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Author has written 20 stories for Harry Potter, Castle, Star Wars, Chuck, and White Collar.

Author's Notes:

i'm back! Kinda? I've been toying with about eight different stories for the last few years. Some of them open ended works that I posted and some of them new. Two of them are original works even. In between service calls I would type away not really getting anywhere. Work got harder until I got cut form the service team. Now I've made a commitment to writing. I put down three thousand words a day. They could be in one story or they could be on the books I’m supposed to be writing. I am making a vow to never post stories unless they’re complete. The only exception to the rule will be Master of War. That’s right. It’s coming back to me. It’s slow going but it’s coming. Every few days I add a paragraph or two. I then go back and delete it in frustration but it’s coming along. As I finish chapters I’ll post them.

Now for the bad part I’m posting raw chapters. I don’t have a beta and until I get one the chapters are going to be rough. So don’t bother commenting on spelling or grammar, I know already. If you would like to Beta then send me a PM and I’ll email you the word documents.

I should have a new completed story posted by mid July. It's a Harry Potter/Star Wars crossover called the Sentinel. I'm finishing the last few chapters and I have some of the sequel done as well. That should go up in a month or two. please review if you read, I need all the encouragement i can get, especially for Master of War. that story is flowing out like mud.


Now that my Chuck story is done i need something else to work on when i hit a wall with my other work. looking at my files and past ideas i fond my odd ideas file. over the next few months i'm going to be posting short stories. mostly rushed one shots like a thief's tale, but some will be short malti chapter little things. all of them are going to be HP stories unless people still read Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? i have a three story arc outlined for that and it could be fun to write but if the category is dead then i'm not bothering with it.

The Sentinel: the story is coming along and i should have about a chapter a week out. projections are about 19 chapters for this one. i'm waiting a year to write the next one because it takes place in the Marvel universe and i want to see what happens next before i jump in.

Master of War: is on life support and i'm really thinking about pulling the plug. i'm totally out of ideas and three people have tried and failed to adopt it. it was the first thing i wrote and my lack of plot outlining has painted me into a corner i can not get out of.

Chuck: agent Carmichael is done and i'm never writing another Chuck story again. i hate Sarah Walker and finishing the story as Charah was like pulling teeth. since you can't write non-Charah stories and hope to get views i'm done with Chuck.

Castle: this category is the same as Chuck. i hate Beckett and anything past season 2 so this category is over for me too.

UPDATE! 11/28/16

As some of you know I've put all of my stories on hold to DM a game for my group. what started out as a small task turned into something more involved. they wanted to play a Dead Lands style game but they couldn't get the Dead Lands game mechanics down, long story short i spent the last three months making my own Harry Potter RPG system. it's a mix of D20, the Serenity RPG, and Dragon Age 2 video game leveling system. the system is broken as hell but it's fun to play. I've been running a campaign based on a story i worked on but never put out. i am putting out that story now.

i have also kept notes on everything that happened in the campaign so far (we're four 6 hour sessions in so far) and i have started to write up the campaign as a story. as of today i will start posting the 12 chapter story i kind of based the campaign on. that story is call Harry Steel Through Time and it's not based on the Investigator Steel story it's an idea i was working on at the same time as that story line. it's not as flashy as Investigator Steel but it does have a lot of the same characters. by Christmas i hope to have it all up. i'll start posting Wild West Harry Steel soon after that, the campaign so far has enough plot points to fill 10 chapters. i have three written already. in a month i hope to have 10-12 chapters and a three week cushion.

at this point all other stories are on hold. every Sunday i host a 6 hour game. it takes 6-9 hours of prep to run the game. i'm taking a few hours a week i have left to write up the story. i don't know how long the group will keep the game going but after the new year i'll have more time to try and wrap up some of these loose story threads i have open. As it is now every ounce of creativity i have is going to this game.

UPDATE 10/14/17

i'm done writing Fan Fiction for a long time. i find no enjoyment in it. it takes up too much of my free time. i'm tired of the shit comments the PM's demanding, not asking, but out right telling me to get my ass in gear to make entertainment for them in the most degrading of tones. I have not looked at this site for over three months and I've been happier for it. i'm putting this up because i looked at my in box today and I've seen a few PM's asking if i was physically okay. i'm fine, thanks for asking. i'm just tired of taking shit for my hobby from the assholes that populate this site. it's gotten to the point where i hate my open stories and i have ZERO motivation or inspiration to finish them. a friend of mine suggested i go the Fifty Shades route and try to turn Wild West Harry Steel into a real book. i'll try doing that for a while. maybe that will get me back into writing, and maybe in the future, if i find my mind wandering, and i decide to write something again i'll post it. but for now this is the last thing i'm writing on this site for a while.


UPDATE 11/17/17

another author is starting story in the Harry Steel universe. If you want to take a look at it his name is Harry Steel (good name) and the Story is called Fighting Back the Muggle Way. it's his first story and he needs the views and reviews. i got a preview of the outline and the first few chapters and it looks good. try not to rip the guy a new asshole please.

UPDATE 4/20/18

I've been working with the writer Harry Steel on a few ideas. the kid has energy, and i like it. At some point in the future he'll be posting a few shorts that we worked on together. So keep an eye open for those.

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The war is over. the dark is defeated. but the government is still corrupt. Harry is exiled to the U.S. where he meets the family he didn't know he had, and takes up the family trade. Multi crossover after chapter 18. and Harry/Multi after chapter 38 T for Language and Violence.
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