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I am entirely too close to 30 for my liking. Probably too old to be writing stories on here but oh well. I live in SoCal with my boyfriend and our lil man. I work for mouse at a really happy place and I travel a lot for my other job.

Natural as Breathing is my baby but I am currently hard at work on its sequel. I am Team Jacob all the way. I don't hate Edward, I just never ever saw the appeal of someone who is over 100 falling for a high school chick. I dunno, 4 books did not convince me so nothing will I'm sure. I suppose this is my cynical side, the divorced side that realizes it is hard enough to make a relationship work when you have things in common, forget adding lots of drama. Anyway I am rambling but this is the reason why I will always be Team Jake...that and my wonderful boyfriend is tan with dark brown hair and eyes...also he works with his hands a lot, you won't find him at piano ever...maybe his bass, that and he would for sure spend his time fixing my car not disabling it so I couldn't go places. I am still bitter about that.

I'm a big reader, always have been. Twilight was a HUGE obsession for me until I read The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instrument Series, I like these more. I want to write fanfic for them too but I'll need to work on connecting with the characters more. I'm a real big Peeta fan and sorry to say even though I like the way things turned out in TMI, I would of personally been more attracted to Simon...I am obviously a sucker for the underdog. Not a fan of the pretty, stuck up boys...or anyone who sparkles...haha.

I write quite often on my own, I have been working on an original novel for years off and on. I also do a lot of writing for the medical world in terms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, which I have. I spend a lot of time these days working with kids and families cuz this...besides being an author, is my dream. It does however take away from time in the fanfic world, you'll know when I'm not doing great cuz I'll have a lot more free time. I will however do my very best to update you all as much as possible.

Thanks for stopping by!

My First Story(my baby)

Natural as Breathing-

And now I am hard at work on

Not Quite Home-

This story is going follow Jacob and Bella's daughter while she searches for who she amongst the tribe, her family and the outside world. We'll still visit with some of your favorite characters like Edward and Rosemarie and of course our beloved pack, this time you'll even get to meet all their little pups. There's so many places for these characters to go, so please come along for the ride!

Randomness about lil ole' me(updated)

I can cook up just about anything from scratch but if you give me somethng from a box nine times out of ten I'll burn it.(I am better with boxes, particularly good with rice a roni)

I have very serious issues with cook books and recipes in general, I find they are for people who lack creativity or have no taste buds.(I still don't like recipes, I almost never follow them all the way through...and I will always add my own touches.)

I rot my brain on the worst reality tv and spend hours talking back to it, shouting things like "yeah right" and "where do they find these people" and yet i watch it almost every week(not so much with these now a days. Not a big TV girl but when I do watch it it is still reality stuff.)

I laugh at my own jokes, even when others don't, I find myself hilarious(Well this will always be true)

I sing in the shower, the car and the kitchen, I consider anyone in my near vincinity very lucky unsuspecting concert goers(this too, just ask my BF, or stop by when I am cleaning my kitchen and singing along to Glee songs)

I consider myself my generations dear abby and dole out advice even when you don't ask(yup, yup.)

I can burp so loud it still offends my mother and I don't care, in fact she has no idea how much more enjoyable that makes it(best part about not living at home is whenever I do offend her I can say very loudly that burping is allowed at my house.)

If i'm not reading you can find me writing and usually it's at some ungodly hour, my best ideas come to me right before I'm about to drift off and I can't go to sleep till I write them down.(I always write at night, it's a blessing and a curse.)

I have very serious addictions to shows like Sex and the City, The Gilmore Girls, Scrubs, The Big Bang Theory, Friends and How I met Your Mother.(Classics...adding to the list GLEE)

I cheer insanely loud at baseball games and have very serious discussions with opposing team fans where they are shocked to learn my vast knowledge of baseball Acronyms.(It's America's past time, what can I say?)

I worked at starbucks in my teens and blame them for my obsene coffee/caffiene habit.(*shakes, takes a sip* I could stop if I wanted to...riiiigggghhhtt. No I couldn't but at least it is delicious!)

I firmly believe that holding hands with someone is more intimate than kissing them.(I will clarify, to me holding hands lets the world know that you belong to someone, I wouldn't hold just anybody's hand.)

I'm still afraid of the dark and don't care who knows it.(Nothing awesome about it)

I hated fish until I conquered the world of sushi and still feel that was a bit backwards(Still true and delicious)

If you ask me how to spell a word, I'll spell it and give you its definition, then I'll make you use it in a sentence...seriously(hello spell check should of taught you a few things by now.)

Also here's a list I firmly believe in considering I was brought up believing and reading about a completely different kind of vampire...


5. Vampires use sexuality to lure in victims, however they usually have no use of said parts. Although I have never seen this hinder the use of very sexy scenes in other vamp lore.

4. If you spend 3 books explaining why certain female vamps can't have babies, it's very hard to believe that a male vamps equipment still works that way...also if his body feels like porcelain isn't he rock hard 24/7, how do you even know the difference?

3. If you have been alive for over 100 years aren't you over the high school drama yet?

2. Vampires think about blood more than anything else, right? Yeah I thought so...that was a lot of angst for someone who never seems too hungry.

1. Sparkles? Really... Freezing cold skin? Also...since when did animals blood not look just as red as humans? Maybe just maybe the eye color thing should be rethought...just sayin'

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