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Me, Myself & I - The-Final-Fidelity

Hello, hello, hello! I'm The-Final-Fidelity and welcome to my profile page, which you happened to stumble upon! Aside from my actual home here in the UK, this is a place I can call my humble, imaginary abode, where all the magic that takes place in my head can be unleashed into the world of Fanfiction. I love it here, and I hope that you will join me as we venture through these stories together, hand in hand. If you are someone who is just browsing and passing by, then I hope you will like it here and that we can get to know each other! And if you are someone who has been with me for a very long time, then let's keep going friend! Let's keep going into the wonderful world of imagination and enjoy the stories we will read together! Welcome!

I also have a FictionPress account, and I'll be doing some poetry and shizzle like that over on that side of the site. Bear with me though; I'm still getting things sorted out over there! Here is the link:

Need someone to Beta-read your story for some feedback before publishing it? Well I'm right here for you! Just send me a rough copy of your work in a DocX message and I'll go through it with you!

My Friends!

The Lonesome Guy

If I've missed anyone out, please do tell me and I'll add you in! Very sorry in advance!

Status: Doing University Studies! *Chapter production has decreased drastically*


iizaru - (28/11/11) - For helping me out with song choices for future chapters in Persona: World And Judgement. Special Thanks to you for having a good ear for music and for having good choices for a certain situation!

SuperNova23 - (24/05/12) - For helping me with a crucial, yet tricky situation that would have made many dents in the storyline in Persona: World And Judgement (Chapter 9). Special Thanks to you for being there to make the story better!

MadLaughter - (05/02/13) - For being a good friend on FanFiction and being a huge help with a variety of things, including the Persona Quiz on the Forum. Special Thanks to you for being there as a friend to count on!

damus1cmahn - (04/06/14)- For writing and recording a song inspired by 'Cold Lanterns' (Chapter 20) of Persona: World And Judgement. Special Thanks to you for the honour and for creating such a brilliant song! (Self Against Shadow - Cold Lanterns)


ANOTHER NEW FEATURE GUYS! I've put this up purely because this guys needs more listeners... this song is by damus1cmahn (Michael Pham), which was written and recorded with inspiration around one of the chapters in Persona: World And Judgement - Chapter 20, Cold Lanterns - and the track title is derived from the title of the chapter! It was a big honour to have someone enjoy reading my stories, but it is a massive honour to have someone write an original song around it. So here it is! This is his track 'Cold Lanterns'!

Self Against Shadow - Cold Lanterns

A brilliant song! Thank you so much again for sharing this with me damus1cmahn, and I hope all goes well in the future!


Persona: His Sapphire Eyes
Persona: Spirits In Pixels
The Dwindling Escapist - [#ProjectShadowStory]

Prior To Production

Persona: World And Judgement - ??? (Side-sequel title not released at this time!)
'Minato...Purīzu· Sutei'
'Yu...Watashi Ga Tatsu'
Kingdom Hearts: In The Spotlight - House Of Mouse Edition

Currently Working On

Persona: World And Judgement (Chapter 50)

On Hold

Persona: His Sapphire Eyes (Chapters 2 and 3) Rewrites

Deleted (...sorry)

Kingdom Hearts: A Syndicate Rises
Kingdom Hearts: Denizens Of Elite
Kingdom Hearts: The Last Keyblade War


THAT'S RIGHT GUYS! I am now doing updates for y'all out there! From now on, I will be...well updating you on anything that is going on with future chapters, anything with polls and any problems that will arise at (in my luck) the most inconvenient of times! I will most likely update you guys as soon as anything changes so sit tight! And now, here are the updates for today:

-- Thank you very much for the kind words regarding the very recent chapter of Persona: World And Judgement! I can only apologise for not getting it to you sooner - those dang university studies! Gotta do them! But I hope it was a treat for those who were waiting since the previous chapter; I had a lot of fun writing it, and I can only pray that I can write some more whilst being constantly barraged with assignments. Due to being VERY busy right now, I can say that the next chapter will probably take just as long as this one did, but I will definitely find all the time I can to try and push on with the story. I want to write this story as much as you guys want to read it, but keep your eyes peeled! Anything could happen! Thank you once again for your continued support everyone, I couldn't have asked for better readers than you :D --

-- Persona: World And Judgement (Chapter 49) - A Genuine Bond is out now! Check it out! --

-- 'Persona: World And Judgement' is now on a Wikia site! The Fanfiction Wikia site to be precise! There's a page dedicated to this particular story, so if you want a peek, here's the link! -- -- Hope you all like it! :D -- summarise...

