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Hey, how's it going?? This is the one and only BlackRosetheVampire.

Hey guys, so I know I've been missing. But I hope to update soon.

Okay guys, this is my fictionpress link:

Here I will be posting things about my fictionpress and fanfiction pages. You'll learn more about what I'm doing if you go on there and read:

So I have another story I'm writing, and it was inspired in the late night while I was thinking about Inuyasha and the great question we all think about. "What If." What if Inuyasha heard when Kagome said she was in love with him? What if they both didn't notice how they acted toward each other. What if he didn't think about it when he kissed her back in The Castle Under the Looking Glass? What if Inuyasha was thinking about all the times he had with Kagome? What if he's looking back at it after he figured it out? There'll be quotes from the series throughout the story.

Here's the name:

Second Nature

It might be a while for it to be posted guys. I have to watch the whole series. Watch it closely. I'm not posting the summary yet, because I don't want to give anything away.

My Favorite Inuyasha quotes:

'Who are you?' Kikyo's voice in Kagome's head. "I am Kagome, I'm not anyone else!" --Kagome

"I'm in a class of my own!" --Inuyasha

"Damn, you people piss me off. Every single one of you." --Inuyasha

"Can we loose some of the violence?!" --Inuyasha

"Let me give you a piece of advice now that I have our attention. If you're gonna kill someone make sure you do it right the first time, because if you only maim them with the first attack they have a nasty way of coming back to make you regret it." --Inuyasha

"I noticed Inuyasha has changed. His face had a certain softness. Long ago his eyes were much colder and he thought he could afford to place his trust in no one." --Kikyo

"Kagome is a strange child. Little by little she has been able to heal the wounds of his heart." --Kaede (the above and this one go together.)

"Good is evil, evil is good. Pure is impure, impure is pure. To live is to die, to die is to live." --Kikyo

My Favorite quotes from Mortal Instruments:

"You could have had anything else in the world, and you asked for me." --Jace "... I don't want anything else in the world." --Clary

"Actually, I prefer to think of myself as a liar in a way that is uniquely my own." --Jace

"I don't want to be a man. I want to be an angst-ridden teenager who can't confront his own inner demons and takes it out verbally on other people instead." --Jace

"I'm just a very naughty boy. I do all sorts of bad things. I kick kittens. I make rude gestures at nuns." --Jace

"Is this the part when you start tearing off strips of your shirt to bind my wounds?" --Clary "If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should have just asked." --Jace

"It says 'Shadowhunters: Looking better in black than the widows of our enemies since 1234.'" --Jace

"A diary with no drawings of me in it? Where are the torrid fantasies? The romance novel covers?" --Jace

"And next time you're planning to injure yourself to get my attention, just remember that a little sweet talk works wonders." --Jace

"No, since I found out he was a transvestite who molests kittens." --Simon "No wonder that cat of his hates everyone." --Clary

"Enormous? Did you just call me fat?" --Jace "It was an analogy." --Inquisitor Herondale "I am not fat." --Jace

"Well, I'm not kissing the Mundane. I'd rather stay down here and rot forever." --Jace "Forever? Forever's a very long time." --Simon "I knew it, you want to kiss me, don't you? I guess it's true what they say, there are no straight men in the trenches." --Jace (To Simon) "That's atheists, jackass. There are no atheists in the trenches." --Simon

"Do you remember back at the hotel when you promised that if we lived you'd get dressed up in a nurse's outfit and give me a sponge bath?" --Jace (to Clary) "Actually, I believe that was Simon." --Clary "As soon as I'm back on my feet, handsome." --Simon "I knew we should have left you a rat." --Jace

"If I feel the urge to burst into flames, I'll let you know." --Simon

"Not really. My Romanian is pretty much limited to useful phrases like, 'Are these snakes poisonous?' and 'But you're much too young to be a police officer." --Jace

