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Author has written 17 stories for One Piece, Naruto, Xiaolin Showdown, Anime X-overs, and Final Fantasy X-overs.


Update 5/19/10: Soooooo busy, but I AM working on stuff. Who knows when I'll post a thing, but it's out there, floating around in the mess that is my computer. Also, saw Iron Man 2. TOTALLY EPIC!!! XD

"Room for Two" has fanart!! I'm so excited!! And touched! Check out IzumiTheMoogle's art at

"Room for Two" now has more fanart!! Big thanks to Asagiri! Check out her mellorine!Zoro at

"Room for Two" has more fanart!! Big thanks again to IzumiTheMoogle! Check out bodyswitched!Zoro and Sanji here:

"Thirty Days With Sanji" now has fanart!! Big thanks to IzumiTheMoogle! Check out the fanart for "Promise" at

"Thirty Days of SaNa" now has fanart!! Big thanks to pikinanou! Check out noodly!Nami at

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Remember, crack pairing requests for "Height of Insanity"!

"Specks of Seafoam" has over 15,000 hits and over 200 reviews!! Woo!!

Hey there! You seem to have stumbled onto my profile. I feel sorry for you already.
I'm Dandy Wonderous (yes, I know it's spelled "wondrous") and this is my first foray into the fanfiction world! Sure, I've done some Kingdom Hearts amv's (shameless plug: Check out my youtube channel, "dandywonderous"!) but I haven't done any written things, really. But after reading so many of the great stories on here, I started having all kinds of ideas myself, so here I am! Whee-haw!
I write my own original stories as well, mostly fantasy and sci-fi stuff, so I'm not new to writing. According to my friends, I'm pretty good at it, and my friends are the kind who gladly tell you when something you do sucks. Haha!
As far as video games go, I'm into rpg's, but I'm not afraid to break out SSX and DDR every now and then (aah, the acronyms!). Of course, I love the king of all rpg series, Final Fantasy. VIII's my fave (I love Irvine and Zell, ;P) but I play them all. Currently working on Final Fantasy VII (I know; how have I not already played it 80 times?) and Tactics: War of the Lions. I also love Radiata Stories, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (can all the Albel Nox fangirls out there give me a "Heck yes!"?), and Katamari Demancy (uh, not an rpg? Eh, but it's SO ADDICTING!!).
Let's see, manga. I'll give anything (shounen or shojo) a shot, and if I like the story or, more importantly, the characters, I'll definitly keep reading. Current obsessions: Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club, One Piece, Yotsuba&!, and Ultra Maniac (okay, so this one's complete, but I keep rereading it!). I also love all kinds of cartoons (any fellow Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy fans? None of my friends like them! sobs), as well as other tv shows, like CSI, Desperate Housewives, and my new discovery Castle.
An important note: I don't like yaoi in any shape, form, or fashion. If there is a small amount in a fic I REALLY like (and I mean a TINY bit), then I'll get over it. HOWEVER! I will never flame a story just because it's yaoi; I simply won't read. I'm not one of those people who goes around yelling at gays. I don't read or write it, but I'm not a hater. Please don't believe me to be.
So yeah, that's some random junk about me. Now, let's talk about my writing.

Current works in progress:

Specks of Seafoam: 24 drabbles up!

The Height of Insanity: 2 ficlets up! Next fic: Balthier meets his extended family.

Engagement: Episode 5 up! Next chapter: Meet the wedding planner!

Kiss Kiss: Chapter 5 up! It's in two community listings!! Woot!!

Finished works:

Chalk: I'm not sure what I think of this one. I'm not just a huge Usopp fan, but apparently it's liked. It's even been favorited! I guess that's a good sign...

A Little Midnight Snack: This was a lot of fun to write. Thanks to everyone who's read, reviewed, and favorited! It's in one community listing!! Woot!!

Save the Last Dance: Something I wrote on a whim after prom. It was fun! I hope everyone enjoys it.

On The Hook: Another Usopp-centric oneshot! It's short and silly, but hopefully you guys find it cute.

Claustrophobia: My first oneshot to center exclusively around Sanji and Zoro. It was fun to write. I love them so. It's in one community listing!! Woot!!

