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repost of idea crossover I am going to remake and repost the idea I had on here before the change

First show in crossover will be the Target reality the second one what come into that reality

Code Geass & Blassreiter were LL doesn't git the powers of the king he can turn into all the main imagim a mix of all there powers and he turn there people and use them as foot soldiers he can turn and control them like tank guy did those there

Stargate & Code Geass were LL & C2 git throw in Stargate Reality on a planet ruled by Yu Goa'uld Geass him and take control on his army Geass them and have them learn some of the army in his world and have Yu call a system Lord Meeting so LL can Geass all them system Lords in turn take control of all the army make them into one and make them system lords into Generals of the army and start building Knightmare frames in the Stargate Reality he than find out about the there races like the Asgard ,Nox, Replicators, Wraith and starts building up more powerful army with Knightmare Frames and then upgrades the Motherships with tech form his reality or in the last episode were Lelouch's brother Shin ( one he fight in the end of show) fight for all control of the F.E.A.L. after take control of Damocles and firing the last F.E.A.L riped a hole big often in the barriers between reality and suck them into Stargate Reality it can come out on the planet Atlantis on and Lelouch can Geass them all and take over Atlantis build up a army in the Stargate reality and use the Ancient tech to make more powerful Knightmare Frames and Ship with mix of tech
or is were that half Ascend Goa'uld find Lelouch on a planet and see him using Geass on one of his Jaffa and try to take him as a host and Lelouch Geass him is side his mind take control of him or went the Goa'uld try and take Lelouch as a host and the Geass powers start killing him so the Goa'uld marge with Lelouch to save himself form die in the end creating a hole new monster with the power of Geass and Lelouch knowledge and the Goa'uld knowledge he take over all by Geass all the system lords and build up a army with knightmare frames and make the Goa'uld tech by mix them

Code Geass not the power of king but the power to mirror all Geass powers and collect them and use them with not weakens

Andromeda Ascendent/Code Geass Lelouch is found on a desert planet with no life but him and Andromeda cruising by and pick his life sign up and reads no once else on the planet Dylan turn to Trance to ask if she know any thing and he turn to find trance blushing and having a far a way look in eyes she started to breath faster and blushing more Dylan get wearied walk over and touches her one the shoulder and feel she warmer then she been before Dylan shacks her and she turn Dy-lanwhatdoyouwhat fast ok slow down trance are OK yea yea i fine we need get to get him he will been a viably member of the crew it can been that trance is C2 or that have Geass and make him Immortal as made him into a avatar like trance but more powerful than she ever meet or know of Lelouch can be the mate she been look for and before any you asshole say that can't work there so different bullshit this my stories if you don't like it write your own

Code Geass/Trinity Blood were C2 unlocks Krusnik blood lock in Lelouch & because it be repress for so long it make him one of the most powerful one of all the races you can make that his mom was so good at fight because she had vampire powers of something close and can set up there some vampire or Krusnik races hidden form the rest up the world work behind the scenes or were in give Lelouch Geass(Power of King) it unlock his Crusnik blood be Crusnik git him the power to control Geass

Code Geass/Blood Lelouch is attacked by Dive even after being turned by Dive Lelouch Geass her and all the there that working for her and plan to use all the people turn by her to rule the world and learn he can't git Dive pregnant and have kids so he finds were Saya sleep and what until she wake to Geass her and the twins

Code Geass/Blood Saya is still live and haves being watching Lelouch and see what his real doing and falls in love with Lelouch and in the end she find Lelouch body and bring him back or find him near death and turn him in a shavla and the twins are still live they look around 15 years old and he can control all that be turn by there blood and he still have the power of the king

Code Geass/Bleach Geass powers of a soul reaper and there mix in hollow

Code Geass/Halo were Lelouch and his sister were throwing into halo reality on Reach and put into the Spartan program Lelouch join so that his sister will get help and she too get enter into the Spartan programs and then become as good if not surpass master chief Lelouch & Sister can be sent back to their earth by NOI or be throw back to their World and try to find a way back to halo reality that way Lelouch will still git he power of the King Geass and they can have team of Spartans or just them and they can train there they can be throw back to their reality of about the time he got his Geass

Code Geass/Smallville Lelouch is a Kryptonian and he is Zods son or Clone that how the Brattain made Knightmare frames is by revers engineering some of the tech form the Ship that Lelouch landed in it have all the tech and knowledge of the Kryptonian race but they can only get bare little knowledge out the ship it Keyed to Lelouch and only he can get all the power form the ship (kind of like Fins Red ship but more powerful)

Code Geass/Neon Genesis Evagenlion Lelouch be can like C2 and live to watch over earth into it need his help again and falls in love with Rei & Asuake and kills Gendo and take over Neva

Code Geass/Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Lelouch can Geass Machines and take control of Skynet or fall in love with Cameron(he use his Geass to seal why Skynet control over her) and stop Skynet after Lelouch die his throwing into TSCC reality he attack by a terminator that hunting the Connors after Lelouch appears out no were blocking the terminator path the terminator target Lelouch and try to kill him and Lelouch Geass him take control of the Terminator the Connor have hidden and watch what happen feared that Lelouch would use it for bad thing and try to stop him he Geass all them

Code Geass/TSCC after Lelouch die he wake up in TSCC reality as a terminator chase after the Connors to kill them and Lelouch appears in the path and see him as a target that blocking his path so he try to kill Lelouch and Lelouch Geass on him it works and the Connors(Sarah, Cameron, John) see him do this they can attack and try to kill him and the terminator blocks the shots and Lelouch Geass them and the only terminator that Lelouch can't Geass are the T1000 or he can't Geass Cameron and she forces him to protect john even after he Geass they can work out a deal to work together

Code Geass/Star Trek Voyage were Lelouch become immortal after he death wake up on a planet that voyage stop to check what energy single they got after he appeared he can Geass all and take over earth and take over all know planet and races and there some races he can't Geass

Code Geass/Naruto Lelouch & sister are throw into Naruto reality and trained as assassin about the time Lelouch and C2 first meet he & Sister(Healed) are throw back into he reality to meet C2 and kill his dad his sister can get Geass powers to i just can't think of anything i say for the Fun of it make Lelouch sister as bad as Anko that be funny

Code Geass/Dune, Children of Dune Lelouch ?

Code Geass/Dragon Ball Z,GT Lelouch get Saiyan powers or and is throw into Dragon Ball Z reality on to planet Vegata to be raised as a true Saiyan and then sent back to take over earth

Code Geass/Star Wars train by the Jiad and then the Sith after becoming a master come back to take over earth and find answers

Code Geass/Doctor Who raised by 9 or 10 Doctor as time lord hybrid falls in love with Rose

Code Geass/Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Lelouch finds a hidden lab in the Shinjuku ghetto with a all the tech form GISSAC collection by the major before she die use a mix of tech form both to create a unstoppable army and take over or just destroys his father and empire than he can build and make
his own Empire over the ash of his father Empire

Code Geass/Resident Evil Lelouch is the backer of using a puppet guy Umbra corpive went and if they go south they fall not him can say he immortal and is bored after a thousand or million years i guest you can say his try find way to die or just dozen care anymore

Code Geass/Stargate Atlantis Lelouch is immortal and sleep after million of year of living git boring the ancient found him sleep and keep him as a prisoner and use his DNA to make themself more power and experiment on him to see if they can ascends using his DNA piss him off he make the paulge that kill half of them kind like Jenova did in Final Fantasy but the rest run off after lock him up and he can Geass Ancients ascend or not

Code Geass/Stargate Sg-1 & Atlantis were Lelouch haves a backup plan and it start in the second season he was setting ever thing up went he had his mind reprogram by his dad and the plan was to being in a supersoliders form a different reality he Geass dozen or so top sciences for this plan and hidden them some place on one wood look and they make a device that can view different reality and seen what was happen in them and pick little one the mirror form Stargate but more powerful can move bases or big ship it was fall back plan the base the Lelouch had set up with all the tech to defiant the this hidden base form anything even one of the F.L.E.I.J.A warhead they wood feel them yes but this may stories idea and Lelouch fall back to this base after his last plan didn't work and was trying to bring so of Anubis Supersoilder to use but Schneizel find the hidden base and start attacking with F.L.E.I.J.A warhead i going say Schneizel go insane with power and lunch all the F.L.E.I.J.A warhead burning haft of the world so Lelouch turn on the mirror device taking the base and some of his followers you can add some of them if wish i make list of who goes with him and if can set it up to say they found some ancient tech hidden underground and they use that to make the device to move the base and protect you can add tech form the ancient that they found and learn how to use it or you can say that C2 is a ancient that got exile into the Code Geass world to live forever
Code Geass/Stargate Sg-1 & Atlantis were the battle for the Damocles is happen the firing of so mean of F.L.E.I.J.A warheads reap a hole in the barrier between reality just one or two reap a small hole not real don't any thing but after what Lelouch did to cancel out the detonation of one the warheads made the reap open more and come together into one bridge over to the Stargate reality after Lelouch git control of the Damocles and fire one it reap a hole the 2 times the size of the Damocles and suck in the Damocles and about all the the forces that were fighting you can pick witch one got through and help Lelouch in the Stargate reality i what to say went they come out the there side that all was good and all but that no fun after they come out the there side they come out into a different planet that ruled by a Goa'uld i what to say Ra but i think that wood be to soon in the Stargate reality so i will leave that up to you if you what to do this just email me if what more ideas or check out my profile. The idea of how to make Lelouch evil or what rule the Stargate reality wood be after they came out the there side they happen on pond a Goa'uld control world not to big or to small say one of the System Lords home Worlds or main world or one of there small worlds that there visiting to check on it mines and slave they had all ready land the main ship and can have so ship still in space so that went the reap open and the Damocles and all there come out they saw that there were on a different planet so they regroup around the Damocles and the one that couldn't fight came in to the Damocles or a carrier to git fix up the Goa'uld i don't care if you make one up it just that they got be up high in with the System lords it can be a new member after one die or a old one don't care just make it good. Been as the Goa'uld are they say all of what Goa'uld see some that powerful and what it so they fight and the Goa'uld and Jaffa are half killed off and some of the Goa'uld ship destroy and some of Lelouch group say it can be one The Black Knight ship so after fight over one half way through the fight one the Al'kesh saw that there God was lose so they ran off to git more help in Killing Lelouch group some more ships so after the fight over and Lelouch wins the Goa'uld is caught and brunt to Lelouch to Geass and git info out him about where they are the Goa'uld jump out of the person and into Lelouch but with the power of the king the Goa'uld can't take control of Lelouch so it merge with him to become one with all of what make Lelouch who he is like his love for C2 and his Sister but add in the Bad parts of all Goa'uld whating to rule everything so with the all knowledge of the Goa'uld he take over the planet and hidden tech form his world but upgrade and mixes some the two tech to make something more powerful you can spend however long say that he make a army so it can take a year to build up the army and he can slow take over the System Lord by Geass them all and after that he can go after Atlantis and take that over and rule over all like i said he will be like himself about more dark and evil what to rule all and with the Knowledge of the Goa'uld and some tech you can have were he fight so bad people that what to kill him and his girls loved ones yea add a harem of girls like C.C, his sister with her eyes and leg heated, Kallen, you add girls form Stargate like Sam Jennifer Hailey and some of their hot girls the whole story doesn't have to be all about them going at it like jack rabbits just some fun here and there it just love the idea of a crossover of Code Geass and Stargate just the hell rise you can wood be fun
or they can even come out on the planet that Atlantis is on in the first seasons and have it were Lelouch get to Atlantis first and Geass all them the to his will then take over the Stargate reality and rule it and try and find some way and they go to the planet with the second city-ship and fix it and find any ancient tech and he make a harem of all the girls like Teyla,Sam,Jennifer Hailey

Code Geass/Matrix git all the powers of the one in the matrix and can use the machine and control all them and the Machine city in the real world got the idea form Naruto/Matrix Crossover

Code Geass/Battlestar Galactic 2003 found on earth in Stasis Chamber after finding out that he can't die after a 80 years of his fake death a new war broke out so this time he wipe out all life and remake them in do so become father to the first five Cylons (in this stories there all female) the one Cylons became jealous of the love father had for the first five and went father went to sleep for a million he wipe the first five memories and put them as sleeper on earth and cause the nonhuman Cylons to start a war with the human of earth and then or was found in Stasis Chamber by the crew of Galactic went they found earth with no life they found an energy source so they follow it to were Lelouch was in Stasis Chamber so went the final five and 6 saw him in Stasis Chamber sealed in by the betrayer of father they kill the one that betrayed him and went 6 walk over to the Stasis Chamber she feel the need to touch the key pad next to the pod and It slow open and Lelouch set up and hug's 6 than he recreates human race on earth again but help out more

Code Geass/Dark Angel Lelouch is a X5 made by sand man but all info on him was wipe by sand man and he was sent way before war broke out you can say there real son die or was killed by Lelouch and he take his take and you can change the time line of Dark Angel were it happen before Britain take over
or it can be a program ran by some there government black ops i can say he can change the way he look by get some of the people blood it painful and transformation take day or 2 to complete turn and Lelouch was made to be Max mate

Code Geass/Gundam Wing mobile suit were Lelouch finds a hidden lad in the Shinjuku ghetto with Wing Zero and all the tech and info to fix and build more Gundams or Mobile Dolls anything also of Gundam reality you can add or put in more Gundam say there rebuild to be more powerful than the first one or any of the there mobile suit or mobile dolls and a way to make more and fix any the problems that they had Lelouch found the work went he came in a hologram of the one that trained Heero all the Sciences clone there brain into a together into one main AI so that the AI wood watch over the lab and help the next person that need Wing Zero help one the test was the room that in had artificial gravity and the person had to croll to the shut off bottom of the there side of room to test the will of the person and then with not have all the time in the world science use a injector to make Lelouch stronger, faster, smarter and be and to pilot the Gundam (kindred of like what the Spartan got in Halo but not too Terminator look kindred of like Heero in anime little taller and fast don't what get off track to fast) and if you what to you can make a Knightmare frame sized Gundam i think it would take 3 to 4 Frames stand on top of each there just to reach the cockpit of Gundam that funny come here little ant little frames run and hidden lol

Code Geass/HEROES he get all the powers of Sylar and Peter form the Future as a Geass he have to train in how long he can use the powers and they get more powerful the more he use them

Code Geass/Pitch Black & Riddick Lelouch know jack a girls and save her help her there close to age or only couple years of parts a love story and you can have it were Lelouch get the power of Geass and is through into Pitch Black planet and save her

Code Geass/Ironman Lelouch get all tony knowledge and build a Zero Ironman suit

Code Geass/Blue Gender Lelouch Immortal live to see what happen to earth than before the end of Blue Gender help out of stop some form happen you can say that he run ever thing form shadows in the end he Geass all the bad guys to stop them from destroy earth

Code Geass/Elfen Lied Lelouch is a just like Lucy and is immortal the first of there race love story

Code Geass/S-CRY-ED Lelouch get all the aTRAR power or a mix of two main character a mix of both

Code Geass/BIOSHOCK find the underwater city and take over all by Geass them Reaper and start fix and rebuild it can be after his fake death or before 2 season if can make up a way or idea how he got there

Code Geass what if Lelouch had a backup plan in case the black knight ever betrayed him 1.wood be that he gave ever one badges with a often sakuradite to kill them if they try to take them off or betrayed him 2. Fail-safe to destroy the knightmare frames if they betray him and any ship they use 3. if they betrayed him he will just Geass them 4. Neo-Knights Lelouch Private army that he hide and paid for by playing chess games for money he would use them before he but saved they as a backup plan for if his betrayed he even have some of them hidden themselves inside the black knights he can Geass prisoner and Braintain solider and have them hidden in plan sit Ditart is one of his Neo-Knights that he know form kid had 5. or he pick some of the elite and train them and he can Geass

Code Geass & Underworld Lelouch become a hybrid

Stargate/Code Geass C2 race was an experiment made by the Ancient to make a new more powerful immortal Warrior Race to fight for them but went the plague hit the Warrior Race turned and killed half of the Ancient before the ancient can kill half and push them back the plague had made the immortal Warrior Race more powerful than they were and destroyed any the fail-safe that the ancient put into them about 45% of the 100 that were killed off they got way in a battle city ship made specials they can have sex and have kids and they clone themselves two they can make non Warrior Race into one of them by giving them the power of Geass that turn them into one of them the Geass power Lelouch get turn him into a alp leader of C2 clan there last one die

Stargate/Dragon Ball Z or GT Goku takes as host by Goa'uld or marge with one because of his Saiyans DNA they marge and use the Saiyans tech to take over

Stargate Sg-1 & Atlantis & Blassreiter were john S get turn into after find a world compete over ran with monster that can merge with any tech stabs him turn him into one them but than Teyla bring him out his insane blood lust by saying she love him and wood die to save him

Kyle XY/Trinity Blood

Kyle XY/Stargate Kyle watch the TV show Stargate Sg-1 in his reality he fall in love with Samantha and what to help her & Sg-1 so he build a Quantum Mirror and use it to crossover to the Stargate reality he is evolved often to hold all that head sucker holds so went he crossover he find a head sucker and use it and find out that a portray type super-city-ship hidden that build to fight the enemy's of Ancient but was never used and hidden away with all information on it destroyed(and before you say Kyle is not smart often to build a Quantum Mirror and you true never watch the show)