"You look happy. " --Simon to Clary. "And a good thing for you that she does." --Simon to Jace "Is this the part where you tell me if I hurt her, you'll kill me?" --Jace "No. If you hurt Clary, She's quite capable of killing you herself. Possibly with a variety of weapons." --Simon

"Yeah, he's terrified I'll tell everyone that he's always really wanted to be a ballerina." --Jace about Valentine

"Yes, I was trained to be an evil mastermind from a young age. Pulling the wings off flies, poisoning the Earth's water supply - I was covering that stuff in Kindergarten. I guess we're all just lucky my father faked his own death before he got to the raping and pillaging part of my education, or no one would be safe." --Jace

"We're not dating." --Alec to Jace about Magnus. "Oh? So you're just that friendly with everybody, is that it?" --Magnus

"How did you get Magnus to let Jace leave?" --Isabelle "Traded him for Alec." --Clary "Not permanently?!" --Isabelle "No, just for a few hours - unless I don't come back, then maybe he does get to keep Alec." --Jace "Mom and Dad won't be pleased if they find out." --Isabelle "That you freed a possible criminal by trading away your brother to a warlock who looks like a gay Sonic the Hedgehog and dresses like the childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? No, probably not." --Simon

"There is no pretending. I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there is a life after that, I'll still love you then." --Jace

(Clary talking about making her own Runes and they are gonna test it out.) "Someone do me." --Jace "A regrettable choice of words." --Magnus

"Don't order the faerie food. It tends to make humans a little crazy. One minute you're munching a faerie plum, the next minuted you're running down Madison Avenue naked with antlers on your head. Not that this has ever happened to me." --Jace

"Is standing by the window muttering about blood something he does all the time?" --Simon to Jace about Magnus "No. Sometimes he sits on the couch and does it." --Jace

"You said you were going for a walk! What walk takes six hours?!" --Alec "A long one?" --Jace

( The Consul just taking about the wards being down.) "I don't remember inviting you into the Glass City, Magnus Bane." --The Consul "You didn't. Your wards are down." --Magnus "Really?" (The Consul sounding really sarcastic) "I hadn't noticed." --the Consul (Magnus looks concerned.) "That's terrible. Someone should have told you." (Magnus looks to Luke.) "Tell him the wards are down." --Magnus

"It's the Mortal Cup Jace, not the Mortal Toilet Bowl." --Isabelle

"I thought I'd lay on the floor and writhe in pain for a while. It relaxes me." --Jace

"Good idea. I shall be Hotschaft Von Hugenstein." --Jace

"I am a man and men do not consume pink beverages. Get thee gone woman, and bring me something brown." --Jace

"... Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?" --Dorthea "Unfortunately, Lady of the Haven, my one true love remains myself." --Jace "... At least you don't have to worry about rejection, Jace Wayland." --Dorthea "Not necessarily. I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting." --Jace

"And now I'm looking at you, and you're asking me if I still want you, as if I could stop loving you. As if I would want to give up the thing that makes me stronger than anything else ever has. I never dared give much of myself to anyone before - bits of myself to the Lightwoods, to Isabelle and Alec, but it took years to do it - but , Clary, since the first time I saw you, I have belonged to you completely. I still do. If you want me." --Jace

"What's this?" --Alec looking from Clary to his companions. "It's a girl. Surely you've seen girls before, Alec. Your sister Isabelle is one." --Jace

"If you ever meet the man who could take advantage of Isabelle, you'll have to let me know. I'd like to shake his hand. Or run away from him very fast, I'm not sure which." --Simon

"Come in. And try not to murder any of my guests." --Magnus "Even if one of them spills a drink on my new shoes?" --Jace "Even then." --Magnus

"Is there a particular reason you're here?" --Jace "Not this again." --Simon "Not what again?" --Clary "Every time I annoy him, he retreats into his No Mundanes Allowed tree house." --Simon

"Did you seriously jump thirty feet off the Malachi Configuration? Did he, Alec?" --Isabelle "He did. I've never seen anything like it." --Alec (Jace is examining a knife with with a pink bra spread across the sharp tip.) "I've never seen anything like this." --Jace