A Chef's Hands: My first chapter story COMPLETE!! I'm so excited! And the SaNa epilogue is UP!!

Gives You Hell: My favorite story so far for this site. I loved writing it, and I REALLY hope you all enjoy it! It's in one community listing!! Woot!!

Room for Two: So far my most successful story EVER!! I'm so happy! It was TONS of fun to write! It's in two community listings!! Woot!! The extras are now out.

Thirty Days with Sanji: I had sooo much fund doing this! Thanks to everyone who read it! It had sooo many reviews and hits! Woo, go Sanji go! XD

Timeless: I know it took me forever, but it's finally done! My only pure romance story. I feel fairly good about it. Hope everyone enjoyed! It's in two community listings!! Woot!!

I feel like it's good to clarify some things about the fandoms I write for, so I thought I would do that here. Okay, let's go...


Currently at: Volume 32 of the English manga (I know; I'm behind! Wah!)
My thoughts: Yay that Gaara's still alive, and... TOBI IS A GOOD BOY!! (I had to do that. XD)

For this, I have lots of ideas for AU stories. I seem to have much more trouble thinking up canonverse stories for Naruto, and I have no idea why! sweatdrop Maybe it's just easier for me to put these characters into a realistic world then keep them in their own. Hmmm...
When I write Naruto in canonverse:

-I DON'T use MOST honerifics because they're not in the translated manga. I DO keep "Sensei" and "Sasori-no-Danna" (because I couldn't think of a respectful way for Deidara to refer to Sasori without him calling Sasori "master," which is just wierd... at least to my mind).
-I DO keep the names Japanese style, family name first, as it is kept this way in the manga. And it alway irked me that, in the anime, Naruto was "Naruto Uzumaki" but Lee was "Rock Lee" because "Lee Rock" just sounds wierd (come on; say it out loud. See?). Same with Guy (say this, too: Guy Might. Yeah, I know; shivers!).
-I use whatever jutsu titles are used in the translated manga.
-Jaraiya and Tsunade's nicknames are "Pervy Sage" (instead of "ero-sannin") and "Granny Tsunade" (instead of... eh, whatever her Japanese nickname is) because these are in the translated manga.

When I write Naruto in AU:

-ALL honerifics are dropped (they're usually set in America, after all).
-Names are usually switched to English style, family name last (eh... sorry...).
-There is no jutsu... Sigh...

Couples I love:


Couples I'm okay with:


Couples I detest:


Crack couples I like:

-ItaSaku (but not always; it has to be well written)

All other couples I may or may not like. As with everything, I don't like yaoi.

My feelings about Sasuke: I find this an important thing to address because there seem to be two camps among the Naruto fandom; those who love Sasuke, and those who think he should die, slowly and painfully. I would like to say that I neither love nor hate Sasuke; he's always just been kinda THERE (or rather, not there). I only care about him for how he affects Naruto and HIS life, but I really don't care about Sasuke either way. HOWEVER! I don't want him to die. That would be sad...

A message to my fellow NaruSaku/KibaHina fans: I read the spoiler (since I'm writing a Hinata story right now) and I know; all our dreams have been dashed! I knew that it would eventually happen, but I still held up hope that Hinata would find her true match in Kiba... Ah well, it's not stopping me from writing NaruSaku/KibaHina anyway, particularly a story I have planned for after "Timeless" is done.

One Piece

Currently at: caught up (again, to lazy to look...)
Current Thoughts: LUFFY IS SOOOO CLOSE!! DAH!! Stupid admirals...

My first story on this site was for One Piece! Woo! Anyway, I write mostly canonverse stories, and MOST (but not all) of them are about Sanji! I can't help it; I have an obsession with the guy! He's my favorite manga/anime character! I love all the other characters, too, though.
When I write One Piece:

-Honerifics are kept (I watch fansubs).
-Most nicknames are the translated Japenese names (i.e. Navigator-san a.k.a. Nami).
-Original Japanese anime attack names used.