Kyle XY/Dragon Ball Z Kyle & Jessi are thrown onto planet Vegata and trained as True Pure Blood Saiyans and sent back to Destroy or take over earth with the Saiyans tech and there infused with Saiyans blood make them pure bloods and the most powerful Saiyans even surpassing super saiyans

Kyle XY were Kyle become a Ring leader to a underground ring and Tom Foss is hired as his right hand man

Kyle XY Harem(poor kyle need some girls to show him what love is :)

Kyle XY were Kyle is trained by Tom Foss before sting everything up to look like he wake up In the woods he play good boy went he is running a underground ring of hackers and hitman he learns how to reprogram human minds that how he get spy and turn good cops bad he reprogram Amanda's mind and some there girls around the block and Nicole, Hilary, Jessi into his slaves

Kyle XY were Kyle & Jessi were made to be the next evolved form of the human kind by a cult that what to wipe out human kind for destroying earth kindly like the Dark Angel cult Zzys was trying to stop them Kyle & Jessi were program with all the knowledge of the DNA donors and they started couple underground ring and used puppet head guys to run the rings, one a hacker group that can hack into any systems within hours they become the most wanted hackers and they train there to that are as good as them

what would I do if I found a lab build by the Major with all the tech form Ghost in Shell Standalone Complex 60 years into the future so it bypass all the failures in the tech

Stargate Atlantis were John S is turn into a Ancient/Asgard hybrid by a modified head sucker and after the I.O.A. What to experiment on him. He break out and take control of Atlantis and throws every one that doesn't what to go with him off or I.O.A. what to strip Atlantis of all tech and destroy it John take over Atlantis hidden within the data core there a hidden program that copy any data core that come within a galaxy of the city so it have a up to date Asgard data core and after being turn John see that earth is not ready for the power of the Ancient or Asgard tech so he take near all of it back and set out to destroy the Wraith, Goa'uld and any there that can become a threat to the new empire that john what to build by mix tech form some of the different races and fly by to copy there data core after collection a lot of data core he finds a hidden system out the way that no one know about and goes back in time a thousand or two years to build up the empire to make the empire the most power form with in and he the Supreme King Commander or John goes rogue after earth or I.O.A. What to destroy Atlantis and take the entire tech form it before destroy Atlantis so John get together with near half the crew and take over Atlantis and fly off and use all the tech with in Atlantis to build a Empire he find out that by using the Ancient Gene he can make Atlantis do about just anything there hidden power, AI or something like that or form a different darker get the job done reality John finds a Gateship with a modified Alteration Reality/Time drive and in that reality the Wraith and some there enemies of earth team together to fight the last of the group that were held out in more power militarizes version of Atlantis was destroyed so John and Teyla jump into the modified Gateship witch had a data core of all the tech of that reality so they jump into the main reality of Stargate Atlantis and find the second city-ship and fix it up and use all the tech form there reality to make this one ten time more powerful and they can use I the reality drive to jump to there reality to copy there tech

Stargate Atlantis were John & Teyla find an Ancient lab that had a experiment device to help fight and stop the wraith the devices was made to view there reality and merge a different version of the users into one make them more powerful and it can copy tech two went the first scientist use it merge a evil version of the scientist and he try take over the ancients race but was killed and the device was lock always and all information was erase form the core and all knowledge about the device was sealed and went John & Teyla were running form the wrath them gated to the planet and found the lab and in try to find out what the lab was used for turn the device no and merge with a evil darker version of them in that reality the ancient rule all and John in that reality rule three Galaxy's and Teyla is his top mate and have control over his there harem went he not around he have 1,000 of super battle city ship and his fleet and they have modified city ships and merge with john the machine bring all his armor and weapons and his ship jump or were pulled into this reality and he use them to take over this reality and rule all as king commander and he immortal so is Teyla and the harem

Smallville weird pairs and crossover Clark/Kara, Lois, Chloe,

Smallville/Stargate were Clark find a Goa’uld that have taking Kryptonian race as host before and was hold in static for the crime it did to the Kryptonian race in the cave and it take Clark as host and under the cave is the ship that the Goa'uld had built with a mix of Goa’uld and Kryptonian tech make it more powerful than anything and with Clark body he take over earth and enslave all hot girls in Clark life and some of the Stargate reality to make offspring with the Goa'uld/Kryptonian genes and powers or Stargate/Smallville Goa'uld scientist that was experiment with reality traveling jump into Smallville reality and finds Clark in the corn field in the being of the series the Goa'uld scientist can tell Clark not human so the Goa'uld take Clark as a host and the Kryptonian Genes(DNA) start to kill the Goa'uld so to save himself he merge with Clark mixing some of Clark personality and the Goa'uld personality make a whole new personality that what to take everything and rule as a God but he will not become too full of himself he will be level mind and know his limits and with the Kryptonian DNA and the key to his ship that Kal-El came to Earth in and Jor-El had load it with the hole Kryptonian Races Knowledge or the Crystal of Knowledge and with the new control of his body he can download all the Knowledge into his mind so he can use it to mix and build more powerful ship and armies and after enslave earth than the Galaxy if there any alien races to enslave too or he can after enslaving earth and build up a army and go back and take over everything in his reality he enslave all the girls Clark know and then can change them into hybrids so they become Goa'uld Queens/Kryptonian empower them with Kryptonian powers and Goa'uld knowledge and by turn them into Goa'uld/Kryptonian hybrid he in turns make the Symbiote more powerful and can make them only fallow his command if they try to betray him they die from fail safe in code into their DNA and I am going to break the kryptonite weaknesses with the merge with Goa'uld DNA with Kryptonian DNA they still feel the power of kyptonite but not as powerful as before

Naruto/Stargate Naruto take over by Baal or the half ascend Gould and with the nine tails help force them all to merge to save his life make something more power than the demon fox, Goa’uld and after the merging Naruto with a Goa’uld personality and the nine tail fox power set out to take over the world than the galaxy

Naruto/Gundam Wing mobile suit were Naruto get kick out of leaf for not bring Sukgay found a hidden lad or base with Wing Zero and all the tech and info to fix and build more Gundams & Mobile Dolls anything also of Gundam reality you can add or put in more Gundam say there rebuild to be more powerful than the first one or any of the their mobile suit or mobile dolls and a way to make more and fix any the problems that they had Naruto found the work went he came in a hologram of Doc J that trained Heero all the Sciences clone there brain into a together into one main AI so that the AI wood watch over the lab and help the next person that need Wing Zero help one the test was the room that in had artificial gravity and the person had to croll to the shut off bottom of the three side of room to test the will of the person and then with not have all the time in the world science use a injector to make Naruto stronger, faster, starter and be able to pilot the Gundam (kindred of like what the Spartan got in Halo but not too Terminator look kindred of like Heero in anime little taller and fast don't what get off track to fast) after learn ever thing of the Gundam reality Naruto start he own village hidden in the Metal or Shadows build it on top the base and size down so of the mobile dolls to act as village guards make any and all tech with fail safe after a year or two of build up a village and power start destroy or take over village and using the old leader as puppets to control their village than after take over all there village leave the Leaf village for last to show them his power and what they could had if you had not betrayed him some of his class mate can join him and he can after been train my Doc J make some defense of gets there bloodlines or like the snake immortally to steal their body before destroy leaf he finds Sukgay and beats him near to death and throws his broke body in the leaf village to see how meate the Uhica are the one that are innocent he will left them live he improver on the mobile dolls system by clone or imprint a copy of his brain into all the mobile suit so that if someone were to betray his the imprint will take over and kill the pilot

Naruto/Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex were Naruto finds a hidden base that the Magjor set up as a fall out hidden out with all the tech of the anime and clone her ghost to the main core computer they made a positronic brain to bypass any fail went there in a Cyberbrain so they made a positronic brain more powerful than anything ever made before it pass any disease of Cyberbrain like Closed shell syndrome,Cyberbrain Sclerosis and even made hacking and alteration of one Memories or sensory input impossible and the only way was to get close to the Positronic brain but weven what was out of the question with all the defense the new body had building to them the Prositronic brain alone with the new Cyborg body were built to be self-repairing with the help of Nano or Micro machine were upgrade to the point that they can remake an arm of a Cyborg in min or even reattach the arm that ripp out the base was set up as a fall out base for the Major with all the tech of her races Operator were set up to keep the base up and ruining and ever thing working and the it was build inside or hidden in a Geo-front that the Major had been working on for years and no one know of about it if they did they didn't live long enough to tell some one else the Geo-front is a add in that way Naruto will be able to make army of cyborgs and any there war machine

Doctor Who/Halo Doctor Who/Stargate Doctor Who/Smallville Doctor Who/Naruto Doctor Who/Andromeda Ascendant Trance and Doctor Who know each there immortals mates Doctor Who/Kyle XY Kyle/Rose, Doctor/Jessi Doctor Who/TSCC Doctor Who/Blood Plus Doctor Who/ there weird crossovers

Doctor Who/Neon Genesis Evagenlion were the doctor find Shinji at the Train station after His dad leave him and take him in a raise him and went hit about 13 years old he get hurt and may Die so the doctor does a blood in fuse and make Shinji a half time-lord get him the power to heal Fast and be as smart as the Doctor 9th or 19th doctor Shinji&Rose pairing

Doctor Who /Harry Potter the TARDIS show up in Harry’s baby room before Voldemort can kill Lily and try kill Harry they leave with the 9th or 10th Doctor and learn live until Harry will have go to school both Lily and Harry get hurt so they get turn into time-Lords and time-lady

Dark Angel & Halo,Dark Angel & Stargate Sg-1 & Atlantis ,Dark Angel & TSCC ,Dark Angel & Kyle XY, Dark Angel & Blood ,Dark Angel & Doctor who, Dark Angel & Andromeda Ascendant ,Dark Angel & Naruto, Dark Angel & NGE, Dark Angel & Code Geass, Dark Angel & Gundam Wing Mobile Suit ,Dark Angel & Trinity Blood, Dark Angel & Underworld Awakening, Dark Angel & Resident Evil, Dark Angel & Lost in Space(it just wood be funny), Dark Angel & Ultraviolet, Dark Angel & Harry Potter ,Dark Angel & Blassreiter Dark Angel & Bioshock, Dark Angel & there weird crossover ,Dark Angel & Hitman

Matrix went Neo inter into Smith to destroy him he absorbed some of smith personality and went Trinity life was on the line the personality started to merge with Neo and make him evil what To take over the matrix and control all

TSCC weird pairing John & Jess F. I Think I read a stories were a copy of the came form a different future ever they were in lover

TSCC Sarah & Derek kill Cameron and John snap and joins SkyNet SIC and become a Hybrid

Andromeda Ascendant/Code Geass LL is found on a empty planet in clothes he die in went he wake up on the Andromeda with Trance he try to Geass to git info but it doesn't work trance git mad and tell Lelouch if he try to Geass any one on the crew she throw him out airlock become apart of the crew and help out and Geass so bad guys to help if attacked Or for fun he Geass everone to he will and can't Geass Trance and she make him become the captain of ship and to keep do what the crew was before they Geass

Harry Potter/Stargate Atlantis were Harry&Hermione leave earth by use the a Stargate in Chamber of Secrets that gate to a Star Forge build by the ancients with all there tech and copy of all the database of all the there races hidden way for safe keep all update by subspace through the Stargate network they all know about the station was build for war so they don't feel the need to stop or destroy the station programed probes were sent out to collection database core form all race and in any there reality they wood go to planet like the Tollens and copy there database core and leave a hidden command to send update through the Stargate network ever couple of years there even use Alternate reality drives and time drive like in the Gateship form Atlantis to jump to reality like Star wars, Star trek, Code Geass, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing ,Dark Angel, Battlestar Galactic 2003.Matrix,Halo list of all show and reality to git tech,human,form and copy all tech,humans,powers that can be useful and help there races if it doesn't cause the probe to be destroy the Forge sent out millions to find different tech to make it more powerful and does update and use tech to make it self more powerful if the Races detach it and caches the probe to find out way it try to copy there database core all the probe are connect together and to the Star Forge so all copy database go right to the Star Forge Main Database right after copy the Probe can't be back hack if the race is as powerful as the forerunner(Halo) the Probe or station will help them the forerunner Council see the that there races Lacey can live on in the Star Forge so they Build one more powerful ship with all there tech build into it and all there knowledge and a copy of DNA of all life that they reseeding after they fire the Halo ring to the Star Forge with DNA of all there races and copy of their conscious they were going to leave in Keyship to different reality were there were no flood to live there life somewhat to past into after life having live so long some went into Stasis Chamber and had the probe send the Ark of Knowledge to the Star Forge to join with the station, anything even robot were copy like the NS5 form I'Robot to be use have ever the new Surmper Commander what to any and all tech wood to be use and mix to find better more powerful weapons, power supply, armor, cyborg body the probes use a mix of tech to help them git the job done some the same tech Drone use phase shit to in and exits ships with being bectid

Death Note/Blood plus were Saya or Diva finds light dyeing and turns him into Her chevalier
Stargate Atlantis/Star trek TNG or Voyager
TSCC/BLOOD PLUS Saya finds John after a Terminator attack he dieing so she turn him into a chevalier(they never said how he save mankind in the future


Naruto/Blood Plus Naruto found by Saya at the Village end and dieing and Saya Turn him into a Chevalier Saya would be a little more cold blood after finding Naruto and see how his life was like through his blood yea she got more powerful over the year they disappear for 2 years to train and learn or you can say he learn all the powers form drinks her blood and become a Chevalier Higia die years ago after a leaf Ninja attack Saya went she sleeping and finding Naruto and see how life made hate the leaf more they can turn some village in feet solider to use to attack the leaf you can say there some block meronise of attacks and there things like him finding out about his dad and have them blocked by the 4 making him snap and what to burn the village he came save some of girls and add them to a harem Saya a little kindly or after Saya turn Naruto they make their own Village hidden in Blood Saya as the ruler and they turn anyone that join into a Chevalier to build up a army and they try to find ways to make them more powerful or shift

Naruto/Doctor Who the Doc come to Leaf and finds a mob attack Naruto at 4 years old and stop them
save Naruto and take him with him and trains him or help him use the Fox powers and then being him back to go to the Leaf so he came be trained at the academe to be a ninja and protect his father village and the Doctor can do some blood adoption that give Naruto some Time-lord powers or he go back to destroy them or find a way to remove the fox form Naruto keep all tails of power but fox still have all her power the fox can take the form of Naruto sexy no jest. say went Naruto get back he remove all the bad people of village in the Doctor who way for fun

Stargate/Naruto were Naruto founds out that his whole life was a lie and snap and merge with the fox or the leaf try to kill him after Pain attack seen that is getting to strong he and the fox merge and see thousands of mernoies block by the Third Hokage using the Yamanaka clan mind techniques to lock way his meronies of overheads things that not so to or find out and never the end before merging that make Naruto snap the council tell Naruto Pain was part of his clan or uncle or close to some that wood make Naruto snap they even bring out all his fake friends to make him shiufre more the part of his Father soul see and feels all that Naruto does and merge together with them giving all the power his had before the sealing he goes insane ripp each and every one there apart slaughters them and destroy the Leaf village and start attacking there village that come after him a year or two he clams down fall in love and try to have a family a group what the powers of the nine tails finds the family kills them all in front of him make him snap again and going insane and wiping out nearly all life on the planet but some group bands together and seals Naruto way in a void prison where he sleep for millions of years and the planet was Naruto reality or race lived on and they all know about the there the group or cult the Goa’uld attack after Naruto been prison for millions of years the group lose most or all there powers and after thousands of years they turn into a cult trying to fined some way to take Naruto powers for they self but the Wraith cull attack or Goa’uld attack destroying most of there world the Cult been piss off set free Naruto in hope he wood destroy all wraith and or Goa’uld than they can lock him back up but before he leaving he wipe out the cult and before leave his steal copy of all there memoires to know what going on in the time or there that crystal that old lady gave him there a connected between him and the crystal so he see all that happen on the out side

Naruto I wood love to read a stories were there using seals and mind control clan teach on Naruto so much that it become he power and he take control

Naruto/Stargate Atlantis & Sg-1 were Naruto finds a modified Battle city ship with all the most up to date tech of the ancient and any of there races that they were allies with they build the modified battle city ship for a was a way to live past the Plague and Wraith they are started build the Battle City-Ship was a way to seed different Reality went the Plague hit the ship was lunch and they lose connect with them say they jump to the Naruto reality and half die and half seed Naruto reality the ship have all there tech and way to make more of anything and there cloning pods that have all the DNA of all the Alterans or any races they can cross there a modified Repository of Knowledge with all the races they can cross and they update by a hidden update code inside all there data base core that way he have up to date tech and knowledge of all races there is a DNA Resequencers with all the races DNA to mix and make a new more powerful race you can set up what Naruto look like and went he finds or say that the Battle City-Ship Main AI is waiting for a powerful person with ancient blood that wood live through the DNA Resequencers you can say the Nine tail fox add to Naruto made him powerful so the AI transported him to the DNA Resequencers made him more powerful than download all the Repository of Knowledge into his head you can make up some way for him to work this out with all the power and Knowledge he can take over all and rule over the world and then the galaxy or been the good guy and help everyone and if you what to make a harem of girls that been nice to him or he can reprogram their minds or enslave them to his will

Stargate Dark One were I.O.A or Trust are more like the Goa’uld they have more control and take all the tech and get what they what they use the Asgard or Ancient cloning to make themselves immortal and have clone Goa’uld and Jaffa and modified the body so they can't kill them and take over they holds they stolen copy of all the races tech they even sent out ship to take over there reality in their name they fight over holdings and have two different ship and tech and have a fight out between the two to see how wins and in the fight one cheat and the ship self drective sending the there ship into hyperspace ripping a hole in the reality come out onto a earth not like he’s own the was hit so he have too set down and make repairs

Dark Stargate a more Genii or Militarizes version of Earth is attacked by all the group enemy the Ori after being piss there gods die join up with the Genii, Wraith, last of the Goa'uld and attack earth with the last of their races or ship and forces they end of up destroying most of earth and the last saviors set off thousands of Gatebusters near a activate gate destroying there enemy's with them but before that a more Militarizes version of Atlantis with upgrades made by some of the ascend ancients that came down and help with the upgrade Atlantis and mix with Asgard tech, Tollens tech and some stealing tech form the Ori, Wraith, Goa'uld there were going to upgrade a dozen of ship with Atlantis and use them to spear head a attack again there enemy's with them and hopeful wipe them out before they attack earth the Supreme Commander or King of Earth die on earth and John S is the next King the Asgard with the Ascend Ancient help made a clone body’s that the Asgard can transferred into that are better then there old body for help earth they are more human like went earth blow Atlantis and the dozen or two ship were leaving for the attack and they were throwing into the main reality of Stargate because the thousands of Gatebuster going off near a activate gate ripp a hole in the barrier of reality and throw them into that reality after find out that there in a different reality they set up a shield world and send out gate ship to find Ancient tech and the sister city ship of Atlantis in that reality and if you what they can find the Atlantis of that reality and fix it or wait into earth send a team to Atlantis that way the can make a connect to earth and help them with all the tech and help form the ascend ancient of their old reality there ships,base,world are shield form ever thing the Gate ship are even load with all the tech and they can load all these people on one gate ship with flat space tech make the gate ship inside millions of time bigger and is loaded with all the weapons they have and in the middle of all ships, base, worlds are a baseball size spares that can beam all life and any tech base, ship into itself and shift jump to a different planet way form what attack them and can hidden or jump to a pock of space no one can get to

Stargate the Asgard they can't fix themselves so they go back to the first clone before all the modification Made to their DNA so they raise them and tech they all they know and fake there die to put all there time into help their new race to raise above themselves why don't they use robot body's?