I am, in the end, what you made me." --Jace

"Despite everything, I can't bare the thought of this ring being lost forever, any more than I can bare the thought of leaving you forever. And though I have no choice about the one, at least I can choose about the other." --Jace (in a note he writes to Clary and leaves on her bedside table when he leaves)

Jace suggested that the cast of Gilligan's Island could go do something anatomically unlikely with themselves. --Cassandra Clare

"I wish I could hate you. I want to hate you. I try to hate you. It would be so much easier if I did hate you. Sometimes I do hate you, and then I see you and I..." --Jace

"The boy never cried again, and he never forgot what he learned: that to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed." --Jace

Even in half demon hunter clothes, Clary thought, he (Simon) looked like the kind of boy who'd come over to your house to pick you up for a date and be polite to your parents and nice to your pets. Jace on the other hand, looked like the kind of boy who'd come over your house and burn it down just for kicks. --Cassandra Clare

"You thought it was amazing that you could see us, and it was, but what was amazing to me was that Jace could see you, too. He kept talking about you all the way back to the Institute; he made Hodge send him out to get you; and once he brought you back, he didn't want you to leave again. Wherever you were in the room, he watched you... He was even jealous of Simon. I'm not sure he realized it himself, but he was. I could tell. Jealous of a mundane. And then after what happened to Simon at the party, he was willing to go with you to the Dunmort, to break Clave Law, just to save a mundane he didn't even like. He did it for you. Because if anything happened to Simon, you'd be hurt. You were the first person outside our family whose happiness I'd ever sen him take into consideration. Because he loved you." --Isabelle

"I was trying to go... somewhere. But I kept getting pulled back here. I couldn't stop walking, couldn't stop thinking. About the first time I saw you, and how after that I couldn't forget you. I wanted to, but I couldn't stop myself. I forced Hodge to let me be the one who came to find you and bring you back to the Institute. And even back then, in that stupid coffee shop, when I saw you sitting on that couch with Simon, even then that felt wrong to me - I should have been the one sitting with you. The one who made you laugh like that. I couldn't get rid of that feeling. That is should have been me. And the more I knew you, the more I felt it - it had never been like that for me before. I'd always wanted a girl and then gotten to know her and not wanted her anymore, but with you the feeling just got stronger and stronger until that night when you showed up at Renwick's and I knew." --Jace

'"You guessed? You must have been pretty sure, considering you could have killed me." He pressed a button in the wall, and the elevator lurched into action with a vibrating groan that she (Clary) felt all the way through the bones in her feet. "I was ninety percent sure." (Jace). "I see," Clary said. There must have been something in her voice, because he turned to look at her. Her hand cracked across his face, a slap that rocked him back on his heels. He put his hand to his cheek, more in surprise than in pain. "What the hell was that for?" (Jace). "The other ten percent."' --Cassandra Clare

My favorite quotes from The Hunger Games Trilogy:

You love me. Real or not real?" --Peeta "Real." --Katniss

The Hanging Tree:

Are you, are you

Coming to the tree

Where they strung a man they say murdered three.

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

Are you, are you

Coming to the tree

Where the dead man called out for his love to flee.

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

Are you, are you

Coming to the tree

Where I told you to run so we'd both be free.

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

Are you, are you

Coming to the tree

Wear a necklace of rope side by side with me.

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

My favorite quotes from the House of Night:

"Darkness doesn't always equate evil, just as light doesn't always bring good." --Nyx

Okay, here's a list of my stories, and something that I need to say:

His Everything: Okay, this is a oneshot, people. I'm not making another chapter in it. Yeah, Inuyasha may have proposed a little too soon, but you have to remember that Inuyasha and Kagome have been together for years, since this fanfic takes place in her senior year. They have both loved each other all those years, and after the declaration, it seems like a natural thing to do. If I didn't have them at least plan to become mates in this, you guys would have hated it, and I would have left you hanging.

