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I... I can't believe I'm updating my profile. I think this is the first time I'm actually going to take this seriously.


Hi, this is VioletHearts13. I like the color violet/purple/any variation of violet, I like hearts and I like the number 13 because Roxas.

However, due to my religious beliefs I sometimes waver on many things in my life. I'm a Roman Catholic and I believe in God. He is my saviour.

Now, you're prolly thinking "Fudge, this person must put a lot of religious stuff on their story. I'm leaving now~" then fine with me. Just because I like my religion and support it with all I can at the age of nine and a half proddlepits (search proddlepits online, I don't know if the word exists) doesn't mean I'm not an awesome writer? Screw you, stranger on the internet.


My only story, Secret Battles Against a Nobody, was created two years ago (fun fact!) when my writing was terrible and my school grades dropping. I had only thought of the ending of the plot and decided that not giving a crap about the whole delivery was okay. I did not reread my story today, knowing it was horrible and also because I judge a story by the first few chapters. By the first chapter I was bored and said "Screw this!" and then realized that it was my story.

I liked that realization.


Now that I have a little bit more knowledge in my brain, a few more responsibilities and a huge load at school, I decided: Why not continue the story and recreate myself because I have nothing better to do?

Also, I am smart. I am not being proud, in fact it's a secret. I'm a secretly smart person.

You see, if I blasted to the world about how smart I am, people would either think I feel superior or ask for help. Yep, I feel superior but that's just who I am. But the thing I hate about being known as smart is the fact that people ask for help. It sucks. I can't really explain a lot of the stuff I understand.

So why am I saying this on my profile when I supposed to be secretly smart? Easy, we aren't at school anymore and I have nothing to teach you. Also, I just like the fact that there's one good thing about myself that I know to be true.

So now that we're done with the introduction, let's get the FAQ over with. I feel bad because a lot of other writers have really long profiles and I don't.

FAQ #1: When did you start writing fanfic?

I think I started around the time I was ten or eleven years old. My fanfics were horrible and did not contain plot. If you are interested, I used to write Gakuen Alice and Detective Conan fanfics. But I have deleted them now and my old profile is empty. I mostly just use that profile to subscribe to good stories. There was only one story that I made that I liked back when I was a kid. But I deleted it so meh.

FAQ #2: Are you insane?

Yes, I am. I eat breakfast for the evenings and dinner for mornings. I also tended to use polysyndetons a lot but now I don't use them as much anymore.

FAQ #3: What's your frustration as a writer?

I am frustrated when I forget the words that I was supposed to use as adjectives and descriptions or verbs and adverbs. I am also frustrated in the romance department of everything, mostly because I do not like sappy kissing love stories. The most I could get near to love stories is when it is also angst or just plain not-sappy. However for the sake of growing up, I will work hard to put sappy-kissy parts in my story.

FAQ #4: Which person is your favorite Kingdom Hearts character?

I do like Roxas. He's awesome. I hated it when Sora didn't know who Roxas was because he had done so much for him but wasn't really credited for any of his work. Still, Sora is an awesome dude. I guess. I think. Maybe.

FAQ #5: What other animes/movies/anything you like other than Kingdom Hearts?

I do like Naruto fanfics but I hate the anime itself now because it's gotten all war and no fun. I also like Psych, the series. I like Detective Conan. I like Letter Bee, I suppose. I like Scrubs, the series. I guess I liked Chuck, the series. I like Forrest Gump, The Case of Benjamin Button and the Smosh people on youtube. There are a lot of other things I like but there are too many to mention. Feel free to send me links to GOOD fanfics of Psych, DC and Naruto mostly because I don't read KH fanfics anymore. Too many uncontinued and too many frustrating endings.

FAQ #6: Are you looking for a Beta Reader?

I am not looking for a beta reader. Mostly because I tend to like updating my story on my own and due to my erratic behaviour I might abandon my beta reader. But I am okay with beta reading. I have tried copy reading in journalism before and I also have this tendency to correct grammar so contact me whenever.

That's about it. And now enjoy my long list of stories below.

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