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Hello Everyone!

Name: Rotheos a.k.a BlazingMiracles

Age: 15 years old

Gender: Male

* I am a 15 year old highschool student and writes a fanfiction but mostly reads some because writing is stressful to me.xD. But i enjoy it when someone appreciates my work. My writing skills are not that good and you may find some errors. I am currently interested on a bunch of anime mostly ongoing: (SAO,Accel World,Kokoro Connect, Kuroko no Basuke) but i enjoy reading the old ones. I am currently a writer of one story and is ongoing.

Story- Accel World: A Knight's Tale Characters:


Shusuke Yagami (Platinum Crusader)

-The main protagonist of the fanfic. He is a 12 year old freshman of Nerima Junior high/ Nerima Middle School. He has silver hair and dark eyes and loves to sleep or spend time away from class despite having a high IQ. He first entered the Accelerated World 2 and half months before the start of the fanfic and was considered one of the first Second Generation Burst Linkers. His parent/guardian is his bestfriend Alister Smith whom he met when he rescued him when he was bullied on the rooftop. He has another bestfriend named Ayano Himeko who loves him but doesn't show same feeling for her.

His avatar name is Platinum Crusader, a level 2 Brain Burst knight type avatar that is considered a metal colored avatar. He is invulnerable to piercing,slashing,corrosion and heat however he lacks defense on physical attacks. To cover this weakness, his avatar has a shield called "Shockwave" created along with him he was forced to fight bare handed before Alister gave him the Lightning Blade.

Yuka (Diamond Priestess)

-One of the main heroines of the fanfic and is a mysterious person who stalks Platinum Crusader and has an unknown reason for doing so. She has an avatar called Diamond Priestess and is believed to be a pioneer and is currently a level 7. Her avatar seems to posses an enhance armament that looks like a bow and can shoot arrows of diamond.

Himeko Ayano

-One of the main heroines of the fanfic and is Shusuke's female bestfriend and a sophomore. She is the vice-president of the class council whom Shusuke looks up to as a model despite being the opposite gender. She seems to like or love Shusuke but ignores the fact that he does not like her the way she does.

Kuroyukihime (Black Lotus)

-One of the main heroines of the fanfic and is one of the Seven Kings of the Pure Color.

Alister Smith (Sun King)

-Shusuke's bestfriend and parent in the real world and accelerated world respectively. He is kind and a caring bestfriend and treats Shusuke as his brother. His avatar is called Sun King and is according to the recent chapter, a powerful avatar who is able to defeat a legendary beast enemy and was the one who gave Shusuke the sword.

Red King (Red Rider)

-One of the Seven Kings of the Pure Color and the one who entrusted a mission to Diamond Priestess.


The Grimsleys- a criminal legion or organization in the Accel World where they PKill an avatar in the UNF by working together.

Cardinal Payne- a long range red avatar that fought Platinum Crusader in the UNF. Suspected a member of the Grimsleys by Diamond Priestess.

Atsushi Yagami- Shusuke's stepbrother. He teases and mocks Shusuke everytime he comes home from military school every month.