What if Harry had his magic sealed after kill Voldemort because ever one is greed and what his money and they kick him out Britain wizard world and having his sealed magic forces his magic to evolved him past the ancient, Forerunner and make him a demigod so something more powerful and after this happens the wizardry world get scary and try to kill him and he get piss off and hunt down ever one and kill them or take over the wizard world and rule with iron fist over like in or like in The Frozen Soldier by KitsuneTenshi124 get bore of life and goes to sleep and went the Covenant attack wakes him up he get piss and kill them he have hidden base, Factories all over the world hidden so good no can find them a small hidden base that he use for couple years before moving again to hide was found by ONI original suit is what project MONJOR AND SPI IS BASED ON
or after kill Voldemort everyone thinks Harry to Powerful so the seal his magic and take all is waizd thing and kick him out with his magic seal it evolved him all the way up to Ancient or Forerunner and a hidden base ditac the energy Harry evolving put out and the warzd to and the try to send out the order
to kill him a sentinel or monitor git to him first and tell him the history of the race his apart of now went the hitwaizd pop up to try and kill him a battle sentential transports in front of him and activate shields and stop the attack and fire a beam back at him kill and turn and kill all hitwarids

What if Harry was subjected to the worst fate possible in the DOM? Watching everyone die. What if he defeated Voldemort and partially Ascended and absorbed all the knowledge of the Alterrans/Ancient and the Forerunner Races can say they sent a key ship load with all tech and knowledge to live on in different reality

Harry Potter/Dragon Ball Z were Harry's dad is was a Transgenic Saiyans made in Secret Genetic Engineering program set up by King Vegeta after find out that the Tuffle were try to Genetic engineering their own super solider to fight the Saiyans have to fight with one of the Solider made from this programs King Vegeta saw the need to make the Saiyans race more powerful he set up a hidden secret base were all the smarts, most powerful Saiyans were set to guard the lab and after get DNA and copy all tech and Knowledge of the Saiyans race to a hidden lunch pod if Planet Vegeta was destroy and he die the pod wood be lunch with were than know to the Saiyans they even found tech on a planet they destroy that can clone someone with only there DNA and a flash copy of their mind so in a way they can be reborn if they die DNA of all the race that King Vegeta though wood be useful the program had be running for years before Frieza show up the clone can have of all the Techniques and special abilities that the clone come form make go perfect solider to fall orders went give there were 5 test subjects in the first try in mix blood of two different races to see if they can git the powers of the Namekian to be able to regrow a lose arm they git this power and add it to the Transgenic so they can Regeneration any body parts even the head all the test subject were the best of the best went Frieza became a problem King Vegeta sent all them after Frieza to git DNA form him and hopeful kill Frieza after two week the 1 of the 5 attack balls sent to kill Frieza return the only thing inside was Frieza right arm the arm bone had 4 broke bones and the crash hand in poded and a smart portable version of a flash clone to clone Frieza Techniques and special abilities the FCD(Flash Cloner Device) after testing the DNA and see that Frieza had about the same regeneration powers as the Namekian a little slower they add the DNA and a clone of Frieza into the Ark so protect it and there new master with all powers and ability add to one new clone they hope that this clone Frieza could be used to destroy Frieza but Frieza attack Planet Vegeta before the clone even hit age 5 so King Vegeta went and modified the Growth rate of the Clone and lock of the ship down and kill all the scientist all had been flash clone and there clone body had be modified and be programmed for absolute loyalty to their new master the the ship AI programmed to raise the Clone baby and train him to be able to restart the Saiyan race off hidden some were so that the Saiyan race would raise again a Frieza clone(In his fine forum that level he was at went the arm was ripped off so that the forum the clones take) was made to watch over and protect the went the Heavy Modified Attack balls 5x times the size of their attack balls flat space tech was use to add clone pods and there weapons, Factories that can make anything of Saiyan races had ever had or come crossover as useful went the pod crash(like the attack balls do went they Land lol) on Britain England Potter ascertain castle past down garnet after gaernt to next head of family get it the lod landing in the back yard the own Mr. Potter & Ms. Potter were only ones home at the time and they had been try to have a kid (kind like the Kent's form Smallville how Clark was found by them and taking in) they found the pod the door open and lent them in they walk up were the pod holding future James the on bod AI tell the future parents what happen that there race had be wipe out and James was the last of his race they ask a little more about them and the AI told the about Saiyan race and how James was the ship and all inside new master they look through all the informant and said that if they were going to rise James that they do it there way so they talk James and did blood apots and sealed his Saiyans side way and lock the ship up and hide it and tie the seals and lock waldes they put on the ship locking anything and everything in so nothing can git out and hidden it under the Potter Castle and then sealed and lock(unplottability) up the or down the Potter Castle and put it under new more powerful Fidelius Charm on the house and moving into or billing Godric Hollow make everyone forget about Potter Castle they lived happy rising James went they die all the Fidelius charms and all else Potter Castle went to James but he never know about it so he never look into it so went James got Lily pragent and they moved into Godric Hollow and live into until Voldemort came to kill them and after James die the charm fall and AI see this sent a Clone Frieza to get Harry after Harry was hit by the Killing Curse it waked his Saiyan side full make him grow a tail(with no weakness) went the Transgenic were made that was one of the weakness removed it was a full moon out make Harry change into Great Ape transformations and destroy half the village and Frieza01 watch and recorded all and then went Harry fall sleep F01 returned him to the ship to learn and rise the Saiyan races on this planet
or Harry grow up as he did in the movies and then after killing Voldemort the waizd world seal his magic and take all that the potter possess in seal his magic the Fidelius charm fall and the AI locals Harry by the Saiyan DNA in him and sends Frieza01 then can try and kill him public and see that his friends have turn their back on him he waking his Saiyans side cause the AI to local him and sent Frieza01 after the friends turn on him he thinks fuck it if i can i kill them all after breaking lose one of the Auror try to use the Cruciatus Curse on him hope to caught him in doing so cause him to go Super Saiyan add the anger that he feel at the wizards world than Clone Frieza show up and drop in front of Harry on one knee (Like in Code Geass how the solider come up to the King) Harry surprise at first and then get a fare away look (were AI Connect to Harry by Nano in his Blood) dark look in his eyes and say in a voices of steal Commands Frieza to kill them all only leave his old friends(send pic of them to Frieza metal) for him Frieza still knee(like Dark Vader) "As you command, my master." and get up and turn around holds out his right arm and shot a Barrage Death Beam killing hundreds in one shot will they all start run Harry use Instant Transmission(all Saiyans technique and powers were programmed into the clone so they know how to use them) in front of were there run they first try to curse him see it not work so they start say were sorry were sorry for back stabbing you don't kill use please Harry slowly raise his hand and incasing Ron in a Imprisonment Ball and move it up in to the sky and detonated it listen to Ron screams(yea i hate Ron fucking back stabber fucker) see this Hermione fall to ground crying Harry turn back to them and hit Ginny with Death Beam as she try to run way form him he turn back to Hermione, N.Tonks, Daphne(see power),Bellatrix(under Glamor),Fleur(because of her and sister animal side feel the power Harry Saiyan side giving off joins him, Gabrielle(older around 17),Hannah and Bellatrix after seen the power what to leave Voldemort and join him he walk over to Hermione and point a finger at her heard and injects Nanobot in to control Hermione, N.Tonks, Hannah, Luna so they whatn't betrayed him and (went he wakening his Saiyan side the Nanobot woke to help out and the Ship AI connect to them and info him of his new lease on life all him and his solider, ship are connect by hive mind and close it if need you can say his master or king connect only use it went need) call Frieza back doesn't what all the new slave to be kill off he and his new harem head to Hogwarts(school whatnot destroy harry kill Voldemort in the Grave yard where he came back) he take over Hogwarts after have to kill off the teacher that attack him Dumbledoor(don't like him lie too much) come run out to save the day than get throw again the door frame by Harry use Telekinesis and drad over to Harry use telekinesis stand him up to see his face at the true that what the betrayed have done Dumbledoor start crying saying sorry over and over Harry get piss and that not of often use imprisonment ball Harry throw Dumbledoor up screaming than detonate it listening to screams of one that fuck up he life so much lol Harry walk into the Great Hall the ceiling light up spelling here Come the the King of King of Saiyan(the Saiyan race is die in this reality say the ship went through a worm hole into different reality than to earth) you can say that the ship lunch a probe that had went to check out the world that the ship had land on that the probe found Salazar Slytherin dyeing after a muggle attack him(before he hate muggles) the Probe saved his life and had him repay it by modified Hogwarts for Harry to take control went need and to build the Chamber of Secrets and have Basilisk(Harry didn't kill it Voldemort couldn't control it) guard it the Basilisk modified and made more powerful with Nanobots the Camber of Secrets was build to house the Ship if ever need that wood than in turn make Hogwarts true undestroyable with all the tech in the ship the AI can make a Worm hole into there reality after Ging through one it can recreate the same out come 2 years of take over earth and enslave everyone Harry set his idea into moshing about take over there reality betraying

or Naruto/Dragon Ball Z were the Leaf betrayal Naruto and sealed his chakra and try kill him in front of the village and all his fake friends his does the same with Sakura,Ino,Hinata,Hannbi and some there hot chick some he enslave some join him for the power he know have like Anko

Harry Potter/Stargate Atlantis were Harry hit with a on unknown spell and is throwing into Atlantis reality On to the planet Teyla is on years before Atlantis series start or went Harry younger and beating to near death he Magic sends him to Teyla planet to be found by 14 year old Teyla who help him and fall in love with him After years of taking care of him and the planets there have more magic than earth so Harry more powerful and can stop the Wraith form coming Or near were Harry live near a experiential lab that is ancient build they can form a different reality And made Harry's race and went the AI programed into the labs core detect Harry near death state Send him into the Stargate or quantum mirror but before download all the Ancient Knowledge before send Him through and come out on Teyla planet

Ancients, Forerunner, Star wars race that made the star forge any there smart, powerful pool there tech to make a more powerful race and hope spread peace

(Halo)Forerunner Faber after be put on trails he feels betrayed by his race so using his knowledge and power to modified a Keyship with all the tech and knowledge of the Forerunner race using some forerunner tech he copy his minded to the computer core of the Keyship and returns to the city to evak with there of his races leave the keyship with commands to lunch and find someone that have the same mind set and drive to do what he what but couldn't after siting in hidden for 5 thousand years the Keyship git a single form it hidden network of drones sent out to all the know planet with life to find a host a new leader to lead the new Forerunner Races as the one the powerful race in the know Galaxy the ship have a cloning level that set to preds modified clone of Forerunner with no will of their own only if the new Lord Commander wish it and even than there are Fail-safe in places that if there betray there new Lord Commander they be killed before they can or reprogrammed to be use a spy the core than wood transferred a copy of all of it memories and knowledge in to the Lord Commender and essentially merging his personality with the Lord Commander and transforming him into a full blooded Forerunner more powerful than Faber ever was Faber saw the useful need for the modified the Durance to hold a hole copy of a individual memories and or mental patterns so they can be cloned so the wood not lose so mean gifted minds of the Forerunner races

Naruto Parents live and go off to train his twin sister thinking the village with do as they ask and went they come back Naruto find out they be live this hole time don't what any thing to do with them

Naruto Parents lived and went off to train Naruto twin sister and come back to kill him to add twist to that Naruto and Naruko have had a twin connect sense birth and can feel everything the there feels and went there Dad return to kill Naruto it force a Merge of the Nine tail and Naruto and Make Naruko more powerful to they both attack and ripp there parent apart after tell them how wrong there wore and make them relive all Naruto Memorizes Naruto ripp daddy apart arms and legs and leave him to bleed to die and destroy the leaf and leave the people that have be nice to him live and He can take Ino,Sakura and some there girls after reprogram them and Anko join him for the power he have

Naruto Parents are live and they ran off to train and come back to kill Naruto and as there about to cut off his head his daddy tell ever one what he plan and how he did it making Naruto mind snap and the Nine tail merge into one and than attacking and ripping off daddy arms and slow kills him in front

find this idea in a stories I was reading it wood be cool stories Your Soul Mine stories Naruto woke up and saw the ANBU in the same position as before, he crawled forward and pulled himself up using the ANBU as support. All this time the ANBU looked down in amusement.

"Aww. Is the little demon brat going to cry?"

"No." Naruto's head snapped up and the look in his eyes froze the ANBU to his very soul, "But… YOUR SOUL IS MINE!"

The mob watched in fascinated horror as the demon brat pulled the ghostly visage of the ANBU out of his body and started to absorb it into his hand. His injuries started to heal before their very eyes as the soulless body fell to the ground(wood be cool if he can control the soulless bodys).

"None of you will live to see sunrise."

"I hope you don't mind if I borrow your sword, Zabuza. Not that you can stop me anyway." Naruto ignored the grunt from the critically injured man as he lifted the massive sword with one hand and held it to his side.

"None of you will leave this bridge alive."

The bandits and Gato started to sweat in fear, as if they were looking at the Grim Reaper himself.

"I will be merciful to you my brother and end this quickly." Naruto lifted Gaara up by his neck as the audience watched, only those from Konoha knew what was about to happen, "Your Soul, is mine!"

Naruto dropped Gaara to the ground as the sand started to swirl around Naruto; Temari and Kankuro and the rest of the Suna ninja felt a glimmer of hope that Gaara was still alive though for different reasons but that hope was soon crashed by Naruto.

"Interesting ability. Sand Shuriken!" He sent two fuma-style sand shurikens towards a tree, cutting it into three before sending another torrent of sand to crush another tree just like Gaara's Sand Coffin. but it wood be more cool if he can control all the body's of soul he eat like army of the soulless

Dream that I found a hidden lab with a mix of all tech form all different reality hidden in it own dimension of space a puck of space were no one can git into the lab I was hiking through the wood up by red rock dam and I wood half way through the trail went I saw a with glow come form in the woods off the trail it flash a couple time think it may be a camper or hiker that got hurt I ran to the light it flash faster as I got close to it and went I was a couple of feet way it jump up at me all I could say was shit before I fleet my body and mind being rip apart thousand of time and put back together I fleet a thousand of time better than ever in my life I start think what was the flashing light and all the knowledge of million of races and million of life and years fulled my mind it hurt I black out and wake up and a biggest room I had ever see and went I start think why am I here a hologram of a blue color women appeared in front of me Cortana I yelled hell yea she smiled at me

Halo & Naruto crossover Graveyard Maelstrom by JuSt Some RaNDoM PsYchO The forerunners had mastery over the realm slip-space, and several other alternate dimensions, far surpassing any other known species. They had already placed a means of rejoining a Slipspace world with the rest of the universe, I simply used it."

