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Hi, it's Val :)
The fanfic that you've all probably read from me is Russian Swear Words.
Just a word to the wise, that fanfic is written to make you guys remember the good times of Rose and Dimitri
and to take your mind off of the drama that's going on between them (with Spirit Bound and all of that)
I love Love Love Love Love Love Love Vampire Diaires. Although I don't really like to read the fanfics.
The new Vampire Diaries are stupid. Elena should have never came back from the dead. I'm sorry poor Stephan
But the story was at a full end when she died because she died for a noble reason and saved all of them. I respect her for that.
Unlike Bella who DIDN'T die when she jumped off a cliff. I suppose she 'died' when she turns into a vampire, but i still hate her for it.
I adore Ian Somerhalder. He plays a perfect Damon Salvatore. *insert sigh here*
Dimitri is so awesome... I have the best inside jokes about Russians with my friends they are the best.
And I LOVE fanfiction.net because it lets me express my inner obessiveness.
I currently hate Lissa right now, even though she can't help it.
My current favorite fanfics are A Blessing In Disguise by Breanna Nash and Just For Fun by Starst
I like humorous stories that's why both of those are pretty sweet and I like sappy stories about happy blissfuly momments
between Rose and Dimitri. Don't get me wrong I love Adrian. but he's just meant for someone else
And if you are wondering where to get prounoucations for Russian Swear Words I suggest trying the websites
www (dot) youswear (dot) come or www (dot) insults (dot) net. Either works fine.

I also love: Vampire Academy, Vampire Diaries, Delirium, Hunger Games, Wither,
anything by Sarah Dessen, Girl at Sea, I'd Tell You I Love You but then I'd Have To Kill You,
Gossip Girl, Gone, Hush, Hush, the Awakening, Before I Fall, Dragonfly, Evernight, The Uglies series,

Fav. Tv shows: CASTLE

My fav Color: Pink :D such a girly thing to say.

Why am i telling you this?
no more favorites i'm pretty sure u don't want to read about my boring life.
But PM me if you feel like talking and be sure to check out my sexy fanfic below
I feel like the title is a bit dumb. oh well and besides anything w/ Dimitri in it can't be stupid. That's just impossible.

Reasons why I Love Dimitri Belikov:

1)who doesn't love a sexy Russian?

2)He didn't impregnate his girlfriend (cough cough you shouldn't have done that Edward!!)

3)He's wonderful to imagine talking or being when no one is watching :D (naughty thoughts right here)

4)Dimitri can kick ass (yes i'm pointing at you Adrian)

5)He makes you love Russia so much that if you lived in the US in 1950's you would get shunned

6)Dimitri makes us all want to believe that Vampire are real

7)Dimitri Makes me believe in God (Russian God that is)

8)He's not a stalker like Edward and doesn't like watching people sleep when they don't know that they are there.

9)He's a ninja!

10)He makes you wonder what kind of dirty secrets would he have.

11)He makes you want to check out every single book that your library has that has anything and everything to do with Russia

12)With Dimitri you will never freeze cuz he's that hot :D

I usually dislike these things but this one made me laugh

Five Resons Why Bella's an Idiot:

1. She jumped off a cliff and didn't die.

2. She didn't kill Jacob for imprinting on Nessie.

3. What regular person uses the word irrevocably?

4. She can't win an argument with Edward unless its about sex.

5. She's a freaking spaz. (Yep)

Plus, she's a pothead and I guess that Kristen Steward plays her perfectly...
I've got my midnight Eclipse tickets just to see Taylor Lautner :)

Russian Swear Words:

Chapter 20

Rose's Dress
Rose's Boots

Lissa's Dress
Lissa's Boots

Emmett's the strongest.
Rosalie's the hottest.
Edward's the fastest.
Bella's the clumsiest
Alice's the quirkiest.

But only Jasper can sit in a corner and STILL make everyone feel jealous.

You Know You Love Me


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