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Name: Aiyya
Age: MYOB, stalker! But I know for a fact that I am younger than you are!
What would you do if a hobo jumped out of the bushes and stole your wallet? I have a wallet? Anyways, I'd let him keep it. I don't have a driver's license or anything like that, so it'd just be money. And hobos deserve money.
What would you do if Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer showed up in your front yard? Love him as my own! :)
Do you like eggs? Nope! :)
How do you like your eggs? Invisible.
Would you like to put pepper on your eggs? I prefer pepper off my eggs, thanks!
Why? Because eggs are, like… squishy and strange-like!
That's nice… do you like cheese? Under my pepperoni.
What if the cheese you were eating turned into a monkey butt? I'd think that I obviously had some sort of magical power, turn the butt into a monkey, and take a vacation to the rain forest to set it free. :) Oh, and then go get some cheese.
Would that disturb you? Not really.
Why? Because monkeys are one of the most fantastical species in the world!!
So when are you going to visit your fairy Godmother? The same time I actually have the nerve to wear a glass slipper.
Are you sure? Pretty much so!
Do you like potatoes? Duh! Love 'em!
What kind of potatoes? Every kind of potatoes!
Maybe you'd like your potatoes with some mayonnaise? Ew, no!
Anyways… so what would you do if a penguin ate all of your Cheetos? Penguins deserve food! Nothing.
Would you kick it? Nope!
You better have not said yes…!
Do you agree that penguins are AWESOME?! YESSSS!
And so are monkeys, right? Have I not already answered this question?
Anyways… so how would you feel if you were molested by Michael Jackson? Extremely BIZARRE! He's ever-so-dismally dead! :( I MISS MJ! WAAAAH! For you are not alone/I am here for you/Though we're far apart/You're always in my heart!
Why would you feel that way? HE'S DEAD!
Are you sure? Yep!
Positive? Nope!
Okay then… so what do you do when aliens come to suck out your brains? Kick there slimy green butts!
Nice answer…
So what do you think of Brittany Spears? There have been better humans…
Do you like to dance in the rain with a bikini on? YEAH!
I bet you do…
Do you like to eat ham smothered in hot and spicy cow fetuses? Um, no. Ew.
Are you sure? Yep. But I think my stepbrother would.
What would you do if a stranger came up to you and grabbed your ass? Scream in his blinded face.
Would this upset you? Yah!
Why? I am so friggin' ugly!
I see…
How do you feel about chicken? It's better to be trained for the circus than to be eaten.
What would you do if you found an elf in your bed last night Have an instant Harry Potter flashback. WINKY!
…don't lie. I'm not!

- Available: Maybe single: Am I?
- Age: Older than 10
- Annoyance: You
- Animal: Ostrich, except that animal report in third grade kinda ruined it for meh.


- Birthday: None of your beeswax. If you know, you know. If you don't, it's gonna stay that way.
- Best Friend: You
- Best feeling in the world: When I'm driving (so HA, I'm NOT 11 am I?)
- Best weather: 100°F+
- Been in Love: Or so I thought In love: Should I be? Want to be in love: Yes
- Been on stage?: Yes. When I was three, I sang Do Re Mi on that little stage in Yosemite National Park, in front of a thousand people. No really, I did. ASK MY MOTHER!
- Believe in Santa: You mean that jolly fat dude? Maybe. RUDOLPH THE RED WINGED OSTRICH! HAD A VERY SHINY NO-
- Candy: Dumdums. No, I mean the bullet, loser! Not the lollipop!
- Color: Rainbow
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilly
- Chinese/Mexican Food: A Note To Kaylee Who Answered “Chinese food from Japan”: Wouldn't that be considered Japanese food? Anyhoo… MEXICAN!
- Cake or pie: Dutch apple… oh. Pie.
- Continent to visit: Fiji's a republic, but same difference right? Fijian Republic, hmm… I've taken a fancy to The Continent of Fiji, myself.
- Cheese: String

- Day or Night: Night, definitely. I sleep until duncher (if you don't know what that is JUST BEAT IT!), but stay up till breakfast.
- Dancing in the rain: “Life isn't about mourning over the storm, it's about learning to dance in the rain.” Yeah, I'm a quote freak! What of it?