Andromeda Ascendant I marge or take over Dylan Hunt or Seamus Harper or make my own body to marge with a mix of DNA form Ascendants Ancients before and after they Ascendent give me all there powers and Wraith DNA to copy or drink and there telepathy powers and long life and the Ori powers I mix the different DNA to remove any weakness a clone of Adria with all powers and I can remove weakness of there powers by use DNA of there races to fix the problems I can us genetic knowledge to make army of clone to build ship and force worlds. Tollan I build a AI to take all data cores and to mix the tech to make more powerful weapons, ship, people list of Asgard, Nox, Furling, Furyans or Alpha Furyan, Necromonger Empire DNA of all in movies Kryptonian crystal of Knowledge datacores have copy of everything weapons people and I can clone so one form the race as they are at any time in the time line and make fallow my will or reprogram as I what to

Andromeda Ascendant I was the last of Race that was born near a avatar home world so we have to be reclose to or bonded with a avatar to live to bonded empowers us to live as long as the avatar we bonded to the bond can only be broke by the avatar or by them dieing and that us life so that that we can bo

like TSCC Cameron with all tech of terminator with her base form more in power with all terminator tech

For Create or dreaming up a all-out super me I or him 101 sent a super city-ship with tech datacore and clones of all the celebs I what clone and supp body with mixes of DNA form different race after shifing to my new body and try it out with some of the clone I sent out drones to clone some girls I know in school and that hot school teacher tit I saw can stop clone at 20 or 18 make a copy of Internet and copy all DVD send a Drone into the future 25 years to do the same with of all the DNA of all the Race force the body to evolved to a state of existence as pure energy and as a base form I can transformation to hidden myself and in new evolved form I can add DNA of different race to imperfect base to make myself more powerful without any weakness of the race

dream 3-24-12 that I had wake light star wars powers so I was take form earth by the last tlwight user Female Raven she trained me for 200 years in that time we fall in love and we take over the gaxleys

Lord of Shadows by voider Harry & Lucy went Voldemort cut Harry down it break the prison I was in I went into a rage and destory half the Department of Mysteries I am a ancient I have see millions of empire,race,humiods come and go time have no meaning to me until I find my soul mate I feel her call to me her mother was killed I can't break free power to low I started drawing power back power I lonely for the family that watch over as I sleep or that were stoaling form me went I was sleeping waiting for my soul-mate to complete me all ancients house know my story past down to each generation about 60% of there side join the grey fraction with in mins after heard I wake went I hibeat I impower group of ancient house to watch over me there tie to me bless by me by sreveing and protect me in my sleep they empowerd and if they die they wood live on within me so broke the tie bless like the Malfoys,Dumbulore what to use me as a mindless weapons to rule all went I broke free I was piss (what Gravemind does went talking to people minds but it doesn't hurt Harry or Lucy) after dore vold hit Harry with cut curse he start to fall I come up throught the floor and take over Harry Body and Start heal him ever one watch this happen voldmort No nono this can't be happen I chuckled laughet open Harry's eyes to show there pureblack voldmort started scream you not real I Chuckled even louder my vocies sound like Goa'uld with more dark tine to it with Gravemind vovie mix in) whys that tommy I been around before human walk this planet as slow walk to him he started throwing killing curse at me I asbored them make me glow what you can't do that scream voldment why can't I am the one that gave human kind those powers and that curs I hald my hand out for using magic againt me the one that gave you magic I take it back I ripp tom magic out his started scream I can see his body is made up of magic so I turn hum human again and throw him to were Dumbledore is hidden I call Dumbledore you have betrayed me I ripped Dumbledore magic out and he die or second idea is I have to possen Harry body to break free and help them I have a body that can handy my powers hidden away in a world city ship is the mixs of all the best tech of all of great race before two of them fall and the there went into hidden any and all new upgrade in there tech is sent through communication devices hidden in the main data core of all races went the Asgard fake there death they transferred there main data core and minds into the world city ship and clone the first body and used cyberborg body or make more clone body of the first in powerful I use main characters like form S-CRY-ED with Alatar powers more powered by using DNA modified I use a mix of different character to man & run my ship Rei empowered with different powers so if a enemy learn to block one they can't block the there and 2 Rei's is made so Angel DNA is more empower and the weakness are removed so nothing can hurt them or me so they can use AT Fields with mix different that the body can handle with army I mix ship & Mobile Dolls & Gundams the Mobile Dolls have a AI Cortana connect to them all so no mix up happen with all the tech of all reality in my hand all that left is to travel all reality and take them over the one I what if I what to watch what would happen if said characters was evil what all I can sit down and watch or marge with him

Daydreams what would a Celeb do if there throwing into there role of a characters they play in a show, movie like if Jessica Alba was throw into Dark Angel wood so sat in role or run

a me form a different level of dimension sent a started ship with all tech form his level and all the level before his and any daydream, dream you have create a new reality in you dimensions level the ship was created by a me if a Stargate level that form out that he was a experimented made by 4 different alien race that come together to make a new race fore more powerful them themselves he evolved to a level that past the Ancient and the Other and build a Empire and he saw the there dimensions level and made the ship and sent it to next level and the each add there tech to the ship

list of power form all TV show, movies, animes, games
Dead Bone pules

Naruto can copy bloodline and power with just some power of the person and there Knowledge
look up crossover with Code Geass/Gundam Wing Mobile suit

Naruto & Anko

Bleeders there not crossovers it like if Harry Potter was walking around in the woods and fall into a hole and found a city ship hidden by the ancient that was up like a ark it can be form a different reality to seed humans on this planet so in a way some of the Stargate bleed into harry potter reality but he doesn't go to that reality can a forerunner Keyship stand toe to toe with a ancient city-ship with 3 ZPM and all weapons on both

I /Trinity Blood/Code Geass/Stargate/Andromeda Ascendants /massive crossover after collection data cores of main realities have a Master AI to pick with be next reality to go to next
Marge with Lelouch or take & marge the personally aspeck I what

List of powers & blood trails Naruto blood lines

Blassreiter, S-CRY-ED

Naruto & Metal Gear solid

Code Geass/Bleach

Dark Angel & Resident Evil because of how the X5s are made they can’t get turn into zombies

The largest Intergalactic Empire Since the Alterrans or and new name

John rebuild the Altrerrans Empire

DNA Requencer, Zenith Shipyards, Kuat shipyards in star wars

Stargate Atlantis Weird crossover

Is there a lock on Atlantis true powers?

If there a city-ship found on earth or Mars to make more and fix them

The IOA make a move to Destroy Atlantis. Sheppard can’t stand by & just watch

What if John S. got tired of how Earth or IOA was run thing and he was hidden the true him from everyone Teyla found out and joins him using the DNA Requencer & Ascension Machine in a way the Altrerrans need Though of evolves John & Teyla past the Altrerran and make them the most powerful race that the THERE feared the Ancients wood evolve to & using the Attack on Asuran to steal couple of City-ship & Aurora-class Warship modified to make ZPM on board and then fix the Project Arcturus to make unlimited power to Finnish the Wraith off & start one of the largest Empire he have a small group that believes as him and some replicators reprograms to his will using the nanite creation machine he made use the replicators to copy all of Mckay,Radek Zepenka & any science Knowledge from earth use the DNA Requencer to safe but painful evole himself past the ancients level that the THERE had feared they evolve to become more powerful than them so they made the pluges to stop them So went john evolved past that leved to become powerful to be destroy them they run & hidden so went John S see the or get the change to add some real fire power to his group he take it Or went McKay come up with FRAN john change the plan to take over the Asuran Race by have FRAN go in with a virus that a Trojan horse the Asuran thinks it away to stop Atlantis from destroy them or just a virus That was made by the maker of the Naini to take control if need or override so that the Asuran to his will The replicators can do as Smith(Matrix) and if need can do Borg (Star Trek) only to control them not mutant Organic Asuran there fail-safe are set up so the Replicators can’t control john & went the Asuran were first made the Marker put a lot of limiters & Fail-safe on them Asuran making them weaker than they should have been so Johns Replicators will be fasters, stronger & Smarter and with have Smith powers (Matrix) be able turn there Replicators And Reese can become a the head of replicator under john S she join to save her family

Harry Potter & Trinity Blood, Harry Potter & Tron Legacy Sam run around Bratian and dies Harry finds his body what leave wizard world fake his death and take Sam life),Naruto & TSCC Naruto & Code Geass, Naruto & Ultraviolet

Naruto & Dark Angel because way the Transgenic were made to survive any thing the stop aging a 30 but look 20 they live on after the cult wipe the human race and them self out and Ninja rule the land so Went Naruto chase out the leaf Village for not bring Sakgay back Naruto breaks and he run near death and find Or fall into the hidden hid out if them and take in and give blood fuse and before a transgenic(with fox Help)
Naruto & Justice legion dark evil Naruto

Naruto rise by joker & Harley

Dragon Ball Z weird crossover Dragon Ball Z & Code Geass were Lelouch is transported to Saiyans planet and take over

Dragon Ball Z & TSCC

Dragon Ball Z & Naruto after the sealing of Nail tails Naruto get throw on to the Saiyans Planet with Nine Powers he is class as Pureblood & Blood infuse is done to turn him into a full blood Saiyans & is take in By the king Family give the best training & best tech & sent back to his home planet to take over and not even the Mangekyou work on Naruto after the blood fusing it just piss him off

TCSS & Blassreiter John get turned into a Demoniaes after being chase into a black ops Lab by Terminator get throw into a glass tank fill with some type glowing blood it transforms him into a Demoniaes with the Transform he kill the terminator and take all the Terminator Knowledge & kill all people in Lab and Destroy all Knowledge on the black ops program Cameron finds him and being him out his blood lust rage by tell him She love him

2st year after Harry bite by the Basilisk he start turning into hybrid human/basilisk he start dating Hermione Ron get jealous and tell the school Harry dark and evil magical creature

Naruto & Star Wars Naruto hidden behind a Mask Naruto is transport onto or throw on cloner planet & use as the template for Clone Army Naruto become Commander and half clone army female and any clone have the Nail tails powers too(you can say the tail beast were made to power the star forger so it can be on move and not have still near a sun for power

Trinity Blood & Star Wars same as above

NGE & Star Wars Shinji & Rei are transport to cloner planet they trained in all that the cloner know and using DNA form Rei give Shinji angel powers and make them more powerful and half his clone are female And half of Rei are male and there both Commander of the Army about the clones wars start the cloner go into hidden and give Shinji & Rei a cloner ship that can make were thing need to supply them and make clones the clone give Shinji&Rei a way back to there home world

Harry Potter & Star Wars what if after Harry's clone army was throw back into Harry reality with the clone army and Special made cloner ship that cloner made for Harry self-Stan ship self-fixing and is like the Star Forger and it make the army and anything they need about after the fad assassin on Harry the cloner give Harry the ship and cloner go into hiding Harry see that war will do leave with copy of all knowledge of all races and goes into hidden with clone army try find a planet to call their own and are throw back to Harry’s realities were Harry’s clone army hunted down all Voldemort followers

Kyle XY & Star Wars Kyle & Jessi are thrown onto cloner planet before show started they are trained by cloner and are use as templates for clone army and there the commanders and there powers are X 100 fold and


Stargate Atlantis & Star Wars John S. is throwing on to the cloner planet found by Cloner the ATA Genies Is detected and john use for clone army become there commander and the cloner modified john DNA giving him and the clone army The powers of the ancient before and after ascended and half the clone army female in the second season of Stargate Atlantis Reality they throw back johns is commander of the clone army & the Cloner give John a special ship made to clone like star forger it make the clone army and all it Needs and is power by artificial sun went john get back it went the Wraith are attacking Atlantis with near all there race John and the cloner army attack with their destroyers wiping out about all caught some to experiment on to find weakness and they caught some the ship to find ways to improve their own ship Or before John & Teyla are thrown onto the cloner planet they find a Ancient ship that was the last and the most powerful ship that the ancient had ever made it had all the ancient tech and tech for the 4 great races Mix in to make it the most powerful ship in ever and the wraith found the planet that the ship was located on and sent 90% of their fleet to destroy planet hopeful destroy the ship too went SA-1 can out on the planet John & Teyla were in the ship went the wraith attack and there went back to Atlantis. John active the shields and went the planet was about to blow john jump the ship into hyperspaces and the power of the planet blowing up push the ship into the Star Wars reality on to the cloner planet the cloner ask john & Teyla for help and that the cloner wood give them a army to fight and they be the commander if they protected them they mix the tech of the cloner and ancient, Asgard, Nox, Tollen to make even more powerful ship and clones went they found the ATA gene in John they modified and made it more power to give him and Teyla All the ancient powers with no draw back and the clone army have them and the john & Teyla and the clone Army are made to be the prefect army they have no weakens no Goa’uld can take them as host and the can’t be mind control or reprogramed and they mix all the tech and make some the most powerful ship and there know earths so went the war of sith and jadi start they leave the cloner go into hiddening and john & Teyla and clone army jump back to Stargate Atlantis reality

Stargate Atlantis & Star Wars John & Teyla find out about a ancient shield world with the most powerful and most update ancient warship that was built without the ancient knowledge by a scenic using all the tech of the ancient and the Tech of the 4 great races and any there at the ancient level to fight there ermines races and Ori he had used Arthur’s Mantle or a different more powerful version to shift a hole galaxy out of dimension to hidden what he doing went he finish it the THERE found out and killed him and the planet stand hiding until John & Teyla were do a fly through to see if there any thing or they input the right password into the gate to get to that planet and become the new commanders of the planet and all ship on and infuse with ancient powers that the rouge ancient had made and was going to use before the there killed him make john & Teyla more powerful than there's what powers and abitles wood the clones have with all the ancient tech

John & Teyla find it and accident active it and merge with evil version of themselves john is high lord rules over a galaxy and Teyla is his alphas slave

Evil John & Teyla are transported into main Stargate reality into the good John & Teyla body’s by an ancient device that was made to help in the war by being a alternate reality version of the user that had but it work to good and the ancient that use it try to kill the conical so the lock the device away and erase all info on it

Dominance-Class Battlecruiser

The Horcrux bring out the evil & darkness in Harry & Hermione and turn the eviler than voldmont they kill vold and take over the wiarzding world

Check forum to see what can of power if marge two ship ancient warship and super destroy Star Wars?

Terra Nova were i was a alien that need a host to live and I crash my ship on their outside the place they set up Jim Shannon become my new host as he the first one to come into the ship and find the dyeing body last host and agree to being my new host and we have the body as one being and there of my group find host in the groups to and we us the tech on the ship to stop the future soldiers and their plan

(Alpha) Jason Miller, after his abilities are enhanced by the photic stimulator, can touch people to add them to his collective consciousness (like a hive mind), making them obey his every command. He has no limit to how many people he decides to control. And can have their touch there to add them

emotionless speech pattern


What if Guko and Veageta place in there life had be switched

Halo & Firefly master chief & two female sparten are transport into firefly movie to help river all creature in firefly reaver pic

Tron Legacy what if went Sam meets Clu2 he kills him think that clu2 his dad and been having fun in the Grid and just what to be a god so Sam kills Clu2 and absorbed his powers take over the grid and went Quorra try to see if Sam what to meet his dad and after absorbed clu2 power Sam become more dark and evil and enslaves Quorra and kills his dad after take his Disc to taken over real world if what to

Tron Legacy what wood you do if you were Sam

Surface info and fanfiction

Threshold fanfiction and cast pic

Harry Potter if Harry Hired Seals, Marines wood he lay waste to the magic world

What if Harry had the powers Harry Potter & S-CRY-ED

Shinji say no to piloting Until 01 in the first episode or was trained by group that what to stop Gendo and have even made a S2 organ for unit 01 so after Shinji about to fight his first Angel it hidden out near angel for so before fight start it get it and plug it in and kill the angel with energy wings like in end and fly off to hidden base

EQUILIBRIUM is there a drug in real life that makes you emotionless

I,Robot crossovers Sonny & Susan Calvin pairings

Harry Potter & Stargate Atlantis Harry transported on Teyla planet they fall in love he save her life Or he show up on the planet hurt and Teyla finds him and help back to good

TSCC & Stargate Sg-1

Harry Potter & Underworld Harry turned into a hybrid by Selena or Eve

Time travel stories ideas

Stargate were earth is destroy in the future a team Sg-1 with Atlantis travels to past to fix the future

Supreme Commander

Neon Genesis Evagenlion & Stargate Sg-1 or Atlantis were in the end Shinji agrees in the end and become the ark for all the human kind on that planet and unit 01 is the ark holding all the soul of the human race and Shinji know all that they know and have all the powers of all the angels the planet dies form all the energy be sucked out so they use the daro sea to open a portal to a new reality or world & they come out on a planet that a Goa’uld is fighting to take over a planet that on level of earth and Sg-1 made contact and is try to stop the Goa'uld form taking the planet and enslave the people the the Goa'uld lanes his command ship and army for a fast move out the people of the planet make up a defense line that the end on the biggest city the last one after the there were bomb form space as the army are about to attack in the middle of the field a refit open up and tell human creature step out the first one purple and a red than a orange than some with and black strip then were carrying big crate each one look like they have weapons build into the hands and shoulder the one not carrying anything set up a prime around the one carry the big crates they set them down and one of the human creature stilled guard at one the end after the refit close they can count about 20 of this humanoid creatures than the red and purple look out at what was around them and saw the two army about fight the Goa'uld being as full of themselves as there are sent out a single damn that Shinji and become his slave the purple creature eye glow brew than any eyes glowing trick they pull off the creature head snap up and let out the most enhuman roar they had ever hear the Goa'uld shit himself as the roar die down a red ball of light start collection at the creature Mouth before shooting out and hitting the Goa'uld command deck full on the attack destroy the ship in a planet shacking after the attack die down the human look at the place were the ship was and there was hole and all the Goa'uld force die or dieing all the ship missing part started fall and crashing into ground in balls of fire the human force and Sg-1,2,3,4,5 Neal shit themselves the power behead that one attack the purple one slow started walking up to the human force it got bigger as it got closer one it stop block and half form the command the creature stop and wait for some thing to happen and no one the shoulder spet a human looking about 15 years of age he walk off the creature everyone gasp thinking he going to fall but he started flowing slow up to Sg-1 and the commander of the human army or Shinji use all the tech on the planet and build a space ship that can hold all the tech and thing of earth and the all the EVAs even the mass products models and ways fix them and making more and the head out in space to find a race or people to protect or share with

