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FACT: i drew my profile picture. So...where do i start? My name is Sara. My best friend is Celine Lawrence (aka Demonessofevil) and she is the one that pushed me to get a fanfiction account. It all started with her wanting me to review her stories and i figured i should write something and not just being some loser with a blank account. So far i've started one story which is coming out ok since i'm not a big fan of outlines. I like to go with the flow and just write the story as it comes to my mind.


I do like anime, I'm just not as passionate about it as my friends and probably everyone else on here is. Don't take that as I think its just ok because i do love it, i just never seem to find the time to read/watch as many manga/anime as my friends do. It does make me feel out of the loop but i'll get around to reading/watching everything eventually. I have watched Inuyasha and Naruto and have started reading Bleach and Vampire Knight. I've also read a few books of The Wallflower but thats about it for now. Sad? yeah i know...don't rub it in...


I love reading. It's pretty much been my only escape from my house. At 17 with no license and no job what else am i supposed to do? I've been reading at 12th grade level and above since 4th grade. I could sit and read for hours if everyone would let me. I like anything good but the theme of my book collection is pretty much fantasy/sci fi. I love werewolves or anything to do with wolves for that matter. Vampires are also rockin awesome...yes...rockin awesome.


While most people say music is their escape, i do not. I do LOVE music, hence the name, but it's not how i get away from it all. It's just something that makes me feel better.I like the fact that i can relate to a song and I love finding new bands and songs that are good. I dont have a favorite anything. I like anything good, i dont have a specific genre i like, but the theme on my K5 seems to be rock. I have a samsung K5 which, if u look it up and see, is awesome. I didn't want an ipod because, i just didn't. I dont really like them, shocking i know, but its just not me so deal with it.


I have one older sister and my mom and dad. My sister is 6 years older then i am so we dont always see eye to eye on a lot of things. She's pretty much the sister that is perfect. You know the ones I'm talking about..the ones that make you look like a failure cause your not as great as they are. My parentals are still together so i see them both i said before, my best friend is Celine. She is the one friend i spend the most time with. She has been my best friend since around 5th grade and we've been close ever since. I have a few friends that i talk to a lot and then i have those friends that you only somewhat talk to. I don't really let people into my life and while they think they know me they really don't, not totally anyway. I love meeting new people and making new friends but I'm very reluctant to just let people in. I don't know why, but i just am. There is only one person who knows me completely, so he should be honored i let him in as quickly as i did. He's my everything and while most people probably think I'm either crazy or stupid, I love him. He's pretty much perfect in my eyes. Why would my friends think im crazy/stupid for going out with him you ask? Well, I live in northern california and he lives in the middle of nowhere (also known as washington). It's about a 12 hour drive that neither of us have drove. Yes, that means I have never physically met him. And your point is? I hate when people ask me how i can stand it or why don't i just find someone here. I can stand it because i love him, and i don't find someone else because i love him. It's that simple and that complicated. Sure he's not here to meet my family or go with me places, but that doesn't mean he doesn't support me in everything i do and love me for who i am. He loved me before he even saw me and vice versa. I let him in so easily and willingly it scares me. I've never done that, even with celine or anyone in my family. Is that love? Well is sure isnt lust folks. I'll stop here because i could write for days about this.


I used to love to write poetry, but eventually i stopped being depressed and found they weren't as great as i thought they were. I still write them but they are much better and about things that matter. I tried my hand at AMVs on youtube and while i still have some up i havent added any new ones. The problem is time i think. It just takes to much time to make them. I'll try again someday but until then I'll let everyone enjoy the ones i have. Drawing is something i like to do when i have nothing better to do. Everyone says im really good and i have mostly all of my art on my myspace (/musikfreak707). My only problem is creativity. I'm really good at drawing a picture already drawn and then tweaking the outfit or the hair or something. I'm not good at creating my own pictures, just making pictures bigger and better. Reading is probably my biggest hobby along with finding new music.

Random Facts

My birthday is November 16th. Its on a monday this year. I have two dogs, (part pug and part boston terrior) Harvey and Rosie. My favorite juice is orange. My favorite color is orange but all colors are fantastical. I can solve the rubik's cube and have made videos about how to do it if you wanna learn. My name for pretty much anything is MusikFreak707/MusikFreek707/MusikFrk707 or other variations of those. I learned to knit from a book. I wear chucks everyday. I wear only two rings, one of which is my class ring. My necklace changes everyweek. I graduate on May 29th of this year. I don't know what i want to be yet. I have a huge family (about 18 aunts and uncles alone). I'm currently writing a story that doesn't have anything to do with anime. I deny about 20 bands a week and 10 creepy people a month from myspace. I have a facebook but im not on it much. I have a twitter i dont know how to use. Im 5'7. I'm not a huge TV fan but i do watch it. My room is upstairs. My neighbors are loud and creepy. I live in Santa Rosa. My school isn't as bad as people say it is. My favorite fruit is watermelon. My favorite animal is a wolf. My favorite number is 15. My favorite shape is a star. I can see the street from my window. The attic door is in my room. I'm trying to learn to play the piano and the guitar. I'm trying to relearn how to play the clarinet. I have brown eyes. I love makeup (which i know...sounds preppy but im not so deal with it) I have blond streaks in my hair (again sounds preppy but get over it cause I'm not) I have to wear glasses to see more then 5 feet in front of me. I'm mexican and portuguese. I love the cold and hate the hot. I love the beach but the ocean creeps me out. I know what its like to break your arm and face plant it off a skateboard into the sidewalk (both of which suck but hitting the sidewalk sucks worse). I have a queen size bed that everyone loves but there really isn't anything special about it. I like piercings and tattoos but will probably never get any of them. I suck at chess. I'm better at dominoes. I'm ok when it comes to cards. I like to cook. I like to bake too. I don't cook out of cook books I watch my mom. I bake out of cook books. Pocahontas was my favorite disney movie. My first pet was a cat who was orange. I tend to walk into things, especially when i try to avoid them. I bruise easily from a condition i had when i was little. I hope you don't think my writing sucks cause I am trying to make it good for everyone

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