. She also knew her age, somehow, and knew that she wasn't to take off the black eyepatch hiding her right eye. After being found by a young vigilante leader, she stayed with him and realized that she couldn't remember her own name. So she took the name Rai because of the lightning bolt on her eyepatch. The vigilante leader soon realized that Rai had a similar power to him, or perhaps she had copied his through her own magic. Time passed, and she stayed out of all of his affairs, but clung to his group. Over time, she practiced her own abilities, perfecting hand-to-hand combat with her flaming hands (see more about her abilities below). Soon, though, that group was attacked by a rival one. Using her abilities to try and defend the only family she had for as long as she could remember, about a couple years, she was struck down with a sword, cutting the string on her eyepatch.

As it flew off, her eye was exposed. It looked like a regular golden eye, but instead of a pupil it had electricity in it. As soon as the patch came off, it began to generate electricity and release it, ripping the fabric of space around her. Before she even got to say goodbye, she was ripped from what she knew and thrown into another world.

This time, she awoke with an large emaciated Doberman standing over her. It had a spiked collar and blades coming out of it's feet, and also what looked like red eyes on it's legs. It startled her with a growl, but before she did anything else, she found her eye patch and put it on, murmuring words of concern. The Doberman looked surprised, and asked her why she was concerned about it. Rai simply smiled at it and said that she didn't want to cause anyone harm. She told it that it had the same lonely eyes she was sure she had. The dog then introduced itself as a Digimon called Dobermon. Looking around, Rai realized she was in Japan.

Rai and Dobermon became partners, and traveled together for years. She got a Digivice, but their happy times soon ended. Upon being attacked in the Digital World by two shadowy Megas (she wasn't sure they were even Digimon at all), even Dobermon, who had Digivolved into AncientSphinxmon, was overpowered. Thrusting herself infront of the incoming attack, her eyepatch once again came off and she was consumed by the electricity. She apologized, and promised Dobermon that as long as she had the Digivice they would meet again, and Dobermon promised to wait for her.

Waking up in yet another world, Rai quickly put her eyepatch on again. Looking around, she was in a terrible place. It was a battlefield, but there were only a two bodies. One was half hidden by a bush, and they were wearing different armors. She was injured, bloody from receiving the attack of the Digimon. Soon, a man came and accused her of killing one of the men, and later another came accusing her of killing the other. She then learned that the soldiers were of two neighboring kingdoms, Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. Accusing her of being from the opposite side, she unknowingly started a war. As the first battles began, she had nowhere to go. Lost, tired and hungry, a Sylvaranti family took her in. There, she became fast friends with the son, a bit older than her and his parents.

But tragedy struck. The boy was forced into the army, and when she went to go see him, she saw him killed. Crying, she used her powers for the first time in years. A flame lit on her forehead and hands, and she ended up killing every soldier on the battlefield. As her friend died, a shadowy figure approached. He laughed and told her that she was born to be a sacrifice for a village god, but her mother had wanted her to live. Sacrificing her right eye for a curse, she could live. When she was only four, she had killed her parents with her eye's electricity and transported worlds, where a traveler had given her the eyepatch. The man told her that she was an experiment to test methods of jumping dimensions, but she had failed to meet his expectations. Before she could strike him, he faded away.

That man, the one who had toyed with her life and caused her so much pain thought of her as only an experiment. She yelled out loud, swearing revenge. It was at that moment that she, the only living one among all the dead bodies, saw another figure appear. Without thinking, and in a bloodlust from anger and grief, she attacked the man. It was only after she was defeated did she calm down enough to hear him out. His name was Slop Doggy, and he explained to her about the crisis happening.