Naruto & FemGaara

Halo & Stargate Atlantis were John & Cortana are throw on a ancient shields world a place where city-ship were built after they left earth they find the planet and Cortana find a Nanite creation machine that is use to build Replicators to help build the city ship and she find all the info on their AIs and use that to fix herself and Make herself a body and block any weapons for destroy the new body she use the Nanite creation machine to build an army to man or run all the ships and find out about the wraith set out to destroy them and find out about earth or save Atlantis form attack by wraith they send their hole fleet think the attack done by Master Chief & Cortana are Atlantis so they attack Atlantis and chief & Cortana bring the hole fleet to wipe out the wraith they build version of their earth ship using ancient tech so there mixes of different ship Or John & Cortana found a ancient ship that was build by the ancient as a ark so if they die there Lacey wood Live on in a different reality so the forerunners found the ship they copy all the tech and made a copy of all there and add it to the ship and set the ancient ship inside a special build Keyship that wood lunch and leave the forerunners reality if they ever fall so went john & Cortana found it and aviation the lunch the Keyship went back to the Stargate reality the forerunners were hoping the tech they put in the Keyship wood help the ancient’s

Stargate Sg-1 & Atlantis a race that more powerful than the Ancient, Ori, There and I am going to say they Travel to their reality so there more powerful than the forerunners they collection any tech they come by to make themselves more powerful you can tell about group that traveling to there reality and get the tech and helping out if what and biggest plot of the story is most of the group that high up in power take the immortal forms of kids and stop age at whatever age they what to I think it be funny story to have the Supreme Commander or his son or druather caught by the Goa'uld in first mission the sg-1 haves and she/he steal dad New weapon or mobile suit(can’t help it love Gundams) and it can go through the stargate it would be dumb not to build a weapon that can’t go through the gate and went she come out on the planet something on the planet stop the mobile suit form working went the host are about to be take as a host are take her daddy show up in a battle city ship Lay waste to the Goa’uld force in mins and transports Sg-1 and his dather up to the command deck if I ever had the power to make a Gundam ok you can’t real call it a Gundam after I get done with it. It would be a mix of all the Gundam in Gundam Wing Mobile suit with Nightmare Frames(Code Geass) & Eva(NGE) so that it would be bond to you in some way so went you need it would come to you and Eureka 7 and the funny thing is they have childish montents went they act like a kids

Trinity Blood & Firefly & muitl crossovers

leaving Harry at the Dursleys backfire on Dumbledore Harry is thousand time more evil,colder that Tom

Stargate Sg-1 Prototype Episode 09 season 9 vol 2 take over Khalek

Stargate Sg-1 Adria & Daniel weird pairing,Anubis & Adria,Reese &Daniel,Jack & Adria,Khalek & Sam,Khalek & Adria both are evilest of evil

Stargate Sg-1 Sam Become a Goa'uld hybrid by the last surveing Goa'uld as a exterment to make more empower race of the Goa'uld

Naruto is a follower of Jashin

Kyle XY crossovers new stories

Stargate Sg-1 Crossovers were the main character become a Goa'uld in get genetic memories of Goa'uld

Seven Days

Naruto & Stargate Sg-1 Naruto is case out the village by a mob around 9 fall off a cliff the mob case him to Naruto land it a lab of a rouge Ancient that had build a special ship to travel there reality to collection tech for all the different Race in different reality hoping to travel back to his reality to use the tech to destroy the wraith and any there enemies the ancient had in traveling the reality and fight different enemies and stealing tech made the scientist a little insane started think about use the tech to build a empire I his own image but in the last reality that he visited he was biting by a race that had wipe out the reality race there were call the forerunners after collection all the tech and weapons,ship use a device build to place any thing any size of a city-ship to a world in a small space pock after clean out 3 shield world and find out about the halo weapons find the halo array and find out that It can make more of the halo ring he take control of it and make a more powerful flat-space device more powerful to hold the halo array and went he what to he can enter into the flat-space device to use the tech of the forerunner and mix tech of there race make more ships and weapons make use of the done that the forerunner use to make the ship more powerful he made a device that wood hold a copy

Stargate Sg-1 a Ancient that experimenting into and on immortal by searching the galaxy for different race that live and can still young there hole life of growth and made himself a half immortal can still live for millions of years without ageing and he find powers of there races and add them to himself for went he started the experiment he set up hidden base with mix of tech form all the race he ever can into contact with and add hidden commands in the database for all the races like Ancients,Asgard, Tollen, Nox, Goa'uld in do that he made a database of mix technology to empower them and make them more powerful like the Tollana's ion cannons add Asgard power source to make it 1000x more powerful went the devastating plague the Ancient Council had found out about what he was doing and try to imprison or Banished him and erase all information on him went the plague hit they had left dozens of ship and city-ships they set them to self-destruct so no one wood get there tech to use it again them only couple of the Council know about the Prototype extermination ship build in secret with a mix of tech these ship became the most powerful Ancient ship ever made to be the first ever Ancient battle city ship went the plague hit the one that know about the Prototype die after the city-ships that was destroyed because of the plague all the there ran to new Galaxy went this happen Immortal Bane(in Ancient?) found out about the prototype battleship,weapons he take full control of them and hide them in a star system and hidden the hole system form the rest of the galaxy using the tech to make Human-form Replicator enslave to his will and keep the ship at top work order and to improve the tech they are left in control and cant go again the command so they stake and build tech,ships,weapons, until they receive different orders as the Immortal Bane travel to one the Ancient base left behind after they left he find the Asgard try to steal the base cloning tech and any there tech for themselves in see this he active a command to lock down the tech and it was to late to stop them form taking the clone tech so he add a defect into the system that wood case them reverse genetic problems. As they use the cloning tech the clone genetic degradation caused by continuous re-cloning wood kill the Asgard in the end for stealing tech form the Immortal Bane the Asgard didn't find out about this until it was two late to stop it they know it was The Immortal Bane that did it was they band together with there races to imprison him know they can't kill him they build a prison on the planet that the Ancient use to live and call home as time went on them wood check to make should the prison was still working what the the Asgard didn't know was as Immortal Bane extermination on immortal found a was to exit his immortal body and possession there and make them do what ever he what them to do and can use some of his power in the possession bodes to small effect not big often to draw there race nocie went the Asgard fake there death they forgot to tie the prison lock into the Asgard core they gave the human so went they destroyed there main core with the core tire to it the lock broke releasing the lock on the Immortal Banes Powers using what power the body had form being lock way for long with out sun light on to empower the body the body had withered into a skull of the immortal with more power than any Ancient,Other or the Ori had ever wish for as the tomb was destroy the sun light ran down on to the body of Immortal Bane and he greedy suck of the energy of sun gave him resurrection his body back to what it was before he imprisoned what power he used to destroy the prison was that of what the human of this time was add up to 5 times the power behind a atom bomb ever one on earth heard,felt,see the power behind the escape can run to see what had cased it find the Immortal Bane past out on the ground of what was left of his prison destroyed nothing bock the single sent out to he main battle city-ships(heavy modified a mix of the prototype battle city-ships and a key ship form Halo) wood come to find him it wood take a day to come but it wood go as plan he was bring to SGC the find out what his power are and how he did what he did and why he did that as he wake he fake not know what happened find in the ruin of his prison a warning in Asgard laguard they try to imprison him again and ask question why wood the Asgard imprisoned him and seal him way like that he told them of how the Asgard try to steal what the Ancient left behind and that he lock down all the tech that was left behind after ascendent and that he cause the Asgard cloning problem for the try steal the ancient tech so in turn they sealed his powers and imprisoned him for what he did they what to follow in the Ancient step and Ascend like the ancient but cant after what he did to there minds and bodes they can take robot body of there old self but act like they were pure and Innocent but in truth they are worse then the Goa'uld take what they what form races after a day of talking my ship jump out above earth scaring the shit out of ever one my ship (this is all after the Sangraal have wipe out all Ascend Beings or just the one that still on that dimension occupied by Ascended beings are all wipe out) have my ship haing over there heads they saying I can go I just laugh at them and disappear to my ship my beam transport are red not white(way I say that is my ship is a mix of a battle city-ships and a key ship form Halo is because my human-form replicator went to there reality's and clone people and copy tech that wood be useful to me and make my body even more powerful (the main tower wood be a mix of key ship and city-ship and they wood mix to make them more powerful and a mix of there tech the

Star trek Voyager alternate reality Borg take over everything what tech wood they make

Andromeda Ascendants what if the Andromeda didn't go into the black hole and it served the fight by set off a nova bomb or what if the crew stilled on board or went they use the nova bomb on the black hole it sucked them in to it and out into a new reality or what if the black hole throw Andromeda into a different reality like Stargate Sg-1 or Atlantis


Naruto & Dragon Ball Z Frieza after getting his ass kick fall through a black hole in space and out onto the back of the nine tails hurting it often break free and run off Frieza get sealed in place of the nine tails he slow start merging with Frieza(in his Final form) Naruto's skin is about as white as Frieza and Naruto & Frieza personality mixes Naruto still love the real friends that he have protect with everything he have using Frieza Knowledge he build a single device for a hidden back of ship build with everything that Frieza wood need to rebuild his empire ever tech that was steal form there races even cloning tech that clone some one and imprint anything you what on to the clone slave them to your will(i am say that Frieza and the dozen of two of his race were a extermination by a rouge Ancient or Forerunner that what revenge for the fall of there race so they what create a race of fighter that more powerful than there enemy they take a copy of all there races tech to use by the worrier to destroy there enemy he use this tech and take over the Ninja world and after he in told control of he world he start to build the tech level of planet under his control he build a empire that out mach any ever created before than the galaxy he take over the hole reality using clones to take there worlds and rule in his place Naruto than find the planet the rouge Ancient or Forerunner(use what ever one you what but with it but you can say that Naruto and Frieza reality were made went the Rouge want to make warrior race to destroy there enemy went the Ancient escape his reality with a extermination Ancient Battle city-ships the Battle city ship was build as last to use again the Wraith but the rouge Ancient stole it and jump to different reality

Naruto is made a living weapon by The Council When they had created him, trained him. They had given him everything, they had laid out all of Konoha's knowledge, all of its techniques. The techniques of the clans and their weaknesses. In the hopes of creating the perfect weapon one that could help any of the clans, or who could destroy any that might have gone rouge they just never thought that there own living weapon wood turn on them and poise his blade to slit there throats Naruto find out that they betrayed his father last wish to treat and see him as hero

Neon Genesis Evangelion & Code Geass,Mobile Suit Gundam Wing,Halo, there weired crossovers

list of tech like interphase cloaking device form the USS Pegasus Star Trek NG

Halo 4 Cortana live after make the clone to over power and destroy the shielded Didact using clone or removing them form herself cause the Rampancy to stop for couple year but to do clone again to get rid of rampancy until cure found

Forerunner Faber after lost political power he disappear taking all his follower with him and to try rebuild forerunner Empire in a different reality

Lelouch's Harem

Master Chief Harem Cortana made is into a human or into a Promethean kind like in story Daybreak's Bell by Kraven Ergeist and John and all there female spartan that on mission with john on different halo ring get kill so Cortana turn them into Promethean Spartans upgrade and there youth back they join John harem and they can have children

Me&Star Trek Next Generation and crossover glor I take all Q powers & knowledge the hole Q is one creature I than collection all the celebs and girls I what form Star Trek reality by cloning or by replacing the real one with clone and as I visits each reality for celebs or character of Tv show, movies, Anime,game I take a copy of all the tech of that reality

Daybreak's Bell by Kraven Ergeist check and add is there any drawing of Cortana,is that the true use of the halos look up forerunner information Me & Halo fanfic story Daybreak's Bell by Kraven Ergeist as I was rereading the first chapter lighting hit my computer the screen glow a blue than the next thing I feel as if I am being pulled apart peace by peace and than put back together more power stronger than I have ever fleet I look at my hand and than body was cover in the armor of a Promethean Knight cover my body more human look body than alien I heared a male voices speak You will be my child of my child shield & Sword you will protect her with you life you can take command of any Promethean that are with in the domain that is control by my child of my child protect her with everything you have I drop on to one nee and bowed my head as i said I will protect your child of your child with my life as I finish I look up and meet the eyes of Didact of Resignation with my eyes glow blue

Naruto & female bone user pairing

Naruto reality jumper readed one of Harry Potter it wood be cool to read one of Naruto

Naruto and Rin Naruto,God Level Powers Naruto, Insane Destroy the village,feared by all,parent are live

Harry Insane,God Level Power,destroys the Wizard World,Harem

Make a Community that is for the Shinji to fight back or destroy all Gendo Ikari plans challenge make a story around Shinji saying no in the first episode or just were Shinji destory all Gendo Ikari plan Shinji's Haerm of girls all hot girls of NGE Shiniji The Darkwind by Gunman Shinji say No to Gendo Ikari in first episode or Shinji point out ever lie in first episode Shinji take over Nerv or is working with a group that know what Gendo Ikari is doing and trying to stop them and they trained Shinji form the time Gendo Ikari left Shinji and they trying to get Rei on to there side in first episode Shinji know what Gendo Ikari is doing and know about the Eva so if he pilot the Unit 01 he make it eat the Angel S2 organ and take off with Eva 01 to his own hidden base and modified it and make it 10 times more powerful or one were Shinji can absorbed the powers of Angel after killing them

NGE&Stargate went Shinji get eat by Sea of Dirac he is throwing out onto a world with Ancients and is trained and evolved to level of ancient and his until 01 is empowered with ancient tech it take 3 years to get Shinji back to his reality or he pop out on the Asuran planet 4 or 6 years after the Ancient try destroy them they learn about his life story and train him to defense his home they empower Unit 01 with ZMP and beaming weapons on shoulder and powerful City-ship shields they even build into unit 01 a copy of there core so if there ever destroy in there reality they can live on in different one and the infuse the there Evangelion even the mass produced one

Shinji,Rei,Asuka get to live each there life and are bond like in Unbreakable Bond after a cross-synchroniztion experiment make each there each there life's

NGE crossover

Neon Genesis Evanglion & TSCC Ghost in shell stand alone complex Code Geass Mobile suit Gundam Wing Naruto is a Jashin

Anubis(Stargate) was sealed into Naruto how wood Naruto make use of Anubis's powers & knowledge

Dark Angel & Stargate Sg-1

NGE& Stargate in the end of the movie Shinji is made into a human-form form ark all of human kind and angel powers and knowledge are his to use he can control all the Evagenlion and even mass product models and leave earth to look for a race or new home to protect

Naruto & Star Trek Naruto planet are attack by Borg and Naruto is Borgifed

Me & Star Wars A Dark Lord of Sith made a device like the holocron that there use but made out artificial grow crystal with Naini grow in with all the knowledge of the sith that made it and any that had there blood add to crystal some with out know there was add the holocrystal was made by a made scientist of the sith and went the there sith,jedi found out about the holocrystal that can made sith solider ten times more powerful and with knowledge of all the most powerful sith and jedi of all know history they all band together to destroy the mad scientist and before they can he imprint all he knowledge and make it some the holocrystal will merge with the next person that what to rule all and with a strong will to bring that dream to reality with the last of he power he create a prole to a different reality hoping that the person in that reality can create the empire that he cant

Naruto & Terminator SkyNet was losing the war with the human made a body of mix terminator like the T1000 lucid Naini SkyNet can make it body any size shape as long a naini survival he wood survival SkyNet create a Device to travel to a different reality to escape form the human and as the last way to stop the human form destroy him he active the device escaping into Naruto reality SkyNet drop out bove the nine trails as it attacking SkyNet and Fox fight SkyNet wins the Nine tails run off and SkyNet get seal into Naruto what wood Naruto do with the hate that SkyNet have for humanity and all SkyNet Knowledge and powers to create T1000 and he can create army with the power and knowledge he get

Me & Stargate Atlantis Ancient Scientist go a little insane after a wraith try to feed on him and the Ancient run off and disappear the there think him die he use a alternate reality drive to jump to different reality were no Ancient of THERE or Ori so they can't stop him before he make the jump he travel to one the mean hidden ship yard (they be thousand time more powerful than a star forge form Star Wars my story and it Ancient technology were talking about plus it my story) after taking full control of the Forger(that what the name I give for any the forger the Ancient have for there ship yards) there forger(does all the same thing the Star Forge can do but thousand time more) he modified the Forger with a Alternate reality drive and jump to different reality whating to create a army of super solider use all the technology of Ancient and he know if the there found out they wood stop him so he made the jump what to try with the cloning first he modified there DNA to hold the healing power of Wraith and telepathy and all the power that ancient have and event DNA of there Race that the Ancient came cross and made them thousand time more powerful but the clones wood die after couple days after five times of the same end the insane ancient guest that the clone had no soul so he kidnapped a human form near by planet and add all the powers and DNA modification to him he had thought that the powers and DNA modification wood break the human weak mind but in fact made him thousand time more powerful than before he created 5 clone wraith and throw them and the human(experiment 6 or X6) into a room and told him to live he ripped all the wraith apart with his bare hands have thinking his in full control of 6 he (the Ancient scientist insane remainder) went 6 came into the room he disappear form the door and reappeared and ripped out the Ancient Scientist throat having be key into the forger core 6 take full control and lock out the tech so only he can use it throwing the dead ancient scientist body out air lock 6 having be upgrade to Ancient level and past have some Asgard DNA throw into the DNA cocktail wood make you that smart 6 take over his home planet and after having full control start to build army and ship and mortified super solider not as powerful as him build in fail-safe to keep them form ever trying to kill him or betray him or form any one form take over his super solider or turn them after take over earth 6 search out his reality for any there planet to take or there races after have full control that he take 60% of his army back to the reality the insane scientist came form to take that reality over to use the forger he made A Super-city-ship that thousand time bigger than Atlantis class turning the Atlantis class into battle city-ships and make it so that they Atlantis class can dock with Super-city-ship and make them billions time more powerful and the Super-city-ship have some the powers the Forger have it can create or build more ship and even Atlantis class ships it can even copy there ship it come into contact with enemy ship that It come cross

what technology level is more powerful StarGate Sg-1& Atlantis Vs Andromeda Ascendants Andromeda or City-ships look up forum site or get information on all ship or look up ship vs ship forums

