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Hello there hmmmm i had idea's for what im going to write but now they have shot out of my head haha soo... THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST PROFILE EVER..

ME : my name is @lexx ( yes 2 xx's) i dont normally spell it like that but i may aswell. im 14 in 5 months woo cant wait. I LOVE TWILIGHT !! that has to be the main thing to know about me.. and TEAM EDWARD !! . all of my stories are set on twilight simlpy because i cant think of anything else. IM AM NO J.K ROWLING and not really good author i publish my stories without spell checking or anything i just want to post :).. ok next bit

I AM HAPPY WHEN : im watchin cool films, in the sun, reading twilight, watching twilight, with my buddz and my family :)

I AM FRUSTRATED WHEN : im hungry, people are annoying and when my hair isnt straight THATS JUST WRONG !


OK im now going to write about some of my thoughts comment/review or what ever it is :)

ok i am getting UNBELIVABIILY annoyed with new moon I WANT TO SEE IT SO BAD IT HURTS !! i watch the fan made trailors but i cant wait for the real thing :) because im in ireland ( woo ) we have to wait like 2 weeks later ( uhhhhhhh ). yea so thats getting so annoying. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STEPHANIE MEYER release or finish or publish midnight sun IM GAGGIN FOR IT !! like really it doesnt have to be perfect dont even spell check. OK bella swan annoys me. as much as i love twilight, the love story her and edward. LIGHTIN UP WOMAN .. everyone's so nice to her and all you ever hear is umm ok, umm ok, umm ok ITS LIKE BUY A FRIKEN DICTIONARY !! really now.. ooh and i love alice cullen i get refred to her alot i flicked my hair out like her and im the IMAGE i was so happy i put white powder on my face and start taking pictures hehe ... ok people when your done this BLONDEBIMBO3 go to her review her storys shes my best budd in school and she thinks her stories are gay.. so if your hate mailing go ahead just leave out the words Gay,queer, or anything to do with that nature. cooking is deadly .. AND WILMA OFF MSN people if you dont know her add her now and come back to me. SHE IS RECKIN ME HEAD !! ooh i want to have a talent but nothing is working..

haha this was meant to be a profile its turning into a DR.Phil momment. i replie to all reviews/comments/e-mails. i am not pershall to stalkers now so you no. please read a few of my stories aswell as bad as they may be. :) i no no one has got to this point i no im boring anyway so yeah
Happy Easter

@lexx the twilight pixie



NO i dont update this everyday. i just dont have time and efforft so this is again. i dont actually know what to write in this so like yeah. im going to talk about things that are annoying me . PERFECT SPELLING ! people i dont put that much effort into things ok stop judging me. AND PLEASE !! KEEP YOUR HARSH COMMENTS TO YOURSELF. ooh im on its cool. im writing a story named "the girl named angie" and its a sad true story. THE RAIN AND WEATHER. I just want sun ok thats all i want. im sick of my cholthes skinny jeans & top/t-shrit im in all the time. I WANT FOUNDATION have no money. SMUDEYS ! me black eye liner keeps smudin its gettin annoyin.

OK OK enough complaining. i love sleeping. and im getting ideas for new storys. IM ON MY HOILDAYS !!. im starting to love my phone. emm thats it.


xxxxxxxxxxxxx OOOOOh follow me on twitter aswell :P:P

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This is a short funny story about Edward, Bella and Jacob telling Renesmee about what we call the twilight saga.. very funny. and short.. do read to find out what happens :
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its a short very stupid, funny story about Alice and Edward on twitter and MSN.. dont read if expectin to be in floods laughin like me normal ones. i just posted this up as a little story becauseim writing a big one
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for those who remember Rosalie Cullens Wedding..What really Happened. this is a continuation, but if u didnt read that u can still read this. chapter .1. includes miley cryus songs,planes,doors,socks and its just a teaser ! read and find out more :
Twilight - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,311 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 6/13/2009 - Published: 6/11/2009 - Emmett
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We all no from reading the Twilight Saga that Alice cannot remember her past. well what if you could read her past. all that she had forgotton. from conseption up to her becoming a vampire. this is Alice's Past.. this is the falling star of Alice Cullen.
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The volturi are down 3 members and are looking for a new member with a talent .. hence vampire talent show.nearly all the vampires you hate/love are here showing there talent to the judges and only 1 can be picked. this is part 1 of 2 its funny :
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Its a funny, short story about me, a dubliner edward and rosalie in a maths class..:D
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this is very funny spoof of twilight with me alex an irish dubliner replacing bella very funny must read !its compelete now and you will LYAO so please read : :
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this is a very funny story about rosalie cullens wedding day it is out ragoues. flower man, the muppetts, sesame street, jane & emmetts wedding :S JASPER NO CURLY BOBS ! DISNEY LAND KIDNAPING .. and most of all SQEEZING EMMETTS .... arms :O KERMIT...GAY!
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this is what really happened the night of the treaty. is Levi gay. Emphriam BATMAN . the cullens SPIDERMAN very funny read and find out
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This is a funni story.. please read and review.
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this is part 3 of 5 its funny enough..
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THE QUEST TO KILL JANE part 2 carlisle's plan reviews
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its just a silly storie PLEASE COMMENT.. and its a continuating storie SO LOADS MORE TO COME after i eat my curry :O
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look its very silly I WAS TIRED and people keep the hate mail to your self .. its funny you have to read it to beive it hehe
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