Couples I love:

-UsoKaya (just too cute)
-ZoShigi (Zoro/Tashigi)
-LuVi (officially my fave Luffy pairing now; it's just too sweet!)
-SaNa (I've converted to the dark side!!)
-Frobin (another conversion of mine)
-ZeffxKuleha (proposed by three-days-late and totally awesome when you think about it! Heehee, I love crack pairings)

Couples I'm okay with:


Couples I detest:

-ZoNa (it's just freaky; I can't see them having a romantic relationship)
-UsoRob (it would NEVER happen!)
-Any Zoro pairing, really, other than ZoTash
-As with all, I don't like yaoi

I was bored, so here's what I love about the different characters:

Luffy: I love his carefree attitude, yet he still can be serious. And he loves his friends so much, it's great. How can you possibly NOT love Luffy?
Nami: Her violence. It's just funny. Yet she can still be tender... sometimes...
Zoro: His epicness. It's just pure win. But I like when he just chills and hangs out, or gets aggrivated or acts goofy with the rest.
Usopp: When he's willing to overcome his cowardly-ness and help his friends, that's when I like him most.
Sanji: Sigh... So much. His smile, his defensiveness about his eyebrow, his noodle dance, his swooning, his badass attitude the rest of the time, his sacrifice complex... I love him so.
Chopper: One word: ADORABLE!!
Robin: I love how she defeats enemies while standing in one spot. I love how she finally got a somewhat happy ending, or at least a happy continuation. And I love her non-exaggerated reactions, which are by default as outrageous at the rest of the crew's just because they're so different.
Franky: His dancing OWNS! And he's so cool.
Brooke: He's just so lovable and hilarious!! Yohohohohoho!!
Vivi: How she fought so hard for her country yet still found the time to laugh.
Ace: His freckles. They're so SEXY!!

Ouran High School Host Club

Currently at: Volume 7, have seen all but two episodes of the anime
Thoughts: Hunny's little bro: OMG!! He's so adorable! Satoshi's cute, too.

I like just writing random things for this. I have no preferred couples (it switchs from chapter to chapter and often from panel to panel) and my favorite characters switch erratically from Kyoya to Kaoru to Tamaki to Mori. Anyway, when I write OHSHC:

-"Senpai" and Hunny's cute "-chan" nicknames are kept, even though they're not in the translated manga.
-names are kept Japanese style, family name last.

My thoughts on Twincest: I'm fine with twincest as long as it's purely in Host Club gimmick form, which is pretty much the way it is in the manga. The anime plays it up more (in the anime, for example, Kaoru and Hikaru sleep in the same bed; in the manga, they sleep on different beds that have been placed side-by-side, and they're not right on top of each other).

Xioalin Showdown

A show I got hooked on purely for Jack and Rai, and then rediscovered thanks to the abridged parody on Youtube.

Couples I love:


Couples I like:


Couples I detest:

-JacLey (Jack/Catnappe/Ashley)

Chack bugs me, not just because it's yoai, but because there's way too much! I can barely find good Jack stories that aren't Chack. It's worse than ZoSan.

Ideas for Fics Not Yet Written:

Sister Mom
Naruto, multi chapter, AU, T, Family/Drama, Temari
Five years after leaving her family, Temari learns she now has custody of her younger brothers. How can she relate to the introverted kid and the cynical teenager she deserted so long ago?
Progress: None of this written yet, but I have great ideas and the ending planned. I'm really psyched to write it sometime after "Timeless" and possibly "A Konoha Night's Dream."

A Konoha Night's Dream
Naruto, multi chapter, AU, T, Drama/Friendship, Iruka
Iruka has to put on a perfect performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream or he'll lose his job! Too bad his cast is comprised of the most uncooperative kids in Konoha.
Progress: Nothing written but plenty planned. It's gonna be good!

Mission Brat
Naruto, multi chapter, canonverse, K+ or T, Humor/Friendship, Deidara/Sasori
Sasori and Deidara have a new mission: kidnap a demon-possessed child! And what's worse, if they don't keep her happy, the monster in her emerges!
Progress: I actually have an outline written (I make general outlines for all my multi chaps) and the first chapter partly written. I was planning to post this one, actually, before "Timeless," but changed my mind. It's been moved way down my priority list.