Naruto see the Nine Tails demon fox as he dad or the nine tails see Naruto as a son he never had and Trains Naruto in the Demon fox ways so Naruto will take the nine tails place as king of demons

Code Geass & Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Shinji's take over Nerv by killing dad or just take over some how

NGE&Stargate Shinji in end agree and become the ark of human kind and the angels get all there powers and knowledge to how to use them he have Unit 00,01,02,03,04 and mass product about 20 all under his control he can control them out side the Evagenlion and any were in reality earth die after so Shinji using all the knowledge human race and the angel build a space ship ark and go off to find a new home of race to protect it can be the find a planet to protect and the Goa'uld try to come and take over seeing the Evagenlion and Shinji they try to enslave Shinji,Rei,Asuka all with Angel powers try hurt Rei the Evagenlion(it can size down to human or a little 8 feet tall so they fit through gate) the Evagenlion that act as Rei Guard kill the Goa'uld (I don't know how the Rei clones are made so I am going to say a smaller version of Lilith egg so it fit through gate can create unlimited clones of any of human race or Angel so Shinji can make a army of Evagenlion but keep it under 50 or one or two each planet in the StarGate reality) or after find out the Earth is dieing Shinji use the angels powers to ripp a hole in the barrie of reality and step through out into a planet a that a Goa'uld is fighting the planet race to take over Shinji step out right in the middle of the fight and the Goa'uld be a Goa'uld see the power of Evagenlion damn that Shinji give his God Control of Evagenlion using one powers of angel and look into the Goa'uld mind seeing that the Goa'uld enslave people and that there snake Shinji Raise one of his hands and a black and red particle beam snap out and destroy the Motherships in space that the Goa'uld is was hidden on with in second (Shinji eyes glow white went using that power to read minds) use the Sea of Dirac he keep all Goa'uld ship form ruining off only need one or two of each ship he give the there to Sg-1 of Earth and know SG-1 was fight to stop the Goa'uld enslavement Shinji help them destroy the System lords and and even go to Atlantis to help out with Wraith problem Shinji,Rei,Asuka,Sam,Teyla harem

StarGate Sg-1 what if the Ancient out post found by Jack was part of a hidden ship yard big often to build 5 city-ships at same time but went the ancient left earth because of the pluege all that know about it die and only couple reminder it went they came back only couple reminder it and one scientist reminder it and went to the hidden shipyard to build the most power ship with all the most powerful tech of the know race building the ship with cloneing pods and remote to fix the ship and keep it up

TSCC & Halo John (17) & Cameron hit a hidden lab out middle no were thinking it was a SkyNet lab about it turn out to be a old hidden Forerunner experiment time travel lab they were trying to travel back or forward past what made them fall in trying to find out what the machine did John active it send himself & Cameron to past or future or were John sent to future and turn into Spartan were he can go toe to toe with with a terminator not the T1000 or John & Cameron are sent into past were the Forerunner are at there wist end in what to do about the flood and John and Cameron show up they see John and Cameron as there Saving Grave so they Genetic modified john (Kind like Daybreak's Bell by Kraven Ergeist giving John the same powers to control a army of Promethean Knight Cameron get a upgrade to

StarGate Sg-1 & StarWars were a Super Star Destroyers with all most update tech testing the new experiential shift drive that wood jump the form one side of Galaxy to there side in second all knowledge of know worlds and ways of making the tech form ship like the forge the ship appear above earth years before the Stargate reactivated and went the Goa'uld came through they were caught and all there knowledge extracted find out the threat that Goa'uld are to earth they make more powerful ship to fight the Goa'uld ships the take some to empower there tech with Goa'uld tech and than they find ancient tech the north pole out post and than by using that information found there they started searching for all tech even using cloning tech on the ship to make a clone army or they use some of tech to control Apophis and have him go back and play puppet head and use he planet as staging planet and use him to mix there tech and make earth more powerful(like most crossover the main character of Stargate wood be the main character of the story

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing-AC & Stargate Atlantis the Gundam boys find Atlantis years before earth does they find a way to use the power supply us by the Gundam to full power the city-ships and use it to fight there war using Ancient tech and make more powerful Gundam

X-23/Laura & Logan fanfic check

TSCC John& Jesse Flores


Harry Potter & Hulk PROMETHEUS

UnderWorld pic and fanfiction

Code Geass & Underworld

Naruto story were he leave the leaf or is throw out for not bring Sasgay back or there shit and he start up the biggest & most power crime ring or group taking over the underground become the King Pin and become the most wanted crime or become one most powerful Kage of a Village he build

all Asgard ships do they or can they make city-ships like Atlantis all Asgard tech,ship,clone tech is Atlantis the only city-ships and how do or did they create the city-ships are there different type of city-ships

Hybrid(Stargate) group that can add different parts of there alien race to themselves to make themselves more powerful there more powerful then the Ancients (Stargate Atlantis) were they had helped the Ancients raise up to what they were before half of them were killed off or Ascended or join Hybrid Ancient group and became part of them and have they add DNA form there alien they copy all there tech to add to there and were around before the Forerunners and they help them rise up too the Forerunners got the idea of the Shield World form them too they had made a with technology to make a slipspace rift to hold the first true Home world of HAG and that 3 times the size of earth and it is Heavily Fortified World that is a a True World Ship that can be moved form the Slipspace rift to attack a enemies if needed


Fortified systems

Went Atlantis got hit by the Asuran Stargate Satellite weapon and so Weir had half the group and only SA 1 and a couple of people set on than they fly Atlantis up and and got hit by the Stargate satellite energy beam witch mast up the hyperdrive and was losing power so the AI actives the shift-drive or wormhole drive yea there a Smart AI that hidden in the Atlantis computer so to watch and stop the if they tried to use Atlantis in the wrong way and the AI is made to show it self or fined some one to help out if the safety of Atlantis is in of being destroy the AI will scan all know galaxy that were know to have ancients base or hidden shipyard or homeworld were the city-ship to git help or be fix up

look through episode for plot hole you can use

git idea list of what weapons and ships to add to this hidden Empire

battle city ship Avalon (new prototype city ship)

Alternate Reality Drive or ARD to short the name after fixing the error and finding way to use it to go to there Reality for new technology and anything useful for the new Empire list of reality and tech to git form them add a way to look in to that reality and see what in that reality tech and Races and a there another reality by firing the reality beam at a black hole, then jump to hyperspace thought the black hole with a predestined reality coordinates and then come out of hyperspace in the other reality

Exogenesis device The device worked in conjunction with a computer mechanism along with nanites to quickly transform entire planets into viable ecosystems in a matter of days as opposed to the centuries it would have taken previously The technology did not require the use of Zero Point Modules, instead drawing its energy from the terraforming process itself.

Arthur's Mantle,Invisibility device,Cloaking device

in the galactic core that full of black holes to power the Star Forge being in the galactic core is more about defense The Star Forge is surrounded by a powerful shield extending 100 miles in every direction with the station in the center, it's protecting the Star Forge from the exploding suns and black holes, there is a small opening in the shield at the bottom allowing a balanced amount of matter from the suns to seep through which the Star Forge absorbs and converts into materials needed

NS5 ALL INFO HIVE MIND in Stargate:Galactic Imperium how he setup up the NS5 and any mod made to them

Furling quantum singularity generator which creates a small black hole to draw power from and a Alteran Potentia console with three spaces with fully charged Potentia. The ship also had several Energy to Matter converters which could be used to create ships from raw materials

Asgard beams used to create, recreate and assemble the ship's structures. Upon some research, the Asgard did use the technology in similar way, but not like this. From the schematics and the readings, these emitters convert raw materials and simply beam them on. Even the scaffolds were directed beamed. Thanks to the emitters, the ship has no welding points and the issue of structural integrity is not even in question." need all three components, the emitters, matter converters and the Asgard computer with the program."

Ori Mothership

Activation Index contains a copy of all sentient life forms DNA in Halo reality,Sentinel Manufacturing Facility,Halo Array,

(Star Trek ENT)Phasing Cloaking Device it was made so went in the Phased state a ship can past thought normal matter went Phased and Cloaked all in one

(Andromeda Ascendant)Andromeda,Siege Perilous Class,Ablative Armor,Reactive Armor,Force Lance,Neutron bomb,Nova bomb,Planetfall Defense Bots,Point Defense Lasers,Point Singularity Projector characters,Trance Gemini,Beka Valentine,Rommie,

List of characters i wood take or clone, Teyla, Samantha Carter,Captain Jennifer Hailey,Jennifer Keller, Adria, Dr.Fraiser,Vala Mal Dran,Dr. Carol Lam,Vanessa Angel,Anise,jill wagner,Dr Alice Porter,FRAN,Leonor Varela

John-117 & K.Thrace/starbuck Halo&battle Galactica 2003

John-117 & Number Six,S.Valierii/Boomer

Evangelion KAWORU GIFT A gift form Kaworu turn me in to a Nephilim and gave me all his info all he knows and all of the powers of all the angels that have fallening one power is to open a Dirac sea and i can make clones of myself and with all the power of all the Angels I can make more than one AT-field and i can do any thing i can think of and my own army of Eva 00,01,02,03 and they all have S2 organs 10x times more powerful than anime and i command them and on one can stop them and i clone Rei ,Asuka , Shinji,Kaworu and there my main team of soldiers they can command there Eva form by my side and they have At-field and i gave them some Angels power to help them out and so we can build a empire of peace we start slow talk over this government form in side and replace people and until we have control over 80% of the world weapons power i will destroy the world Nuclear weapons use a sea of Dirac and than seal it and the Eva will be the keeper of peace and me, Rei , Shinji, Asuka, Kaworu are part Angel we have S2 organ we can change own body have ever we what make use older or young and make are body stronger,smarter,faster and the only weapons we have are spear and swords and Eva have same weapons but there no need for them this is a peaceful world everyone is interconnected a collective a hive mind we live own on life but we never lonely and went they die there absorb in the collective so what they learn in there life time is not lost so they live on in the collective

Kyle XY & Full Metal Alecmiest Kyle merges with Greed(find a lab with Greed's blood in test tub) take over the world

Kyle XY & Stargate Kyle is take by Ba'aal as host but because of what Kyle is he try to kill Ba'aal and the two become one with all Ba'aal memories and he evil ways Kyle what rule all to bring peace to all he take jessi,andy,lori as sex slave and Sam,Jennifer and any there hot girl form kyle xy and stargate he take over all rule the Gaelys and there race enslave them to work to for him the Asgard.Nox.Tollen,Wratih he take over there Hive Mind become there King and any there races ascendants ancient try to attack him and he abose them becoming more powerful he used the Asgard cloning to make a modified clone army of himself with a Hive Mind him as the King like the Kull army more powerful after taking over the Stargate Reality he find Qumation mirror and jump reality to take over

Naruto & Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Naruto find a hidden lab under the valley of end after there fight it full automated to keep everything working into top working order the hidden lab was build by the scientist of the Gundam before the fall of technology human saw that technology was causing all trouble so they try to destroy all technology in the end they wipe themselves out but the Gundam scientist saw this coming so they build the lab with all the technology of the human race and hidden it the hidden lab was build with all the state of the art technology all the Gundam and mobile suit how make and rebuild the was made a part of the lab so any one that found it can recreate what was lost

Dark Angel a Immortal group (about 10 to 20 small but more powerful than the Ancient or the Forerunner technology level to but have call earth home for millions of eons have watch races raise and fall in the blink of a eye to them yea they watch and try to help the human race there immortal by a code that keep them live and even have be shot or killed in any there way they come back like new(yes the code idea is form Code Geass) so that get bore of immortal life can give up there codes to some one else and live out the human life sped of a human they watch some the shadows and help went the can or what to Sandman was part of the group and gave of his codes to make a group to fight a cult that what to being doomday to human race so he made the X5s or transgenic group to fight the cult but the cult took control of the program and killed sandman each time a Transgenic was thought kill a agent watching jump in and switch them with brain die clones before there “killed” so no Transgenic were ever killed any of them that what to be were relocated to a island hidden form the world I had to show my self went Ames White caught X5-452 aka Max so say I was piss was to say the sky was blue I had be watching Max for years after her escape and even check in on her dozens of time and even had see her and help Sandman create her so I do have crush on her and little protective I was even more piss went I found out that Ames White little painless shit freak was killing off the escape there X Series so I and the 5 there that are with start taking out the solider Ames had with him and I wall in the tent there in and started beat the sit out the little up start and than throwed him half way cross the little staging area right into the cage he had Max lock up in right through the cage door to the there wall Max seeing who it was gave Ames a hard kick to his head casein it snap back knocking him out I off I dark had just walk up went Max kick Ames in the head I laughed Max head Snap up to were she head the laughed came form seeing only my lower body I was dress in all black combat clothes

10-5-13 Neon Genesis Evangelion & Naruto Shinji is throwing in Naruto Reality before anime start and is took in by Orochimaru and train by Orochimaru as a son or Orochimaru took him to become his legacy learn all that Orochimaru knows or went Shinji is absorbed by the angel is throw out near Sound village the Eva Unit 01 in Berserk mod Orochimaru send out some of his ninja to fight and there wit out he summon one his snake think the Unit 01 is summon and ask the Summon if Unit 01 is a Summon or not find out that not summoning what to have that power after the Eva fall and doesn't move any more move it back to the village as he scan it the plug shot out the back and eject the LCL and Shinji fall out the plug see the weak Shinji Orochimaru ask Shinji if he what power Shinji tired of being weak say yes Orochimaru train Shinji in all he knows(i am say Orochimaru is die form so unknown virus) so he what to train Shinji as his legacy take DNA form the Unit 01 see the power and what find a way to use this to empower Shinji and his solider and even give Shinji the Dead Bone Pulse line and seeing the power of the DNA learn how to make a army of clones and even bond Shinji to unit 01 and the clone so he can control them and any one empowered by the DNA of Unit 01 and give Shinji the curse mark and way to control there and how to remake it. Shinji can take over the Ninja world or go back after be empowered by Orochimaru Shinji personality whatnot be a insane as Orochimaru but just as bloodthirsty and controlling as Orochimaru so if he went back to his reality Daddy and any one try to control him after become Orochimaru legacy wood be fuck I wood love to read a story like that if Shinji go back to his reality if before the first episode he wood bring some his trusted second in command or if after being absorbed he wood bring a army back summoning them or they can go for ride with him

Harry have the Rinnegan and have the body's of Orochimaru,FemHaku,FemKimimaro,FemGaara, FemItachi,Pein(just for hell of it can use all the path he had went alive Pein will be as powerful in anime),Madara Naruto near die trying to bring Sakgay back awakening the Rinnegan and kills Orochimaru and make him one he paths it can be were Orochimaru come to get Sakgay after making Orochimaru one his path Naruto finds FemKimimaro body and a dieing FemGaara turning them into path(just for hell of it the paths will have some the personality of the person Before there made into a path make it a little fun) Naruto after awakening the Rinnegan see the world with new eyes see how the Leaf Village used him so he what to start his own village faking his death and disappearing and end up find a dieing FemItachi and make her a path and he can find the Madara body or fight the guy that stole it and make it into a path he can use different powers to travel reality or find tech of die races like finding a Forerunner Keyship with all the knowledge before they die they sent the Keyship to new reality to try restart the Forerunner race and find away to fight the flood Naruto use the Keyship to go back to Forerunner reality after the fighting of rings and take over or use the Keyship to make a Empire in he reality (he can use the technology of the Forerunner to control more bodys

Naruto near die trying to bring Sasgay back awakening the Rinnegan and kills Orochimaru and make him one he paths it can be were Orochimaru come to get Sasgay after making Orochimaru one his path Naruto finds FemKimimaro body and a dieing FemGaara turning them into path(just for hell of it the paths will have some the personality of the person Before there made into a path make it a little fun) Naruto after awakening the Rinnegan see the world with new eyes see how the Leaf Village used him so he what to start his own village faking his death and disappearing and end up find a dieing FemItachi and make her a path and he can find the Madara body or fight the guy that stole it and make it into a path he can use different powers to travel reality or find tech of die races like finding a Forerunner Keyship with all the knowledge before they die they sent the Keyship to new reality to try restart the Forerunner race and find away to fight the flood Naruto use the Keyship to go back to Forerunner reality after the fighting of rings and take over or use the Keyship to make a Empire in he reality (he can use the technology of the Forerunner to control more body's