Personality: Rai is a very calm person most of the time. She hardly ever gets "mad" as in yelling, and she mostly gets sarcastic and cold when she is angry with someone. She's softspoken and caring, and would rather take the non-violent path. She likes sticking to what's comfortable, be it her friends or simply sitting in the corner with Dobermon. She has refined speech, using words that her friends think are weird to use in normal conversation (ex. carcass), and doesn't curse. When she does, it comes as a surprise. She is mature, and thinks things through. Often, she will offer bits of insightful advice. She's a bit shy around those she doesn't know well, and it takes a while for her to warm up to them. She also gets scared easily, and can't even go into dark places without running. Even small things cause her to jump sometimes, and she can't go though haunted houses without someone to hold onto.

Appearance: Standing at just over five feet, Rai is a little short for a fifteen year old. Well, her age is debatable since she has been traveling through different times, but she assumes she's around fifteen, or maybe a bit younger. She has long black/dark grey hair usually clipped up in the back, and the tips poke above her head, making it look like a pineapple from the front. Two long strands fall in the front, and they are held together by metal plates near the botton. Usually her right eye is covered with her bangs, and always with her eyepatch. She usually wears a long sleeved light grey top and a navy blue thigh-length skirt. But sometimes you can catch her in a long full body black cloak with a hood. She wears short black boots with gold crosses on the heels.
(ht tp: //fc02.deviantart. net/fs71/f/2010/309/5/3/ rai_new_look_by_obsidian_wish-d328zfx. png)

Powers: Rai can utilize flames that draw upon her emotions; they're usually a clear golden color. She gets one fireball on her forehead, and her hands burst into flames. When using this power, her eye becomes more serious and more fire-like. She also gets metal greaves with plates that match the ones in her hair. She can fly by shooting her flames out and is pretty creative with them. They do not hurt those she sees as an ally. Her right eye is filled with powerful electricity, which can tear space if condensed enough. Sometimes the electricity comes out when she's angry or feeling strong emotions and injures those around her. She cannot utilize it to her own will yet and some of it will escape the more her eyepatch comes off. She cannot see out of that eye.

Dobermon: Rai can call upon Dobermon by opening her eyepatch a tiny bit and sparking her Digivice with her electricity, calling him from the Digital World. He has a deep, gruff voice and a personality to match. He isn't that friendly, and is overprotective of Rai. She's the only one he's really opened up to. This Champion level Digimon knows Gray Noise (seals enemy ability and temporarily freezes them) and Black Beam (fires a dark energy blast while roaring). He can Digivolve into the Ultimate level Cerberumon, which knows Inferno Gate (forcefully teleports enemies/teleports allies to their will), Hellfire (spews flames) and Styx Killer (merges three dark balls of energy from each "head" and then shoots the condensed ball ; this and the next two are made up from real attacks with no description given.) He can then Digivolve into his Mega form, AncientSphinxmon, which knows Necro Eclipse (makes the sky go black then shoots beams of darkness from it) and Dark Blast (creates a ball of dark energy inbetween his wings then continuously shoots it in small versions or makes it into one large meteor).

Sorcha Gibson- A 16 year old girl from Hollow Bastion. Short, blond haired and blue eyed, but you wouldn’t want to get in a fight with her. Has mastered the Pokemon Lugia, and all the Eevee evolutions. Due to the computing power of the CompuGlove(which has a sat phone, GPS, and 2 terabyte supercomputer ) and her hoverboard The SkyFlier(which can attain speeds of up to 600 mph), she can open portals to any number of worlds. She has visited Nippon, where she has learned the secrets of the Celestial Paintbrush alongside the Sun goddess Amaterasu and Karakura Town where she learned to wield her own sword Vorporal Light. Likes to hang out with her friends and cool adults, listen to music, and kick badguy *. Favorite quotes are ‘Oh, this can’t end well’ and ‘Ooh, something has got to die!’ Slightly schizophrenic.

