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Hello, Everyone! I'm Minty-Midnight-Mew! : )

Welcome to my page!

For starters, I'm a huge Tokyo Mew Mew, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Kingdom Hearts, Zelda and Final Fantasy fan! (hugs them all tightly and squeals)

My Name: ...That stays with me. : )

My Youtube Account:


Random note: Check out 7Knight-Wolf on (AWESOME WRITER!!!)

Favorite Japanese Singers: YUI!!!!! OMG! (she's the best) Utada Hikaru, Nana Mizuki

Favorite shows: Shaman King, Avatar (the Real Avatar - not those naked blue people! I HATE that movie! ) Full Moon O Sagashite, Tokyo Mew Mew, Sonic X

Favorite Games: The Kingdom Hearts Series, (AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!) The Final Fantasy series (FF7, FF8, FF9, FF10, FF13) and The The Legend of Zelda series

Favorite Manga: (Not that I read much) Tokyo Mew Mew, Kingdom Hearts, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Kilala Princess, Zelda, Shugo Chara, Hibiki's Magic

My absolute FAVORITE pairings: Kish and Ichigo forever, BABY!! DOWN WITH MASAYA!! (...Sorry... I HATE his guts...) Takuto and Mitsuki!! (I LOVE THIS! HOOKED!!) IKUTO AND AMU! (AMUTO!) Lettuce and Pia, Mint and Ryou, Meroko and Izumi (that's a long story. I like them together best in the manga. In the anime, their relationship is complicated...) Kairi and Sora, Roxas and Namine, Link and Zelda, Zero and Yuki, Sonic and Sally, Sonic and Amy, Shadow and Rouge, Tails and Cosmo, Tails and Cream, Katara and Aang, Zuko and Mei, Sokka and Suki!

Random stuff: I homeschool! I want to go to Japan someday! I love the outdoors! Hm... I have a cranky, lazy cat named Shunga. (Shun-ga)

Are you a Final Fantasy 9 or 10 fan? Check out Katethegreat19, a more than talented singer who puts her own depth into the words she adds to the Final Fantasy music! CHECK HER OUT! SHE'S SO COOL! I nearly fainted when I watched her videos!

Some of my favorite videos!

Daisuki da yo:

Final Fantasy: This is War:

Nana Mizuki: Silent Bible:

Yui: Again:

Yui: Love and Truth:

Arina Tanemura (creator of Full Moon Wo Sagashite) sings "Smile.":

Kingdom Hearts Series Trailer:

Final Fantasy X Trailer:

Final Fantasy XIII Trailer:

Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Trailer:

Character Test results from Quiz Farm and other sites.

From Narnia: Nicabric

From Tokyo Mew Mew: Minto (YAY!)

From Shugo Chara: Amu (Lol. I suppose I’m her sometimes…)

From Full Moon Wo Sagashite: Madoke

Message from your Host 8/2/11

Hey, TMM readers! Glad you all enjoyed The Love Debt so much! What a joyous success - and, boy, am I elated! You've all been so great! Thanks a load! I did notice, of course, how much all you begged for me to write a new story. Hm...I will tell you I am considering it at present...but I'm not gonna make any promises as of yet. Life is about to hit OMG it might be difficult to juggle everything, if you know what i mean. Honestly, though, I am dying to write a new Kish + Ichigo fic. I guess I'll have to wait and see, though. Right now I'm just experimenting and well, waiting to see how bad this school year will hit me. I've already written the first three chapters of a new story...(not revealing the title yet)...but again...please have a little patience with me. I'm still considering. : ) I will most certainly inform you all when I finalize my plans. Thanks a lot!Have a great day, everyone!


Message from your Host 6/1/11

As you already know, I've decided to REPOST The Love Debt – entirely new and edited.

The original version of the story REALLY needs help (and although I'll probably never be a superb writer) I'm gonna make it WAY better than it first was! I've deepened the characters, foreshadowed later events and even advanced the plot. Nevertheless, hopefully, you will all still find it enjoyable!

However, as you also may have noticed that I switched the story from "Complete" to "In-Process." I though it would be more appropriate. In addition, you'll see I've deleted ALL the chapters up to a certain point. (chapter 2 to be exact) It seemed much more logical to just go ahead and get rid of the original since I was going to save the new, edited chapters over them anyways.

Don't worry, though. ALL the chapters will be re-posted before long with the necessary changes. If you can, please have patient with me. : )

Thanks so much and have a great day!

~ Minty-Midnight-Mew

P.S. I will keep this message up for a few days but soon I'll delete it (to get it out of the way, ya know). If you have need to see it again, check out my profile! : ) Let me know if you have any questions! : )

A Message from Your Host 5/27/11

Hey, everyone!

It's been a GOOD while, hasn't it? You probably all thought I died or something. (lol) Don't worry, though – I'm fine. : )

I'm writing to announce two very important things. Firstly, I feel compelled to give you all a slight explanation. I've obviously been taking a break from fan fictions. In fact, I've been gone for A REALLY LONG TIME (and without speaking to any of you, too.) Thus, I feel like I owe this to you. Now I won't be diving into the deep, overwhelming details, but I can't entirely ignore it either –

After finishing my last fan-fiction, The Love Debt, I had a lot happen to me. For reasons of safety, I'm not going to give ANY of the specifics. But I'm okay- don't worry. Let's just say I needed to go through the skeleton(s) in my closet, and I'd put it off for way too long. It was...a messy job. It STILL IS a messy job. But that's life for ya.

Anyways, that's all I'm going to say on that matter. I just wanted to apologize for ignoring you all. (I just really needed the time, ya know) Thanks for understanding, kitties! : )

Secondly, during my break, I've also been busy editing. I thought you'd all want to know what I plan on doing – it's pretty big.

I've decided to REPOST The Love Debt – entirely new and edited.

You guys all know the story REALLY needed some help (and although I'll probably never be a superb writer) it's definitely better than it was! I've deepened the characters, foreshadowed later events and even advanced the plot. Nevertheless, hopefully, you will all still find it enjoyable! After all, we ALL love Kisshu + Ichigo! : )

I plan on re-posting the edited work chapter by chapter, starting on May 30th. I look forward to your opinions, feedback and over all reviews. : ) Even still, if I'm right, I believe only one review can be submitted for a chapter per person. (In another words, if you have reviewed this story in the past, you will not be able to send me NEW reviews for the NEW chapters.) : ( I guess you'll just have to send me Private messages. Again, I still look forward to hearing from you all! : )

Well, that's about it for now. I will be re-posting this announcement on my account page.

Thank you ALL! Love ya!


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