Stargate & Battlestar Galactic a Goa'uld scientists one of the most powerful most and level mind of the Goa'uld what to only make his race more powerful and become true Gods in all ways he way the one to build or revenging the ancient tech to make most of the Goa'uld in use by the Goa'uld so he is one the most powerful and respected and went he disappeared all the Goa'uld notice they had thought one of his new experiential project destroyed the planet and the solar system that he was in but that was just what he whated them to think months before his disappear a Cylons Resurrection ship appear above his most protected planet his core planet partly destroyed but the way the ship was build the core is at the center of the ship the most protected part the core have a copy of the hole Cylons and there create technology and find out that he can use this tech to become immortal and by connecting one of the hybrid to the Stargate network finds couple of Ancient hidden ship yards and a couple there that are powerful but hidden away for eons he find a way to enslave the Cylons to him

Naruto parents left to training his twin sister until Chunin Exams to control the nine tails power the hole time Naruto was wearing a Mask more powerful ninja than the Sage of six paths went his parent show up at Chunin Exams and Naruto show the village what true Demon can do

Naruto as the Mifa Don of the Crime underworld of the Ninja world Naruto get kick out of the Village for not being Sakgay back and disappeared and take over the crime underworld of the ninja world and 3 or 4 years after get kick out Naruto parents show up with his twin sister saying they had ran off to train his twins sister to control the nine tails power in Naruto in that time span Naruto take over ever crime ring and control all of the crime ring in the underworld and ever one fear being caught and wood even kill themselves to keep away form him and him core group and his “family” come looking for him you can say that raping and than form of crime in the ninja world stop that him doesn't like and if any caught do any of the band thing wood be brot before him to be deal with he installs so much fear into them that they wood never think of betraying him find the story were Naruto become a crime lord after being kick out and his parents are alive or after Naruto get kick out the nine tail active the Hybrid(Underworld hybrid form) to save him(and make him grow backbone) bloodline that was in Naruto DNA and make it more powerful than it ever was before so he can turn his most trusted into weak form of werewolf after the Nine tail did the the power up turning Naruto in a Alpha hybrid make there werewolf submissive

Naruto & Underworld steal forbidden technique scroll and found Hybrid blood sealed away and become a hybrid and the nine tails make him even more powerful become a Alpha Hybrid any werewolf or Vampire wood feel submissive to him it stronger on women

Naruto & Stargate Naruto take over by a Goa'uld or there force merge to live make new more powerful Hybrid Goa'uld

11-10-13 Stargate a Goa'uld scientists with the level of intelligent of Ancient if not surpassing them find one of the Ancient Shield worlds have found Ancient tech before and be in a host with the ATA Gene stronger than O'Neil using the tech to take over all or what if a Goa'uld found a Ancient Warship or Cityship or a hidden lab on ascendants

Harry Potter & Hellboy Harry get the power over fire after desly nevely killed him it can be on travel trip to American or harry kills them and start to hate all human that aren't mutants he can heard about liz fire power and come to hostel to help her control or he can be a crime insane prison that lock up there and they fall in love and are dark and cold again human not out right kill them all but touch them and they blast you with fire and a year or two after Harry kill desly some one magic found harry and show him how to control his fire and magic the person did it as a thank you to his parents and even take harry to wizardry banks to get full inhered after a couple years of them being together Dumbldoor(is controlling chess master thinking ever one will thanks him for using them :) not this Harry) come look for Harry think he still under his spell and lock on he magic after he tell harry he was the one to leave him at desly Harry get Piss off and his make fire turn into Fiendfire Harry and Liz beat the shit out the old man Harry than force him to live ever moment he had with the desly(i have anyaway thought it wood be fiting to make people that are against harry to make them relive his child hood and I think I read it in a story) even after come out the relive memories he said it all for Greater Good (you can have them kill him or scar him for rest of his life) that he had planed all that (his mind can snap because he can't believe there some one more powerful then him)

Naruto & HellBoy Naruto after one mob attack is get a fire bloodline by fox to protect himself ( kind like Gaara sand) and kill the hole mob and he scared so run off and disappear and find himself in American you can have were he trains himself with fox help in his powers or he can become insane as Gaara and only Liz can stop or control him they meet at the hospital that she in so went HellBoy come to get her and find she fall in love with some else it after she burn down the hospital in her sleep but Naruto was there and caught the guy and gave him a beat down and killed him( Naruto and Liz have at that point became cold to human for what they both had done to them so they don't feel sorry or sad about the people killed in the Hospital went Naruto attack the guy for attack his mate (find name of the fire of eye that burn for seven days and night it can be that the fox gave the uchica there eyes mutant form the buuyh white eyes) there only one or two people in the Hospital that treat them as human and at some point you can have Jiraiya show up and try and take Naruto back to the village and be the weapon he was born to be and think he can take on Naruto the dead last in village because no one wood train the demon fox (say Naruto was trained by fox for 5 years before show up in American and being lock up for kill people in the open and the fox told Naruto that Jiraiya his Godfather and who his parents are) so Naruto was piss (Naruto can have photographic memorizes so he heard how the village what Naruto to be the village weapons it was just pushed to back of his mind until Jiraiya show up(and even if Jiraiya the sealed the fox chakra there the bloodline and he had transferred half of his tails(they reform in couple years) to Naruto and Naruto have all fox knowledge so he can unseal it later just show Jiraiya how powerful he is and as how the fox is immortal give Naruto the power to steal Knowledge form some one mind and he can upgrade Liz she can take or use two tails of fox's just make it more fun) so find out about this Naruto & Liz can if there what go back to hidden country to destroy the leaf by turn there villages or destroying them (it like i said they are cold to human for what was done to them) and Naruto ripped off one Jiraiya arm and send him back to village as a messenger we are coming to destroy you all some can switch sides and on there back to there village to destroy or take over they find FemHaku she didn't get pick up by Zabuza she became cold and willing to kill to eat they come into the village to Haku grow up in and ask for the leader and killed him take over Haku watching ask them if she can join them or they save her after a mob beat her down after she killed half them (Naruto & Liz are in there teens 17 and Haku 15)

TSCC & Halo went John,Cameron,Sarah make the time jump to the future a Forerunner Lab caught them and activated a extermination time device the forerunner build hoping to escape the flood went the TDT activated it connected to forerunner tech and sent them back in time before the flood became a problem so they show up on a Forerunner shield world and take in and after find out what happen to human race in the future the Forerunner council voice to train all three and turn them into Hybrid of Human/Forerunner/Promethean hybrid went damage is done to them they can hidden way in the Halo arry(like Master chief an Cortana in Daybreak's Bell by Kraven Ergeist and if any solider of John what to be turn in a hybrid john hidden a reprogram switch in there in case some try to turn on them) and the way the forerunner race is they become lovers they learn all that the forerunner give them and they find out my look through Cameron Memory that the flood true die out after the activation of the ring in John,Cameron,Sarah dimensions and for some else the race that were reseed didn't grow to replace what kill off so there millions of millions of planet like earth for human race to live on

Harry Potter & Naruto Harry is transported to Naruto Reality and become Orochimaru apprentnce (NO make Harry a boy lover)

Immortal Bane

Me & Halo what if a Ancient Forerunner the most powerful and the most respect in the Forerunner society and was kick out after making the Halo arry and using it to stop a take over

Naruto as living weapon they trained Naruto with all they could and train him to protect the Leaf Village and destroy any enemies form with in or out they trained him to good went Oru attack and kills they 4th Naruto kills the coulis for going again the last wish of 4th

Halo what if Halo was like thirteenth floor movie and and the Didact was a user just having fun and each time he make a reality his Master get a copy each time he creates characters that have part of the personality traits of his Master The Master get powers of characters each time if there useful and for bring the powers to full use the Master give the main characters or reality (like Master chief and Cortana what ever they what as long it doesn't go again the Master will) like if Master chief show up and he what Cortana back and all that have die because of the Didact and all there Master chief and Cortana to be human immortal

The leaf Village killed Naruto causing Naruto to become the next ten tails for what happen in his life Naruto come back and destroyers the village or after Naruto killed and come back ten time more powerful than before killing them Naruto show them or tell them the true making them relive ever min of his life


Naruto & Ghost in the shell stand alone complex

female Gaara

find the stories of were UNSC Empire rules over all and the Covenants see human as Gods

in time pic and tech,Man of Steel,Sphere,Surrogates

world Engine,Growth Codex,Scout Ship, there tech and ship (Man of Steel)

ever TV show,movie,anime,game have focus point the main character that world works around if character die the reality dies I as a watcher watch over all the reality's and with stepping one if some bad happen that it not some to happen

Fast & Furious Dominic dies not Jesse in the first movie and Brain go after Johnny Tran and destroy him the FBI see how he killed Johnny Tran disprove and kick him out Mia and Letty find out he was FBI but for what he did to Johnny they take him back he take over Dominic place Letty fall for Brain and Mia and using his cop knowledge take over the underground and become the most powerful Kingpin nothing is out his control

Fast & Furious & Harry Potter Harry & Letty & Mia

Naruto Banished for not bring Sasgay back leave a create a new more powerful Village even the child in school still can out fight a Geinn of Leaf village

Naruto after the sealing the 4th told the village about naruto and try and make him loyalty to village and so he try to prove himself not Demon to village Back fire Naruto out right hate all the villagers and kill them like Gaara or

Naruto what if Naruto what a test for Ninja world and they failed and Naruto get to show each and ever one of them why or all the tails demon are a test and if failed the tail demons destroy them and are resealed or reappear couple century later

Stargate Sg-1 ever one of the planet that they visited is a TV show,movie or game of Different reality each one after they gated in they are in that reality until they gate back to there home gate and each of the gate out in Stargate reality gate to a different reality to so Goa'uld never take over there home reality they take there reality's (make a list of what reality's they gate to)

TSCC & Ghost in the shell stand alone complex John finds hidden base that Major made before she die (they remove all weaknesses in tech or john finds a way to do that by mixing tech of Ghost in shell with terminator tech and they make it like Cylons Resurrection hub

Stargate Sg-1 & Ghost in the shell stand alone complex A Goa'uld try to taking a World outside Goa'uld space to hidden himself he sent 100 of his best Jaffa and his First Prime to take the world and a week later only his first Prime and 7 Jaffa barley alive made back through gate saying thing about invisibility demons(his First Prime was replace with Cyborg copy to find out who was attacking and why build into the body is a bomb powerful often to destroy half the planet you can if what say the there are all cyborg copy too) after find out all it can by hack the Goa'uld cores and sent a copy back through gate does the cyborg self-destruct in the Face of Goa'uld the there copy cyborgs take control of one or two of ever ship and fly them back to it home planet after killing ever one on board so the home planet can make ship to fight the Goa'uld or the Replace First Prime come back through was made so it can get into take there appears so it can take the place of the Goa'uld and take over the planet so they can use the old Goa'uld planet as staging planet in the fight against the Goa'uld and any there (I what say that after find out that there not alone in the Galaxy that the hole Ghost shell planet stand together to fight there threats to there planet and not each there using mix of the Goa'uld tech and there own the remake the Goa'uld ship morepowerful and faster

Naruto & Halo Naruto was triples to a sister and twin brother father sealed the nine tails into Naruto Brother and Naruto and Naruko were forgotten and his brother trained and seen as a hero by hole village and some there village try to kidnapped there brother couldn't get to him so he kidnapped Naruto & Naruko on the way back to the Kidnapper village they fall into a hole a day or two form his village it turn out to be a tunnel to a ship build by ONI of Earth in Secret with all the tech and everything of earth it was build as a Ark of Human kind in case there ever killed off it was build to be self-repairing and build to serve anything as big or biger than the Pillar of Autumn the ship was made with everything the human race and mix of some Covenant and Forerunner tech to make morepowerful and had so if ever the single form earth was cut off the ship wood land and start the human race over on a planet not populated (they fixed the cloning problem with Forerunner tech they is Forerunner tech mix in with this story so there are Promethean tech say a out post that the crash near on the way out to hidden it self the ship got sucked into a black hole and reappeared right above the planet so it crashed and was braed and over the century land have made it deeper underground having see where it was the Ship AI (they fix with Forerunner tech) made couple Spartan clones and trained(the ship was build with everything theyed need) them the ship was fixed and a base was build around to hold the ship up right ( before they use artificial gravity in the training of the clone Spartans and than fix the ship and made repairs) the ark was build with everything need to restart the human race went the kidnapper had being ruing with Naruto&Naruko and didn't watch were he going fall into a hole that was made went the Spartan build the brace around the ship so after they can use it to get out and create a village above Naruto & Naruko are found by the Spartan clone and Brut before the AI and there Spartan clone to desired what do with them after runing test and there blood to see if they live through the Spartan train and modification and they will there were ask if they what to become a Spartan Naruto&Naruko told them there life stories and the there were piss and what to go to the village and burn it down but Naruto thought it wood be funny to build a village that wood be ten times more powerful than dear daddy's village (if what Naruto & Naruko can hate the village and Ninja way of living so bad that they what to destroy that way of life and make a new so they ask after show the AI and clone what there life was like(they upgrade the neural interface with Forerunner tech to beadle to see into the person memories (you can if what put in there how bad it was if what I have ben told it worst if your forgot about by the villager can attack them because there daddy's said the nine tails souls was in them and villagers hate them and attack them and daddy doesn't even do anything and even get there brother to hate them and he put a seals on Kushina so she forget about them ( I like her and don't think she a bad person so I said about time the Naruto &Naruko are kidnapped they were 6 years old and about 16 years old they have a good size village started and ever one starting to hear about a powerful new village not Ninja village so ever one is going to what check it out and they used a lot tech of human,Forerunner,Covenant in building up the city and selling some of the items for civilian use and she can be caught after coming back form a mission hurt and pasting out in the village or having Ben sent to check one The New City and getting caught try break into the command center or Orochimaru try killing the ruler of the new city and Naruto fight him with out using chakra OK a little chakra so Naruto and Naruko will be faster and stronger using chakra to make them stronger and faster (I am say after testing the blood the AI mix the blood with blood of the Spartan clone to mix and create a new Generation of more powerful Spartan there be 10 to test out to see if there work and they be Naruto & Naruko body guards(they whatn't need them but it the ninja world all the ruler have body guards they wear Spartan are a mix of Human,Forerunner,Covenant metals and even a new one never see before on Naruto planet make them morepowerful that the most powerful jutsu attack what do anything (Naruto & Naruko are the Supreme Commanders of the city and military force like I said they both hate Ninja way so they use the UNSC Cain of commanded the AI I above them she will not real care if they enslave the hole planet as long as it doesn't hurt the Ark they will use some of the Ninja jutsu but the change them so they don't need the hand seals (she will be connected to each peaces of tech made by the ship that way they know who using them and for what there not going to sell anything that can be uses again them

Naruto reject the way of Ninja life or not Ninja way life

Naruto become the Monster or Worst them the Village saw him as and he show them how much of a monster he can be

Naruto finds out that the Leaf Village were ones that betrayed he home village Uzushiogakure no Sato he can snap and destroy the village after transform into 9 tails form and destroy the there villages that betrayed his own village or he can disappeared and reappear couple years so powerful no one can stand again him or he go around to recruit all tails demon to destroy all the villages so show them they don't use people as weapons and went Naruto talk to demon holder (Nine tails have trained Naruto to full it can so went he go around collecting there tails demon the nine tails can force there demon to train there holders

evil,godlike,insane Harry

Harry start a company off fighters or hires marines to fight Voldemort and disappeared for year to train

Harry Become Magic power house using only wizard way or mixing muggle science fiction with magic to make them work

Harry Potter all the manipulation that was used to control Harry backfired,Harry find out after a betrayed and join Voldemort or kills Voldemort and take he place after being betrayed

what if Harry push to far and snap Globe of fire make him snap and start using pureblood laws to get away with anything

what if Naruto push to far and snap

Stargate Sg-1 did they ever gate to a planet that had a race real friendly and open about sex like Star Trek:TNG Episode Justice just thought that wood be the best and the funny episode to watch

Star Trek:TNG ,Voyager,enterprise look through all there planets,race the connected

Stargate Atlantis what if there was a War like Group of the Ancients or what if the group that founded earth and seeded the human of earth was just a more peaceful or scientist part of a group that was sent out to find a hidden solar systems encase the main group didn't win a war that made the Goa'uld,Wraith,Ori,Borg look like pussy) the council of had thought that because of the War like way had being the down fall of the main group so went the scientists group made it to the past earth they wipe out all information no were they came form and rewrote there history

Stargate Sg-1 what if in the first season one Sg-1 found a self-sufficient hidden shipyard it stead hidden it as black ops

Naruto vs Pain Naruto tell Pain of his plan of destroy the leaf by using Pain (Naruto will know of all what the leaf village and daddy did to him,Kushina and there home village in the seal Naruto and Nine tails and Kushina force Minoto to relive Naruto memories until his mind(what left) to break absorbing his power(what little) Kushina is sealed in Naruto head before dieing and Nine Tails infuse her so she will not past on she help naruto grow Naruto girls like Anko,Hinata,Hannabi,FemHaku,Ino,Karin,Kin Tsuchi,Shizune(how better to be right under head boss)Sakura,Tenten,Tsunami(no little kid Naruto save her before she move to wave and they have a little girl together),Hana ( Naruto save them in different ways or they just what to join his harem (the Nine tail give naruto some nice powers like reading there minds and copy what he whats to control(Geass with no weakness)

find the Naruto Vs Pain Naruto turn into a hollow were pain try to kill hinata to get Naruto to tranform?

phase network how to phase out a galaxy

Harry time travel back to past went Voldemort die and play out as him or goes back to went he kid as act as Voldemort take Voldemort follower for himself

Wrong boy who live Harry the first born or they said Harry twin sister is the prophecy to kill Voldemort and they push Harry away turning cold back and he leave and come back and kills Voldemort or get train can come back with army to destroy the wizard world

Harry's sick and tired of wizardry world Harry disappeared for years to train and than come back and destroyed the Wizardry world by using there laws again them or he is trained and come back with a army and destroyed Voldemort and than the Ministry of magic and reforming the hole wizardry World

what stories was harry disappeared and come back and new commander of new empire

is there a spell to call on magic it self to test some one

Harry make a group or Army for himself to fight

Naruto with Army of Dark copys but with Harry with Dark army of copys


Sanctuary all power,tech,monster

Naruto & Fem-Itachi

Naruto apart of Akutsuki or it Leader

Naruto what if Naruto is killed by village but come back to life for revenge or to fix the world

Harry Potter what if Harry's killed by wizardry world and come back for revenge sold his soul for Revenge after reading about it in dark arts book empowered by the darkness in everone soul

Hollow Inari but with Harry

what if the Composer work for the Forerunner make them Immortal

Code Geass Lelouch has Twin Brother or Sister what if Lelouch know it was V.V that killed his mother and Daddy know but did nothing to V.V for it

Me/Stargate/Code Geass Me with mod-super-city-ship and super heavily modify Armor show up in Code Geass reality for Geass Power and C.C

Me/Code Geass Me & C.C immortal or I was the one to Create Geass

Code Geass what if Lelouch had trusted the core of his group with who he was

Ender's Game what if Ender know the last test was not test and was real and gave the higher up what they whated a killer

Stargate Ancient Warrior Class was fight a war so they sent the Scientists class and some of the oldest of the councils ways to hidden in case they didn't win the war they fight the enemies are thousand time more powerful than Wraith,Goa'uld,Ori, Atlantis is a science city-ships class than the Ancient warrior Class have Ship ten time power and had 50 million year(or how much time/years pass after they left there home ?) to grow and make more powerful ship so they even had to fight ascended race so they have powers and tech that can fight ascend races if need

Stargate Atlantis what if Atlantis is sentient or alive

What if Baal found Atlantis?