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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 13 - Words: 18,180 - Reviews: 39 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 4/9/2009 - Published: 2/4/2009 - Akatsuki - Complete
Akatsuki's New York by Miyuki Ningyo reviews
The Akatsuki memebers turned 13 and somehow wound up in NY City! You submit characters to be students in the school they'll atend. School Dances included! What will hapen? It's a super crazy idea and you help decide what will happen!
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 7 - Words: 8,119 - Reviews: 58 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 3/23/2009 - Published: 2/5/2009 - Akatsuki
Friends by Blackened Cure reviews
Hold me, I am fading. Tell me what I am, please. Just this one thing, for the rest of my eternity. A poll-winner one-shot.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,478 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 7 - Published: 3/9/2009 - Itachi U., Konan - Complete
Akatsuki go Back to school by AkatsukiZSama reviews
What happens when Pein decides to hire a teacher to educate the other members? Well, it can't be good. Written in play format, because some friends and I were going to acctually do a play on it... rate and review, please give some tips, I'm new to this. X
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,984 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 4 - Published: 2/17/2009 - Akatsuki
Naruto of the Clow by CrimsonTearsSharingan reviews
Summary: After the battle with Sasuke Naruto is sealed inside of the Clow Book. Years later he is released from the seal by Kinomoto Sakura. Now he teams up with her in order to retrieve the scattered Clow Cards. A Naruto CardCaptor Sakura xover.
Crossover - Card Captor Sakura & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 31,347 - Reviews: 95 - Favs: 249 - Follows: 288 - Updated: 2/1/2009 - Published: 1/4/2009 - Sakura K., Naruto U.
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Another day in the Akatsuki, and another scene of madness- Tobi has finally hit puberty. Hilarity, chaos, nakedness, a lot of swearing, The Talk, and Sai, just because he's Sai.
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This is a story about if Itachi was turned into a three year old.
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Tobi, the newest member of the Akatsuki learns a few new 'words' from the rest of the Akatsuki, but what will come of this? random one-shot, rated T for language, mostly from Hidan. Enjoy
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Just as the Akatsuki, CP9 and Espada were about to fight for the no.1 team villain spot, they were interupted by the truely greatest anime Villains of all time. Who are they? Read and find out
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/"A week in Gotham City was exactly what she needed.' Well, what B doesn't know won't hurt her... /GG/The Dark Knight crossover. Written for the September Fireplace Challenge. TV show based/
Crossover - Gossip Girl & Batman Begins/Dark Knight - Rated: T - English - Crime/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,623 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 33 - Follows: 17 - Published: 9/25/2008 - Blair, Joker - Complete
Ephemeral by ChikaMegumi reviews
Shinobi or not, Itachi is a human and has emotions like any other…it’s just that he locks his away. When an indescribable feeling overcomes him and a sudden lust develops, will an unexpected visitor resolve the abnormality and satisfy him? ItachixKonan
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,056 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 2 - Published: 7/24/2008 - Itachi U., Konan - Complete
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You know what happens when you give a mouse a cookie. But what happens when you give a ninja a kunai? More details inside!
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Takato is kidnapped by ninjas, Takuya's Dtector can turn him into a halfdigimon halfanimal, Kouji is lost in a confusing mystery, and the Tamers learn something devastating. Nothing seems to go right for any of them! And what does Kouichi know?
Digimon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 13 - Words: 54,060 - Reviews: 45 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 26 - Updated: 6/9/2008 - Published: 1/20/2006 - Takato M.
Shinigami of Konoha by TheFirstHokage reviews
The Sasuke retreival team died fighting Sound Five and Sasuke, a bit later after there death they are found by members of the 11th squad and sent to Soul Society to be trained as shinigami and learn to protect there new home. Naruto X Bleach cross over.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 27,275 - Reviews: 176 - Favs: 232 - Follows: 299 - Updated: 4/16/2008 - Published: 8/25/2007 - Naruto U.
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The Vandread people come in contact with a man who has traveled many dimension and has lived for thousands of years. How will they react to his presence? Naruto/Vandread crossover
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Having barely escaped the clutches of death, Uzumaki Naruto is now stranded in a world of alchemy, Renkinjutsu. What is to become of him in this new world? And what of Kyuubi's personal agenda? [CrossoverNot FMA]
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Clow and Ki by Jumper Prime reviews
DBZ/CCS crossover. When Cell announces The Cell Games to the world, Sakura Avalon is watching and vows to use the powers of her magical cards to save the world, not knowing of others who might have the power to do the same. Formatting errors fixed