The Memory of Our Past: Okay, so since amurima-chan has been married, and other things, this story has been put on hold. Really sorry!!! I hope it'll be off hold as soon as possible.

Something about me: I love Inuyasha, it's my favorite anime, but I'm not obsessed with it (cough, cough). I love Twilight, I'm not so crazy about it anymore, because it became popular. I love My Chemical Romance, the band, and vampire books, werewolves, witches, etc. I love reading, and writing, and get most of my ideas from music. I love all different kinds of music. My favorite t.v. show is Charmed. I'm random, I bowl, and I dance, but that's beside the point. I have my own opinions about everyone and everything, and sometimes they are totally different than the normal humans'. A couple of my friends call me the vampire girl, because I read a lot of vamp books. My friends and I do a lot of weird things, mostly laughing about anything, or everything. I'm told I'm very observant, and I see through things easily. Some of my favorite sayings are from the Office. One is, "That's what she said." and the other is "Ain't no party like a Scranton party, cause a Scranton party don't stop." Go Scranton!!! Okay, I'm obsessed with the Zombie Apocalypse. And I'm glad to say that I will be surviving it. December 21, 2012 (Z-Day), bring it on!!!!!! If you can't save the world, then prepare for it's end!!! Lol, yes, I'm absolutely crazy, but that's what makes me fun. I keep a bat in my room, so that I'm always prepared. I love the movie Beauty and The Beast, by Disney, it's one of my favorite movies, and I love to jam out to all of the Disney songs, and I love horror movies. I love independence, and I hate when people tell me what to do. I love anything that makes you different, I hate clones and hypocrites, they piss me off, and I'm all for being myself. I can be childish at times, and other times I can act much more than my age. I've been told by one of my best friends that I'm detached and I need to open up. I've been told I'm too happy for that, also. I love when people take the time to pm me, when I see it in my inbox I smile and read it. I don't like being called rude things by people who don't even know me, but I will laugh and thank you for your input. Sometimes I've been called a bitch because of my personality and opinions on things, and I didn't really care. If being independent and not caring what people think means I'm a bitch, I'll wear the title proudly. I love my friends, and if someone messes with them, I mess back. I don't like it when people start ganging up on my friends, or calling them names. I'll kick anyone's ass for them. I don't mind that people are afraid of me, because it gives me something to work on. No one bothers me, and that's how I like it. Fear or respect, call it what you will.

"I don't obsess, I think intensely."

I do not write lemons. They are horribly disgusting and vulgar. If anyone reading my stories is hoping to read lemons, or looking forward to lemons in them, sorry to disappoint. But I do not feel comfortable writing them, or reading them.

Think of me as you want, I don't care. You can call me what you want, but I know what I am. Nothing you say can bring me down. Words are meaningless, empty.

Couples I love: Inuyasha/Kagome, Sango/Miroku, and Rin/Sesshomaru (Inuyasha). Zane/Danica (Kiesha'ra series), Edward/Bella, Alice/Jasper, Rosalie/Emmett, Esme/Carlisle, and Ben/Angela (Twilight, of course), Stark/Zoey (House of Night), Mercy/Adam (Mercy Thompson), Ethan/Megan (Megan Berry: Zombie Settler), Katniss/Peeta (The Hunger Games), Rose/Dimitri or Rose/Adrian (Vampire Academy), Shane/Claire and Michael/Eve (Morganville Vampires), Jace/Clary, Magnus/Alec, Jocelyn/Luke, and Isabelle/Simon (Mortal Instruments), Will/Tessa or Jem/Tessa (Infernal Devices).

Couples I hate: Inuyasha/Kikyo, Inuyasha/Sango, Kagome/Miroku, and Kagome/Sesshomaru. Anything Besides the couples above.

I love horror movies. I love anything scary. I love Jace Wayland, Shane Collins, Zane Cobriana, Zero, and Inuyasha. I love Taylor Launter, Ryan Reynolds, and Gerard Way.

