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A little about me:

Name: Elena

Age: 19

Gender: I'm a girl.

Ok, well I haven't put anything in my profile and I think it was time I did. I'm just gonna talk a little about some of the things I like and how that might reflect in my stories.

Digimon- I'm a big digimon fan but I really only like the first two seasons. In my opinion, the other seasons weren't as good.

The couples I like are Taiora, Koumi, Takari, and a little Kenyako.

I don't like Michi, Sorato, and Dakari but most other couples I don't mind. Sorry to anyone who does like those couples and nothing against you, that's just my personal opinion.

Pokemon- I love Pokemon and I'm a huuuuge fan of the show during all seasons. A lot of people don't like the new ones but I still like them. Don't get me wrong though, ever since Misty left the show hasn't ever been the same but I didn't stop watching the show just because she left.

My favorite shippings are pokeshipping, contestshipping, pearlshipping, and Pegiunshipping. I know it seems weird that I like pearlshipping and pokeshipping but I do have a reason, even if it's a strange one. You see, I like Misty with the old Ash before the voice change, and I like Dawn with the new Ash afterwards. For some reason, I always think of them as two different Ash's. It seems weird and I can't explain it but that's how I feel. But I do like pokeshipping better then pearlshipping in the long run.

Shippings I don't like are Advancedshipping, gymleadershipping, palletshipping, bouldershipping, brokenbikeshipping (? Can't remember the name, sorry if that's wrong.), and the May and Harley shipping (once again, can't remember the name) And there are A LOT more I don't like but there are too many shippings to remember them all. Sorry if you like any of these once again, it's about personal opinion.

Shugo Chara! - This show is pure gold! I'm in love with it. It's just amazingness wrapped up in an anime. Finished it and have to say the last season was kinda pointless to me. Just a whole season of filler. It bored me but whatever. The first two seasons were AWESOME!

Favorite couples are:

Amuto - because I'm in love with Ikuto. I might even love him more then Ash. I know, it's truely shocking. But seriously, they are just so cute together. He's so mysterious and quiet at one moment and then teasing and hilarious at the next. She always gets so mad at him and it's cute. :3

Rimahiko - They're just cute. nuff said.

Kutau - they're just freaking adorable. Utau's so pretty and Kukai is so very adorable. I just love them together. They're personalities go together so well. They're really alike too, especially when it comes to competition. And it's nice that after all the stuff Utau has been through that she has Kukai who's simple minded and laid back and never really had a lot of troubles at home or anything, yet at the same time is very sympathetic towards other's problems. I mean, look at how much advice he gave Amu.

Couples that I HATE is

Ikutau - I'm sorry to anyone who likes them but THEY'RE SIBLINGS!! It's gross! It bothers me greatly! They just aren't meant to be! I love Utau later on as she gets over Ikuto but at first I hated her because of this pairing.

Tadaya - This just doesn't make sense to me and I can't see it. >.

Kuya - is that even what it's called? I don't know but this bothers me because I could just never see them together. Their personalities just clash. As friends they can be great together and everything but any romance would just be...I don't know. Sorry to anyone who likes em but I just can't see it.

Ok, and that is really the only couples I hate. There are other's I don't support but don't necessarily hate.

I like a whole other list of anime but I'm currently rewatching my favorites and as I watch them I'll put them on here and maybe start some fanfictions for those too.


I like visuals so I promised to put up all the clothes everyone is wearing here so here they are. :D

Amu -



Ikuto -




Rima -




Nagihiko -

shirt: (if you were to ask me who that guy is...I would tell you I have no idea but he has a funny face on. XD)



Utau -


shoes: (hehe, i couldn't resist.)

Kukai -

shirt: (we're gonna pretend this is Seiyo High's soccer jersey, okay? It's not whatever team it actually comes from becaues I do not own that team. xD but i own this fake one in my story so that's just what it is okay?)


xDDDDDDDDDDDD JUST KIDDING. I just couldn't resist. Here's the real one's though. :P


Yaya -




Kairi -




My favorite Couples:










hehe, I like waaaaay too many amuto moments from the anime/manga. hehe...



Disclaimer: I do not own ANY of these pics and all rights go to the owners of these. The fanart pictures all go to the people who drew or created them and the anime pictures of course belong to the animes they come from. I own NOTHING!

Note: Also, sorry they are all links and not just the picture. My computer is being really retarded so sorry for making you have to click every single one just to get a look at them. I tried to make it easier for you all by labeling which couple is in each picture. Hope you like the pictures anyway though!

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