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About Me

xName: Rae

xNaicknames: People online calls me angel-san, angel-chan, angel-senpai, or angel-sama. hehe and I love it. I think it is cute.

xFavorite word/name: Ok I love the name/word 'angel' I love it because I love it. LOLZ XD. And I love the 'word whoooo' you will know why later on my about my thingy on this thingy, :)

xLast Name: Can't Tell You My Last Name

xAge: 16

xBirthday: September 9th

xHair Color: Black/Brown

xAny Highlights: Yes. Dirty Blond Highlights

xEye Color: Brown(Wait! Wait! I think dark brown, IDK.)

xHeight: 5"7(Aha last time I was 5"6 but I grew 1 inch. Yay a new miracle!

xBody Type: Well all I can say is I am skinny but not to skinny. ;)

xWeight: That is something I can't tell you. But I do have a skinny figure. Not to fat and not to skinny.

xAny anime crushes: Yes I do but I am not a fangirl. I love Itachi Uchiha. I am not madly in love with him, but I just love him. He has the looks. he's hot, sexy, smexy, oh did I mention he's hot? And I respect him. I don't think he is evil, because he's not. 3, Gin from Bleach! I looovvveee Gin's smile soo much! Gin you evil kawaii person!, Ichigo from Bleach also...he's hot..ehe X3.

xWho I think is a good boy from the akatsuki:I think...Tobi is a good boy!! An evil good boy! I luv you Tobi, and yesh, yesh you are a good boy! But an evil one! X3

xHow would you describe each akatsuki members?: Hidan A religious sexy bitch. Kakazu: A gold digger, money luver immortal person. Tobi: An evil good boy. Itachi: A sexy emotionless Uchiha(He is not evil!). Deidara: A sexy art luver boom! boom! person. XD. Sasori: A red head puppet master who is kawaii! Kisame: Hmmm a big huge blue fishyyy!! Zetsu: A big green plant. Konan: IDK don't know her that much yet. Pein: Ohhhhh!! HE is cool!! Luv the percings!!

xBleach vs Naruto: Right now I love both. I love Bleach and Naruto equally.

xHobbies: Singing, dancing, writing, texting, drawing, going on the computer 24/7, volleyball, soccer, and much more but I am right now to name them all.

xRandom!: Whooooo!! This is random right here!! Whoo!! Ok To tell the truth I am really random at times. hehe if you get to know me in quizilla trust me you will know me as a random girl. LOLZ Hehe its fun being random!! Whooo!! Hehe I like pie Oh! oh! And Itachi but not LOVE LOVE.

xWhooo!: Ok I really love the word whooo!! For some reason IDK why? I just love it. Hehe sometimes when I MSG people I just put "Whoooo" For random. Whoo!!

xMusic: Ok, ok, ok I LOVE music! Music is my life! I don't think I can't live without music.

xAddiction's: I have a really big addiction!! And no I am not addicted to drugs or smoking because I am not like that. I don't smoke and drink. Ok I HAVE A REALLY BIG addiction of going on the computer and texting. LOLZ I go on the computer/laptop like 24/7. And texting 14 hours a day. Sooo...I get a really high phone bill. Ohh!! And one time I almost broke my nail because I have been texting my friend for almost 4 hours. Hehe.

xGoals: I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish. Hmm I wonder if I spelled accomplish right?? Hmm did I spell it right again...hmmm.. Ok on with my goals. My biggest goal is being a singer. Hehe I plan to join American Idol when I am 17 or 18, IDK it depends.

xLovers: I LOVE My baby. What I mean by that is my car and my BF. Hehe

xFavorite Naruto Pairings: NarutoxHinata, SasukexSakura, SaixIno, NejixTenten, and ShikamaruxTemari

xOther peoplz who uses this account: My friend who I call Angel. I let her use this account bcuz I am nice like that. She does not want to make her own bcuz she is to lazy to make one. LOL XD!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

I'm checking your pulse
I'm giving you air
But your body disagrees
And no it don't care at all
I'm wasting my time

Now your eyes roll awake
You're looking at me
You say Darling what happened
Did I fall asleep?
And you carry me home
Cause I know I wasn't here

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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