My favorite bands: My Chemical Romance, The Used, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, There For Tomorrow, Story Of the Year, Sick Puppies, Tokio Hotel, Paramore, Linkin Park, Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, and Breathe Carolina.

History Lesson:

Okay, so my character Amaterasu, I accidentally named after the Japanese Sun Goddess. She is also called Amaterasu-ōmikami or Ōhiru-menomuchi-no-kami. She is one of the principle Shinto deities. Her stories goes like this:

Amaterasu, the powerful sun goddess of Japan, is the most well-known deity of Japanese mythology. Her feuding with her uncontrollable brother Susanoo, however, is equally infamous and appears in several tales. One story tells of Susanoo's wicked behavior toward Izanagi. Izanagi, tired of Susanoo's repeated complaints, banished him to Yomi. Susanoo grudgingly acquiesced, but had to attend to some unfinished business first. He went to Takamagahara ("heaven") to bid farewell to his sister, Amaterasu. Amaterasu knew her unpredictable brother did not have any good intentions in mind and prepared for battle. "For what purpose do you come here?", asked Amaterasu. "To say farewell", answered Susanoo.

But she did not believe him and requested a contest for proof of his good faith. A challenge was set as to who could bring forth more noble and divine children. Amaterasu made three women from Susanoo's sword, while Susanoo made five men from Amaterasu's ornament chain. Amaterasu claimed the title to the five men made from her belongings. Therefore, the three women were attributed to Susanoo.

Both gods declared themselves to be victorious. Amaterasu's insistence in her claim drove Susanoo to violent campaigns that reached their climax when he hurled a half-flayed pony (an animal sacred to Amaterasu) into Amatarasu's weaving hall, causing the death of one of her attendants. Amaterasu, angered by the display, fled and hid in the cave called Iwayado. As the sun goddess disappeared into the cave, darkness covered the world.

All the gods and goddesses in their turn strove to coax Amaterasu out of the cave, but she ignored them all. Finally, the kami of merriment, Ame-no-Uzume, hatched a plan. She placed a large bronze mirror on a tree, facing Amaterasu's cave. Then, Uzume clothed herself in flowers and leaves, overturned a washtub and began to dance on it, drumming the tub with her feet. Finally, Uzume shed the leaves and flowers and danced naked. All the male gods roared with laughter, and Amaterasu became curious. When she peeked outside from her long stay in the dark, a ray of light called "dawn" escaped and Amaterasu was dazzled by the beautiful goddess she saw, this being her own reflection in the mirror. The god Ameno-Tajikarawo pulled her from the cave and it was sealed with a shimenawa. Surrounded by merriment, Amaterasu's depression disappeared and she agreed to return her light to the world. Uzume was from then on known as the kami of dawn as well as mirth.

She was born from the left eye of Izanagi as he purified himself in a river and went on to become the ruler of the Higher Celestial Plain (Takamagahara). She is also said to be directly linked in lineage to the Imperial Household of Japan and the Emperor, who are considered descendants of the kami themselves.

Here's a link to the site I found it on, lol, it has more about other gods and goddesses on there:

What pisses me off to no end...

When people say Kagome's eyes are violet, or dark blue. Her eyes are brown, people. Look more closely at her eyes in the series. There, that solves everything.

Calling Inuyasha Yash, Yasha, or Inu. Ugh, I hate those nicknames. It's like calling Samantha Antha, instead of Sam. Sometimes you can't give people nicknames short for their name. And calling Kagome Gome. Do you see how stupid that sounds? Kags is okay and Ash, I don't mind that. Ooooo or Inuyashie!! It makes him sound like a cute little puppy!! I bet everyone would love to see him like that!!

When someone asks me to get them the phone or remote when they are sitting down, doing nothing. I mean, what the hell happened to your legs? Did they magically stop functioning??

