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Hello, I'm EvilBunny91, and here's some information about me

Real Name: Like I'm gonna tell you. Nyoo XP

Age: That's something you don't need know.

Gender: female

Hair color: variable

Eye color: brown

Personality: calm, pretty quiet, sometimes shy, friendly and sometimes crazy

Family: mom, dad, monkey for a younger brother and a dog,he's a dachshund and REALLY cute one

Country: Finland. And we don't have polar bears in here!

City: Tampere - Seinäjoki

School: Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, watching movies, listening music, cooking/baking, hanging out with my friends, writing fanfics

Favorite color(s): black, red, purple and green

Favorite animal(s): dogs,wolves and tigers

Favorite food: sushi, ramen, chinese food

Favorite music/bands: japanese music, Nightwish

Likes: animals, manga, anime, books, japanese music, drawing manga, writing fanfics, vampires

Dislikes: everything to do with math, people who destroy our planet and harm animals for fun

I wish to become: a writer, mangaka

I wish I would have been: elf, vampire, witch, shapeswitcher

Like I said earlier; I'm a Finn. And for the polar bear thing, I just want everyone to know that polar bears do NOT live in Finland. We live in North, yes, but not that North. But we DO have polar bears in our zoo Korkeasaari (HighIsland, or something like that, if you wanna translate it) in Helsinki (the capital of Finland). Please notice, that I might have bad grammar sometimes, 'cause I have finnish for my mother language.

And more about myself: I'm goth-ish...sort of of. Usually I'm calm and quiet, but with my friends I could talk and yak for hours. I'm usually friendly with people and being sweet towards my friends, but I can be a bitch when needed. And I'm a little bit punky, too. And I don't care what people think about me, I like myself for the way I'm. And so should everyone. And I have a egological side: I love animals, I hate furs and I'm always thinking about the egological side.

I read lot of books, and my favorites are: Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Stravaganza series and Inkheart. Twilight was okay before the movies made it popular. I have started reading the Song of ice and fire series by George R.R. Marting, and loving it so far! My favorite genres are fantasy and horror.

I read also manga and my favorites are: Fruits Basket, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, InuYasha, Ranma , Tokyo Mew Mew is OK, Princess Ai, and Vampire Kisses.

My favorite animes are: Cyborg 009, Sailor Moon, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Ginga Densetsu Weed was OK, Transformers Unicron Trilogy was cool. I usually watch the same animes that I have read as mangas. But Tokyo Mew Mew anime was BIG disappointment. It's such a shame that here in Finland we have seen only The Unicron Trilogy and Animated of the The Transformers. Sometimes I watch random anime without reading the manga.

TV shows I watch: The Simpsons, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Merlin, Game of Thrones and Arrow.

Cartoons I like and used to watch: TMNT, Biker Mice From Mars, Teen Titans (never shown in Finland, but I have watched some episode in YouTube), Disney cartoons from the 80-90's. And many others, I just don't feel like making a list.

Pairings I like:

Fruits Basket:





ShigurexHatori (it's a joke really,but they're cute)

AyamexShigure (also a joke,but they're just so funny XD)





RitsuxMicchan the editor lady

Full Moon Wo Sagashite:









Ranma :




KunoxNabiki (even thought I HATE Kuno)

Cyborg 009:





Ginga Nagareboshi Gin/Ginga Densetsu Weed:





Ouran High School Host Club:













Hot Rod/RodimusxArcee

Hot ShotxOC

Hot ShotxOverride








Lord Of The Rings:





Harry Potter:


HarryxCho (I don't like Ginny that much)







Biker Mice From Mars:




Teen Titans:



TMNT/Winx Club Crossover:





Digimon Adventure/Zero Two:






Avatar series (both Last Airbender and Legend of Korra):


SokkaxSuki (SokkaxYue is okay, but not my favorite)


HaruxTy Lee


KorraxBolin (I don't like KorraxMako that much, but I don't hate either)

Guess that was everything important. I'm not a huge fan of yaoi, but some yaoi-pairings are funny

Favorite Quotes:

My shirt: Come to the dark side - we have chocolate.

Me: Everyone is a freak - live with it./ I'm a freak and damn proud of it.

Me: Everyone has a pervert within them - some people just take it more out than others.

Me: They say you are what you eat. That means tomorrow I could be you...

Homer Simpson: "OMG! Someone's trying to kill me! Oh, wait, it's for Bart.

Homer Simpson: "Television! Mother, teacher, secret lover."

Homer Simpson: "D'oh! Why you little...! Mmm, (something to eat)...(drooling)

EvilBunny91 On the Web:

deviantART :

11-10-2013 I have an announcement for all my dear readers who have been waiting for new chapters in my fanfics. It pains me to say but I'm putting all my stories on temporary hiatus. I'm way too busy because of school and other personal business to update regularly. And I'm also experincing some writer's block with some of my fics. But I will try to update all my fanfics as soon as possible. So don't loose hope, I'm not adandoding anything, I just need a lot of time in order to get my ideas in order. Please be patient and bear with me and I'll try to get some goodie stuff around. Thank you. EvilBunny91 out.

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