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Author has written 2 stories for World Ends With You.

Journal (2/6/2011):

Person on Haitus is on Haitus mode...

Mood: Apologetic

Current state: NOT PUMPED


Working: must. work. now... non.

Info about my fanfics so far:

Be Random: Truth or Dare ~ Sorry for those who love Be Random... but everything has been put on haitus

Flying High ~ Under some construction

Crash in Life ~ R.I.P. for now.

I'm a registered Beta-Reader...

Okay here's a BIO in deeper detail. Or a more "story like" BIO... I'm a girl, I have black-brown hair which along as a natural white streak of hair. Call me Rogue if you like, but please never call me skunk. I have a temper, unfortunately, so please go easy when it comes to playfully messing with me. I tend to be a tease or an obnoxious talker. But that's thanks to me being so happy and hyper all the time. Although, there's my oh-so-lovable dark-side. Now meaning, the evil girl who will sneak up on you and kill you... with a hug. Or the person who cusses even though I didn't mean to.

I'm also a BadAss Uke~

-wink wink-

I'm friendly most of the time, and/or try to funny just to make a new friend. Hey, I even head-desk'd myself just because I put myself in the weirdest situation. So don't shut me out. I'm the obnoxious twerp that you gotta love. I mean who doesn't want a person that wants a hug or loves to cuddle ? LoL. x)

And to go along with my hyper attitude, I love Techno music! A high pumping tune will surely keep me awake, or smooth rhythmic bounce will lull me to sleep. Techno will cheer ya up!

I have plenty of nicknames... current one(s) are Skullz Jr. and Dragon

Likes SO FAR:

Favorite pairing(s) is:


Joshua/Rhyme ~~ Do I have to explain? I mean seriously! Joshyme shall spread!

Neku/Shiki ~~ I mean come on! She was his (spoilers) entry fee on his second week of the Reapers Game (End Spoilers)


Ichigo/Rukia ~~ You gotta love 'em!

Ulquiorra/Orihime ~~ Egh...

Soi Fon/Yoruichi ~~ Oh god... My friend made me start liking yuri D:

Urahara/Yoruichi ~~ But I support this too :)

Vampire Knight:

Kaname/Yuki or Zero/Yuki ~~ It switches between the two



Vampire Knight


Heart no Kuni no Alice

(There's more to the list... just listed the few I was/are interested into.)


Games (That are my favorites or playing at this moment):

Nintendo DS -- The World Ends With You, Rune Factory 3

Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 ~ Intense man! Although, I finished it before TWEWY... sorry TWEWY.

XBOX360 -- The Halo series or any shooting game... in my family, shooting games make us laugh when we all start being weird and yell, "DIE!" at each other and mimick gun noises. xD... oh oh! I lurved Eternal Sonata!

Wii -- Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicals

and there's more! xP

Dislikes for right now and/or forever:

With pairings: Before, I never even touched yaoi and yuri. Yet, nowadays, I read them. They can be cute depending on what you read. Okay maybe I'm more of a Shounen/Shoujo-Ai person.

Songs: Criteria that infect the minds of children faster than bacteria. (I kinda got that quote from The Black Eyed Peas' song "Where is the Love?" except I rearranged the words a little.) I mean seriously, there is stuff they call PG nowadays that aren't even PG! And, well... DO I REALLY NEED TO EXPLAIN!

New works in process:


Okay~! :D all i'm saying is it's an AU to TWEWY.

Comparrison Facts:

Please note that I am 7/20 dragon, 5/20 vampire, 2/20 werewolf, 3/20 death soul, and 3/20 human... Explaination:
Dragon: Since most of the time friends call me dragon.
Vampire: Because my canine teeth look sharp to my friends, as they say.
Werewolf: Because my brothers say I look more vicious on a full moon.

Death Soul: People would sometimes call me 'A' Grim Reaper or demon... TT_TT;;
And last but not least human: Well because I'm a human! Or am I?

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