When my cousin changes the song every thirty seconds. It wares off too. I find myself changing the song every thirty seconds sometimes. It's like music ADD. It's a sickness that gets passed along whenever you hang out with him... Err, it pisses me off horribly!!

When I'm mad at someone, and they make me smile. Like my best guy-friend. I get mad at him, and I always end up smiling when I'm supposed to be angry at him. Err...

People who tell me what to do. I know what I'm doing, thank you. I don't need orders from you, and frankly, I get bitchy. I'm easy to get along with, as long as you don't tell me what to do, or order me around. That puts you on my hit list, and don't expect anything else. If you get me angry enough, I might just rip your head off and shove it up your ass.

My sister. Enough said.

When my damn ipod freezes up. Then I have to wait for it to die, then charge it. Because I can't freaking turning it off!! The button to turn it off you have to hold down, and then slide the bar over, and when it freezes up, you can't freaking do that!!! So I have to wait hours for it to die, then charge it again. Nice work Apple. You're a genius with the whole turning off Ipod Touch thing. Bravo. Really, you're brilliant.

When ever someone gets in the way of something. Like Kikyo, Hobo... err, I mean Hojo (Inuyasha), Jacob (Twilight), Adlina (Hawksong), and Rei (again from Hawksong). Or my sister and my dog!! You try to get something from a cabinet, and they walk in front of it. UGH!! That pisses me off the most!!

The hypocrisy of my best guy-friend. He copies other people's homework, but when I help my best friend and sometimes give her the answer he calls it cheating. Err, that boy pisses me off to no end. He's one of my best friends, but sometimes I wonder why I put up with him.

I don't like it when people tell me how to act, seriously, people. I don't give a damn about how I should act. I'm myself, and I don't care that I'm different and weird to you. I hate those preppy clones that act the same and have no personality what-so-ever. Don't give me trouble about how I act, cuz I'll tell you to go fix your makeup, before I break one of your French manicured nails. I like being me, no matter how crazy I may seem. I'm crazy, but that's what makes me fun.

I hate it when people say Kikyo's a slut, when she's not. Do you see what she wears in the series? It shows nothing, nothing. And she had Inuyasha first, so she has a right to kiss him. She's never done anything to make you people think she's a slut. Did she call you Kinky-ho? Crackers people, seriously? Grow up, you stupid, judging bastards. It's not even a nickname remotely close to her personality. Maybe something like, Selfish, Undead Bitch, but she can't really help that. Death changed her, as it would you and me, if we came back. If she were real, and you called her that, how do you think it would make her feel? She used to be human, so she can feel pain. Remember this next time you start talking about someone and insulting them. Jesus.

Annoying and stupid things to do when you're bored out of your mind...

Act like a spy for the day.

Apply for an unicorn hunting license.

Change your name every five minutes.

Ask someone to marry you.

When leaving the zoo, run to the parking lot screaming, "Run for your lives! They're loose!"

When someone says, "Have a nice day," tell them you had other plans.

When someone asks you to do something, ask them if they want fries with that.

In a department store walk up to an employee and say, "I think we have a code 3 in houseware." And then watch what happens.

Switch men's and women's signs on the restrooms.

In an elevator wear a puppet on your hand and talk to the other passengers through it.

Have a friend trace your body on the floor of the elevator in body outline and use red washable powder and pour it coming from the head and watch the other passengers step around it when getting on.

Leave a box in the corner of the elevator and when someone gets on ask if they hear something ticking.

Sit in your yard and point a hair dryer at passing cars and see if they slow down.

Reply to everything someone says with, "That's what you think."

On the back window of your car write "Help me" in red paint. The more it looks like blood the better. Then drive around town.


You talk to yourself a lot. (e.g. Hmm, what would happen if it was sunny the day Bella got hit by the van? Oh, story idea!! Must get computer!)

You talk to yourself about talking to yourself. (e.g. 'Why do I constantly ask my self random things?')

