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I read all four Twilight books long after the movie came out, not being able to keep myself out of the biggest literary inside-joke since Harry Potter. I honestly didn't think I would like them, so I only bought Twilight. Fourteen hours and no sleep later, I went and got the rest of them. Two days later, I had finished them. Stopping only to explain to my husband what was making me gasp or laugh or cry. For the next two weeks, I did nothing but read the last three books over and over again. Then I found out about Midnight Sun and I read it twice, reading all four books over again to get the full effect. I was obsessed. I started reading FanFic because I couldn't get enough of the Cullens or the Quileutes.

I started with Jacob and Renesmee stories because it seemed to be the natural conclusion to the story and I wanted to see everyone's take on the future of our favorite vampires and werewolves. After reading over a hundred of them, I couldn't stop thinking about Jake and Nessie. What would have become of them? The more I thought about it, the more detailed my guesstimate became. I would go to sleep thinking about it. I would dream about them. I would wake up thinking about them. After obsessing for a few months, my husband was sick of hearing my endless scenario second-guessing. "Would it be like this or like this? What about Renesmee's power? What would Edward do when she grew up?" About three weeks ago, he finally snapped. He demanded I write a story and get it out of my system.

I reread the books, scouring them for hidden meanings. I began studying them, looking up the etymology of words Stephenie Meyer used, looking for a clue as to what came next. I listened to all four audiobooks, taking in the pronunciation of the places and people, immersing myself in the visual world of the Olympic Penninsula in a way that I couldn't at my reading speed. I looked into the Quileute language and stared longingly at pictures of La Push's shores. It took three weeks, but I figured it out. I know what would happen...I think. A Legendary Bourn is my best guess. I have only taken two big leaps of literary license, but both fit perfectly within Stephenie Meyer's canon.

I feel like my readers should understand my writing process. The first thing you should know is that I live within a very unusual sleep schedule. Instead of sleeping every night, I sleep every other night for a longer period of time. This allows me to have a 36-40 hour day. Secondly, as my sleep schedule may imply, I don't work a normal 9 to 5 job. I'm a temp, which means I only work when I get a call. When I do work, it screws up my entire routine and I have to go back to a normal sleep-everyday schedule. Lastly, it should be understood that I can only work when there is absolutely no one around me and that I can only write in one spot at my in-law's house. Anywhere else provides me too much distraction. This particular writing spot forces me to stare at a door with my back to an large, tauntingly interesting window.

My daily routine: I wake up late, having gone to bed in the late evening and gotten a good 8-12 hour sleep to make up for my very long "yesterday." I eat lunch at my in-law's before beginning to work. I'm usually guaranteed a few hours before everyone comes home from work. Then, absolutely nothing is accomplished, aside from maybe some research, until everyone goes to bed. My husband, the ever-understanding man that he is, spends every other night in his parents' guest room while I stay up. I then have a few hours from midnight or so on to work, until everyone wakes up. Then, after making small talk and having breakfast with my mother-in-law, everyone leaves for work and I'm alone again until they come back. I only work Monday through my usual Friday update. Weekends are when I catch up on the FanFics I read, seeing as there is far too much activity for me to write. It takes an entire week to write the 12,000+ words I write per section. Mondays are a semi-wasted day as it's usually spent brain-storming and staring at a blank page. Thursdays into Fridays are when I get my ass in gear. When I do put on my grown-up hat and begrudgingly go off to file and answer phones for The Man, my entire schedule is shot to hell, considering I get most work done in the early morning hours and during the late mornings to early afternoons.

A Legendary Bourn:

Wolf Pack drawing: http:///photos/36789499@N04/3390082687/

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