Code Geass R2 Ep11 what if a creature waked because of the battle immortal Code Geass R2 Ep 19 Lelouch backup planed to set up the weapons and knightmare frame so if any one wood turn on him they wood blow up on the user Code Geass Lelouch is good of a pilot of Knightmare Code Geass What if the Code Moved to Stronger Will host and if there strong will they have more powers Code Geass a Geass that connect the user to any device of tech (even Knightmare Frames) and can control them

Code Geass & Neon Genesis Evagenlion Shinji after being sucked into a Angel is throw out in the Code Geass reatily to the point went the Eva Unit 01 drop out above a battle of Black knight and the Chinese fader Unit 01 in the berserk mode so went one the enemy Knightmare frame attack he attack using his AT-Field and ripping the form lim form lim after destroying them 01 turn to attack the Black knight Zero yells at every one near to get out of there frames hopeing that stop them form being destroyed was Unit 01 walk to zero forces it drop Berserk mode and shinij egect out Eva or Zero come out and try geass it and it works and by pilot being connected is geass too or after Shinji get out and wake later found out how bad the world is what to to the black knight fight after a couple accident Zero see Shinji has no backbone geass him to grow one

what if there level above the Ascendants Ancient (story i found that jack go to that level and the one he meat tell him that the lower levels are for the weak

Warehouse 13

Naruto turned into a human weapon by village parent alive off training sister to control the Nine Tails powers in Naruto Naruto trained by everone in the Village become the most powerful suppassing his dad,Itachi Uchiha,Madara Uchiha and ever become more powerful than the Sage of Six Path Minato and Kushina,Naruko show up two month after the Chunin Exam Naruto having went up get Orochimaru and after Orochimaru try take Naruto body Naruto asbore him get all his powers and knowledge and take the Snake summoning by forcing the snake boss in submissive and Pein of Six attack Naruto take him on and destroy him take the Rinngan and replaceing the Six body with 9 he use Itachi(killed by Naruto after Clan Marrce Naruto was away on Mission and take the Sharingan after Merge with Nine Tails power and Knowledge he can change his DNA and Orochimaru,Nagato before the Black rods he can fill in there later) after be turned into weapon by village and been came the best Minato,Kushina, Naruko show up talking to the 3rd about Naruto he tell them what had happen first 5 year Naruto was treat like shit and were one saw him as the Nine Tails after thousand near dies the 3rd turned Naruto into human weapon for Village only answer to 3rd Hokage after heareding what happen the try blan third what happen to Naruto. Minato attack or try to he got a foot form Hiruzen Sarutobi before being slammed through the wall and out into the street and end up in to 4 foot deep crater stand over him with his hand around his throat in Death Grips not second later the 3rd Appeared Ordering Crimson Reaper That Often Stand down Order the 3rd not second after saying that the Person reappeared next to the 3rd neiled next the 3rd YES MY LORD in Voice of Steal Cold No Emotion at all the only than that you tell about the Crimson Reaper is that Yellow Hair even his Eye were Cover only see a hidden red glow after he attack him oh oh oh SHIT were the Thought of Minato,Kushina,Naruko the Crimson Reaper is the MOST WHANTED in the Nation Bingo book for Destroying hole Army and than even the Village they attack form surpassing Minato in the Number of Solider killed on battle flied with one Attack Crimson Reaper home Village was never said to be witch one but after couple year it believe to be Leaf Village Minato & Kushina freak out started yelling at 3rd what the hell is this Monster doing in the Village the 3rd looking at them Coldly smiled grimly nodded to the Reaper who reached up and Removed the mask reviewing whiskered cover cheeks reddish purple rippled stone cold dead eyes that have see true horry of life and fangs like fox pointing out Minato getting piss again try to attack 3rd again Reaper slammed him into ground creating a second crater just as deep as first

Reality Hack my will be came so powerful in what to leave this reality and crossover to a different reality to build up a Galaxy Empire so power no one can stand again it that i asbored all the life giving Engery of this reality making me a true immortal and all the Knowledges of human race the first reality i what to head to was Halo for the Forerunner tech

A Immortal me with all the powers i what come to me saying he what to die and only way was to do that is transfer all his Knowledges & powers to me he flashed in front of me Stabbing me in the heart Ahh that Hurts i said he laugh you haven't felt any thing yet he started fading and being asbored into the sword

Naruto Parents and twins sister come back after the chuun exams to find Naruto had be Killed,bashed or turn in to a living weapon or it can be were Naruto parent think he the fox so they kill him and a year later Naruto or the Fox reform and travel to all there village and show them how Naruto life was like all the village but one treated there Jinchurikki nicely went they heard how the village had treated Naruto and what his Parents did they break all tie to the Leaf Village after a year the fox or Naruto trained all them in jutsu form the leaf village thought it wood be fun for them to be killed by the shadow clones or there jutsu form the village after two year all the there village attack and kill all that hurt Naruto or they killed Naruto and the Nine take over Naruto body and play out Naruto role until the village bashed him and he snap and kills them for what they did first tells them the truth or Naruto parents and twins sister show back up about as the councils is about to bashed Naruto the Nine tails snap at that point telling Naruto parents and sister that the village had killed Naruto and it had be the nine tail using naruto body he can show them all the memorize of naruto until he dies or Naruto finds a letter form the 4th and his family to the 3rd telling him what to do with Naruto and what there planing that they are weaking the nine tails by having it in a human host and have sent Naruto soul to the after life(Heaven)(bullshit dumb ass didn't read the scroll right)(can saiy the scroll was more about making a people more powerful by merging two soul) Naruto and Nine tails soul merge created a more powerful demon then ever created then he planed everything form Orochimaru attacking the village to Uchiha massice for what they did to nine tails Naruto have follower more loyal than Orochimaru not by fear ok little mix in to make them loyal to only Naruto and Naruto pulling everone string even Danzo(Puppet) or went the 4th sealed the nine tails he splited them in two creating a (Naruko)female nine tails and male(Naruto) that how the tailed beast mate and have off spring they can past all there powers and knowledges to there host making them the next nine tails or Naruto's Parent and twins sister ran off to train and left Naruto in 3rd hands tell him they true him to raised Naruto right about age 9 Naruto find a letter form his family tell saying hi and the fake letters sent by 3rd Naruto Snaps and make a deal with nine tails

what stories was Naruto the leader of Akatsuki and came back to destroy leaf it for what they did to Naruto fight Tsunade in end

5TH element cloneing and tech witch cloning is best what weakness

Naruto make plan to destroy leaf village by pulling together people that hate the village or just going all nine tails and destroy them or by tricking Orochimaru to attack than finish off the village after killing Orochimaru if he cant finish it himself or pull together all the tails beast that mistreated by there village into help him destroy the leaf village than there look up stories

Dark Evil 3rd made Naruto Dark Evil get done what need to be done to keep the Leaf the top dog

Star Trek a flesh & Blood human race that can Asbore any type of engery to live for ever is attacked by a Q and they asbored the Q take he power and knowledges the there fear what the race can do transport a Nova bomb form Andromeda Ascendant reality to destroy them One of the race asboreds the Engery of Nova Bomb and end up asboreding all the engery of his planent and his race he become the Ark of his Race floating throught space for million years in sleep or Meditation to be found by Voyager be but onboard Q appear fleeing the energry of emenie thought die after appear he cant leave because his engery is aborede by him

Naruto with ICE powers after Haku die Naruto Snap aboreding Haku bloodlines and using it like Gaara use sand to protect himself he take no shit will kill those that attack him and start to trained by fox

Anubis is taken as a host or try taken some one and is over powered and taken as a host or a Goa'uld is take over by different race thought that wood be sweet that a new host was taken by Anubis but the host take over Anubis like the Goa'uld did a host

I go to sleep and wake to someone yell at me in a language i cant under stand i get kick in side try under stand were i am at i cant see i hit get for not anwers the one yelling at me he pick me up and grage me what i guest is a throne room and Hole Shit Anubis is siting on it in a host and dieing so he jump to me and try to take me as a host and i aborsed him takeing ever thing he know and power

Khalek & Sam

Kyle XY & Stargate Sg-1 or Atlantis Kyle & Jessi taken as host before show or seconded season

Stargate & Dragonball z

Stargate Salvation by General TheDyingTitan I was so bored and loney that I adsored all life giving force of this reality and all knowledge of human race and there alians if any

Stargate Sg-1 each gate connected to different reality(tv show ,Movie, Anime,Game,fanfic)
Stargate & Dragonball z
X-Men and Omga level Mutant appears with the power to copy and use any and all mutant powers he come cross cand even mix and make them more powerful
Naruto have the power to take power form there
Naruto betrayed by village or loved one or his family or in freak of red dawn and in the end destroyed the freak that made them betrayed and than come back and destroys the village
Naruto take over the Leaf underground to survive in village serial killer & rapists were disposed of quickly taken over and get the respect of all the criminal lord in and out side the village no wood mix with him make some alias that no one wood connect to Naruto Mask
Naruto's parent made plan to draw out there emeny or Madara the plan(leveing Naruto in village) failed because Naruto beat them to there goal and made there "plan" pointless
Code Geass & Naruto Lelouch is throw into Naruto reality what will he do went see the evil of Naruto reality

Stargate & Naruto is taken as host by Yu or Ba'aal or Anubis the fox not what to be enslave by Goa'uld froce a merga of the three creating a new monster that take over everything or the Fox kills the snake and give Naruto all it Knowledges & Power Naruto bing on a planet with no way home have to play God using his and the fox knowledges they build up a empire like no there and take over the galaxy using a Goa'uld queen(i dont see why no Goa'uld haven't done something like this just thinking that any slave enpowered by a snake wood be 10x faster ,stronger in mining program with only what there god what them to know) and modifying her to breed off spring that be loyalty to him so if they thought of betray him wood cause pain unitl they stop thinking about and merge with the host give them charck power and bloodlines he build up a empire and army not there can match not even the Asgard can stand again him. Naruto with Fox help find out that he have Ancient ATA gene it turn out that Naruto's world was the First to be seeded by the Ancient so there the close in power to the Ancient. there way the Ancient dumb down the brain power of there seed races. Finding a head sucker and using it Naruto have all the knowledges of Ancients after they came back after Atlantis(to me there all linked so they all update and Naruto find Arthur's Mantle or planet were he in statics using some of the fox knowledges Naruto absorbs Merlins knowledges seening the threat ascendants Ancient poses make and use the Sangraal destroying the ascendants ancients and sending it to the Ori home Galaxy wipe them out not before Naruto take couple ship and copy Prior powers before enslaving them all. Have found out there a AI controlling the Stargate network the Goa'uld disabled it after find out and reprogramming it so each an Goa'uld that not enslaved it rewrite it mind some there enslaved to Naruto
TSCC John believing in Charles Darwin Natural selection create skynet and have techonpathy powers

Stargate/Star Wars there was Alteran with Sith-like qualities. Set to be a somewhat rip of sith and sith technology applied to the base of the Alteran from stargate. Not the evilness just a touch of insanity and the basic sith power set. Maybe a clone of an Alteran, that by their standards would be unhinged, but at the same time with enough level-headed-ness to know when to step back and take a breather.

The idea is that this individual ran off with a cache of tech, like say Arthur's Mantle (translator's note: was that the phase shifting device that had alternate reality applications) then this supposed rogue ancient harnesses some potent source of power (galaxy center maybe?) to expand the range of his phase shift device to hide the entirety of his chosen galaxy from the rest of the universe. Or possibly chooses to only hide planets he sets up shop on.

Our target of interest would then use the tech he brought with him to do a few things, like, convert some empty planets into production facilities, setup a cloning facility that makes use of a hybrid version of Asgard and Alteran understanding of genetics to clone himself, build a bunch of ships that are all very coincidentally sith-like in appearance.

Then after he's set all this up and made one last clone which would be the culmination of all his research into biological and genetic advancement. The final step would be heading back out into the rest of the universe to attempt to take on the various ascended empires while sending back data about each encounter on a phase shifted ship, to be analysed by the various scientific minds of his hidden empire.

Each time he's defeated the information is brought back to help with the next attempt at ending their interference.

Dragon Ball Z/Stargate the Saiyans turn out to be a off branch of the Ancient have being seed on a gravely heavy planet that made the Saiyans power force on making there body's more powerful and after couple generation started using powers to fight and a ruler version of Kakarot (not as evil as there in the Anime) find the city-ships that was setup up to watch the Saiyans race grow after the Ancient detect the way they wood grow and become powerful mix the Saiyans race tech with Ancient race to make more powerful tech and recreating the Saiyans race after become SuperSaiyans 4(useing Ancient tech to force there body to become even more powerful and using clone tech for making foot soliders) and killing Frieza for destroying there home world

Read throught and check 11-10-14


Code Geass I have what to know why Lelouch use Zero as name "Zero is the beginning of everything, as it is the end of everything. Everything ultimately reverts back to Zero.

In a sane world, only the insane are truly sane

what is a dream? A dream is a fantasy. A product of one's own mind; of their wants and their desires. What is reality? The cold, bitter truth of life. But what happens when the dream becomes reality? Or is reality the dream

"I am no afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.''-Alexander The Great.

"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live." - Norman Cousins

You can't break a man like you break a dog or a horse, the harder you beat a man the taller he stands. To break a man's will, to break his spirit, you have to break his mind. Men have this idea that we can fight with dignity, that theirs a proper way to kill a man, it's absurd. We need it to endure the bloody horror of murder. You must destroy that idea, show 'em what a messy terrible thing it is to kill a man and then show 'em that you relish in it. Aim to wound then execute the wounded, burn them, take them in close combat. Destroy their preconceptions of what a man is and you become their personal monster, when they fear you, you become stronger, you become better. But let's never forget it's a display, a posture, like a lion's roar or a gorilla thumping at its chest. If you lose yourself to the display, succumb to the horror, then you become the monster, you become reduced, not more than a man but less and it could be fatal

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Crossover - Gundam Wing/AC & Code Geass - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 8 - Words: 54,428 - Reviews: 114 - Favs: 139 - Follows: 132 - Updated: 11/12/2014 - Published: 2/28/2013 - Lelouch L.
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betrayed by my friends and labeled a missing ninja. i am a nightmare to my enemies. a savior to my friends and wife... i will fight for what i believe in and destroy anything that threatens it. i haunt your dreams and cause paranoia among the most hardened of warriors. i am but a dream... a nightmare... a nightmare that will protect Konoha... this is for redemption... for family.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,087 - Reviews: 47 - Favs: 199 - Follows: 216 - Updated: 8/28/2014 - Published: 2/14/2014 - [Naruto U., Naruko U., Tsunami]
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Crossover - Devil May Cry & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 10 - Words: 83,750 - Reviews: 221 - Favs: 698 - Follows: 704 - Updated: 7/30/2014 - Published: 6/3/2012 - [Nero, Sasuke U.]
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Code Geass - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 10,029 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 3/24/2013 - Published: 3/25/2011 - Lelouch L., C.C.
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depends on poll
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 23 - Words: 80,058 - Reviews: 839 - Favs: 1,647 - Follows: 1,287 - Updated: 2/12/2013 - Published: 3/9/2012 - Naruto U. - Complete
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