When you talk to yourself you often talk to yourself like you're talking to someone else. (e.g. 'Have you ever noticed that deliver could mean someone's liver?')

After uttering a profound piece of wisdom like that above, you stare at the cookie in your hand with awe and say, "Wow,this stuff is great for sugar highs...'

You live off of sugar and caffine (the two greatest things ever discovered!)

You'll check your e-mail every day of the week and then disappear off the face of the earth. (my friends have stopped asking where I go.)

You're e-mails tend to be pages long and incredibly random. (lol. yup.)

When replying to an e-mail, you'll never actually address the point of it.

You tend to collect Bic Stics off the ground like picking pennies off the ground.

No matter where you are in a room you never have to get up to find a pen/pencil and paper.

The letters on your keyboard are wearing off.

Your friends and family think that you have carpal tunnel syndrome.

People think you have A.D.D.

You think it'd be cool to have A.D.D.

You constantly start talking in third person, present or past tense. (um... I don't do this much...)

You start thinking about making lists like this and start giggling for no "apparent" reason

Your friends stopped looking at you funny for no apparent reason a loooooong time ago.

You find yourself narrating everything you do. (I've caught myself doing this in my head quite a lot when I was young. A thanks to reader238 to point out that this little bit wasn't in it.)

And FINALLY, the one way to tell if you're a good writer: You failed English 101.

(copy that into you're profile if you fit one or more of the descriptions)

My Awesome sayings that I made up:

Oh my crackers!

Crackers people. (I say this when I'm annoyed. Or seriously grossed out.)

Bitten by Barbie. (Barbie is evil. She scares me. Have you ever found Barbie staring at you in the middle of the night? Creepy, yeah?)

This is a need to know basis, and I don't need to know. (Seriously people. Keep your private and dark fantasies/habits to yourself. I don't want a up close and personal image. Crackers people. Jesus.)

I'm crazy, but that's what makes me fun.

My favorite quotes from pictures:

Come to the dark side. We have cookies.

Welcome to the dark side. Are you surprised we lied about having cookies?

Warning, I'm sarcastic; I hurt people's feelings. Boo hoo. Deal with it.

I do whatever the voices in my head tell me to do.

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

Judge me, and I'll prove you wrong. Tell me what to do, and I'll tell you off. Say I'm not worth it, and watch where I end up. Call me a bitch and I'll show you one. F*c* me over and I'll do it to you twice as bad. Call me crazy, but you really have no idea.

You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me.

The last thing I want to do is hurt you... but that's still on the list.

I like poetry, long walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a stick.

The world is going to hell and I am driving the bus.

Would you like a side of EPIC with that FAIL?

I used to be normal... But then I met those losers I now call my best friends.

I took a pain pill. Why are you still here?

Don't apologize. I hope you choke and die.

If you don't like me, there is nothing I can do. Newsflash bitch, I don't live to please you.

Love me or hate me. Personally, I couldn't care less.

When life gives you lemons, squeeze it in someone's eye and hall ass.

I hate it when the little voices argue with my imaginary friends.

I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.

I'm not random, you just can't think as fast as me.

Do not interrupt me when I am talking to myself.

You're now aware that you can't say, 'Irish wristwatch'.

You say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing.

My imaginary friend thinks you have serious problems.

Do it today. It might be illegal tomorrow.

Zombies hate fast food.

Some people wonder if they left on the stove. I worry about the Zombie uprising.

Forget princess I want to be a vampire.

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Titel says it.
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She looked at him, her eyes pleading. "Help me to forget, Rick. The sand, the death, Imhotep, all of it. Just help me to forget for a little while."
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ONE SHOT "I'm already in love with someone," I said. "And who is this supposed moron," he muttered darkly. I turned and looked at him. Oh God, here goes the last shred of dignity I own. "You," I muttered. / ALSO POSTED ON FP UNDER XOXLUURVE
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Holden is walking home with Phoebe. They talk, it's still raining, it's just a little sweet moment. I had to write this for my English Final.
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