Crossover - Dragon Ball Z & Card Captor Sakura - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 21,699 - Reviews: 135 - Favs: 69 - Follows: 58 - Updated: 1/1/2003 - Published: 7/12/2002 - Sakura K.
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Join Dean, Sam, and Castiel as they give their own comments on and even interact with the various types of Anime.
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Let's see here, I woke up in a coffin, I'm running around in some strange castle, trying to help save a girl who was locked in a cage from some shadow creatures that keeps popping up everywhere, and to top it all off I have a pair of horns sticking out of the side of my head! So not feeling the aster here.
Young Justice - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 9 - Words: 24,936 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 22 - Updated: 6/17/2018 - Published: 4/17/2015 - Richard G./Nightwing
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While Patrolling the streets of Gotham City, Robin was suddenly cought in flash of light and found himself in a strange room.
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Check out the final confrontation between Nightwing and Slender Man. Be sure to read 'Slender' and 'The Arrival' before reading this one.
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The sequel to 'Slender'. It's been one year since that night in those woods and now Nightwing will once again come face to face with the Slenderman. Based on the game 'Slender The Arrival'.
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Every Year on Valentines Day Dick Grayson has always given the women he cares about a Valentines present just to show them that he cares about them.
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A Two-shot based on the Classic Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror" Halloween Special
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Every year Batman and Superman always went on some 'secret mission' that nobody knew about, and every year Dick tries to find a way to tag along with them and he's not going to give up either.
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Nightwing wakes up in a strange dark forest with no idea on how he got there, and while trying to find a way out of there he keeps finding these strange pages all over the place. Based on the Slenderman game.
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Batman must prepare for a mission that could decide the fate of the universe
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The current members of the team talk about some of the fan reaction for the new season.
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Tobi has a little surprise for the other members of the Akatsuki. This story is Rate M because of Hidan's mouth.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,108 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 6 - Published: 10/29/2011 - Obito U. - Complete
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This is the story of CoA member Sliver Fire Wolf and how she joined the group.
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Wally decides the team should have a Karaoke night
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Hey there this is the fifth story in my Holiday series. This is to celibrate my one year here so enjoy.
Crossover - X-overs & Anime X-overs - Rated: M - English - Humor - Chapters: 8 - Words: 31,744 - Reviews: 32 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 3/13/2011 - Published: 1/9/2011 - Complete
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This is a little tribute to the story "Green Eggs and Ham" By Dr. Suess enjoy.
Naruto - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,970 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 1 - Published: 1/9/2011 - Obito U., Kisame H. - Complete
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See how a peaceful train ride turn into a battle for surveal
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A Booming Fourth reviews
This is the fourth entetry to my Holiday sereies
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A story in the CoA series, spearheaded by Slop Doggy. A group of fictionalized authors gathers together to fight off a great evil. See Any of the CoA member's profiles for more details.
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The little Picnic reviews
Jeri, Takato, and Sasori have a little Picnic that is until an unexpected gust shows up.
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This is my third story in my little holiday trilogy I hope you guys enjoy it
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This is my Deidara and Haruhi story enjoy
Crossover - Naruto & Haruhi Suzumiya series - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,690 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 3/9/2010 - Deidara - Complete
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They say that a rose repasents love let's see what a pink rose means for two certain people.
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This is my squeal story enjoy
Crossover - X-overs & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 7 - Words: 22,568 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 1 - Published: 12/27/2009 - Complete
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It's thanksgiving time at the akatsuki base lets what happens when characters from different animes show for the dinner. read to find out
Crossover - X-overs & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 9 - Words: 28,611 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 11/28/2009 - Published: 11/9/2009 - Complete
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