- Eyes: Are to see you with.
- Ever failed a class?: Nope, surprisingly!

- First thoughts waking up: I'm ma go back to sleep.
- Food: Is better to have than not.

- Greatest Fear: 2012
- Goals: Graduating from UCLA with a degree in biology, become a marine biologist and/or superhero. Oh and marrying and having a pair of twinsickles.
- Gum: Is just something else to stick in your enemy's hair.
- Get along with your parents?: At times. Thankfully, I am right now.

- Hair Color: Brown that looks slightly red in the light. Just goes to show you what 50 percent Irish heritage can do to you.
- Height: 4'8"… or is it 4"8'?
- Happy: Not really. Isn't that for, like, Cinderella?
- Holiday: Day of the Dead, something I got from my second mom.
- How do you want to die: In the arms of somebody I love.

-Ice cream: Si.
- Instrument: Guitar, piano, mah voice, hopefully drums

- Jewelry: Um, goggles?
- Job: Lifeguard… HOLD ON I AM GUARDING YOUR LIFE!! My motto..

- Kids: I plan to have two.
- Kickboxing or karate: Kickboxing, I'm already pro. Seriously. I can kick the CRAP out of all my brothers, who are from 1-14 years older than me.
- Keep a journal?: Nope

- Letter: N
- Laughed so hard you cried: No but I laughed my butt clean off.

- Milk flavor: Chocolate. I prefer iced chocolate, but stupid ol' Starbucks has to go around calling it milk. Ew.
- Movies: Julie & Julia… it's just so TOUCHING! Ick… Um, Rat Race.
- Motion sickness?: Yep, but not on boats. Or planes. Just my brother's stinking 15 year old Honda Civic.
- McD’s or BK: The Burger of Kings, BK's original name.

- Number: Didn't we already go over this?

- One wish: I prefer unlimited.


- Pepsi/Coke: Piña colada
- Perfect Pizza: Pepperoni
- Piercings: Are not for me.
- Quail: Is definitely something my stepbrother has eaten. I mean, he had JELLYFISH the other day! And then when he was in first class on a plane to Tacoma, he had a strip of lamb! Shark fin soup is his favorite food! He enjoys roots! I mean, I like potatoes and all but carrots bore me!

- Reason to cry: You
- Reality T.V.: Is for chumpy peeps. And no I do not mean the marshmallow. I SPELT IT RIGHT! ZOMG!
- Radio Station: Um… whatever one they broadcast Dodger games on… Did you know that 'gam' is a word referring to the shapeliness of a woman's thigh?
- Roll your tongue in a circle: Thisbe.
- Ring size: ?? I'll let my fiancee figure it out. Not that anyone will ever want to marry me.

- Song: We Made You
- Shoe size: 7
- Salad Dressing: Who eats salad these days? stepbrother: Metrosexuals… me: ~gasp and/or faint~ SEAN! stepbrother: Oh, sorry, I was taking a quiz to see if I am one. I'm not.
- Sushi: Can not be found in my tummy.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Are not actually fruits. However, bananas and pumpkins are.

- Time for bed: Um… it's 2:34! NO! I would say G-- no, but my buddy Maday has taught me differently. YAY FOR MADAY!
- Thunderstorms: Haven't I already explained this quotation? Something about dancing?

- Unpredictable: But in the end is right/I hope you have the time of your life… ~ Time of Your Life - Green Day

- Vacation spot(s): Molokai :D

- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: MADGE!
- Worst feeling: DEPOSITION! Like I know what THAT means… Um, seeing our planet in the state that it's in.
- Wanted to be a model: No, I wanted to be a gardener.
- Worst Weather?: Anything below 80°

- X-Rays: I stepped on a stingray once… OWWIE!

-Year it is now: o9'
-Yellow makes me think of: Ham. Yellow = happy tabs = Kimy who enjoys happy tabs = soccer which Kimy also enjoys = Mia Hamm who is a soccer player = ham.

- Zoo animal: Ostrich. GUESS WHAT! One time, cuz I love ostriches so much, this worker dude at the San Diego zoo let me pet one of the ostriches! EEP!

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