- Thank you for all the support over this tricky period guys! Hopefully a new chapter of Persona: World And Judgement will spring up soon!

- Persona: World And Judgement (Chapter 49) is now available to read!

- Persona: World And Judgement now has it's own Wiki page! Check the link above and send yourself straight there!


SECONDLY, ANOTHER FEATURE! I will also be doing a progress report on any stories which I will be currently writing. I will try to update often on how things are going, so if anything in the production goes wrong or right, it will be posted here! So, here is today's progress report:

-- Persona: World And Judgement - Chapter FORTY-NINE - COMPLETE! Read 'A Genuine Bond' now! --

-- Persona: World And Judgement - Chapter FIFTY - 'This Isn't A Dream' is the new chapter title! May subject to change. EIGHT pages written so far!

-- [#ProjectShadowStory - Inspired by Urter] - The Dwindling Escapist - COMPLETE! --

-- Persona: His Sapphire Eyes - Chapter TWO REWRITE - ON HOLD! --

-- Persona: His Sapphire Eyes - Chapter THREE REWRITE - ON HOLD! --

??? QUERY TIME ???

AND YES GUYS! I will ALSO be doing some answering to your questions and reviews that I have recently been asked or given! This is also a way so that I can answer any questions that were made by any anonymous users. Also, if anyone else would like to ask anything, either write a review on one of my chapters, or you could PM me! Now then, let's get some answering done! Here are the asked questions and queries said today:

Lord Swag [05/07/14] - Review on Chapter 46 - Persona: World And Judgement - A brilliant name! Thank you very much for the kind words! It was actually the first time I've had to handle a full-blown interrogation as the primary base for the chapter, and I was a little nervous about it, but hearing such positive comments has given me some relief :) Like you say, the story behind Minato's reappearance was somewhat expected, but believe it or not... it isn't the biggest twist of the story so far - I have another trick up my sleeve, but I won't divulge any information just yet ;) Watch this space! --

KO [13/09/14] - Review on Chapter 48 - Persona: World And Judgement (Regarding Sho Minazuki's appearance in the story) - You need to get a Fanfiction account so that I can reply to your questions more easily, man :D But to answer your query, I can say that Sho won't be appearing in the story, I'm afraid. When Persona 4: Arena came out, just when Persona: World And Judgement was about over 10 chapters in, the story kind of became something that excludes all events from Persona 4: Arena, and something that became an 'alternative story'. Because of this, Sho won't be in the story, and neither will Labrys. Sorry about that :( --

AND AGAIN...please do PM me for any questions! I'll be happy to answer your questions!

Want a comical genius? Well here's the BEST one all the way from the UK!
Even the most serious of games would never be played the same again... ALL HAIL PYSCHADELICSNAKE! THE YOUTUBE DEITY!
He's already made over a 250-part walkthrough of PERSONA 3 FES! NOW YOU'RE EXCITED!!

And if you want to see more of him on Twitch at
The amount of streams he does is staggering...
Who knows? You might even catch him LIVE!

Favourite Bands!!

Enter Shikari
Royal Blood
Biffy Clyro
Night Verses
Rise Against
Foo Fighters
Rolo Tomassi
Green Day
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Arctic Monkeys
Kaiser Chiefs
Linkin Park

The Varsity - Check out their YouTube channel! They are good friends of mine!

AAAAANNNNNNDDDDD if you want to, please do check out the Wiki page for Persona: World And Judgement! Link:


Who am I? by LastDragonborn reviews
He didn't care if he was a big boy. He loved that stuffed bear. [Very short one-shot.]
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The Dwindling Escapist reviews
[#ProjectShadowStory] Like your problems, I was, am and still is something that you hoped would just vanish out of thin air. I am a Shadow... the true self... the very thing that shows you how far you've strayed away from your aspirations and goals; OUR aspirations and goals that WE struggle to achieve because of the temptation for distraction. Isn't that right, me? - Self-Insert.
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