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I'm actually updating this piece of junk...

I can tell you I have completely change..

My current anime obsession is Death Note...

Death Note might possibly be the anime I am most obsessed with.

Want to know who's my favorite character?

It's L Lawliet...

It's the weirdness and intelligence that got me to liking him...

I just took the Jung Death Note test... Here are my result:

You scored 80 introversion, 57 intuition, 71 thinking, and 50 judging!


This personality test is heavily based on the Kiersey Sorter. In essence, it measures your personality across four variables: Introversion-Extraversion, Intuition-Sensing, Thinking-Feeling and Judging-Percieving. There are both positive and negative attributes to each of the traits.

Introversion-Extraversion: Generally, people who score high on "introversion" are reserved, quiet people who keep to themselves whereas people who score low on "introversion" are outgoing, friendly people who are extraverts.
Intuition-Sensing: People who score high on "intuition" are guided by gut instinct, they go on intuition as opposed to people who score low on this trait, who prefer to rely on established fact and their senses, rather than their own belief.
Thinking-Feeling: People with high scores on "thinking" rely more on their head to make decisions, whereas people who score low on "thinking" rely more on their heart to guide them. (Note: this has no bearing on a person's intelligence level; it merely refers to the way in which they make desicions.)
Judging-Percieving: People who score high "judging" are firm, decisisive people, whereas people who score low on this trait are flexible, accomodating people.


Stats: Approximately 4 of population.
DN characters with this type: L.
In a nutshell: "A love of problem-solving."

Desciption: Logical, original, creative thinkers. Can become very excited about theories and ideas. Exceptionally capable and driven to turn theories into clear understandings. Highly value knowledge, competence and logic. Quiet and reserved, hard to get to know well. Individualistic, having no interest in leading or following others.

I'm actually like L, huh?

Sou desu...

Hey, guys, Look I updated!

I just got this new quiz, and I love the results here!

Personality/ Behaviour
You are a somewhat brave, strong-willed, analytical and understanding. You don't enjoy fighting, but you will fight for what is right and help those in need, which also makes you seemingly heroic. You're also quite the independant type and always keep an open mind on things, and L would like all those qualities in someone, therefore he is drawn to you because of your persona. In a way you're similar to him. You may not be as smart as him No offence there or eat boat loads of sugar as he does, L would enjoy talking to you as you would probably agree on the same things. L needs a girl who is independant Not clingy and who is understanding, which is you! Congrats!
Song: Human - The Killers
Quote: "The only people you need in your life are the ones that prove they need you in theirs."
Love Interest/s: L/ Lawliet
People Crushing On You: Matsuda and Near.
Close Friends: Mello, Matt, Near and Matsuda.
Enemy: Light Yagami, Misa Amane, Rem and Mikami.

.:.:. Their Opinions On You .:.:.
Light Yagami: "She's a threat as she helps L. Hehe... I should kill her and see how L will react to that..."
Ryuk: "Not really that bothered with her."
Misa Amane: "Uh, Misa-Misa thinks she is weird, so Misa wouldn't hang-out with her... Misa heard that she is dating L... Ew, gross..."
Rem: "I don't really have an opinion on her. She just better not upset Misa..."
L/ Lawliet: "Hmm, you know, I actually have grown fond of her. She respects and understand me, we can have a good conversation. Maybe I should ask her on one of those so called 'dates'. "
Near/ Nate River: "L likes her. I actually like her too, she is not annoying and respects me."
Mello/ Miheal Keehl: "Wow, Of all people, I'd never thought L would get a girl. Other than that, I think she is pretty cool."
Matt/ Mail Jeevas: "She's really cool. She is probably the only girl who will play video-games with me, even though I always beat her at them. She is my friend."
Tota Matsuda: "She's really cool and nice to me. I have a major, huge crush on her. Ah, man L is so lucky! But either way I am happy for them."
Teru Mikami: "I like her personality, but she's a threat to God and therefore must die."
BB Beyond Birthday: "She would make an interesting experiment, she also has ties with L..."

The quiz is so cool, death note fans (girls only) should take the quiz! Here's the link: http: // / quizzes / 9054952 / what-do-the-death-note-characters-think-of-you-long-results-for-the-ladies

yeah just remove the spaces, if you get the drill.

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