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Hi thereeeeeeeeeeeee.

is the picture to go with Unexpected Reactions, although it has a different title on DA but i couldn't put the title on here as 'This is why i love rain' because without the picture it made no sense ;3;

Just wanna say before i say anything else that i don't favourite stories and stuff very often. Most of the time i read them late at nigtht then forget to add them. Then forget to ever add them. But chances are i've read your stories and don't take it as an insult that i don't review often and stuff. I'm just sorta quiet i guess _

My name is Paige :) and i'm a sonic maniac, i'm always drawing it and rarely draw anything else! I adore Shadamy and support almost all other couples too. There's only 3 couples i hate and i shall seldom voice my opinion on the matter as i hate couple wars!

Fan chars(i have too many @_@ main ones)

Mellie the Fennec Fox

Mellie is 14 years of age and has a rather arty personality, forever drawing every chance she gets. Always smiling although the smile isn't always as real as it seems, and can be rather quiet, but once she gets to know someone she is the bubbliest person you'll ever meet. She wears different styles of clothes all the time although her favourite is a pink dress that stops before her knees, with a long tail like flap at the back (like a orchestra conductor wears). Mellie wears a moonstone necklace only half of which she owns. She NEVER removes this as to do so would cause Pandoora to cease to exist. Her black hair stops just past her shoulders and she has a quill like fringe, with 4 'quills'. Her eyes are an aqua blue, the rest of her fur is also black and the end of her fur and the beginning of her hair is impossible to notice. Her eyes are lined all the way around by a thick black lining, and she has 2 large eyelashes. Her ears are abnormally large, rivalling that of Cream's. She fashions two unique pink gloves, she refuses to take them off ever, and nobody is really sure why. Mellie was picked on from a young age for her ears, and she grew apart from everyone that loved and cared about her even Pallid who was like a brother to her. However nowadays she isn't alone, she has her companion Pandoora and has grown close to Pallid again. Pandoora was originally her imaginary friend when Mellie was little, but when Mellie became lonely as she was picked on for her large ears, Pandoora would appear and comfort her. Nobody, not even Pandoora herself is sure how she came to exist, but most think it was Mellie's wish to have a friend who understood her completely, as not even Pallid understands her all the time. Pandoora is exactly that. She and Pallid have matching friendship bracelets and they always wear them, and although she pretends not to notice it, she acknowledges all of Pallid's 'more than a friend' actions and the only reason she doesn't act on them is because she's afraid that if they do become a couple and then break up they will never be able to be proper friends again, and his friendship is worth more to her than anything apart from Pandoora's friendship.

Pallid the German Shepherd

Pallid has been like a brother to Mellie and she like a sister to him. They grew up together and trust eachother like no one else. When Mellie was picked on and grew apart from everyone she even grew apart from him. He blames himself for not being able to help and will do anything to make Mellie happy, and is slightly jealous of Pandoora as she helped her when he couldn't and although they get along fine he does tend to pretend Pandoora is only a pet and can't help sometimes which annoys Pandoora greatly and more often than not they break into fierce arguements which usually ends with a fight of some sort. Pallid likes Mellie as more than a friend, although he barely lets any of his actions hint at it and Mellie seems oblivious to it anyway, and seems to only see him as a brother like figure. He is an albino german shepherd who is also 14 years of age, with pure white fur and blood red eyes, and his eyes often scare people, even when he is acting friendly his appearence is enough for them to treat him quite coldly. He often wears a black jacket and black gloves and he and Mellie wear matching friendship bracelets.

Pandoora the Panther

Pandoora ( i am aware its only spelt with one 'o' but Pandoora is how i intended to spell it ), and as mentioned in Mellie's info is a panther and Mellie's best friend she and Mellie have a bond so tight nothing can or will ever break it. She isn't an anthro panther. Pandoora is a normal our world panther, which is quite unusual to find in the Sonic universe, the unusual part being, although she isn't an anthro she can speak and acts like any normal Sonic character would. Her neck has the missing part of Mellie's moonstone necklace, and she too NEVER removes this as it appears to be embedded in her neck. Her fur is the colour of obsidian rock but her feet, tail tip and ears are grey like she stepped in some grey paint or something. She has a quiet personality much like Mellie herself, although she can be quite negative and has only ever shown affection to Mellie, she appears to ignore the fact anyone else has feelings. Mellie tries to encourage Pandoora to show affection towards others but has never been successful. The only one she has ever acknowledged apart from Mellie has been Pallid, although the reason being that they are usually argueing about something. Most people refer to Pandoora as Mellie's gaurdian. They have never been seen apart from the day Pandoora began to exist.

Midnight the Daemon Wolf

Midnight is just pure evil and in my stories tends to be the reason behind any thing dark that's going on. Nobody really knows where she comes from and what her real plans are, but if you see her, all i can say is... RUN FOR THE HILLS! She has dark purple hair that flows down to the bottom of her back, and her fur is just a slightly lighter purple than her hair. Her eyes are pure red and match the colour of the moon shaped marks that dot her forehead. Her daemon marks all glow red when she is using her daemon energy. Her power is Lightning (i don't know what you would call this. Whether it would be something similiar to Pyro and Cyro Kenisis). Although the marks on her forehead permantly glow, which causes trouble when she's trying to blend in, but usually she just hides it with her fringe (although you would think someone with bright glowing red eyes would have difficulty blending in -w-;). She has tried to kill a majority of the characters in my Sonic Fanverse, (my characters don't mingle with the officials when i write. I just find that if you make your own characters main characters its a bit same old), but is normally stopped just in time by Mellie, Pandoora and their team.

I love Shadamy that is all you need to know XD

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