Vanity's Escort
Naruto, multi chapter, canonverse, T, Adventure/Humor
Naruto and friends have a new assignment: escort the vainest girls to walk the earth to the Land of Palms! How will they survive?
Progress: This was a whim idea the plot bunnies gave me. I'm still interested in doing it sometime, though, if only to torture Shino and Kiba and to give Neji hypothermia (the sexiest of all life-threatening conditions, heeheehee...).

Host Club Uncut
Ouran Hight School Host Club, oneshot collection, canonverse, T (for safety), Humor
A random collection of Host Club oneshots.
Progress: So many ideas, so little time...

A Gentleman's Duel
One Piece/Ouran High School Host Club, oneshot, AU, T, Humor, Sanji/Tamaki
Sanji and Tamaki are having a competition to see who can woo the most girls. The ultimate challange? Haruhi!
Progress: This was inspired by a conversation I had with someone on youtube. I really want to write it sometime soon.

Little Eggplant
One Piece, oneshot collection, canonverse, K+ or T, Family/Humor, Sanji/Zeff
A collection of oneshots about Sanji's young life with Zeff.
Progress: I want to wait until at least ACH is done before I work on these. There's gonna be at least four.

The Root
One Piece, multi chapter, canonverse, T, Drama/Romance, Sanji/Nami
"Money is the root of all evil." Nami had never believed that, but selling Sanji to the marines has got her feeling less than holy.
Progress: This has been moved up! It'll begin after "Kiss Kiss," partially because a reviewer thought it looked interesting (I was just so touched that someone actually read this) and partially because I got a whole bunch of ideas... and I kinda wanna do a torture fic... blush

Three Pirates and a Baby
One Piece, multi chapter, canonverse, T, Family/Friendship
After being marked with the Track Track Fruit, Sanji, Zoro, and Usopp have to stay behind while the others try to take back the Going Merry. Oh yeah, and they've been suckered into babysitting three little kids.
Progress: I got really excited about this again when I thought up some cute stuff I want to happen. I may attempt writing this alongside "The Root."

Arabastan Nights
One Piece, threeshot, AU, T, Romance/Adventure, Luffy/Vivi
Luffy, an Arabastan street rat, happens upon a magic lamp containing a narcolyptic djinn. Can he help Luffy defeat the evil vizier and win the princess? LuVi, based off Disney's "Aladdin."
Progress: To go up eventually.

Last Petal
One Piece, threeshot, AU, T, Romance/Adventure, Zoro/Tashigi
Tashigi, a young country maid, stumbles upon the cursed castle of a hideous (and very green) beast! But could she be the one to break the spell? ZoTash, based off Disney's "Beauty and the Beast."
Progress: To go up eventually.

Anything But Hypothermia
Xioalin Showdown, oneshot, canonverse, T, Romance/Drama, Jack/Kimiko
The last place Jack and Kimiko want to be is freezing together in a cave in Syberia. Yet here they are...
Progress: I hope to get to this soon!

May I Take Your Order?
Xioalin Showdown, multi chapter, canonverse-ish, T, Drama/Humor, Jack
After his parents cut him off, Jack has to get... a job! 10,000 years of darkness is nothing compared to the horrors of waiting tables.
Progress: I really want to work on this, but it'll be on hold until after school is out.

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Genius' Soul OR Good Medicine
Xioalin Showdown, multi chapter, canonverse, K+ or T, Friendship/Drama, Jack
A horribly sick Jack has no one to care for him, so Omi takes him in. But is Jack in ernest, or is it all one of his dirty tricks?
Progress: Will this ever get written? I'm not as enthusiastic as I was at one point...

Xioalin Showdown, multichapter, canonverse, T, Romance/Drama, Jack/Kimiko
A long song-fic of sorts. After saving Kimiko, Jack starts to have strange feelings for her... and stranger feelings about himself.
Progress: Again, the enthusiasm wavers...

The Rocket Cafe
Pokemon, multi chapter, canonverse-ish, K+ or T, Friendship/Humor, Jessie/James
Team Rocket's been arrested... for property damage! Fired by Giovanni, they have to find some other way to pay...
Progress: No idea when this will start, but I want to do it sometime.

Thanks for visiting! Mind the rabid raccoons guarding the door on your way out! Buh-bye!!

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