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Author has written 15 stories for Harry Potter, and True Blood.

Still working full time and a part time job, and rocking the crazy cat lady hat with foster cats in the house – mostly black ones.

Published first book. Second one with different characters is in works, and I'll be writing a sequel to book 1 in November for National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo dt org) so I'm busy-ish writing, but not fan fiction at the moment. Besides writing, I need to spend a lot of time promoting. I blog and tweet mostly.

It won't take someone long to realize I don't like the Marauders and get iffy about Dumbledore in Harry Potter, and Sookie gets on my nerves in True Blood. I'm not sure what other people thought they saw on HBO, but she complains, chews people out, gets jealous, physically hurts people and can be happy about that even if they end up dead, has a potty mouth, and is scoping multiple guys out – Bill, Eric and Alcide, yet has only had sex with two of them so far in the TV series, and has more notches in her bedpost in the book series.

UPDATE 6-5-2012 with Sept add:

Just when I get back to writing fan fic for the month for June’s CampNaNoWriMo, the trolls have gained the upper hand. (end of Sept: still getting a lot of troll reviews from Literate [or some kind of IRATE] Union even though I'm not posting any new fan fic right now since I'm working on original work - what a bunch of toolbags with no lives - really I see 20 or 30 minutes of troll reviews come in each time.)

From Literate Union forum - reporting my stories as Mary Sues, ripoffs of the original works with just character name changes – if someone’s read them, then they know that’s not true. Sexually explicit? Uh yeah, and even though the excuse that a lot of ff stories in M do that, it’s not valid so since Mischief Managed has been called out and reported as violating FF rating, I’ve stripped the sex out of chapter 1.

I’m annoyed enough that I might just leave edited blotches in the middle of the story, as in * edit begins here * Harry said, “Oh yeah, baby, this is so much better than quidditch!” * edit ends here *.

A while back, I started posting stories over on the Writer’s Coffee House. To avoid confusion, I’m also Dark Glare there. If you google the combo, I should be on page 1 of the search. What’s over there that’s different -

Harry Potter

Mischief Managed Chapter 1 in its entirety (you’re only missing the sex so I don’t think it’s worth a special trip unless you think I write awesome sex scenes and frankly, that’s troubling)

True Blood

More than Bromance (Godric/Jason that I knew was going past a R rating)

Agnus Dei(Godric/Sara Newlin that I put there because I thought the trolls only hated my Godric stories – no sex happening by this point in the story, might never happen). I might repost that here now because … I can.

Something Old, Something New(Godric/Jessica, again I thought the trolls only hated my Godric stories)

Madness (Godric/Sookie, with Godric getting infected with insanity by Maryann, new back story for Godric, and the evil Godric that we saw briefly in Season 4 will be wreaking havoc on whatever catches his fancy, knowing the author intimately, I know Bill’s on the list to get it)

I guess I need to take the time to transfer over all chapters of all my stories because who knows what’s next. Though I must say – and this is me throwing the gauntlet down – for a group with ‘Literate’ in their name, you’d think they’d leave something more substantial than ‘story sucks’ all over my review pages.

I could delete their anonymous reviews but since they seem to spend so much of their lives writing them, and really - do they look like advice someone would follow? I think leaving the reviews there as they leave them defines the group more quickly than I ever could.

I did drop into their intro thread in March – #1894 - to say ‘hi’ and to admit my work is not edited on fan fic dot net. Maybe my hint that their trolling wasn’t bothering me, but I’d hate to see them do it to an author that takes their insults seriously just incensed them. More accounts were opened, and more bad reviews were left on my stories here.

Here’s their flame forum - http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/61196/16967487/1/ There used to be more, but I believe it’s been edited down to something that doesn’t list all 15 of my ff net stories any more.

First post still present:

These are copied right from the book with one name change -



Get them taken down.

Second post still present:

Mary Sue need more fire - burn


-- first chapter has an explicit sex scene.

My Stories:

Harry Potter

Snape's Worst Memory – My first one that became epic and unwieldy. I forgot earlier details, which has me thinking I should not be so ambitious in the future.

Operation: Save Lily – A rarely updated story since my daughter is the collaborator on that. She is not a HP fan fiction type, and definitely not a Snilly shipper, but she has read the books and has a definite willingness to be humorous. What started this story was she asked me about Draco fics, and with my poor hearing I thought she was saying something about there not being enough "good drag fics".

Cursed I'm still writing this when my mind isn't so firmly entrenched in what's happening in Louisiana (True Blood)

Be Careful What you Wish for– This was a little story I started in my spare time, and when I got a couple PMs about a continuation of the monumental Worst Memory, I said, I can’t remember all that, so how about I throw you this started story as a bone of a happy Lily and Severus? Still in progress.

True Blood

Becoming InvolvedandStill Involved – Becoming Involved is alternate Season 2 & 3, keeping Godric alive, but staying mostly out of sight so the plot can basically proceed as it did in the show.

Still Involved is a continuation and a faux Season 4. I split it into two stories because I was thinking that I might write another Season 4, but then King Bill showed up, and there’s no ‘fixing’ that hot mess.

Day Man – a history of Dallas vampires from the viewpoint of Godric's day man from Becoming Involved. 1969-Season 2, and offers insight into Godric for the Involved stories.

Road to Salvation – What was Hugo thinking? Also related to the Involved stories.

Having nothing to do with Involved, simply more True Blood:

Smart Enough to be DepressedThe title is from something Jason said in Season 3. He did not think he was smart enough to get depressed. I switched up the events at the Fellowship slightly which still turned out favorably for everyone, except Bill.

Not Another Weird Dream – During the third season, there was a preview of the episode with the fairies in the Bon Temps Cemetery. Some of the fellows were wearing outfits similar to Godric’s ‘meet the sun’ costume. Unfortunately, the series did not take that turn, so I brought Godric back with some fairy help, and immediately started it off with a huge misunderstanding because Sookie’s had some weird vampire dreams, and this was a time when reality seemed like a dream, because dead (as in true death) vampires don’t show up naked in her bed till this morning.

True Blood and Zombies – AMC kept bombarding me with Walking Dead commercials, and they didn’t even have the decency to stick to only AMC. This is all AMC’s fault, besides my craving for ‘fine’ zombie movies.

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Most Loyal reviews
Severus Snape, DH survival, magical mpreg not done through physical means/sex
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 16 - Words: 53,979 - Reviews: 291 - Favs: 41 - Follows: 58 - Updated: 12/5/2012 - Published: 12/2/2011 - Severus S.
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Ms-Figg (112)